Tim Hortons Philippines – What to Expect? (Menu, Pricelist etc..)

Host: Janeena Chan and Miss Universe Canada 2016, Siera Bearchell

Clearly what’s brewing and the most anticipated of all – The arrival of Tim Hortons here in Philippines. I’ve been fangirling  since they announced that it will be coming here in Manila first. Last February 24, 2017 at the UPTOWN PLACE MALL 36th Street, Corner 9th avenue Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Philippines was the preview to the press about Tims and the Philippine menu that they will offer. The launch also welcomed MISS UNIVERSE CANADA 2016 Siera Bearchell (I look up to her! #BodyPositive –She’s so kind and genuine) for the ribbon cutting along with other acclaimed guests and TH executives.

The OFFICIAL opening of the BGC branch will be on FEBRUARY 28, 2017 at 4PM (Announced on their Facebook and Instagram page @timhortonsphl ). It is reported that they will be opening 2 other branches in Ermita, Manila and Eastwood, Quezon City – SOON.

What to expect with TIM HORTONS PH ‘s Menu? Let’s start with the interior MODERN  MINIMALIST  brings that “sosyal/fancy” café vibe which I like (Philippines has raised the bar) compared to the ones in Canada which had a lot of red tones and a cozy family oriented place to dine ( Of course it’s the pioneer for 5 decades). In the Middle East, cozy café vibe and spacious – because Arabs love to dine at coffee places to unwind and meet up with their fellow Arabs.

PRICELIST? To my surprise it is CHEAPER compared to the other high end coffee shops her in the Philippines. It is AFFORDABLE AND REASONABLE.  ORIGINAL BREWED, SMALL – PHP 70, MEDIUM –PHP 80 and LARGE – PHP 95. Not bad right? *Be posting the menu – CLICK  PICTURES FOR PREVIEW*

HOT COFEE – Small size coffee drinks range from PHP 95-115, Medium ranges PHP 105-125 and LARGE PHP 115-140. Additional  PHP 20 for flavor shot: Vanilla, Hazelnut,Caramel and Chocolate, PHP 75 for espresso shot and PHP 20 Whipped cream.

 TH KNOWN FOR: To make it a Double-Double (Coffee + 2 cream + 2 sugar) – customize your coffee the way you like specifically. The French Vanilla and Latte (so good!)




TH Known for ICED CAPP: Small PHP 115, Medium PHP 130 and LARGE PHP 145.


TEA – They have in Honey Lemon, Peppermint Green and Chamomile : SMALL PHP 70, MEDIUM PHP 80 AND LARGE PHP 90. Freshly brewed ice tea (sweetened & unsweetened): SMALL PHP 70, MEDIUM PHP 80 and LARGER PHP 95.

LUNCH MEALS (SANDWICHES, WRAPS and PANINI) – To make it a combo, SMALL ICED COFFEE and CRISPY POTATO WEDGES (you can trade your wedges to soup or salad for PHP 50) – TH have a healthy variety for those who are health conscious.



Famous TIMBITS! Birthday cake, Chocolate glazed, Chocolate filled, Strawberry filled and old fashion glazed: Each PHP 10, 10 PK PHP 80, 20PK PHP 160 and 50PK PHP 350 – I remembered my good friend Bethany this was her welcome gift to me when I visited Canada last summer.

They have MUFFINS, CLASSIC COOKIES (so chewy! – love it), SIGNATURE FILLED COOKIES, BISCUITS, CROISSANTS AND ofcourse the breakfast for champions –THE BAGEL with cream cheese. I remembered we had a breakfast buffet in Canada, its all bread and the bagel is always present.


In terms of menu, The Philippines gets almost the same with the usual drinks (coffee &  iced shaved drinks) and sandwiches like in Canada and in the middle east. The desserts however its not as many varieties compared to Canada and Middle east but expect the good ones and best sellers here in the Philippines.  So far they don’t have the sour cream glazed which is my fave though (maybe soon?). Well they just started and maybe as time goes by the desserts menu will expand for sure.

WHAT DO I SUGGEST? My personal faves THE DOUBLE DOUBLE (mine in low fat milk and extra base), Iced coffee (with extra base), Frozen Lemonade and unfortunately they don’t have the sour cream glazed yet L You have to try their sandwiches, cookies and muffins to pair with your fave drink -CHEERS!

Bakit Lahat Ng Gwapo May Boyfriend?!


I’ve asked myself the same thing and no one can supplement that answer, ever since college it has been a trend in the gym that it is “uso” for the gays to have gainz – “palakihan ng katawan”. In Metro Manila, you can spot one easily with your gaydar, but not all maybe some have “malamya” tendencies and moves that are close to their feminine side. Don’t judge agad, there are signs. I am no expert, but if you feel it,  you know. I did had a crush on a gay guy, I just accepted it and move on since I’m not what he really wants. I love the gay community because I have good friends who are gays but sometimes I’m like “Bat nagkaka ubusan na ng lalaki dito sa Pilipinas HUHU” – Kung hindi kasal, may jowa, bakla naman.




MOVIE TRAILER: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jvm7cpHAjwc

Bakit Lahat ng Gwapo May Boyfriend?! Starring Anne Curtis, Dennis Trillo, Paolo Ballesteros, Yam Concepcion and more! Brought to you by Viva Films and The Idea First Company, Directed by Jun Lana. The gist of the movie  revolves with the 3 main characters, Anne who plays Kylie unfortunately she is a “CLOSETA-MAGNET” / COVER GIRL – whenever she falls in love with a guy turns out to be gay.  The handsome Benj, played by Paolo Ballesteros and CONFIRMED! na bakla plays as Kylie’s bestfriend and former flame, yes CLOSETA siya and only Kylie knows about it. Then here comes the Diego, Benj’s first/ puppy love who came back from the states, he hired Benj and Kylie to be the wedding planners to his upcoming wedding with Fiona played by Yam Concepcion.

BEHIND THE SCENES CLIP: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QECR8jEQnAM

This movie is very light and entertaining, It was so funny and you have to watch out for #RamonRamon – jack of all trades in the movie. In terms of the story, it is different, not your typical love story and most likely relatable that’s why everyone was at the edge of their seat jerking a laughter.



Like I said Hands down to Anne for this role, as always a fire cracker and never fails to bring out the character’s persona. She played Kylie well and she was able to bring out the emotions needed- ma fefeel mo. I know every girl has been through that stage na “What is wrong with me” and coming from a standpoint of a cover girl – may kulang ba sa part mo.


Anne is what you call yung babaeng bakla (who is so gorgeous and dyosa ng mga bakla) and that’s why she doesn’t have to put much effort into the role. Her chemistry with Dennis Trillo was something unexpected, super nakakakilig sila! (and nakakakilig kissing scenes nila – Watch out for the scene where Anne has to act as Fiona because Fiona couldn’t make it) They both worked and looked good together on screen I don’t usually fuzz about love teams except for Jadine but I would definitely ship Anne & Dennis. I suddenly had a crush on Dennis Trillo because of this movie. Scene to watch out for: Anne and Dennis duet – must watch it.

Benj is such a loving character, not a single hate- He would be the perfect gay bestfriend. You would understand the standpoint of his role na umasa din at nag assume – All of us wants to be loved and accepted. For Benj, he did have his happy-ending WITH…. If you know someone who is “closeta” hayaan mo lang sila umamin, just love & accept  the way the person is.

Diego as confusing as it seems has the tendencies to be GAY, He fits the checklist but he ain’t GAY. Apparently Kylie is attracted to gays kaya na fall din siya kay Diego and  YES, pa fall ito si Diego. In the end naging confusing din feelings ni Diego. Hay naku!

Fiona who plays the fiancée of Diego, is what we all girls want to be – beautiful, smart, strong & independent woman, the thing is she is too career-driven. For us girls, we should put our careers first like what my mom says “Para di ka kawawa”. Well in the story she risked a job offer for Diego , she used it to backfire at Diego- sa simula pa lang mali na talaga to begin with. Kaya the lovebirds slowly change and getting to know each other more while doing the wedding preparations.

At the end, the movie is all about love – love has no gender and it comes in all forms.  To all the girls (like me na naghinihtay at naghahanap), boys din and gays, you know just keep doing what you need to do and put yourself first, love will eventually come and it doesn’t have to be too complicated – you just have to work on it #LOVEWINS

Bakit Lahat Ng Gwapo May Boyfriend Coming out on October 19, 2016 SHOWING NATIONWIDE!




Camp Sawi: Mag move in, para maka move on!


We all have our fair share of moving on, People just say “Move on ka na” – Well  “mahirap talaga maka move on” and the fact that there is still “hope”. Camp Sawi is a movie about the “limang bobo” who try to move on from their previous relationships and seek refuge in a camp where they can do anything, a place with no signal at all- a detox from reality and a detox from MEN (haha).

This movie involves the 5 girls working out their ways to finally move on. Well a lot of hugot-dropping in this film and it was definitely funny. If you were seated beside me you would actually hear me scream “Ow em!” so many times.  In every scene, the movie goers would clap and applaud for every relatable line. The part were I laughed the most is the scene with “Bela, Arci and Sam”- just watch it guys.

The premiere was a blockbuster, this was my first time attending for Viva Films and the number of people that attended – it came to a point where some sat on the floors (?).


Do I recommend this film- YES,  a score of 4/5. The thing is the movie was so overwhelming, good and so funny!  It was straight to the point and kinda bitin (ending). Maybe because I am a romantic,  some of the stories of the protagonist were cliffhanging – but’s that’s LIFE they still continue to find themselves.  Some got their happy-endings and others are still in the state ” BALANG ARAW”. That is reality they have to learn to be on their own and love themselves until they meet the right one. I am a firm believer that maybe sometimes, we may not yet be ready because its not yet the RIGHT kind of love we deserve.  Maybe there is a possible part 2 in the works? But yeah if you want a good laugh, bring your friends and watch it together – It’s nice to get a good laugh with a friend or friends tapos “REMISNISCING” when you were at that stupid and “umaasa” state of your life.

You’ll love the cinematography of Batayan Island in Cebu, a lot of drone shots were taken and how captivating the beauty of the island is. And the outfits, style and looks of the characters A+


The actors who portrayed the roles, Bela Padilla who plays “Bridgette”,  the story actually starts with her and this movie is her breakthrough as an artist she gets to show her funny side, how a versatile actress she really is. Her chinoy boyfriend of 10 years breaks up with her.- What kind of guy would make it that long to 10 years if he doesn’t plan to marry her- the nerve! There is a part in the movie about a joke about dating Chinese guys HAHA- which is true for me.

Arci plays as “Gwen”, such a funny character and you’ll love her! Her ex- boyfriend who is her bandmate broke up with her. That is a scene where you will really pitty Gwen, despite her rough exterior, she has a soft heart and “madali ma-fall si ate girl”.

Sweet face Yassi, who plays “Jessica”- I swear “Ang sexy ni Yassi! “. She found out something about her ex-boyfriend who had a deep and dark secret. Her character is young that’s why her mind is still full of idealism. – (“Sa mga bata jan, bata pa kayo marami pa kayo ma memeet- many fishes in the sea”)

This is the most sophisticated and mature acting I’ve seen Andi Eigenmann who plays “Clarisse”- she plays as the “other woman” and despite being strong and wise-  she has these pilled up emotions deep down inside and conscience to deal with.

Newbie Kim Molina plays “Joan”, her fiancée died when he proposed to her – wished this girl had more exposure but there is something promising about her and maybe see more of her in any upcoming projects.

There are more things to look for in this movie and other relatable characters. The moral of the movie for me, Okay lang masaktan, Mag DABDA ( 5 stages of grieving, DENIAL, ANGER, BARGAINING, DEPRESSION & ACCEPTANCE)  ka,  Time is a great healer and when you are ready (It’s all up to you) , bumangon ka and magpaganda ka! – Hindi ka kawalan girl and you deserve better, and “one day” 🙂


Camp Sawi Showing Nationwide starting August 24, 2016! Directed by Irene Villamor brought to you by VIVA FILMS and N2 Productions.

Photos by Abbi Binwag @abbih_

Tech Review: LGG6 vs. LGQ6

I got on my hands @LGPhilippines precious babies, the LGG6 and LGQ6

G6 was launched early this year then here comes the latest and most affordable unit the Q6. In comparison, the G6 is the high end model compared to the Q6. Meaning more features for the G6, but the Q6 is not a far from it. Same functions and gestures that you’re used with. It differs in resolution of the camera, video, sounds and display.  


For those who opt for a more affordable phone the Q6 is your go to social media phone P 12, 990 then the G6 is P39,990 ish. SO Q6 WINS! 


The Q6 is lighter and smaller in size compared to the G6. The Q6 it can be mistaken as a regular smart phone but it is sleek with its curve and edges. The G6 is longer and has straight edges. In terms of weight Q6 wins but design G6 plus it has a FINGER PRINT SENSOR/SCANNER at the back.  

Q6 comes in metallic, gold and white. The G6 comes in black, metallic and white (I prefer BLACK). 

LGQ6 Photo from: http://www.gizchina.com/wp-content/uploads/images/2017/07/LG-Q6-Series-840×472.jpg
LGG6                                     http://cdn.redmondpie.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/lgg6-1.jpg

My surprise the box/packaging for the Q6 is bigger than the G6 hmmm? In the compartment you get the charger, USB Cable, earphones and manuals. 



LG photos comes best when there is natural light. 

With the LG phone it comes with built in filters, you can adjust the skin tone and lighting like on instagram, but G6 has a special feature you can take your selfie without checking it – the screen splits into 2 its the SQUARE CAMERA APPLICATION. Another special feature on the G6 on the SQUARE CAMERA APPLICATION – MATCH SHOT, SNAP SHOT, GUIDE SHOT (This is for taking food shots and flatlays) AND GRID SHOT. CLICK < MODE (It is on the upper left corner) once you start on the app.  

use GUIDE SHOT MODE on SQUARE CAMERA APP  for taking food shots and flatlays
taking selfies with the LG phones by adjusting the skin tone, lighting and choose from unique filters

Q6: 13MP Rear Camera With LED Flash & 5MP Front Facing Camera

G6: 13 MP wide angle  (125 degrees) & 13MP Standard (F 1.8)
5 megapixel front-facing camera



When it comes to the rear camera both are good in taking photos but when it comes to selfies G6 is better than Q6. 


LG gives of a more vibrant feel when it comes to watching videos and it is more contrasting compared to other smart phones. The G6 AND Q6 are equal on this but when it comes to screen size it’s better to watch on the G6 since it has a  5.7” Quad HD Full Vision display 2880 x 1440 (564 ppi) 18:9 screen aspect ratio compared to the Q6 that is 5.5. inch. 




When it comes to sounds whether it be headset or loudspeaker LG is the best at it. The G6 is way louder than the Q6 when I compared it playing the exact video. Q6 is like good for one person when its on loudspeaker.

The LG can adapt to any earphones whether it be its very own or other earphone/headphone brand. 


In terms both have long battery life, way longer than Iphone. The G6 I tried not using it for a week with no data or wifi it is still functioning. Nice one Q6! 



  • 1.4GHz Octa-Core Snapdragon 435 Processor
  • 3GB RAM With 32GB ROM
  •  5.5 Inch FHD+ Touchscreen Display
  •  Single/Dual SIM
  •  MicroSD Upto 2TB
  • 13MP Rear Camera With LED Flash
  • 5MP Front Facing Camera
  • Bluetooth 4.2/NFC/WiFi
  • 3000mAh Battery


  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 / 4GB RAM
  • 5.7” Quad HD Full Vision display 2880 x 1440 (564 ppi) 18:9 screen aspect ratio + Touchscreen
  •  Single/Dual SIM
  • 32GB /  Internal Memory (with expansion slot)
  •  Rear-facing: 13 MP wide angle  (125 degrees)
  • 13MP Standard (F 1.8)
    5 megapixel front-facing camera
  • Bluetooth 4.2/ Wi-Fi /  NFC /USB-C 2.0
  • 3,300 mAh embedded battery /  Wireless Charging (purchase a separate wireless charger)

Here is my personal unboxing of the LGG6 & LGQ6 from my instagram stories @krishgeekbytheblog

Jollibee hosts nationwide block screening for latest cheesy JoshLia film, “Love You to the Stars and Back”

August 30, 2017 (Philippines)
Julia Barretto and Joshua Garcia’s latest film “Love You to the Stars and
Back” has started showing today in cinemas nationwide. Jollibee celebrates the cheesy opening day by
treating hundreds of JoshLia and Cheesy Yumburger fans to an exclusive block screening in Metro
Manila, Cebu and Davao.
The film, written and directed by Antoinette Jadaone, is a fresh take on fate, young love, and life.
Jollibee endorsers Joshua and Julia shared that the cheesy kilig moments in the movie are the best
paired with the new and improved Jollibee Cheesy Yumburger, now made cheesier because of its new
creamy cheddar cheese melted right on top of the Yumburger’s signature 100% beef patty!
Enjoy the new JoshLia starrer and the super cheesier, langhap-sarap Cheesy Yumburger, now available
for dine-in, take-out, delivery, and drive-thru in all Jollibee stores nationwide. Prices start at 45php.
You will definitely love the movie and the Jollibee Cheesy Yumburger langhap-sarap experience….to the
stars and back
Review: My take on the movie.. It’s CUTE and it’s entirely FULL OF KILIG. I bet the JOSHLIA fans would be happy and not dissapointed but for me its good naman but I kinda felt that there were unnecessary characters inserted in order for JOSHLIA to have a moment of kilig parang how it became related to the movie.  I did cry in some scenes expecially when it comes to family. Overall its a good kilig movie and better to  watch it with JOLLIBEE CHEESY YUM BURGER 🙂 

Sony’s AXN to produce new original series, ‘The Elements’ starring master illusionist, Cosentino

PHILIPPINES (August 31,2017) Sony Pictures Television Networks, Asia announced
today a new original series for AXN featuring Australia’s top magician, illusionist and
escapologist, Cosentino. The four-part series, entitled The Elements, will captivate
audiences with Cosentino’s mesmerizing street magic, large-scale illusions and
death-defying escapes all themed around Earth, Wind, Fire and Water.
The filming kicks off this week in Singapore before Cosentino takes his magic on
tour, filming against iconic backdrops in Taipei, Manila and Kuala Lumpur. Various
popular Asian artists, including singers, actors and models will join Cosentino as he
performs his spell-binding stunts, creating a raft of “how did he do that?” moments.
Cosentino has quickly become a global star within the magic industry. He is a
multiple winner of the prestigious Merlin Award (magic’s version of the Academy
Awards) including acknowledgement as the ‘International Magician of the Year’ and
the ‘International Escape Artist of the Year’.
Virginia Lim, Senior Vice President and Head of Content, Production and Marketing,
said, “The Elements supports our vision to create a pipeline of original, locally
relevant series that engages our viewers both on screen and via social platforms. As
a world-renowned illusionist, Cosentino made his AXN debut as a guest star during
the Asia’s Got Talent finale episode in 2015. We’re thrilled to partner with Cosentino
again to usher in his magic revolution in Asia.”
Commenting on The Elements, Cosentino said, “I am thrilled to be embarking on this
new partnership with AXN, who is the undisputed leader of English language
broadcasting across Asia. I am very proud of what we have created with The
Elements series. The concept of the shows and the magic and escapology contained
within them is unlike anything else that has been seen before”.
The Elements will premiere in early 2018 first and exclusively on AXN.
  • @AXNAsia / #AXNAsia / AXN-Asia.com
AXN: A leader in original productions
AXN is a leader of regionally produced original content in Asia, with notable ratings
successes including the hit-rated, award-winning Asia’s Got Talent, five seasons of the
international Emmy-nominated The Amazing Race Asia; the Asian Television Award-winning
Cash Cab Asia and Cash Cab Philippines; The Apprentice Asia; and the Asian Television
Award-nominated Cyril: Simply Magic.
About Cosentino
Cosentino is Australia’s premier illusionist and escapologist – a magician to his fingertips, a
man who constantly challenges our notions of what is possible. The LA Times has said of
him that ‘Cosentino mirrors the legendary Harry Houdini’ – and like Houdini, he is a true
pioneer and trail blazer. Cosentino was the first Australian magician to have his own prime-
time TV shows and is now a best selling author. Recognised by his peers as the
‘International Magician of the Year’, he has become one of Australia’s most popular live
performers and continues to stage his award winning live show to full houses across the
About Sony Pictures Television Networks, Asia
Sony Pictures Television (SPT) Networks, Asia is a leading operator of ad-supported
channels including English general entertainment powerhouses AXN and Sony Channel; and
Asian content giants Animax, GEM and ONE. SPT Networks’ portfolio collectively features



 iflix new Channels feature to showcase Disney’s premier brands

New deal between iflix and Disney provides the studio’s most successful films and franchises via SVOD for the first time to audiences across selected Asian markets

MANILA, 22 August 2017– iflix, the leading Subscription Video on Demand (SVoD) service for emerging markets, offering subscribers unlimited access to thousands of TV shows, movies and more, is pleased to announce the launch of its Channels feature which will provide audiences access to some The Walt Disney Company’s popular, award-winning content.

iflix users will be able to access many of Disney’s biggest films, featured in app and at iflix.com, in their own branded channels including:

  • Marvel Studios – Guardians of the Galaxy, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Thor: The Dark World, Iron Man 3 and more.
  • Disney-Pixar Animation Studios – Monsters Inc, Monsters University, Up, Wall-E and more.
  • Disney – Frozen, Wreck-It Ralph, Cars, Lilo & Stitch, The Jungle Book, Cinderella, and more.

Users will be offered an exceptional viewing experience with all new titles available to stream in HD format with upgraded audio on the user’s personalized iflix homepage.

Additional titles coming to the service from January 2018 include – Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Marvel blockbuster hits including Captain America: Civil War and Ant-Man, Disney’s The Jungle Book, Zootopia, and Tangled, and Disney-Pixar animation favorites like Finding Dory, Finding Nemo, Inside Out, Good Dinosaur, and The Incredibles!

Disney will also make many of its most iconic and beloved children’s content available for young viewers and families to enjoy, including Disney Junior’s Sofia the First, Disney Channel’s Star Wars Rebels and Disney XD’s Guardians of the Galaxy.

The two companies will also extend their existing distribution deal for ABC Studios’ most highly acclaimed and popular shows, including Scandal, Grey’s Anatomy, Criminal Minds, Devious Maids, Quantico, Marvel Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Once Upon a Time and more.  

iflix and Disney Distribution Deal

The agreement between iflix and Disney covers content distribution, early window movie availability and will also include a project with Disney production arm and subsidiary, Maker Studios. The content will be released as an iflix original, exclusive to iflix.

iflix Group Chief Content Officer, Sean Carey said: “Disney has a story for every age. iflix is committed to providing the best in entertainment from around the world and this SVOD partnership in the region will bring Disney brands and premium titles to our members across the region. At iflix, we have committed to offering the best content available to our subscribers, this new partnership with Disney is key to delivering on that promise.”

“We are pleased to partner with iflix to bring Disney content even closer to fans in southeast Asia”, said Amit Malhotra, General Manager, Media Networks, The Walt Disney Company Southeast Asia. “Through the extensive library of content available on the new Channels feature, fans of all ages will have a unique access to their favorite stories and characters anytime they want.”

Now available to over one billion consumers across 20 territories throughout Asia, the Middle East and North Africa, iflix will make its world-class service available in Sub-Saharan Africa in the coming weeks. Offering consumers, a vast library of top Hollywood, Asian and Middle Eastern regional, and local TV shows and movies, including many first run exclusives and award-winning programs, each subscription allows users to access the service on up to five devices, including phones, laptops, tablets, and television sets, for viewing wherever, whenever.

For new subscribers, iflix offers a complimentary one-month trial with full access to its service, features and content. Go to www.iflix.com to register.

Travel Essentials: Unilab United Home Travel Kit

As a nursing graduate it is essential that I always have emergency medications in my bag whether I am travelling or just a regular day in Manila. It is because you never know what can happen.

Unilab, in promoting quality supplements and medications who’s initiative is to have good health among Filipinos by having the right care. 

UNILAB’S UNITED HOME TRAVEL KIT dedicates to those who love to travel and what essentails may be in need when you are on the road or in long haul flights. They are easy to pack, you can put it in your mini medication box or a pouch. These are usually over-the-counter medications. 


Indication: To prevent and treatment for Vitamin C deficiency

It’s basically to increase your immune system especially when you’re in places that you are not used to the temperature or you don’t know what viruses or bacteria you can encounter. Also when you lack sleep, it decreases your immune as well. Just to be on the safe side.


This is to prevent nausea, vomiting and dizziness during flight or sea sailing. Usally I take this 30 minutes before take off. Before I used to vomit during flights because the scent of some airlines (I was young back then). Now I know 🙂


I really need an antacid in my bag ALL THE TIME. I used to have Acute gastroenteritis and sometimes I get acid when I’m stress, ate a lot of oily food, “nalamigan” because of the cold environment or before my menstruation. So I recommend (since its not on the label) you take it after meals with warm water to take to smooth the stomach.

If you are using sodium bicarbonate as an antacid, it should be taken 1 to 2 hours after meals, with a full glass of water. If you are using sodium bicarbonate for another reason, it may be taken with or without food. Do not take sodium bicarbonate on an overly full stomach.Apr 15, 2017https://medlineplus.gov/druginfo/meds/a682001.html
Though it is not recommended to take loperamide by some doctors because you have to let go of the toxins but remember to REHYDRATE. Ofcourse when it comes to extreme measures and emergencies its better to have LOPERAMIDE when you have diarrhea especially

Take it to the Blindfold Test: Kenny Rogers Roasters Garlic Butter Roast

We were all in blindfolds at the event wondering what the lady with the sultry voice was instructing us to do.  Then it has come to the big reveal, it’s AROMATIC and I can smell the infused garlic – It’s THE GARLIC BUTTER ROAST!

Well I kinda had the idea since the launch the commercial of SOSBOLZ, Solenn Heausaff and Nico Bolzico – The good-looking and hilarious couple. These two are couple goals not only that they are LIFE GOALS and FITSPIRATIONS but it’s the kind of relationship they have (ofcourse they love each other) but who doesn’t watch Nico’s wifezilla instagram stories and Solenn is just cool about it. Solenn laughs at Nico all the time to the point where tears are coming out – that’s the kind of genuine relationship every girl looks for in a guy.

Going back to the Garlic Butter Roast, during the event it was served COLD maybe because it was prepped prior to the event but I personally feel if it was served like just got out of the oven it would taste great. Plus I love the potatoes served at the around the chicken. Who doesn’t love chicken and potatoes. The GBR is a healthy option because its ROASTED not fried with the homestyle goodness of garlic and butter. TASTE SO GOOD! 

It is already available in the menu! I have friends who ordered the GBR and its one of their faves on the KRR menu. So the latest offering WHOLE P550, HALF P295, QUARTER P160. For combo meal SOLO B BUTTER ROAST comes with a platter contains rice, mac n cheese, muffin, sauce, veggies and ofcourse the chicken (quarter) P250.00. The Garlic Butter Roast GROUP MEAL comes with the WHOLE CHICKEN, 4 side dishes, bowl of rice, coke and 4 muffins P820.00.

So head over the nearest Kenny Rogers Roasters near you and order or you can order online http://www.kennys.com.ph

Great Beauty Finds at the Korean Product Festival

Early August, at the SMX SM AURA was a 3- day celebration of the Korean Product Festival. I’m not K-drama obsess but I am definitely a fan of Korean Beauty Products. Have you seen the skin of the Koreans? So here is a list of products I found interesting during the Festival. 

  1. Air Volume Tox – SY MEDIPHARM


It is a peptide fusion hydro rejuvenation and Brightening Instant-Lift-PS300 and Glutathione. It’s a spray  with Hyaluronic Botox. So it’s botox delivered via airbrush. It is effective in reducing wrinkles, whitening and lifts skin. It comes with a 6mlx21 vial ampules.- Good for 2 months, 1 vial 3-4 months)

Direction: After cleansing, spray over entire face and neck and about 5-10 cm away from the skin. Better results 1-2 times a day (morning and night)

Contact: WAN SUP PARK 640-1785/ 0917-897-9635 swffurnizone@gmail.com / wspark3575@hotmail.com AND WON NAM email: mirsoft@naver.com / www.symedipharm.com


It’s like a big syringe (no needle) and squirts this gel, which is the botox. As you apply it on the skin you may feel prickly and stingy feeling for a few minutes – that’s how it works.It would cost like around P1-2 k and it comes in different varieties.

Contact: puracell1@naver.com / Purecell1.com


This product is famous in Singapore, It’s an Intensive Whitening and repair white cream glutathione with peptide. Contains Glutathione + Thioctic acid + Vitamin C

Direction: After applying lotion, dap an appropriate amount to the forehead, cheeks and jaw, dark part of the body and softly apply, massaging from the inside of the face towards an outward direction. Twice a day morning and evening 🙂

Contact: WAN SUP PARK 640-1785/ 0917-897-9635 swffurnizone@gmail.com / wspark3575@hotmail.com AND WON NAM email: mirsoft@naver.com / www.symedipharm.com


It’s generally a moisturizer that prevents pimples and other blemishes. Gladly I got it on a special discount price of P250 or P300.



From collagen to snail extracts they have a lot of variety

Well some of these brands are not yet available in the Philippines, you can head over to www.kmall.com.ph and www.korbeauty.kr for an all korean beauty hall available here in Manila 🙂




Blog Review: Cherry Mobile Desire R7 PLUS

For a month, my sister and I tested how the DESIRE R7 PLUS works: The Desire Series is the latest collection of Cherry Mobile.

The last time I used Cherry Mobile was when the calculator phone was a trend. It was really handy, cute and not flashy especially for a college student. 


It’s overall look is sleek, modern and minimalist. The exciting part is the Fingerprint sensor – for EXTRA security reasons ofcourse. Setting up the fingerprint sensor is easy (Head over to settings). The phone is very light and the size is just right.


It comes in a black sleek box and the inside the compartment with the unit, the earphones and charger plus manuals on how to use the basic features, Cherry mobile fun club, Cherry Play manual and the warranty


My overall review for the phone is impressive For a price of  P5,999 not bad – It’s affordable .

CAMERA 3.5 /5

It’s not bad for a local android phone,  the first thing I checked was the camera ofcourse, Taking a selfie is way better than some local & international android phone but not as like the level of high end brands but it’s middle good. The rear cam, is good too especially taking photos under natural light. Indoor shots with light and in the dark is not as High Definition. It’s not a phone for instagrammable flatlay shots but is more or a  taking moments kind of phone and it works way better with NATURAL light. With the pictures you can edit it with the phone’s built in filters. 




It’s excellent and fast but it would vary on your internet connection also.The features on the phone gives a modern take among all cherry mobile series and it’s vibrant colors are appealing. The themes are cute and the applications/ icons on the display are bigger compared to other phone but it suits with the built of the phone . With it’s 5.5 inches HD IPS I enjoyed watching and streaming videos online. 


Maybe I’m not used having no button in the middle of the phone but I sometime forget that I have to swipe up in order to see the main navigational buttons. The touch and controls are user-friendly, not complicated and smooth. It’s fast and NOT lagging. 


Using the headphones that comes with it , excellent surround sound and the maximum volume is just right. Using other headphones, it’s okay but not loud. Technically it works better with a cherry mobile accessories. I tried jogging while listening to my playlist – it was okay for as long it is not loose. Loudspeakers is not that high definition surround sound and not that clear compared to other smart phones. 


Battery life is long lasting, for as long you don’t consume too much data/wifi. You get to charge it NOT as many times. 

SPECS: 4/5 

I don’t want to go so “techy” when it comes to the specs, as much I want to explain it in Layman’s point of view. Referring to the terms of like Nougat (it’s like the latest android version so it means it’s new) and RAM (3-4 Speed is good for the Desire R7 Plus). Overall, I think the phone is impressive and  not bad at all but my concern would be maybe when it comes to like heavy-duty files like games with extreme graphics  I don’t know how the capacity of the phone would take so far my sister has been playing application games there seem to be no problem. I could say, it would be an OKAY everyday phone to use 🙂 

  • Android Nougat 7.0
  • WIFI b/g/h BT 4.0
  • ROM 16 GB AND RAM 3 GB
  • 3000 mAh (non- removable) 

Great Escapes: Travel Fair

Glorietta together with District 54 Marketing Co. relaunched the GREAT ESCAPES TRAVEL FAIR last August 18-20, 2017 at the Glorietta Activity Center Palm Drive.

Deals and discounts were offered by various resorts, hotels, travel destinations and travel essentials. Participating travel groups including Tripkada headed by April Cuenca, MAD Travel headed by Tom Graham, LAOT by the Manila Surfers Association were able to share their different projects to strengthen tourism in the Philippines. Games and different raffle prizes were given away to event participants throughout the event.

This event is presented to you by Glorietta, District 54 Marketing Company with 2nd Avenue as our Official TV Partner and Inquirer Mobile, Manilascope, Travel Life Magazine and Manila Standard as our Official Media Partners.

Start ticking off your local travel bucket list and join us this August as we open the gateway to your next getaway at GREAT ESCAPES: TRAVEL FAIR!

Score deals and steal discounts from resorts, hotels, travel destinations and shop for your travel essentials here in the Philippines. Get bargains on all your travel essentials for your next squad trip! Enjoy the chill vibe and learn more about traveling with our different talks from our seasoned travelers.

For more information visit Facebook.com/greatescapesph or instagram: @greatescapesphils


Blog Review: 100 Tula Para Kay Stella

Viva Films presents 100 na tula para kay Stella, Story and Direction by Jason Laxamana as one of the official entries of PISTA NG PELIKULANG PILIPINO, showing August 16. It’s an entire week of Locally produced films (No foreign films will be shown in regular cinemas) kaya supportahan natin mga pelikulang Pilipino!

Ticket prices are as follow:
P150 Students within Metro Manila
P100 Students outside Metro Manila
4+ 1 PROMO (regular priced ticket)
Regular priced ticket depending on the cinema


My take on this movie starts of light & charming. Fidel’s unrequited love for Stella started as their friendship flourishes in college. Fidel has a speech defect he only limits himself to 3 words and for long speeches he has to write it down. His character is being bullied by his peers because he stutters 🙁

He met Stella on Freshies night were Stella heard a singing voice outside the venue , she followed the voice then she spotted Fidel. That’s when his infatuation started with the girl with the black lipstick (Stella)

His teacher encouraged him to submit articles to the Seedling (The school’s official newspaper) since he love writing poems thus he begins to write for the girl with the black lipstick as inspiration. Then his teacher told him to give it to her personally thus till it reached 100 tula (till graduation) – that’s were the story revolved.

JC SANTOS Character Fidel, is someone you’ll love from his genuine sweetness and the total aspect of his character. His character progresses from this kid who was bullied to someone who achieved a lot. He became a hearthrob during his 3rd and 4th year when he moved to another university. His gay room mate discovered his talent in singing (the stuttering stops), thus encouraging hin to join a performing arts guild where he develops self confidence.

I didn’t know he could sing and yeah a friend told me he is a theatre actor – that’s why he is dynamic & versatile. Looking forward to see new projects for JC and you’ll love Fidel’s character in the movie – Most likely.

Bela Padilla – Well Stella, the muse at first she seemed fun to be with but as she flunks schools it seems her priorties weren’t straighten out. She wanted to break in the music scene. Thus being with different guys, she kinda used them. She admitted that in the movie. That’s why she never wanted to take advantage of Fidel, because Fidel would give anything for her. There was a scene were Fidel was offered singing gigs he didn’t cared actually, he planned to act sick and give the gig to Stella instead beacause it was her dream – act of true love! There was a scene Stella was vulnerable he never took advantage of that. That’s when she kinda drifted apart.

All I can say its NOT your typical story (This can happen in real life actually), there were scenes I got teary eyed especially the ENDING – may twist. Worth it ba yung 100 na tula!? Don’t worry they both get their happy endings.

I don’t want to be a spoiler but you better watch it! 100 tula para kay Stella NOW SHOWING!