South Korean actor Kim Seon Ho will be coming to Manila, Philippines as part of his 2024 Asia fan meeting tour. The prominent actor is set to meet his Filipino fans on April 13, 2024 at the SM Mall of Asia Arena, Mall of Asia Complex in Pasay City.Get a chance to be part of Kim Seon Ho’s upcoming “Color+Full” in Manila fan meeting tour when you purchase any of the exclusive fan packages. All the attendees can take home an official poster, an exclusive merch pack, and a UFC gift pack. There are also a lot of fan benefitsto look forward to such as a Hi-Bye session, a group photo, special exclusive event poster,signed postcards, and signed poster.

Presented to you by UFC the fan packages for the fan meeting are now available for purchase at All the tiers are seated and reserved seating with the following prices:

Kim Seon Ho began his career on stage and appeared in numerous plays such as “Sherlock Holmes,” “New Boeing Boeing,” “True West,” “Closer,” and “Voice of Millenium” before making his debut in the 2017 drama “Good Manager.” He started acting as a way to overcome his childhood trauma and enrolled in an acting academy during high school. Serious about his craft,he later pursued a degree in Broadcasting and Entertainment at the Seoul Institute of the Arts.The actor later rose to prominence with his role in the 2020 hit television series “Start-Up.” His popularity only grew even more when he took on the lead role in the 2021 drama “Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha”, and in the noir film “The Childe.” He won awards such as Gallup Korea’s Actor Of The Year in 2021, and the New Actor Award at the 59th Grand Bell Awards and Buil FilmAwards.

Apart from starring in other dramas like “100 Days My Prince,” “Welcome to Waikiki 2,” and “Run On,” he also sold out shows for stage plays like “Ice,” and “Touching The Void.” However,his breakthrough performance that earned the hearts of many people is his appearance as part of the cast in the KBS2 reality show “2 Days & 1 Night.” This led him to be chosen as the face of many brands in South Korea and Southeast Asia. Many brands achieved record sales thanks to the actor and labeled this success as “The Kim Seon Ho Effect.”

The Philippines has always loved Kim Seon Ho’s good boy charms and his versatility as an actor. The best boy Kim Seon Ho is back to charm his way to your heart as UFC Mixes together with Fanconsea and MakeitLive brings Kim Seon Ho’s “Color+Full” Fan Meeting in Manila!

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Lock in your look and bring on the fun with Careline Bubble Spray

So you’ve done a flawless make-up look and you’re ready to face the day. Of course, with the humid Philippine weather, the last thing you want is to keep re-touching your make-up just to make sure your makeup will stay on the whole day.

Careline offers the perfect solution to lock in your look with the Careline Bubble Town Spray (P325) – the brand’s newest setting spray from its Spongebob Squarepants collaboration, which ensures that you look fresh all day with make-up on. 

It contains nourishing skincare actives such as Snow Mushroom extract and Aloe Vera extract to lock in your make-up with a moisturized satin-finish glow. Best of all, it’s very easy to apply. Simply shake the Bubble Town Spray and then spray in both ‘X’ and ‘T’ motion at least 6 to 8 inches away from the face. 

So keep your make-up looking fresh and in place with the Careline Bubble Town Spray, available in physical stores: Watsons, SM Department Stores, and other leading stores nationwide or online on Shopee, Lazada, and TikTok.

For more updates, visit and like Careline on Facebook (@CarelineCosmetics), Instagram (@carelineph), and TikTok ( 

MWC 2024 Cements Huawei’s Position as a Global High-end Fashion-forward Brand

The Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2024 was held on February 26 in Barcelona, Spain. At the event, Huawei showcased a lineup of high-end, fashion-forward, and technology-driven flagship products that attracted the attention of guests, notably the HUAWEI Mate 60 RS ULTIMATE DESIGN, HUAWEI FreeClip, and HUAWEI WATCH GT 4. Huawei’s booth was divided into ULTIMATE DESIGN, Fashion Forward, XMAGE, Creation of Beauty, and Fitness & Health scenario-based experience zones, which demonstrated how Huawei’s solutions have infused daily life with new technologies and enriching scenario-based experiences. While continuing to invest in technology innovation, Huawei is committed to making further breakthroughs and building rich and personalized lifestyles for global consumers.

“Huawei will continue to cement its position as a global high-end, fashion-forward, and technology-driven brand”, said Kevin Ho, COO of the Huawei Consumer Business Group, “In 2024, we will continue to increase R&D investments in smart devices, fitness & health, and digital creation. These efforts will make innovative products and services more accessible to users worldwide, and create cutting-edge, pioneering, and personalized lifestyles for consumers.”

Steady Huawei CBG business growth cements its position in the high-end market

Over the past year, Huawei CBG had made strides. It managed to make breakthroughs in the global high-end wearable, audio, tablet, PC, and phone markets, by releasing an intriguing lineup of high-end, fashion-forward, and technology-driven products. Huawei has held flagship product launch events in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, Latin America, and Asia Pacific, demonstrating the company’s commitment to growing its global presence as a high-end brand.

Flagship smartphones released in 2023 included the HUAWEI Mate 60 Series and HUAWEI Mate X5, both of which helped make Huawei a major player in the high-end market and proved Huawei’s industry-leading technical strength to the whole world. Huawei also unveiled ULTIMATE DESIGN, a new ultra-high-end brand that offers distinctive aesthetics, craftsmanship, and technological innovations, to make Huawei stand out from the crowd. According to Counterpoint Research’s latest report, Huawei gained 5% of market share in the global high-end smartphone market in 2023, ranking third among all brands. In the first two weeks of 2024, Huawei ranked first in the Chinese market with the largest smartphone sales volume. By the end of 2023, global shipments of Huawei smart wearables exceeded 150 million, and Huawei has ranked first in China’s smart watch market for five consecutive years. The HUAWEI Health App has a user base of over 450 million. By 2023, a decade after the launch of its first tablet, Huawei had shipped over 100 million tablets.

Creating a new aesthetic paradigm with high-end designs

Huawei’s “Fashion Forward” scenario-based exhibition zone at MWC drew acclaim, and showcased Huawei’s emphasis on building a high-end fashion-forward brand. In 2023, Huawei unveiled its “Fashion Forward” campaign, with the goal of creating trendy and healthy lifestyles for consumers. While investing heavily in R&D, Huawei is committed to developing new design paradigms for each new product and leading the industry fashion trend.

Huawei is dedicated to providing high-end, fashion-forward, and technology-driven products and experiences to consumers through the use of premium materials, unique design language, and advanced manufacturing techniques. While developing HUAWEI Mate 60 RS ULTIMATE DESIGN, R&D personnel added rare earth elements to the red ceramics sintering process for the first time. Each phone undergoes 1400°C calcining and is subject to more than 50 processes during the 60-day manufacturing period, all of which are crucial to creating the vibrant red body. HUAWEI WATCH ULTIMATE DESIGN is Huawei’s first-ever gold smartwatch. It features 18K gold and Zirconium-based Liquid metal. HUAWEI FreeClip is Huawei’s first earbuds that come with the C-bridge Design. This design is durable and stable, bringing a breathable wearing experience and giving the earbuds a refreshingly original look and feel as well. HUAWEI WATCH GT 4 comes in an octagonal form, showcasing every intricate detail on the surface.

Up to now, Huawei has set up Aesthetics Research Centers in Paris, Milan, and London, to gain insight into the design and aesthetic trends of different cultures, draw from a diverse range of traditions, and incorporate design elements from both East and West. The Aesthetics Research Centers serve as the global platforms that fuel the continuous advancement of technologies and design, providing unique and unprecedented aesthetic experience to consumers.

Cutting-edge smart wearables provide comprehensive and precise health management

Huawei’s Fitness & Health scenario-based exhibition zone also attracted the gaze of the attending guests. Smart wearables is one of the most crucial sectors in Huawei CBG global business. In 2023, Huawei launched a lineup of flagship smart wearables, including HUAWEI WATCH Ultimate, the first daily smart watch to support two-way BeiDou satellite messaging, HUAWEI WATCH 4, which unveiled the all-new Health Glance feature, HUAWEI WATCH GT 4 which came with brand-new Activity Rings and the Stay Fit App, and HUAWEI WATCH ULTIMATE DESIGN, the first gold-plated smart watch ever made. Huawei has made continuous breakthroughs and innovations in cutting-edge technologies, ultimate aesthetics, health management, and science-based workouts, which have been fully recognized by global consumers. Three months after its launch, global shipments of HUAWEI WATCH GT 4 totaled over 2.5 million units, making HUAWEI WATCH GT 4 Huawei’s best-selling smart watch.

Having delved deep into the smart wearable industry for over a decade, Huawei has developed its own TruSeen™ vital sign monitoring technology, which has been upgraded five generations within eight years. This technology positions Huawei as a major player in the smart wearable industry. Huawei has filed over 800 smart wearable patent applications, ranking high in terms of R&D investment and number of patents in the fitness & health field. In October 2023, Huawei unveiled its third Health Lab — Huawei Finland Health Lab. The company has also built over 10 global R&D centers, accelerating the global layout of professional research in the wearable field. Huawei will continue to lead the way in introducing groundbreaking fitness & health services, and making scientific smart solutions accessible to all.

Huawei smart wearables will further gain insight into consumers’ core health pain points, increase R&D investment, and continuously make breakthroughs to benefit global consumers. In 2024, Huawei will prioritize three industry challenges: sleep, blood pressure, and mental health management. Through these efforts, Huawei will offer more accurate, convenient, and comprehensive health management solutions for global consumers.

Digital creation that witnesses the Creation of Beauty

HUAWEI MatePad Pro 13.2″, Huawei’s latest flagship tablet, and a myriad of works created by global creators using the tablet drew intense interest at MWC 2024. The tablet was launched in 2023 as the first tablet to support NearLink technology, marking the tenth year of Huawei tablets. It is also the thinnest tablet that’s ever been made with the narrowest bezels and highest screen-to-body ratio. It works seamlessly with HUAWEI M-Pencil (3rd generation), the first stylus to support 10,000+ pressure sensing levels, resulting in an unprecedented digital creation experience. Huawei’s global GoPaint Activity in 2023 invited digital creators to showcase works made on Huawei tablets. By developing cutting-edge tablet capabilities, Huawei aims to make the joy of creation more accessible to all, so that everyone can better express themselves.

At the event, Huawei noted that it will continue to increase its investment in digital creation in 2024 by prioritizing PaperMatte Display and NearLink technology, to provide consumers with more enhanced digital creation experiences. The GoPaint Activity hosted by Huawei will also witness an upgrade to cover more countries and regions, making it a genuine global force in the digital art community.

Huawei’s achievements in mobile imaging are no less noteworthy, with the launch of the XMAGE brand, which encompasses every aspect from optical systems to imaging technology and image processing. In 2023, Huawei’s flagship products, like HUAWEI Mate 60 Series, HUAWEI Mate X5, and HUAWEI P60 Series, came equipped with XMAGE capabilities, to provide users with a brand-new mobile photography experience. HUAWEI XMAGE Awards in 2023 saw over 600,000+ submissions from nearly 100 countries/regions. It aims to inspire users to capture and share the beauty in their midst, express their emotions, and showcase the power of smartphone photography.

Huawei’s showcase at MWC 2024 demonstrated the company’s commitment to the global high-end market. 2024 will be a critical year, as Huawei will break through boundaries and make high-end, fashion-forward, and technology-driven products, services, and experiences more accessible to users worldwide, with increased R&D investment in innovative technologies, thus setting a benchmark for the industry.

About Huawei Consumer BG

Huawei’s products and services are available in more than 170 countries and are used by a third of the world’s population. Fourteen R&D centers have been set up in countries around the world, including Germany, Sweden, Finland, France, India, and China. Huawei Consumer BG is one of Huawei’s three business units and covers smartphones, PC and tablets, wearables, and cloud services, etc. Huawei’s global network is built on over 30 years of expertise in the telecom industry and is dedicated to delivering the latest technological advances to consumers around the world. For more information please visit the following:

Lyn Debuts at SM Mall of Asia: Forwarding Trendsetter Fashion with Signature Designs

Experience the epitome of elegance and sophistication at LYN’s flagship store at SM Mall of Asia, Level 1 and discover a curated selection of timeless classics and contemporary masterpieces

Thailand-based fashion powerhouse LYN has officially marked its entry into the Philippine market with the grand opening of its inaugural store on February 1st, 2024.

Renowned for its elegant and modern designs, LYN has swiftly become a staple in the wardrobes of sophisticated women across the globe. Now, they plan to bring this unique blend of Thai craftsmanship and contemporary designs to Filipino consumers.

Nestled within the iconic SM Mall of Asia, LYN’s first physical outpost promises an unparalleled shopping experience, showcasing timeless elegance and cutting-edge style under one roof.

The first store opening featured LYN’s most recent collection, prominently featuring The Taryn and Moon Infinite bags from their Spring 2024 collection.

The Taryn epitomizes understated elegance with its sleek lines and luxurious materials, offering the ideal blend of style and versatility for women on the go. Meanwhile, the Moon Infinite embodies the brand’s commitment to innovation, seamlessly transitioning from day to night with its unique silhouette and modern sophistication.

Thai model and actress Bow Maylada Susri

Thai model and actress Bow Maylada Susri elegantly complements her ensemble with the Taryn, showcasing a sophisticated blend of neutral beige tones.


The Taryn exudes understated elegance with its sleek lines and luxurious materials, making it the perfect companion for the modern woman on the go. A must-have accessory for every woman seeking a stylish and versatile addition to her wardrobe, it boasts a rectangular shape, top zip fastening with a secure sling snap, a distinctive logo plaque, a spacious main compartment, and a detachable handle for added convenience.

Moon Infinite

Meanwhile, the Moon Infinite bag presents a fusion of style and adaptability, characterized by its distinctive silhouette that seamlessly moves from day to night. It encapsulates a contemporary sense of sophistication, reflecting LYN’s dedication to producing fashion-forward designs marked by meticulous attention to detail. These bags stand as a testament to LYN’s commitment to delivering unique and stylish creations that transcend conventional boundaries.


Launching this March is the much-anticipated Enola bag. Crafted as the quintessential companion for the modern woman, its sleek half-round design, top zip fastening, and chic chevron embossing harmonize seamlessly with any outfit. Adorned with a sleek metal hardware logo plaque and equipped with an adjustable handle, the Enola marries fashion with functionality in perfect harmony.

Stay updated with LYN through their social media pages on Facebook (@LYNPhilippinesOfficial) and Instagram (@lyn_philippinesofficial).

UNIQLO and UNHCR Launch Joint Charity T-shirt “HOPE AWAY FROM HOME” Collection

Wear UTme! to Support Refugees, Available from February 22

 Global apparel retailer UNIQLO today announces the launch of a charity T-shirt collection featuring winning designs from the 2023 Youth with Refugees Art Contest co-organized with UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency. Items will be available at UNIQLO stores with the UTme! service in 12 markets around the world, including Japan, and the UTme! online store (Japan only), from Thursday, February 22.

The Youth with Refugees Art Contest was established by UNHCR in 2020, creating an opportunity for young people around the world (aged 30 and under) to exhibit their talent and creativity, and to express solidarity with refugees through their art. The contest promotes engagement in refugee issues and offers young refugee artists scope to express themselves and to maximize their potential. In 2023, UNHCR and UNIQLO co-organized the contest, engaging customers around the world to support refugees through the purchase of a special collection of T-shirts.

The theme of the 2023 Youth with Refugees Art Contest was “HOPE AWAY FROM HOME”, emphasizing recognition and inclusion for people who have fled their homes to find hope and rebuild their lives in places they have sought refuge. The artworks help refugees find acceptance and take the next steps, from meeting new friends and having a place to learn, to reuniting with family and finding work. More than 4,000 entries were received from all over the world, and UNIQLO made T-shirts from the five winning designs.

In addition to a direct donation of US$100,000 (approximately 14.7 million JPY) UNIQLO will make to UNHCR, it will also donate US$3 (approximately ¥441) to UNHCR for each purchase of a T-shirt from the collection. UNIQLO will also donate 5,000 T-shirts and 1,000 tote bags from the collection to UNHCR (equivalent to ¥11.94 million, based on the retail value of these items at UNIQLO in Japan. Tote bags are not sold at UNIQLO).1 UNHCR will also sell these items internally at the online UNHCR Visibility Shop2, with all proceeds used for UNHCR’s refugee support activities.

UNIQLO’s Spring/Summer 2024 Collection:Ease into Lightness

Feel light in every way this season, from lifestyle, function, texture, and more.

  UNIQLO sparks the Spring/Summer 2024 season with the launch of its new LifeWear collection. Inspired by the call to “ease into lightness,” the collection circles back to LifeWear’s central ideas of comfort and versatility and updated for the season with new fits featuring a clean and casual style for work and play.

“UNIQLO LifeWear is clothing designed to make everyone’s life better. They are pieces that compliment everyday lifestyles, and with our season theme of Ease Into Lightness, we showcase different key items that are a perfect fit for Filipinos’ different needs, highlighting our products’ quality materials, colors, textures and styles,” says UNIQLO Philippines Chief Operating Officer Geraldine Sia during the UNIQLO 2024 Spring/Summer LifeWear Collection Preview.

UNIQLO’s Spring/Summer 2024 pieces come alive in soft pale tones like ecru and mauve pink. Natural linen and Supima Cotton also feel gentler, as jackets are made more comfortable and T-shirts thinner. All around, it’s a collection that promises lightness in every way, from lifestyle to function to texture.

Starting with lifestyle, the collection serves as the new authentic, where elevated casual meets urban sport casual. Think of sporty items such as Sport Utility Wear and utility pants matched with UNIQLO’s classic casual items such as T-Shirts and Bra Tops for a hybrid yet effortless style.

Next, in terms of function, UNIQLO’s Spring/Summer 2024 collection showcases a clean-work style with functionality, positioned as future traditional. Modern neutral coloring is set to get anyone through anything, even the harshest of seasons, comfortably and in style. This is made possible by the functional materials of Miracle Air, AIRism, UV Protection, DRY-EX, Blocktech – which are waterproof, water repellent, breathable, quick- drying, and more. Go for these popular UNIQLO lines or try the Smart Ankle and other Functional Outerwear with the Super Non-Iron Shirt and Rayon Shirt.

Finally, the collection promises lightness in texture. It’s a vacation-inspired summer casual style using light, high-quality natural materials such as linen and cotton. With pieces like the Pleated Skirt and Sheer Knit (3D Mesh), among others, the collection embodies today’s lightness mindset that allows anyone to travel with ease.

Together with the Spring/Summer 2024 collection, UNIQLO also presents special collaborations for the season. UNIQLO U brings its latest future LifeWear essentials using innovative materials and contemporary silhouettes. Meanwhile, UNIQLO: C delivers sophistication in ease and motion from renowned British designer Clare Waight Keller.

Fans of J.W. Anderson can also look forward to the Northern Irish designer’s newest set of UNIQLO pieces. The latest collection is inspired by fabrics and crafts from the mid-century era for a textured vibe that is clean with a pop of color.

Another favorite UNIQLO collaborator with new pieces is Ines de la Fressange. For the Spring/Summer 2024 season, the French designer’s take on Parisian chic focuses on the stunning southern France landscape, characterized by simplicity and elegance.

 Visit UNIQLO Manila Global Flagship Store from February 9 to February 15 only to also get your suggested Spring / Summer looks with the special store activity named – Color and Style Corner. To know more about this activity, you may read here: FAQ Color and Style Corner

 For more updates, please visit UNIQLO Philippines’ social media accounts, on Facebook, @uniqloph on Twitter, @uniqlophofficial on Instagram and TikTok, and UNIQLO Philippines’ website at

 Download the UNIQLO App via Google Play Store or Apple Store, or visit and shop from UNIQLO online store at


Indulge in Luxurious Skincare on Valentine’s Day at the Hydra Skin Clinic in SM Aura

Exciting promos for wellness and beauty for the month of February


Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. What better way to enjoy the Month of Love than to care for your body and well-being? 

Whether it’s a journey to self-love or a special moment with you and your partner, there will be something perfect at the newly opened Hydra Skin Clinic at SM Aura. Why not set aside a special day this month and enjoy some much-needed care and attention? Hydra has everything you’ll need for a complete rejuvenation from head to toe.

So plan ahead with the following luxurious Valentine’s Day packages designed to celebrate love!

  • Sweet Indulgence Package

Book the Cleopatra Bath for you and your partner and enjoy a free 45 minute Swedish massage plus a glass of champagne for the both of you.

How to Avail: Pay a P2,000 non refundable fee (Deductible from your total bill) to secure a slot from Feb 9-15.

  • Sweetheart Lips Promo 

Kissable lips? Avail our lip fillers and receive a complimentary Perk Lip Hydrafacial to ready yourself for that special date!.

How to Avail: Pay a P1000 non refundable fee (Deductible from your total bill) to secure a slot from Feb 1-15.

  • Intimate Glow Promo

Getting ready for the sheets? Why not try the Gyne Whitening and Gyne Tightening Laser procedures and receive a complimentary Gyne Facial. 

How to Avail: Pay a P1000 non refundable fee to reserve a slot from Feb 1-29. Available every Tuesday to Thursday and Saturdays only.

  • Perfect Together Promo

Ensure that beautiful radiance and avail of any of our Drips! You can enjoy a free Foot Reflexology and Foot Spa treatment from Feb 1-29 when you try this service.

How to Avail: Pay a P500 non refundable fee (Deductible from your total bill) to secure a slot from Feb 1-29. 

  • Me & You Promo

Look and feel like a million bucks! Avail of any of our Facial treatments and get a 20% discount on any of our Facial treatments for your companion/partner.

How to Avail: Pay a 1,000 non refundable fee (Deductible from your total bill) to secure a slot from Feb 1-29.

Explore Hydra’s Luxurious Treatments 

The Hydra Skin Clinic boasts of having the newer model for Ultherapy, the gold standard and the only FDA-approved non-invasive procedure for lifting and tightening skin around your neck and your face which in turn, improves lines and wrinkles. The ultrasound imaging with Ultherapy allows for energy to be delivered precisely to the place where it will benefit you most, leaving a natural-looking result over time.

Adding to their roster of premium offerings is the Total Skin Solution which is a combination of RF micro-needling with a thulium skin resurfacing device and Exosomes that helps regenerate collagen and elastin. Wrinkles and scars can look less noticeable and skin texture can be improved. One of the most popular choices for a comprehensive treatment that yields immediate results is the Hydra Glitz. This treatment combines a blend of the patented hydrafacial technology and Hollywood Spectra, making your skin hydrated and giving it a healthy glow. 

Feeling self-indulgent? Hydra has something exciting in store for you! Inspired by Queen Cleopatra’s love for milk baths, Hydra’s Cleopatra Luxury Bath helps soften skin texture while giving it a brighter glow. The bath is a rich-concoction of milk, honey, flower petals, and dried oranges. It is coupled with a gold hydro jelly mask that rejuvenates your face, leaving it firmer and more radiant.


Indulge in the Power of Hair Treatments

Hair treatments are also available to help issues of hair fall and thinning hair. Depending on the patient’s needs, the complete hair treatment package includes scalp facials and Keravive boosters, a highly concentrated blend of revitalizing peptides that promotes healthier, thicker, fuller-looking hair, enhanced scalp circulation, and a cleaner, exfoliated, and hydrated scalp and hair follicles.  The combination of PRP + Healite LED light therapy + Exosomes improves blood flow to the hair follicle and increases the thickness of the hair shaft, helping to sustain natural hair growth. The Ultra Grow  treatment on the other hand makes use of a Thulium laser + Healite LED therapy + Exosomes to revitalize your scalp and increase the scalp’s absorption of exosomes that are especially made for hair regeneration.

With all the premium services to choose from, there is sure to be a skin procedure that is perfect for your needs. Let Hydra Skin Clinic treat you and unlock a fresh realm of beauty and confidence. 

Perhaps one of the unique services of Hydra comes in gynecology aesthetics where women can get tightening, whitening, exfoliation, and rejuvenation of their intimate area with the help of the clinic’s resident OB-GYNs. Hydra’s doctors include experts in aesthetic medicine, dermatology, cosmetic surgery, and OB-GYN with a specialization in aesthetics. 

To know more about Hydra’s services, visit the HYDRA Skin Clinic in SM Aura, Taguig City or through social media platforms.

Instagram: hydraskin clinic

Facebook: Hydra Skin Clinic BGC

Tiktok: Hydra Skin Clinic

Get extra protection vs scams with GCash Send Money Protect


From left: GCash Chief Risk Officer Ingrid Beroña; GCash VP and Group Head for New Businesses Winsley Bangit; and GInsure Head Jay Young.

In a recent study conducted in November 2023, it was revealed that the Philippines has become the epicenter of scams in Southeast Asia. This was a result of the rapid increase in digital finance app users. To protect its customers from fraud, the country’s leading finance superapp, GCash, in collaboration with Chubb, the world’s largest publicly traded property and casualty insurance company, is now offering customers an added layer of protection through the ‘Send Money Protect’ or ‘SMP’ feature in the GCash app. The SMP feature provides coverage should users become affected by the top three major scams, namely online shopping fraud, social engineering, and account takeover, when they send money via Express Send. For only P30 per month, or P1 a day, customers will be able to send money worry-free to all users for 30 days. 

The partnership, which was inked recently by GCash and New York Stock Exchange-listed Chubb (NYSE: CB), now brings the Philippines’ first and most complete integrated fraud coverage when sending money via a digital wallet. This latest product covers users up to P15,000 in case they get scammed. 

SMP is an optional product that covers all of the users’ Express Send money transfers to all GCash accounts for 30 days. It can be availed by following three easy steps when sending money: first, ensure the Send Money Protect box is checked in the Express Send transaction screen. After which, tap the pop-up screen to confirm, and lastly, proceed to finish the Express Send transaction, which is now protected with SMP.

“Digital transactions have become an essential part of Filipinos’ daily lives. At GCash, we make sure to be relentless in strengthening cybersecurity measures against scammers, fraudsters, and other cyber criminals. With SMP, we allow our users to have an extra layer of protection against threats,” said Winsley Bangit, vice president and group head for New Businesses.

Online shopping is one of the most prevalent scams in this day and age, wherein a user is tricked into making a GCash Express Send money transfer to purchase an item or service online from a third party for personal use. But later on, the victim discovers that the website or trading platform is fraudulent.

More than fake sellers, SMP also covers losses arising from social engineering, wherein scammers attack users by deceiving them into opening emails, instant messages, text messages, and websites from entities or people who are seemingly trusted or known to force users into transferring funds via the GCash Express Send money transfer feature. 

SMP also provides coverage for users who fall victim to account takeovers, wherein a third party gains unauthorized access to a GCash account and then makes unauthorized Express Send money transfers. These are usually the result of phishing, spyware, or malware scams.

“While due diligence is needed in making sure that online transactions are legitimate, we hope this brings more confidence to all knowing that you are covered in case you become a victim of fraud,” added Bangit.

By providing a safety net against unforeseen events, SMP contributes significantly to the financial well-being of users, in line with GCash’s vision of finance for all.

“Rest assured that our customers’ funds and accounts are safe with us, especially as we continue to deploy the latest trust and security technologies. But with SMP, they can choose to have added protection against the most common scams,” said Jay Young, head of GInsure.

For more information, visit

Start the year right with bright, hydrated skin this 2024

The past year kept a lot of skincare enthusiasts on their toes because of the surge of trends like skin cycling or rotating your skincare products, and skin minimalism which involves trimming down your 10-step routine down to 2. Despite these ever-changing trends, the goal remains the same: saying goodbye to dull skin and enlarged pores this 2024.

Fortunately, the road to bright skin has cleared up, thanks to niacinamide. And what better way to start the year right than with the new Hydro Boost Niacinamide Serum—a product that brightens and hydrates the skin and is known to minimize the pores in just 4 to 8 weeks.


Expanding its well-loved Hydro Boost line, Neutrogena introduces their newest Hydro Boost Niacinamide Serum which brightens, hydrates, and minimizes the pores of one’s skin. With its dermatologist-inspired ingredients that are tested-safe for all skin types and skin tones, this product is a great addition to any skincare routine as it is proven to reveal a clearer-looking, hydrated complexion that visibly evens out the skin tone between 4 to 8 weeks. Other than promoting a clear, healthy glow for the skin, the Hydro Boost Niacinamide Serum also boasts the combination of two powerhouse ingredients: hyaluronic acid and niacinamide.