Sarangani Bay Prime Bangus

LOVE BANGUS! Especially the marinated ones plus having that texture and flavor is important to me. The way that it is cooked it can be FRY, GRILLED, BAKED & BROIL. Commonly, in the Pinoy household we fry bangus or we mix it as the meat to any of our local pinoy dishes.

Sarangani Bay Prime Bangus has this distinct enticing flavor with every bite and how well marinated the flavors mix together. It is hard to describe the taste specifically it has this very savory and juicy taste. No annoying aftertaste for as long you cook it properly.  It is available in local groceries stores near you at the frozen good s section. It is affordable and the proportions  gives you justice to what you paid for.  I really love the marinated ones, for the unseasoned  well, better prep some toyo and kalamansi to go with – this is for those especially with special diets like NO SODIUM Diet. But the texture of the fish is good, it has flavor but not as enticing as the marinated ones.


Marinated Baby MikFish
Boneless Milkfish Marinated
SPICY Marinated Baby MilkFish


Boneless Milkfish Unseasoned
Boneless MilFish Belly

So far I’ve done is frying the bangus, it didn’t really give that strong scent while it was being cooked. It was more of an appetizing  scent  when we fried it. If I find the time I’ll try to do different cooking preparations (grill, bake and broil) and try the suggested cooking recipes they have at the back of each pack of fish (with the nutritional value). It so cool there are suggested recipes for each kind of Sarangani Bay Prime Bangus to whip up besides doing the usual. The Bangus comes in Boneless, Marinated and Spicy flavor  #SaranganiBayPremiumBangus


Jolly A Record!

JOLLY sets a new World Record for ‘Largest Serving of Sautéed Mushrooms’ at HistoryCon 2016

Jolly Mushroom Event 2

Throughout history, mushrooms have been part of the human diet and are renowned for their healing and nutritional attributes. Today, this versatile “vegetable” will aspire for a historic culinary feat for the Philippines. JOLLY, the country’s No. 1 mushroom brand, will attempt to make history for the largest serving of sautéed mushrooms at the biggest entertainment convention of the year, History Con, last August 27, 2016 at the World Trade Center in Pasay City.

In partnership with History Channel, the stage was all set for JOLLY’s first world-record bid to cook the largest serving of sautéed mushrooms.   The largest serving of the dish used more than 300kilos of Jolly Mushroom and fired up 10 cooking stations manned by 70 students chef from the Center for Culinary Arts Manila, Far Eastern University and La Consolacion Tanauan and Manila campuses. The tedious process took two hours of non-stop cooking; and after all the hard work of the young chefs, the cheering crowd went wild as the final mushroom dish output was poured into the weighing device and showed a total of 342 kilos, exceeding the minimum requirement of only 300 kilograms. The JOLLY team, led by Executive Chef Winston Luna of Chefwix Catering Services, was applauded for their hard-earned victory.

Chef Winston with Senior Product Manager Marilou Acuna and Associate Product Manager Ralph Rebula
Chef Winston with Senior Product Manager Marilou Acuna and Associate Product Manager Ralph Rebula

“We’ve been cooking a large number for banquets but for this endeavor it’s different. Using the recipe designed by Chef Mitchie Sison, we used mushroom as main ingredient, which is very versatile and is also a wonderful substitute to the usual meat that we usually have. We used sauté because it is the best-tasting way to present the mushroom. We really want the mushrooms to be the superstar for this particular dish,” said Chef Winston.

As one of History Con’s headliner event, JOLLY’s record-setting attempt was just one of the reasons that emphasizes the brand’s mission to elevate and promote mushrooms’ versatility and nutritional benefits on a national and global scale.

“History-making has never tasted this healthy and delicious. JOLLY and Fly Ace Corporation, together with our our event partners, are extremely honored to initiate this ground-breaking attempt. We are hoping to set a first world record, and of course to successfully spread the news of mushrooms’ health benefits all over the Philippines and the world,” said Fly Ace Corporation President, Jun Cochanco.

The giant tub of sautéed mushrooms was later presented at the main stage and was served as a mushroom wrap, which is another way of presenting the mushroom, or served as rice to go with each mushroom serving to the delight of thousands of event participants who queued to taste.

Healthy advocacy

Recent studies by scientists around the globe underscored the importance of antioxidants as these protect the cells from within, thus boosting one’s immune system and helping prevent future diseases such as cancers. And per tests of SGS, a leading inspection, verification, testing and Certification Company, Jolly Mushrooms contain an impressive 14 mg of L-ergothioneine per 400g can.

Mushrooms is known as the world’s “superfood”, we want more people to know about the many amazing health-boosting benefits of mushrooms. One such outstanding nutritional highlight is having the highest content of L-ergothioneine, a powerful antioxidant,” commented Marilou Acuña, Fly Ace Corporation Senior Product Manager for Jolly Food line.

Apart from promoting mushroom’s health benefits, the history-making activity also puts into limelight fresh Filipino culinary talents and the virtue of bayanihan. “This event offers the challenge as well as opportunity for Filipinos, especially our youth, to show support and commitment in making history. To make this Guinness bid successful, everyone in the JOLLY team must work closely together to bring that goal into fruition,” Acuña added.

Cheers to GoodLife, This is it PANCIT!

It never fails that in every Filipino occasion, we have Pancit right? It doesn’t miss any attendance to any Pinoy table.

Pancit as we know means “LONGER LIFE” and way back before the PANCIT OR NOODLES were the “fast food” of the old generation – how ironic since it adds to long life. Anyways the Noodles started during the HAN Dynasty, It was called “Mien” meaning made from flour  and the word “Pancit” came from the Chinese word “PIEN SIT” meaning anything that is cooked easily and quick.


The long list of Panciteria(s) in the Philippines is endless but there are some still existing till today and the different kind of noodles and dishes that made our Filipino culture as it is today.

Kamuning Bakery has been known for a long time and already made a name for itself. Recently turned into a café as the years gone by. The days were there weren’t any Starbucks existing, Kamuning Bakery was the “it” place of the time. – The perfect place to celebrate GOODLIFE years in the market and introducing the PANCIT KAMUNING


In celebration of the good years of Goodlife and their noodle products have paved its way and been part of the tummy-filled life of the Pinoys. At the event, as Kamuning Bakery collaborated with Goodlife whipped some dishes with the cooking demonstration of Batil Patong and La Paz Bachoy – signature dishes 🙂




Salmon Love: Ramencool West Avenue, Saturday Lunch Sets

Saturdays are considered a FREE PASS for me, and what I like visiting Ramencool West Ave is I get to do cardio, a walk to the “sakayan” of the jeep from my gym (Trinoma-SM North’s footbridge to Emerson) to West Ave and its a jeep ride away – You can actually walk from Emerson (which is across SM North), it’s not to far. If you are passing by Quezon Ave, its like the far end of West Ave. kinda near SM North. It can be found at WEST LIFE Commercial Center beside Starbucks West. Avenue.

You may think the place is small but it can accommodate a lot of people, In every area there is a different design representing traditional and modern Japan. There are tables good for 2, 4 and groups. I really like the Cherry Blossom ceiling 🙂 The place is cozy, relaxing ambiance and friendly smiling staff.


IMG_1929 IMG_1932

Every Saturday they offer Saturday Lunch sets from P199-P399. Since I love Salmon, I ordered the Salmon set composed of Salmon, Tamoyagi (egg), Fried Rice and Salmon Miso Soup – it’s actually good for one and if you are on a diet good for sharing- The rice bowl definitely good for 1. – I was so full and satisfied 🙂 Worth P399, Not bad since we know salmon is really costly. There are other sets for you to choose from.

Saturday Lunch Set and Drink
Saturday Lunch Set and Drink


Salmon Set- They thrown in a crab salad side dish 🙂




Since I love “maki(s)” too, they let me try out their bestseller, which is The Sweet Salmon Summer Roll and I love it! Sweetness and savory go together and from the looks of it looks delish – looks longer in personal ! Worth P295

Sweet Salmon Summer Roll

Drinks you ask? Since I love ice coffee – I like the texture , sweetness and lightness. I am not a fan much of the GOLD Ice tea but I failed to try the HOT Green Tea (since I drink green tea all the time – good for metabolism). I do suggest take some sips after eating.

Pork Shiomen

The menu? Very hard to choose from a lot of varieties. Oh yes, since the name is RamenCool what is their bestselling Ramen they said it is the RCOOL. My friend tried the PORK SHIORAMEN, not bad it was full of flavors and the meat ain’t dry- my friend is more a ramen fan. Their Ramen is actually good for sharing atleast 2 persons. Prices are not bad, ranges from P195 – P300 ish + worth per dish. Generous amount of servings too!



IMG_1937 IMG_1938 IMG_1939 IMG_1940 IMG_1941 IMG_1942 IMG_1943

They have also a EARLY EVENING DINING P599 NET Only, composes of Ramen (1) + DonBuri (1) + 4 pieces of Maki + Chicken Karaage + Salad + Ice cream.

Yes, they have WIFI and they have branches at KAPITOLYO and SM MANILA.

Opening hours are:

Monday- Wednesday: 11:00 AM – 10:30 PM (Last order)

Thursday- Friday: 11:00 AM – 11:45 PM (Last order)

Saturday 12 NN- 11:45 PM (Last order)

Sunday 11:00 AM – 10:30 PM (Last order)

From Thursday- Saturday they are open till 12 midnight

Like them on facebook and Instagram @ramencoolph




Chef Boy Logro’s 7Flavors Restaurant


7Flavors have been making a buzz lately because of Chef Boy Logro. This restaurant is co owned by Chef Boy and Sir Kenneth – who I humbly met at the dinner and NO I haven’t met chef boy personally, Chef Boy is really a busy man but he gets to visit 7flavors as much as he can.

Too bad for my part because I want to meet this guy who is one of the pride of the Filipino community in Oman. So cool to talk to him over the phone and yes he remembers surprisingly my parents, my godmother and other family friends. When #TeamAldous invited me, I didn’t hesitate and took this opportunity- No regrets because most of the food are scrumptious and enticing- masarap.

13716025_10210094514268273_9043004673020659218_n 13729187_10210094513148245_994890480604968078_n


I’m not sugar coating because he is a family friend, there were some not so but most of the dishes served are delicious. The Restaurant comprises of 2 floors, The Ala carte and Buffet. The Ala Carte is like a gourmet café which is open from 6 AM- 12 MN daily. There will acoustic nights on Wednesdays and Bossa Nova nights on Thursdays. I’ve ordered slices of death by chocolate, as a pasalubong,  1 big slice is P100- not bad. They also have other pastries like cheesecakes per slice is P120, sandwiches,  coffee, shakes and pastas (many more you can see their chalk mural their whole menu written on it) – yes they have WIFI.

13775416_10210094791035192_518728856155803716_n 13754360_10210094786675083_4462596562709174211_n


For the buffet which is upstairs, I suggest if you like Mexican food, try and dig in their DIY TACOS – the beef is just right to chew and the flavors go well. They have a salad bar were their KANI SALAD is to try out for. I forgot to mention they have fried onion rings too!


They have a sushi bar, where you can choose from their varieties.

Tofu sisig
Fried noodles

13690868_10210094789275148_7161739685677147981_n 13754326_10210094793035242_3649046504699906806_n

For the main entrée, I go for the Tofu sisig, Beef platters, salmon platter and fried noodles that made the cut for me. And yes there is RICE (not gonna miss that!)

13697166_10210094787555105_1603181661875393713_n 13718513_10210094793315249_3290665512870874652_n

At the dessert area, you can DIY your very own halo halo. Don’t forget to try the mango sago, I’ve been coming back and forth for it and also the carrot muffin– the sweetness level is just right and coffee jelly. The ones I mentioned stood out for me.

For drinks, they have water, juice & soda dispenser and brewed coffee too 🙂

The buffet rates and schedules MONDAY – THURSDAY : LUNCH P400 ( 11 AM- 2PM) / DINNER P500 (6:00-10:00 PM).

FRIDAY- SUNDAY and HOLIDAYS: LUNCH P400 (11 AM- 2PM) / DINNER P600 (6:00-10:00 PM)


13680653_10210094790275173_8339764100430401504_n 13874953_10210149080152386_1070356005_n

The servers, are accommodating and attentive to your needs. Service is good and ambiance is very classy and cozy as well. On weekends, it is highly recommended you book atleast a day or two days because usually at dinner time very jam-packed. You may contact them 543-0325 / 542 1935 / 503 6750 / 0917 6700291 / 0933 4177387

Located at 196 A. Mabini Street Addition Hills San Juan. Landmarks: at the back of Café Ysabel (you can pass by P. Burgos street then A. Mabini) and along McDonalds Wilson branch. Getting there is accessible if you are a San Juan veteran but for my case you need to take a car since I am not familiar with the area, you can easily get a grab car in that particular san juan area according to the grab car driver who dropped me at the venue. The location of 7flavors is along a known food district in San Juan. They have a wide parking space so that ain’t a problem.

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