ChalkxHM Bright Young Manila Campus Hotties


It’s this time of the year where Chalk Magazine brings all schools in the metro representing their designated university and showing the true essence of comradery. These bright young hotties are not only good looking but they are as well model students- that’s why they’ve been chosen in the first place. Each with a different talents and millennial perspectives about how the generation can take over at this present day.


Chalk Magazine in collaboration with H&M- the perfect partner for this event because H&M as a known brand doesn’t fail to set trends that are young and cool, a factor of a bright young Manillenial. H&M are always in trend every season and since they started to branch out here in Manila- considered one of the premier brands  and loved in the country today.



Last night, August 12, 2016,  was the ultimate #TheBigUniversityNight at the H&M Mega Fashion Hall – there were activities, food stops (Jamba juice, Chef Tony’s, Pizza and Bundaberg) and social gatherings (you get to meet new people and make networks). They had a contest among schools on the best OOTDS, the winner was chosen by the Chalk Magazine Team (UST got to bring home the bacon and won worth P20, 000 for their school org) and also a dance competition. A performance from the pambansang pepsquad and champions- UP PEPSQUAD! (University of the Philippines).



Last night also revealed the roster competing for the coveted title of Chalk’s Bright Young Manila Campus Hottie. The event was hosted by DJ Ai Dela Cruz of MYX. The finalists got to be interviewed , showed some of their talents and convince us why they deserve to win. Despite the competition everybody were all in together and just having fun.


Abiel Anselmo, The Bae of trades of DLSU

Ace Yabut, The Model Student of Mapua

Cholo Dela Cruz, Radio Jock of UPD

Dani Camcam, future Diplomat of DLSU

Hannah Locsin, Trendsetter of DLSU

Izumi Nagai, The Deviant Artist of CSB

Jana Mahusay, Dancefloor Diva of CSB

Jay Kim, Korean Cutie of DLSU

Justin Torio, Social Media Hottie of Mapua

Kimberly Amatong, The Fierce Footballer of MC

Kimberly Cruz, Blogerbelle of Ateneo

Marco Sario, Hardcourt heartthrob of Letran

Patrick Yu, The Ramp Rockstar of UST

Philip Tai, The cool geek of DLSU

Sabrina San Diego, Multitalented chick of UST

Vivien Nelsen, Multimedia Maven of DLSU

To vote and to get to know more about these cuties head over to the hashtags #ChalkxHM #ChalkBYMCampusHotties #TheBigUniversityNight


Long-lasting polish: Kitchenails Gel Polish

Opt for a polish that never chips off and would last for atleast more than a month, that’s the revolution of gel polish. Kitchenails has a range of gel polish colors from brands such as ORLY, GELISH and GELAZE.




Well each nail is inclusive of cleaning plus the gel polish (P100/nail) which is P1000 in totalper pair of extremities. It’s not bad if you are desiring long lasting polish and easily dries after so you don’t have to worry if it will peel or  chip off anytime. It will be coated to the desired shade of your preference. It has a special dryer and top coat applied everytime. In a jiffy, when its done no need for downtime- it’s done and dry.



As the course when your nail grows the polish shortens (“umaangat”).But this special polish doesn’t goo off easily by any drug store acetone/ nail polish remover. There is a special kind of nail polish remover and for a time your nails needed to be soaked with cotton and wrapped in a foil. Kitchenails offers that kind of treatment worth P400.

Kitchenails Trinoma is located at the 3/F  Mindanao parking area near landmarks such as Powermac center, Calvin Klein and Ecco (along that area- beneath the escalator going to Mindanao Parking area.).

For people at the south, they also have a branch at Alabang Town Center 🙂

For reservations you may call 625-28-04

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Instagram: @kitchenails


Don’t forget to use the hashtags #Kitchenails #ColorTheNorth #ColorTheSouth #FeedYourSenses #Relax&Enjoy

For the past 6 months it has been a pleasure being a blog ambassador for Kitchenails, thank you to the entire staff for being so friendly and accommodating not only to me but also to my friends who came and try. You’ll really love the vibe, aroma and tranquility of the place – a good place to relax and enjoy while getting your nails done  #AppeciationPost



Forever Beautiful SM North Launch: Glow Facial

Forever Beautiful has launched their second branch here at the North! (LG /F SM North Annex), For me who has been trying out their treatments it is more convenient for me now since I live here at Quezon city instead of me going to their branch at SM Mega Mall- where most of their clients are.


Since they just opened this July, their SM North branch is not yet in full interior- in the coming days it would be as chic like their SM Mega Mall Branches.

I’ve tried their GLOW FACIAL (P499.00) with gold mask (additional P200). It starts off  by applying cleanser and scrub (applied like two times). The scrub would be applied and massaged then after with the use of the 2 kinds of electrical brushes (thin one for the nose and another one which is bigger for the entire face) This treatment gives additional glow to your skin and also has exfoliating properties. This is an option for those who doesn’t want to go for extraction. The procedure would take 15-20 minutes. For it was kind of “bitin(short time)” because maybe I was used to having extraction facials and the oxygen facial they have (would usually take an hour). Definitely if this is the kind of facial you are up for- I did feel a difference on my skin. Well if you are up for extraction they have a basic facial that cost (P350), you can actually add that to your glow facial. I availed the gold mask to give additional exfoliation to my skin.

IMG_1387 IMG_1394


Gold Mask (15 minutes)


Note: If you have sensitive skin, you opt to seek advice first.

For reservations:

SM North Edsa: Unit 11 Lower Ground Annex 1

Contact numbers: (+632) 966 0000,  (+63) 917 819 8000, (+63) 917 654 2300

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Twitter: FBeautifulPH

Facebook: foreverbeautifulspa

Instagram: foreverbeautiful_PH

For their other facials and treatments (Click the photos below for full view)




Focus on how you look and feel with #WhippedMNL


Being “balbon”/Hairy all these years made me appreciate the feeling of newly waxed and shave skin because It feels LIBERATING. The endless questions from others asking how does it feel and does it become thicker after. Well to answer the last question it depends on your hair (hormones). For me in a span of 2 weeks my eyebrows start to become bushy (after threading). Getting hot waxed for my legs would take a month for it to start growing.

For me it is essential to feel hairless because it makes me happy (That is the important thing, what makes you happy and its your money right?) . But a tip, once you’ve start doing it you have to maintain it. It’s all hardwork being a woman.

Its a new venture for me to be a brand ambassador for whipped and get to blog their services for a year, I’ve tried the sugar waxing for the eyebrows, hands and legs. Caramel scrubbin’ for the underarms too 🙂


Sugar waxing is painless but prepare for the shock but that would be normal for the first, but as it goes on you don’t mind. My brows started to grow after 2 weeks as expected for me since I am very balbon and got thick hair. For the arms it took a month for it to grow but for my legs I started to notice it takes less than a month unlike my usual.


The caramel scrubbin’,  you won’t get to appreciate it at first, yes my underarms lightened a bit but I think it has to be continuous and need to consistent with this regime. The caramel scrubbin’ has whitening effects as said. I always like a good scrub with a pleasing aromatic scent. Just keep in mind we all vary with different skin types, it may be hiyang for some and others. The good thing with whipped they use all natural products and the price range is affordable for middle class.



For the pricelist, click the photo for full preview 🙂

Visit a Whipped branch near you 🙂

  1. 3rd Floor  Ayala Fairview Terraces
  2. 2nd Floor, Commerce Avenue Wing at Alabang Town Center
  3. 2nd floor, Eight Forbes Town Center BGC.

Follow them on instagram: @whippedsalonph #YummerWithWhipped #WhippedItOut #StrippedWithWhipped #SmootherWithWhipped #WhippedATC #WhippedAFT #WhippedETC #DareToGetWhipped #GetWhippedNow #WhippedMNL #OnlyAtWhipped

Can’t Keep My Hands to Myself: Hand entrée and massage #Kitchenails

So before I packed my bags, I never missed out the chance to visit and get mymonthly sessions with KitchenNails. The reasons why I keep on coming back because the place is accessible – heart of Quezon City, Trinoma (Near the gym I go to). The price is affordable for middle class and I get to bring friends over. The place is very relaxing and the interior is pleasing plus the place smells good. Then the nail specialists are very accommodating and they really take their time. Tip: Book ahead to have an appointment  you may contact them at 02 815 6350





The Hand Entrée with manicure ranges at P350 (LA COLORS), If you want premium brands its add P60. I tried the Ruby Wing change color polish got mine in white to gold-ish. Note: It changes color when there is extreme heat exposure – takes time though.

Ruby wing change color polish (white-gold)



They start off soaking your hands with this baking pan (the store’s culinary concept) and then applied your choice of  scrub, oil and mask. Then they wrap both of your arms with a  plastic wrap and wait on for 10 minutes then the massage (aperitif), you choose either soft or hard. Then they start with your manicure session 🙂


Here are your choices to choose from 🙂

Seasoning scrub:

  1. Cucumber: tightens open pores and rejuvenates complexion
  2. Peppermint: makes skin clearer (my choice)
  3. Pumpkin: prevents skin aging and promotes skin rejuvenation
  4. Coffee: one of the best exfoliator! Bye bye dead skin cells
  5. Strawberry: excellent skin cleanser.

Treat (Mask):

  1. Coffee: Tightens your loose skin. (my choice)
  2. Orange: natural treatment for dark spots and blemishes.
  3. Milk: skin fairer and radiant
  4. Peppermint: Good skin moisturizer and reduce infection.
  5. Lemongrass: restores your skin to its original lightness.


  1. Mint: Relaxes your senses and alleviates stress.
  2. Grapefruit: Stimulates production of collagen
  3. Lavender: antispetic properties.
  4. Green tea: Enhanced by sun protection by eliminating radicals
  5. Mineral: Extra dry and sensitive skin


  1. Acupressure: Relieve yourself from tight pressure points.
  2. Swedish: To relax and soothe you with penetrating strokes.
  3. Detox: Drain unwanted substances.
  4. Signature: Mix of different senses that waken your senses.

While there take some R&R time to get a massage. Your choice is either Acupressure, Swedish, Detox and Signature). Coverage: Hands, Feet, Arms, Leg, Head and Neck.

15 minutes (choose 1) P250

30 minutes (Choose 2) P400

60 minutes (Choose 3) P600


Tommy Esguerra as Christian in “Christian and Anne” by Dolce Amore

As a reader/bookie myself, I can’t believe that the evolution of writing changes – as social media becomes a medium and now it can be flipped into the book pages, this my friends is what people call now Socialserye. Maybe you’ve heard of Vince and Kath spread all over and shared on Facebook. Well this is a different story about unconditional love of Christian and Anne. It is very unusual for me to read text messages on a book – I am very open minded about it.


The gist of the story is about Christian, a fat nerd who confesses his feelings via text to Anne – which started this whole story. Anne, is the most popular gal in school who recently just broke up with her heartthrob boyfriend Patrick. That’s when Christian tried to make “the moves” when Anne was at the stage of vulnerability. Well Christian became a rebound but then Anne started to fall for this chubby chaser. Then this Patrick guy came in the picture again and try to ruin and tear the two apart.

Christian got hurt, seek refuge by going back to the states coming back and crossing paths with Anne years after turned into this hunk/ every girl’s dream guy. And that is where the story revolves and the trials these two lovebirds have to face.

This novel is the brainchild of Dolce Amore – she was all about the idea that  love comes in all shapes and sizes, an advocate of unconditional love. We asked why she chose Tommy Esguerra as “Christian”. She said she admired Tommy for a long time and he would be perfect as Christian because of his pretty boy face, Adonis figure and charm. Will there be a sequel I asked, she said “Yes”.



ca3Meeting Tommy was a humbling experience, (He’s taken girls we all know that – seen all his sweet chivalry on PBB for Miho – you lucky girl!). Actually I bumped into Tommy before at Trinoma and asked for a selfie, because two of my best gal pals are fans. This is my second encounter with him but I get to interview him. He is honored and thrilled to be as Christian and he gave some guy tips that men despite of their masculine nutshell can get too emotional when they fall in love and get hurt. When it comes to moving on he said just keep yourself busy.


If you guys want to grab a copy of Christian and Anne, the book is available in all leading National Bookstores for the price of P150 and get kilig too.