Great Beauty Finds at the Korean Product Festival

Early August, at the SMX SM AURA was a 3- day celebration of the Korean Product Festival. I’m not K-drama obsess but I am definitely a fan of Korean Beauty Products. Have you seen the skin of the Koreans? So here is a list of products I found interesting during the Festival. 

  1. Air Volume Tox – SY MEDIPHARM


It is a peptide fusion hydro rejuvenation and Brightening Instant-Lift-PS300 and Glutathione. It’s a spray  with Hyaluronic Botox. So it’s botox delivered via airbrush. It is effective in reducing wrinkles, whitening and lifts skin. It comes with a 6mlx21 vial ampules.- Good for 2 months, 1 vial 3-4 months)

Direction: After cleansing, spray over entire face and neck and about 5-10 cm away from the skin. Better results 1-2 times a day (morning and night)

Contact: WAN SUP PARK 640-1785/ 0917-897-9635 / AND WON NAM email: /


It’s like a big syringe (no needle) and squirts this gel, which is the botox. As you apply it on the skin you may feel prickly and stingy feeling for a few minutes – that’s how it works.It would cost like around P1-2 k and it comes in different varieties.

Contact: /


This product is famous in Singapore, It’s an Intensive Whitening and repair white cream glutathione with peptide. Contains Glutathione + Thioctic acid + Vitamin C

Direction: After applying lotion, dap an appropriate amount to the forehead, cheeks and jaw, dark part of the body and softly apply, massaging from the inside of the face towards an outward direction. Twice a day morning and evening 🙂

Contact: WAN SUP PARK 640-1785/ 0917-897-9635 / AND WON NAM email: /


It’s generally a moisturizer that prevents pimples and other blemishes. Gladly I got it on a special discount price of P250 or P300.



From collagen to snail extracts they have a lot of variety

Well some of these brands are not yet available in the Philippines, you can head over to and for an all korean beauty hall available here in Manila 🙂




Smile Bar Now Here In The Philippines

Smile, Manila!

The Smile Bar Opens Its First Flagship Store in Bonifacio Global City

The Smile Bar pairs modern state-of-the-art equipment and an inviting and comfortable atmosphere in order to provide consumers with an enjoyable teeth-whitening experience. In just 20 minutes, your teeth can be between 2 to 9 shades whiter using a very effective teeth whitening gel with a revolutionary formula and a sophisticated whitening lamp for immediate visible effects. Depending on the patron’s dental hygiene and lifestyle (consumption of tea, coffee, cigarettes, etc.), the whitening effect can last up to six months. To maintain a pearly white breathtaking smile, the whitening treatment is recommended on a quarterly basis.

MANILA, 2 August 2017 – The Smile Bar, an exclusive dental whitening treatment center that offers first class services in a modern environment, launches its first-ever store in the Philippines at Uptown Parade, Bonifacio Global City.

Following successful launches in Hong Kong and Bangkok, in 2015 and 2016, respectively, The Smile Bar is now operating in Manila, offering safe and effective teeth whitening services to consumers in the Philippines.

“We’re extremely excited to cater to Filipinos that are looking for cheaper, faster, and safer alternatives to teeth bleaching or whitening toothpastes. The products we use are from Brilliant Smile from Sweden and have been thoroughly tested to be 100% safe, while the LED Plasma Light technology has proven to produce better and faster results,” says Fumiko Yu, Founder and Partner of The Smile Bar in the Philippines.

The Smile Bar is changing the way teeth whitening is perceived, by offering a unique dental spa experience to guests. With four packages available, from Single Whitening (1 x 20 minutes at PHP2,999), Double Whitening (2 x 20 minutes, PHP4,999), Triple Whitening (3 x 20 minutes at PHP6,499), and Year Whitening (12 x 20 minutes at PHP24,999), The Smile Bar provides an easy and effortless teeth whitening service.

Along with their teeth whitening services, The Smile Bar also offers Nano Seal Total+ as an add-on to any treatment. The first of its kind in the world, Nano Seal Total+ reinforces the enamel and seals the whiteness on your teeth. Consumers that opt for the Nano Seal Total+ can quickly jump back into their lifestyle without having to worry about staining or discoloration.

“We take pride in being the first non-invasive whitening service that provides immediate results at an affordable price,” adds Yu. “Filipinos value quality services at a fair price, and that’s why we brought The Smile Bar to the Philippines.”

Of course In order to maintain your pearly whites there are available products you can purchase:Toothpaste and Mouthrinse.

The Smile Bar officially opens its doors on August 8. It is located at the 2nd Floor, Cluster 2, Uptown Parade (above Denny’s) in Uptown Bonifacio, BGC, Taguig City. For booking of appointments, visit or call (0917) 148 5659 or (02) 541 2853.

Most Common Inquiries: 

Why should I whiten my teeth?

A bright, white smile gives you more confidence and makes you look healthier.

Having whiter teeth will also lead you to taking good care of your dental hygiene, and good oral health is essential to preventing tooth and gum disease.

How does The Smile Bar whiten teeth?

The Smile Bar uses products and technology from Swedish company, Brilliant Smile.

The secret is the teeth whitening gel, which safely removes discoloration and stains from the enamel. The LED Plasma Light technology activates the whitening gel. This is done for 20 minutes, and repeated depending on the treatment of your choice.

Is teeth whitening safe?

Our products from Brilliant Smile have been thoroughly tested and proven to be 100% safe. The Smile Bar’s teeth whitening process is certified and completely safe for teeth and gums.

Is light technology effective?

The LED Plasma Light technology used in our teeth whitening treatment is very effective, producing better and faster results compared to other teeth whitening methods. All the necessary tests have been conducted to ensure its safety for customers.

How many shades lighter can my teeth get?

Each person has a unique anatomy and everyone’s teeth respond to the whitening treatment differently. The result will depend on the type and degree of discoloration. As part of your treatment, you will undergo an assessment with one of our specialists where you will discuss your current shade and expected results.

The average for customers is 5 shades whiter after one treatment, but we have customers who achieved up to 7 shades whiter.

Is teeth whitening for me?

If you have healthy teeth and gums, we don’t see any reason why you wouldn’t want whiter teeth!

Many things cause tooth discoloration and chances are you are affected by one of them:

  • Consumption of food and beverages with color pigments such as tea, coffee, red wine, and soda
  • Tar and nicotine from smoking stain your teeth over time and cannot be remedied by regular brushing
  • Medication
  • Poor oral hygiene
  • Genetics


Is there anyone who cannot whiten their teeth?

Whitening is not recommended for pregnant women (or breastfeeding mothers) and children under the age of 16.


Can everyone get whiter teeth?

15% of the global population has difficult in getting whiter teeth for various reasons. However, most people get significant results from teeth whitening treatments. There are some people who would not get any results at all, but these are rare cases.

Which teeth shades are easier to whiten?

Yellow teeth are easier to whiten than grey teeth. Moreover, your natural whiteness from your enamel is the determining factor for your teeth whitening results. Genetics play a big role in the results, as you can only go as far as your natural whiteness prior to discoloration.

Will teeth whitening make my crowns, bridges, and veneers whiter?

The Smile Bar’s teeth whitening method works better on your natural teeth, but can also bring your crowns, bridges, and veneers back to their original color.

How long do teeth whitening results last?

Your lifestyle and diet will determine the amount of time it takes for discoloration to take place on your teeth again. You can expect to maintain whiter teeth for up to 6 months after a treatment at The Smile Bar, provided that you practice good dental hygiene.

It is recommended that you come in regularly once a quarter. Using our post-whitening products regularly will help keep your teeth clean as well as maintain your bright smile.

Will teeth whitening cause tooth sensitivity?

Tooth sensitivity issues are side effects associated with teeth whitening. Despite not being a serious condition, it can be very uncomfortable.

Brilliant Smile’s high quality products rarely produce any side effects. The slight tingle you will feel within the first 24 hours after treatment are perfectly natural and will disappear quickly.

How long do I have to wait before drinking, eating, or smoking?

After the treatment, there will be some microscopic spots where the discolorations used to be. These are vulnerable to new discoloration so we strongly recommend drinking only water for those first 6 hours after your treatment.

As part of your aftercare, we have recommendations for the next 72 hours after treatment:

  • Avoid strongly colored drinks such as tea, coffee, red wine, soda
  • Avoid food that cause stains such as chocolate, and those with food coloring
  • Avoid acidic food such as tomatoes, vinegar, soy, citrus, and chili sauce as these cause tooth hypersensitivity
  • Avoid smoking
  • Do a fluoride rinse twice a day to rebuild enamel and fill any microscopic cavities


The Smile Bar also offers the NanoSeal Total+ as an add-on to your treatment. This process reinforces the enamel and seals the whiteness on your teeth. By doing this, you will be able to eat or drink anything immediately after your treatment, without risking new discoloration! No need to worry about 72-hour food, drink, and smoking restrictions.

What is NanoSeal Total+?

The NanoSeal Total+ is a liquid solution applied on your teeth after the whitening procedure.

Using a small brush, this application only requires 1 minute of your time. The product will protect your teeth and enamel instantly. Immediately after the treatment, you are free from any eating, drinking, and smoking restrictions.

What makes teeth whitening treatment in The Smile Bar different from home teeth whitening treatment kits?

The problem with home whitening kits is that they are never a sure thing. Some are cheap, some are expensive. Some claim to be natural, while others come with toxicity warnings. You can never tell where you stand with these at-home trays and LED lights.

While we applaud DIY, we have also learned that it is better to go to a salon than to cut your own bangs. Our specialists at The Smile Bar will help you achieve a confident new smile without getting your hands dirty with chemical solutions.

How do I book an appointment?

You may book your appointment online by visiting

You may also contact us by phone through these numbers: (0917) 148 5659 or (02) 541 2853

We accept walk-ins should there be any available slots. Our treatment salon can be found at: 2nd Floor, Cluster 2, Uptown Parade, BGC, Taguig City

One stop Pampering lane: Ooh la lash, Hey Sugar & Nailaholics at Unimart Greenhills

A pampering lane at UNIMART, GREENHILLS – Ooh La Lash, Hey Sugar and NAIL•A•HOLICS. It’s just a one stop, from H to T. Want to get those flaunty lashes you wanted, Ooh la lash is the place. Achieve hairless skin – Hot & Cold wax at Hey Sugar! Need a clean mani & pedi and foot massage at Nail-a-holics.

•Ooh la lash
Lash extenders/ strands of sythetic lashes attatched to the natural lashes – you just have to maintain it every 2 weeks or a month (depending how you can maintain it)

•Light and Natural (30-50 lashes) P690
•Classic (51-85) P890
•Diva (86-130) P1090
•Vixen (1,290) P1290

* You can choose the CURL, LENGTH AND THICKNESS
* Special lash services
* Brows – brow threading and tint
* Packages

1. Preferably no eye make up
2. No eye complications; Not allowed for those experiencing alopecia (going bald)x blepharitis and undergoing chemotherapy
3. Eye surgery within the last 6 months
4. Scarring at the eye area, allowed after 6 months when scar is healed.
5. No contact lenses
6. If you wear specs- bring them so the technician can make sure there is room to grow

Rules after: (first 48 hrs) – AVOID GETTING IT WET and excessive heat. Prevent applications of oil based creams , lotion and eye makeup. Don’t sleep on the side or on the stomach.

After 48 hours: Avoid excessive heat and steam, avoid rubbing, avoid oil bases makeup remover, use water-based mascara and no use of eye lash curlers.

Fb: oohlalash
Instagram: oohlalash_salon

Price list – Ooh la lash

Among all the waxing places I’ve been I really loved to floral and preppy interior of hey sugar! They use sugar wax as their main product to perform hair removal procedures. They also have their own line of beauty products to choose from! Sugar wax can either be COLD or HOT
Note: Avoid any use of Lotion and Oil prior to waxing sesh.

•Face Waxing
•Arm & Leg Waxing
•Body Waxing
•Bikini and Brazillian Waxing
•Eyelash enhancement

Photos by Me- An Clemente

Contact Number: 4771950

Pricelist – Hey Sugar

•NAIL-a-holics Nail salon & spa
I really love the Hamptoms vibe I get from Nail-a-holics. They are all around from

•Hand Care
•Foot Cate
•Nail Treatments
•Gel Polish
Manicure P850
Pedicure P950
Removal P250
•Nail Extension and Nail Art
•Eyelash Enhancement
•Paraffin Treatmenr
•Massage Therapy

* Moisturizes nails before manicure – less nail breakage
* Use base coat before painting colour on it – prevents staining and lasting color
* Apply thin coat with every stroke and wait a couple of minutes between each coat
* If you are in a rush, dip your tips in ice cold water to harden the nail polissh quicker
* To extend shine, apply thin coats of topcoat every other day.
* Use gloves while washing the dishes
* Cuticle oil helps freshen up your manicure & moisturize your hand

Book appointments: 09568462352

Promo: A chance to win a 5D/4N trip to London! Starting June 1-September 30 💙💙💙 (check previous blogpost)

Pricelist Nail-a-holics

Nailaholics’: Winning London! (5D/4N for 2) + travel tips about my visit

London Calling! Visiting the historic Big Ben, Kensington Palace, State of the art Churches, Tower bridge, the gush of the undeground, wax figures at Madame Taussauds, buying good deals at Tesco and luxury window shopping at Harrods – a tick on my bucketlist at the age of 15. I can’t recall if we rode a double decker tho. It was easter of 2009 when my family and I had the opportunity to visit across the pond from our 8 hour trip coming from Muscat, Oman. My recall(-ing) may not be that vague anymore but seemingly it was a eye- opening cultural experience to see that side of Europe.

At the strike of 5PM some malls close and the pubs stat to open at 6PM. At 7PM, still daylight and it feels like 3 or 4 in the afternoon. I’ve got some trivia about London by watching Mary-Kate and Ashley “London Calling” like the bathroom is called a “loo”, then I remembered asking a friend where’s the comfort room (very pinoy of me) they ain’t familiar, next time kasi washroom kasi HAHA. The question came back to me why pinoys call it “Comfort room”, I said I don’t know either. Speaking of washroom, apparently there are some washrooms that have condoms available at the dispenser – I can’t recall that well (maybe not all). Yes, they are liberated.

Brits are always on the go and strict on time. At the airport all of them were rushing against each other at the immigration. I learned staring is rude and its just mind your own business. They strictly follow the scehdule of the buses. Taking the bus, you just have to follow a certain number to get to your destination. You’ll see a lot of older people still active and strolling with their trolley.

Its the churches and museums that gave me an awe! Wishing I could go back to explore since I’ve aged and appreciate the #wanderlust life. Maybe visit Harry Potter!

That’s why I want my readers to experience the same experience I had, and by joining Nailaholics mechanics this can be your chance!

By simply availing any of Nailaholics’ pampering packages starting from June 1 to September 30, 2017, a customer is entitled to a raffle entry for a chance to win a getaway vacation of 5 days and 4 nights to London for two”

It’s time to grab the chance to walk the streets of London with your mate in exchange of a genuine pampering experience. Watch out for more exciting and rewarding promotions from Nailaholics by visiting its website at and Facebook Page

BEAUTYMNL Beauty Haul x Krishgeek

‘Finally a beauty destination for you” – a package greeting everytime you receive a fresh crisp sealed bag right in front of your doorstep. Before teaming up with BeautyMNL I have personally shopped for a contour kit and it got delivered in less than 3 days  in perfect condition. What I love about BeautyMNL it is a one stop shop of everything beauty related. I love how most of the products are affordable and  budge- friendly! Also the promotion of innovative local beauty products and availability of some international brands as well like INNIS FREE and more! Also how flexible the options on the terms of payment – from Credit card, to bank deposit and cash payment upon delivery. Instructions are easy and the site is manageable.

Lately I barely use makeup because I sweat easily especially during summer and maybe sometimes I admit “katamaran”. Since Alicia Keys started to promote NO MAKE UP and natural beauty I got inspired too, but I admit I don’t have the best bare skin around. In all fainess I managed to still pull off that college student vibe.

So this beauty haul I got is entirely dedicated to skin care

  1. Acne Pimple Master Patch (24 patches)

This product is so effective! You start first by cleansing the zit/pimple then choose a suitable size of patch and let it stay while I did mine while I was sleeping and the next day poof! The patch absorb the pus and oil.

  • I got this on a special promo that came with a FREE voucher from ORIGINS andSKIN GENIE LIP & CHEEK TINT in tulip red. Another thing in BeautyMNL you can find great deals, packages and discounts time to time!
  1. Apple Cider Vinegar Toner and Soap

The rave about the benefits of Apple cider vinegar is beyond amazing ! When I saw SKIN GENIE and all their APPLE CIDER VINEGAR PRODUCTS, no hesitation, instant click and MUST HAVE! We know the tons of benefits of apple cider vinegar when it comes to health (My mom would drink teaspoons in a day because it serves as detox and decreases appetite – we are talking about the legit ACV)

What I like of SKIN GENIE on their apple cider vinegar , It doesn’t smell like APPLE CIDER VINEGAR and it comes in affordable prices.

APPLE CIDER VINEGAR TONER  with vodka and witch hazel comes in a spray bottle (100 ml) – after cleasning, spray on a cotton pad and then apply on your face. It contains minerals and potassium that help regenerate the skin helping in PH balance and removes dead cells plus excess oil.

The SOAP on the other hand contains antibacterial properties to help prevent acne and skin infections – Good for all ages. I saw a review about it, that it helps get rid of BACKNE which is my main concern now. Can’t wait to see more of the results in the coming days so far I get less backne nowadays

TIPID TIP: Slice into pieces in order to conserve the soap. In applying damp skin and massagr a light foaming lather for 1-2 mins to get the maximum whitening effect then rinse.


Another SKIN GENIE innovation ! Natural bleaching mist which helps lightens complexion and claims to clear blemishes. You use it by spritzing over face and body after shower.  Plus it is a good moisturizer and mood booster.I struggle with so  called beauty marks and scars all over  my face and body – can’t wait to see the difference in the coming weeks. It has no bleach in the ingredients but it contains ALKALINE WATER, CALAMANSI EXTRACT,RIND OIL, ACV, Coconut cider vinegar, pink grapefruit extract  (the scent in a very good acid way that smells good), MINT, ALPHA HYDROXY ACID, FULVIC ACID, SODIUM ASCORBATE, SODIUM BICARB & BENZOATE


I have “umbok” eyelashes, It got trimmed when I was young and it never grew any longer. I get really jealous with people with natural long and thick eyelashes. Apparently FTL contains castor oil which helps hair grow longer and I love how good it smells. Just apply to lashes ad eyebrow twice a day. Leave it overnight/whole day.While applying you get this tingly minty feeling.


Since I got back from HK, whenever I travel my skin always gets dry now I am back time for my skin to recoup and I really love Olay body washes ever since, it makes my skin soft, refreshing, long-lasting and gives me that confidence for the entire day.


Stay Healthy All Summer with Generika

Summer can be draining and at some point our body’s immunity goes down because of the shift of seasons. Living in the city you can be exposed to pollution and others. Plus for me, I do work in a hospital contained environment which makes me exposed to all sorts of viruses and bacteria – it comes with my job that’s why I was advised to take multivitamins and eating the right stuff. Our body cells need certain nutrients in order for us to be healthy and fight all sorts of bacteria. Being healthy starts in the inside and reflects in the outside. 

Keep your summer fun by staying healthy. While it’s tempting to just explore the great outdoors or hit the beach this season, it’s absolutely important we take extra precautions while spending time under the sun. By taking to heart these simple reminders, you can protect yourself and your loved ones from the harmful effects of the summer season’s excessive heat.

#1 The sun isn’t always your friend. ­­­While the heat starts to rise at about 9am in the morning, the temperature is at its peak between 11am to 3pm every day. It’s best to stay indoors during this time to avoid the sun’s harmful UV rays and overheating. But if you absolutely need to go out, make sure to wear loose breathable clothing and apply at least SPF 15 sunscreen to exposed parts of your body. A hat and sunglasses are a must too, as intense amounts of sunlight are harmful to your eyes.

 #2 Keep cool. The easiest way to keep cool all day is to stay hydrated. Cold water and iced (but diluted) fruit juice is best. Any drink with high amounts of sugar, or those with alcohol and caffeine should be avoided. If you’re at home, stay in the coolest part of the house and keep it ventilated. Use shades or light-colored curtains to block the sunlight. And for the really hot moments in the day, don’t hesitate to take a cold bath. Make sure to keep a look out for your loved ones who may be unable to cope with the heat.

#3 Eat healthier. Higher temperatures are dangerous for those with existing heart conditions. And that’s why this season, it’s even more important to keep ourselves healthy by eating the right kind of food. This summer, when you’re craving for a sweet treat – eat fresh fruit instead. When eating out or in a party, pick salads over other offerings. Just make sure you don’t over indulge when putting too much dressing. And above all, add more veggies into your home-cooked meals. All of this will keep you fit, helping you better withstand the summer heat.

#4 Exercise wisely. Now is not the right season to do too much cardio all at once. But if you must, do cooler cardio activities like swimming in cold water. It’s also best to shorten and divide your workout time, and do them only before or after the day’s hottest periods. If you want to take your exercise outside, make sure to pick shady and breezy spots. But for the summer, it is ideal to do your workouts in a properly ventilated and/or air-conditioned indoor gym.                                                                                                        

When you take these reminders to heart, you’ll surely have a fun and healthy summer. But just to make sure you get a healthy boost, you can also take a Generika Drugstore Nutraceutical that’s right for you. Nutrawell Collagen with Astaxanthin and Hyaluronic Acid is perfect for those who want to protect and nourish their skin despite the harsh summer sun. Its key component, Astaxanthin, helps safeguard the skin from harmful UV rays. (My previous review)

 For those who want to improve their heart health, they can take Nutrawell Garlic + Hawthorne Berry + Gingko Biloba. This nutraceutical enhances blood circulation throughout the body and increases oxygen utilization in the heart.

Those seeking overall wellness will love the Actimed Multivitamins + Minerals. With its balanced formulation of vitamins and minerals, it can help the body cope even in stressful conditions. As an added boost,

Nutrawell Probiotics can improve your gut health – boosting your immunity and even help prevent common summer ailments such as Diarrhea. For more health tips or to learn more about Generika Drugstore, simply visit


Kojie San Dream White Anti-aging Skincare

Being a blogger and my normal life, I have a lot of things to juggle – for those who know me, I am always on my A game (means being productive). But when its my time to get a snooze, that’s my only time to get a shut-eye and collect all the energy needed for the next day. Not only that – it is my precious time for my skin to recoup. ( Sleep increases melatonin- regenerate collagen-producing making skin soft)

Before going to sleep I developed a skin care ritual to make my skin look youthful. (Personally I feel I am a 15 year old stuck in a 23 year old body).Though I admit my skin is still in puberty – breakouts and dark spots. My skin never looked this better compared before. Just the basic- cleanse, toner and moisturize plus eating the right kind of  food and my dose of Vitamin E. Working out kinda helped my skin too and another tip: hang out with younger people. Ofcourse to get atleast 6-8 hours of sleep in a day were the key. Also MINUS STRESS.  

Kojie san dream white developed a BED Ritual: BREATHE, ENRICHED and DREAM. The pre-sleep regimen for its anti aging line. Kojie San really works and I know a lot of people who use the Kojic soap and got good results. And definitely hoping for the best for their anti-aging skin line which is btw FOR ALL SKIN TYPES and HYPOALLERGENIC. Contains Hydrotensyl complex(boost collagen), Milk peptide(prevents wrinkles), sodium hyaluronate(moisture) and kojic acid (brightens and lightens).

BREATHE: Relax in a quiet and comfortable spot in the bedroom, then proceed to cleanse and let the skin breathe by washing the face with DREAM WHITE ANTI AGING SOAP. Afterwards, rehydrate, whiten and nourish with DREAM WHITE ANTI AGING FACIAL TONER.

Review: The dream white anti-aging soap doesn’t melt down right away and has a vanilla whiff. The toner has a stronger scent but gives you a minty cool feeling upon application.

ENRICH: Revitalize the face and neck with the DREAM WHITE ANTI AGING OVERNIGHT CREAM before going to bed to prepare skin for a night rejuvenation.

Review: Don’t use too much, just a right amount then you’ll feel your skin all soft after a few minutes. Try comparing it on a hand with no cream then see & feel the difference

DREAM: Unplug from the world, turn off the lights, and tune out distractions to focus on recharging the mind and body with restful sleep.

DREAMWHITE BLEMISH CORRECTING CREAM – best used for day and night to reduce skin imperfections and lighten dark facial spots. Review: I Personally recommend this because in matter of 1-2 weeks some of my dark spots have lighten.

The DREAM WHITEANTI-AGING CREAM WITH SUNSCREEN to protect under the harmful effects of the sun. Review: Texture wise it is light on the skin and I like how it makes also my skin soft plus feeling fresh.

For visible results, skin whitens in 1 week, reduce wrinkles in 14 days and moisturize skin 4-6 weeks.


Review: Skin station AXI LIGHT

I’ve been receiving bunch of emails and DMs on my Instagram since I purchased AXI LIGHT from Skin station and posted the vouchers on my Instagram page – since I am a blogger I feel obligated to share what I have experienced. Let’s be honest it is really an expensive investment. Plus the readers who messaged me shared there ain’t any reviews online.

I had really dark underarms growing up maybe all that fat rubbing in for years and trying out products that eventually made my pits look darker. My apologies, I feel ashame of posting my underarms because it is really dark. I hope you guys would understand since it is a private matter and I haven’t quite achieved what I was hoping for because as advised by the dermatologist since my pits are really dark it would take more than 5 sessions maybe on the 8th I’ll see results. By that time the promo was 5 sessions worth 12k, It REALLY LIGHTENED but it needed more sessions to completely get  what I really wanted. It is my ultimate goal to get those PIA WURTZBACH underarms and finally wear a sleeveless top – but I have big arms too.

When people meet me in person, they think I am this confident outgoing girl. Deep inside I’m not but now I am 23, I am slowly starting to accept myself for who I am and like what Kloe Kardashian says “Outer beauty is fixable”. The road to tiis ganda may take awhile but when I am ready I will share it to you guys – with documentations.

FIRST SESSION: The laser was TINGLY but tolerable, its like needles pricking through your skin by thin light. After the session the doctor would recommend creams for you to apply.  Advise, consistently meet the same doctor who did your first session. The session is done every 2 weeks.

As time gets by the procedure gets painful (by the 3rd session it started to hurt), as resolved by one doctor it is because the cream makes my skin more sensitive to the treatment which is normal. So I stopped using the cream as advised. So it highly depends on how sensitive your skin is and talk to the doctor.

When it came to my last session, I saw the difference but I wasn’t satisfied. The doctor recommended mine would take up to more than 8 sessions + for it t be white as I wanted. So now I am saving and waiting for the next promo to come 🙂

I hope this helps guys and If you have experienced the AXI LIGHT – feel free to comment below 🙂


Review: Japan IPL Express Philippines

So I’ve been receiving questions from friends and readers about JAPAN IPL. So what is IPL ( I get this question a lot from guy friends) ? IPL stands for Intense pulse light. During the process of hair growth the IPL hits the hair bulb to lessens the hair growth – so that happens.

So I’ve been trying their treatments for months, and here are tips for you. First, DON’T PLUCK the target hair (s) (you may trim it prior ) because the person who will be doing the procedure needs to assess it. Assess on how many shots needed on that area, intervals and if needed. You have to purchase an additional disposal shaver worth PHP 50.

My target areas were my chin and upper lip, How does it feel?  It is NOT PAINFUL, it is HOT (depending on how sensitive the area is) and QUICK LASER SHOT – very tolerable. It is sometimes “NAKAKAGULAT” – in shock at times.

What is nice about JAPAN IPL it is just PHP 40 per shot and it caters to any target area.

If you recommend friends, you get 5 FREE SHOTS! and if you get to visit their branches don’t forget to mention me and my blog! when you fill out the “recommendation part”. Watch out for upcoming promos on their social media pages JAPAN IPL EXPRESS on facebook and @japaniplexpressph on Instagram 🙂 Visit for more information


Novuhair salutes all women #Womensmonth

In celebration of International Women’s Month this March, Nutramedica Inc., encourages women to speak their mind and know their rights. Be it in society or otherwise, women have excelled over the years, creating a sense of socio-equality that every female across the globe shall be proud of.

This years’ theme is “Be bold for change”, a very subjective manner of approach to the present era where women are called to lead and influence. Novuhair calls for the same thrust.

Novuhair empowers the female population by improving their appearance thru self-help ideas on social media. Channeling their self-esteem and confidence to exude.

Nutramedica Inc. itself is being led by a formidable woman, Sheila Mae Velilla, CEO & President. Ms. Velilla built the company from scratch, exerting much effort in product development and exemplary business & marketing acumen. Founded in 2004, Nutramedica was one of the first companies to market virgin coconut oil (VCO) in the Philippines. Today it is known for its comprehensive range of oral and injectable pharmaceutical lines, food supplements and cosmetic products.

At present, Novuhair has been awarded by Watson’s as the leading Medicated Hair Care Brand in the country for five consecutive years. The effectiveness of the product speaks for itself.

Novuhair is made with 19 natural ingredients that include moringa oleifera, panax ginseng, virgin coconut oil and the natural essences of rosemary and peppermint and almost 100% natural.

Novuhair nourishes the scalp and hair by increasing the flow of nutrients and improving blood circulation to the scalp. Novuhair also helps hydrate the scalp, maintain the hair’s natural luster and prevent early hair graying, hair dryness and itching. It also penetrates deep to rejuvenate the hair follicles, provides optimum nutrition to help combat hair loss and/or thinning of hair, improves blood circulation in the scalp which contributes to the stimulation of hair growth.

Novuhair Topical Scalp Lotion, Shampoo and Conditioner are available in all Mercury Drug Stores and other leading drug stores nationwide. For more information visit, like the brand’s official Facebook Page at Novuhair Official, follow it on Twitter at @NovuhairNatural and on Instagram @novuhairofficial. You may also call the Novuhair hotlines at 4136570 and 09228830575 and order online at Lazada and

TO ALL THE WOMEN OUT THERE! Break the stereotype and be the best of who you are! We women can do anything! – I believe in FEMINISM, it means men and women are equal to their rights and get the same opportunities.