Sarangani Bay Prime Bangus

LOVE BANGUS! Especially the marinated ones plus having that texture and flavor is important to me. The way that it is cooked it can be FRY, GRILLED, BAKED & BROIL. Commonly, in the Pinoy household we fry bangus or we mix it as the meat to any of our local pinoy dishes.

Sarangani Bay Prime Bangus has this distinct enticing flavor with every bite and how well marinated the flavors mix together. It is hard to describe the taste specifically it has this very savory and juicy taste. No annoying aftertaste for as long you cook it properly.  It is available in local groceries stores near you at the frozen good s section. It is affordable and the proportions  gives you justice to what you paid for.  I really love the marinated ones, for the unseasoned  well, better prep some toyo and kalamansi to go with – this is for those especially with special diets like NO SODIUM Diet. But the texture of the fish is good, it has flavor but not as enticing as the marinated ones.


Marinated Baby MikFish
Boneless Milkfish Marinated
SPICY Marinated Baby MilkFish


Boneless Milkfish Unseasoned
Boneless MilFish Belly

So far I’ve done is frying the bangus, it didn’t really give that strong scent while it was being cooked. It was more of an appetizing  scent  when we fried it. If I find the time I’ll try to do different cooking preparations (grill, bake and broil) and try the suggested cooking recipes they have at the back of each pack of fish (with the nutritional value). It so cool there are suggested recipes for each kind of Sarangani Bay Prime Bangus to whip up besides doing the usual. The Bangus comes in Boneless, Marinated and Spicy flavor  #SaranganiBayPremiumBangus




HBO Chanel 54/ 168 on SKYCABLE and Ch 22 on Sky Direct & will be available on HBO (


WESTWOLRD stars Anthony Hopkins, Ed Harris, Evan Rachel Wood and James Marden. Inspired by the 1973 series “Westworld” written and directed by Michael Crichton. Created  for television by Jonathan Nolan (“Interstellar”,  “Dark Night”, “Person of Interest”) and Lisa Joy (“Pushing Diaries, “Burn Notice”).

WESTWORLD, under the creative supervision of Dr. Robert Ford who has this odd fascination in creating this complicated world in wild west. The park had been running for 10 years (or more as mentioned in the pilot), this is where guest (real life people) pay  get to experience life in the wild west and get to mingle with the host(s). The hosts were created perfectly  formed humans and technologically generated. They live doing the same routine everyday but with different circumstances one day they can be alive, the next day you won’t- It’s like a series.


All things started to go down when they started to upgrade the system, well some of the host started to go haywire or experiencing glitches. Apparently they may not be human, but some of them are starting to think and be one. Wondering if what kind of world they live is real or not.


This series will be highly appreciated by tho who are into sci-fi (the deep ones), there may be inappropriate scenes not for kids but I appreciated the cinematography and location in the wild west.

“Chestnut Brown” Liese Creamy Bubble Color Review

Liese creamy bubble color is the latest bubble technology from Japan brought to you by Vibelle Distribution inc., comes in 6 brown tones available here in the Philippines- Chestnut brown, Milk tea brown, Marshmallow brown, Milky Beige, Raspberry brown & Rose tea brown.

 Well I’ve attempted to try the “Chestnut brown”,  because I wanted that classy dark chocolate brown color and my roots are already showing means I need to retouch, even it out  and it is the nearest shade from  my previous hair tone (it was actually reddish-brown before).

What caught my attention to try the product, because the  advertisements says it is easy to apply and it is worth P499.00 – not bad. Liese, is locally available at Landmark, SM department stores and Robinsons,  I think. I got mine from Landmark, and it was almost sold-out. I waited for 2 weeks for the re-stock  for Chestnut brown to be available.

So lets start with the box, it says “EASY & COMPLETE COVERAGE”. Well it is easy because you could do it at your very home, simple instructions to follow though quite messy in a way  so it would be nice to ask for  help and plan ahead . It does work fast in just about 20-30 minutes. It did give a full coverage on the OUTER layers of the hair, but in between the roots some parts didn’t especially the hard to reach parts or I didn’t part it properly?

My friend and I realized that we should have SECTIONED our hair and asked someone to apply foam on the hard to reach areas and the inner roots- like the traditional way we apply hair color. Overall it is a good product and let’s be honest there is a difference between  DIY coloring done at home and done professionally in a salon but not all can afford and I do recommend it.

TIP: If you have short hair (SHOULDER LENGTH), 1 box is enough. If your hair is long & thick opt for 2 boxes ( like what I did).


  • Read the instructions outside the box and it comes with a handy manual inside. PLEASE READ THE “CAUTION FOR USE” PART on the MANUAL (Read everything actually)                                                                                                      

And SORRY, I disregarded the skin allergy test- so it was my own judgement HUHU. I have sensitive skin that’s why but I checked the ingredients I don’t have any allergies with any.

I’ll be honest, apparently some foam touched my ears while applying (my fault) which I ignored and didn’t take notice. So the next day, the back of my ears became itchy & red. I managed it by applying ALOE VERA SOOTHING GEL every time since it is all natural/organic, it has anti-inflammatory properties and took 1 dose of Claritin incase it was allergies and to lessen the itchy feeling, the next day I was better. I guess it was a NORMAL side effect. Maybe that’s why there was a need for OIL BASED SKIN CREAM (Read #2). #PASAWAY or I should had rinsed it off the first place.


But before that, make sure you have no allergies. As mentioned in the guide manual there are SKIN ALLERGY TEST PROCEDURES (done 48 hours in advance) and there is an available skin allergy test panel. As a nurse, also check the contents of the product.


  • Set up your hair & materials 

Items inside the box include: Shampoo hair day before (preferably), Make sure your hair has no tangles and combed properly. No other products used on your hair.

    1. Solution 1
    2. Solution 2
    3. Foamer Cap
    4. Gloves
    5. Rinse off treatment

Instruction sheetThings for you to set up/prepare

Large Towel / cape that won’t mind staining. FOR ME, I used an old black colored shirt that I don’t use that much.

Small towel – for wiping any excess foam and others.

Floor covering such as news paper – well some of the foam hit my room & washroom ‘s floor(s) plus the bathroom sink, it didn’t stain for as long you wipe and clean it right away. Unfortunately on my furniture there was a spot and it truned white. It says in the manual, foam splatter may cause staining HUHU



Oil based skin cream ??? – to wipe off the excess, I think (Didn’t have one prepared but it was mentioned on the manual with no rationale ). Then I realized maybe I should applied it on the back of my ears incase of contact with the foam IDK?

Cotton pad and tissue paper – to wipe off excess,


  • Foam application
  • For the solutions, room temperature is just fine. So FIRST, get solution 1 which is the small bottle that says number 1 and all in Korean writings.Pour solution 1 into solution 2, then close the lid of solution 2.Solution 2 – GENTLY INVERT THE CONTAINER BACK AND FORTH at 180 degree angle for 5 times (CHECK THE MANUAL ON THE PROPER PLACING OF YOUR HANDS- to know the form)- make sure it doesn’t foam inside, DO NOT SHAKE.Place the FOAMER CAP properly, twist until it is tightly sealed. Once done COLOR HAIR IMMEDIATELY! Mixture will lose its effects 60 minutes after being mixed.Put on gloves, HOLD CONTAINER IN AN UPRIGHT POSITION and squeeze the center part to dispense foam on your hand/palm.Now it is time to apply the foam YAY! Do not apply foam directly from the bottle to hair – Avoid foam in contact with the eyes.TIP: For short hair, apply ¾ and for shoulder length use the ENTIRE BOTTLE -Since I have thick and long hair, 2 bottles. For me, I prepared the 2 mixtures first and applied it all on my hair for as long I meet the 60-minute time range for the effectiveness of the dye. (As mentioned earlier).APPLY FOAM AT THE ENTIRE HEAD/SCALP and PARTING WITH GENEROUS AMOUNT OF FOAM.THEN BACK OF YOUR HEAD & AFTERWARDS, APPLY TO THE HAIRLINE AND TO THE ENDS OF THE HAIR.TIP: Then start SECTIONING for the hard to reach parts and roots. The trick is to make sure you cover your hair with bubble foam from roots to tips. AFTER THAT GATHER YOUR HAIR UP.USING YOUR FINGERTIPS (still on GLOVES), GENTLY MASSAGE UNTIL HAIR IS COVERED WITH FOAMY LATHER – Do not massage vigorously. 


NOTE: After use, make sure you use everything in the bottle, it may cause the bottle to burst. For the remaining, wash it down the drain.

  • Waiting Game Yay! (20-30 MINUTES)


NOTE: Lather may disappear and may start dripping

  • Rinse with lukewarm water, shampoo your hair thoroughly once then REPEAT.Apply the RINSE OFF TREATMENT, RINSE and DRY HAIR COMPLETELY.TIP: Incase of skin staining, use makeup remover or soap & water then rinse it off  

Well I was happy with the result and I achieved the shade I wanted plus it didn’t dry or damage my hair.  It has been almost a month since I colored my hair with LIESE, just have proper hair treatments to maintain your colored hair- using shampoo for colored hair and conditioner.  You’ll get to appreciate it more as the days go by.

The back of my ear just reacted the day after, but all was well after managing it. I was just sharing my experience incase you guys may have a similar encounter and to prevent. #TIISGANDA

Note: Results/ Shades may vary according to your hair tone

It’s your judgment if you want to wash your hair the next day or not (traditionally they say for the color to stick/last but it wasn’t mentioned on the manual). For me, I skipped a day not to wash my hair.



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Olay offers great deals with Lazada

Us women may have an arsenal of makeup in our train cases and kits, but we tend to forget the skin we have underneath all that makeup. We should also have an arsenal of skincare products especially for the face. Olay has been promoting for years that youthful skin regimen – eliminating the early signs of aging.


Now that I’m 23, this is the stage where I give importance now to my skin. Infairness, I can still pull off as less than 18 years old or a college student but I still have those raging and hormonal-popping pimples & zits. Yet, I get so insecure despite I have less pimples now compared to before, I have lots of dark spots.


When my skin got tested under the new technology of Olay, despite my skin is perfectly hydrated it is almost damage in average- because I stay too much under the sun. I was recommended to try out Olay’s facial foam cleanser,  toner (Olay White Radience Cellucent Eseence Water Hydrating Toner) and Olay White Radiance Advanced Whitening Cellucent White Essence Serum.- which I personally bought on Lazada, originally worth P1499.00 but on Lazada’s special offer it is P899.00 and comes with Olay Whitening Moisture with Pearl Extract Bodywash.


In line with Olay’s latest technology and products in collaboration with Lazada, another collaboration with designer Jojie Lloren. in designing the uniforms of Olay’s beauty consultants. To quote, “Timeless, Sophistication & Elegance”- Jojie Lloren.

Head over here to check the HOT DEALS on Olay Products only at LAZADA



In 1952, a chemist set out to create a moisturizer that would meet his wife’s requirements. It was from this first collaboration that Olay was born. Since then, Olay has helped women all over the world look and feel their Best Beautiful every day. Olay continues to innovate around the world – not only through breakthrough skin care, but also through a better shopping experience for women.

To continue giving Filipinas a beautiful shopping experience, Olay announces its first collaboration with top Filipino designer Jojie Lloren and its latest skin diagnostic tool, the Olay Beauty Imaging Device.

Olay understands that skin care can be complex and intimidating. Committed to effective yet easy skin care, Olay was the first in the Philippines to have Beauty Consultants, who aim to help Filipinas find the perfect skin care product for them.

Olay Brand Manager Arthur Pena shares, “At Olay, we believe in making every woman look and feel beautiful. This is true for women who use and represent Olay.  Olay Beauty Consultants are an important part of Filipinas’ shopping experience, so it is equally important to us that they are confident and feel beautiful.”

To achieve this, Olay launches its collaboration with Jojie Lloren for the exclusive collection designed for Olay Beauty Consultants. Arthur adds, “Olay is very excited to partner with Jojie Lloren, who is known for his minimalist and elegant designs. His impeccably tailored designs are the perfect complement to beauty that stands the test of the time.”

The first collection for the Olay Beauty Consultants consists of a black coat dress with a silk obi-style belt in Olay’s signature gold, a sophisticated look that enhances the skin care shopping experience for Filipinas.

Beyond this designer collaboration, Olay is also equipping its Beauty Consultants with the latest in skin care diagnostics, the Olay Beauty Imaging Device (BID). More compact and precise, the Olay BID will compare the skin conditions of the shopper against a wide database of over 2,000 subjects. Using the skin probe in key areas that first show signs of skin aging, the skin condition is assessed across five dimensions: skin moisture, pigmentation, skin texture, skin tone and wrinkles. Based on the results, Olay Beauty Consultants then recommend a skin care regimen tailored to these needs.

As one of the leading skin care brands in the world, Olay continues to make women look and feel beautiful every day through quality products and experiences. Reveal your #BestBeautiful by visiting your nearest Olay Beauty Consultant.

Visit for exclusive discounts on Olay. Use the voucher code “OLAY12” for Php300.00 off your favorite Olay products. Applicable to first 500 users only for a minimum spend of Php1,000.00. Offer valid from September 22-25, 2016.

#Goals by AndreaB

I realized when I was young instead of being full of idealism I should have set some goals.  Well I guess I did accomplish a lot of things during highschool but I didn’t write down a list, I just had desires to be this and that, then I wasn’t focus also- comes with being young (wala pa wisdom)


#Goals by Andrea Brillantes, sets a perfect example that people her age should be focusing on goals instead of other necessary things. You’ve seen teens nowadays compared to us when we were young teen (I’m referring to us Millenials or Generation X) WE OLD HAHA

Andrea Brillantes book is called #Goals  Your epic journey to be the best of you comes in 2 covers, one in pink where she is all girly and the one in purple is like rocker/edgy chic but both same content. ) The book will be available in all National bookstore branches for just P195. I envy her because at the age of 13, she achieved goals and milestones-  she has a book, she is an actress, big fan base, endorsements and lots of followers on social media. People took more notice of her when she posted her musically videos online.

The thing I share in common with this gal is that, pareho makapal kilay namin (I grew up with a unibrow actually) – just like me she maintains it by waxing and threading and YES, we don’t use fillers much.  And we talked about make up and we both like Kylie lipkits/ cosmetics. In her book she shares her tips on applying makeup suitable for her age and her OOTDS ofcourse. It’s cute she has this page of doll cut outs and you can dress up Andrea.


The book compromises of different chapter with fun-filled activities, the first part is like a scrapbook and BTW her real name is BLYTHE GOROSTIZA (That’s why people were calling her Bythe at the book launch- love the name, very unique).In the book there are comic strips about her life like she was bullied before and the auditions she had to go through.


I like the “BrillanTIPS” part because it gives wisdom for those her age, she is an advocate of anti-bullying because she experience it first-hand and how she wants this to stop and tips on how to deal with bullies IRL and in social media. I do agree that popularity doesn’t matter when you get older, it maybe a stigma from where you come from and the people involve but It won’t matter because you’ll meet new people (some mature or immature- you just need to know how to handle different  people) and life after college matters way more- TRUST ME.  She mentioned her dream role is to be a “DARBEL” (Darna and Dyesabel), so there is a page where Darbel is brought to life into an animated drawing.

Well I would recommend this book for the tweens and teens (Give it to my younger siblings ) but I’ve surpassed that stage in my life and kids these days need those kind of wisdom. Popularity, kids is not everything, I’ve learned something from a symposium I attended this week which I can correlate with this blogpot is that, I asked a priest on “What have you been looking for, and what goal should that be”, He answered is “Being yourself”- Just be happy, Love yourself and Live Honestly & be SMART!




Sneaker Box Manila opens to the public and can be spotted at G/F  The Promenade Mall , Greenhills, San Juan (Below. the cinemas and YES, the newly opened extension). Been the talk of the town because they have shoes that are rare in the market, legit and imported abroad. Name it, they have major shoe brands like Adidas, Nike, Puma and New Balance.


Well you can actually pre-order if you desire any shoe like Jordans. I noticed how pinoys are into collecting rare Jordans, sorry If I can’t educate you about the different styles of Jordans. I am more of “porma” and not really been a basketball fan. By just asking the friendly and accommodating staff, I guess they can provide and answer your Jordan inquiries. The prices of their Jordans range from P8k PLUS based on what I saw and remembered hopefully. But yeah, It’s worth the investment for the basketball fans out there.

On my area of interest , I am more of the sporty and style side like what I use in the gym and what screams athleisure – Adidas’ Stan Smith (white shoes fad) Nike, New Balance and Stella McCartney.


I am a fan of the designer, Stella McCartney and I love the collection when she had a collaboration with Adidas. Actually, I didn’t know there was a line for Stella McCartney shoes. See, Sneakerboxmanila is updated with the trends.


Yes, Adidas’ Stan Smith designs are available ranging from P7-8 k plus (depending on the model), The Rita Ora’s are not yet available but SOON. I actually have an eye for the gold or rose gold stan smith which I am waiting for. Speaking of Adidas, Sneakerboxmanila was featured on SPOT.PH and known for only having AdidasXStarwars and the glow in the dark ones.


Feel feel to visit Sneakerboxmanila and if you have any request or pre orders they are open to it. Like them on facebook and follow them on instagram 🙂

Good news to my followers I will be giving away 2 GCs worth P500 (1 GC per winner) by just following the mechanics  on my intsagram account!



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The Big FAT Book of Self-Love Book Launch

I’ve been writing from a perspective I’ve been through my entire life. I was never the pretty girl, the girl with an obvious girl stache (mustache) and I was the chubby girl as well – till now honestly.

Growing up I’ve been told If I were to lose the extra pounds I would get acknowledge for a lot of things-  If I was thin I would be upfront for a special part in a production number,  bag some awards If I look the part and a boy told me I was perfect but it was my SIZE  that seems to be the problem. – ang sakit noh.

I can deal with not being the pretty girl  because I am more than that! (Sabi ng  nanay ko, pag may brain ka- yayaman ka pwede ka magpaganda tapos ang beauty can never enhance the brain)  and the mustache I had (Thanks to threading and waxing). I’ve been teased by my guy friends “Nagbibinata ka ba?” – atleast they were honest,  then summer of 2009 came when I decided to shaved the mustache plus thread my bushy eyebrows.

Since that I hated the idea, why should beauty be IDEAL? I grew up abroad where women with curves are appreciated  but in a Filipino community, sadly has a standard of beauty which I HATED SO MUCH. I lived a fair amount of time here in the Philippines, I love it but I just hate how people can be judgmental,  how dare they can body-shame other girls (not just the fat girls) and have a set of standards for  beauty- Dapat payat, maputi, flawless, may boobs, may pwet wahhhh! – Kayo na perfect!

My weight has been a YOYO,  (I gain- I lose) so here is my weight loss story,  I lost weight during Grade 5( Thanks to braces) then stated gaining again and during my  2nd-3rd year in college (Thanks to my gym trainers for pushing me, I am grateful to my gym trainers  – 5 years gym member here). Well I admit I really loved the praises and attention, I got boys attention too  but I seem to attract the WRONG ones (At that age, I realized the difference between a BOY and a MAN)

When I stopped working out to focus on my 4th year and board exam that’s when I started to gain because of stress-eating. To be honest, when I was thin I couldn’t focus properly  because the need  to diet and kinda deprived myself a whole lot that time. Now I’m not that active, metabolism starts to slow down. That’s why I try to maintain my gym membership and its better to start young as much as possible basta maging ACTIVE and PRODUCTIVE. I don’t really advice students  to do super crash diets, “kasi nag-aaral pa kayo”– You need brain food and not too much sugar.  Exercise atleast when you have time and eat healthy.


I’m glad that Danah and Stacy started this advocacy and body love movement. To  be honest women are beautiful no matter what, It matters what you are the INSIDE. FINALLY ! The big FAT book of self love is here 🙂

Discalimer: To those who know me, and I know I promote fitness and health since I am a Nurse and I’ll be honest,  I am currently on a journey to lose atleast 10 pounds, I have my personal reasons  but that didn’t stop me for loving my flawsome body. If you wanna eat, EAT and If you want to lose weight, DO IT but RIGHT, Exercise and a healthy balanced meal. I know a lot of girls way back before who don’t eat and skipped meals, well HELLO ULCER!. Do what makes you HAPPY, Just love your body and give it the love it deserves. I admit even though I shed some weight off, I am still a big bone girl- and that’s okay.

Like the twins said in the book, “Our bodies are not just ornaments to prettify, but instruments to use so we can boldly live life and achieve dreams that are bigger than coveting a 24-inch waistline or weighing less than a hundred pounds”.


It doesn’t mean when you’re FAT, automatically unhealthy, there are other people with normal weight can have high cholesterol levels and others due to their genetic makeup and lifestyle. Look at Ashley Graham (Designer/Model) she works out to be healthy and to accentuate her curves.

Upon reading this book, I just can’t put it down( YES I HAD MY YELLOW SHARPIE READY FOR HIGHLIGHTING ) because how relatable it is and how inspiring for us BIG girls that at the end of the day we must love ourselves and we are definitely BEAUTIFUL.


Stacey’s Open Letter to the Plump Pinays was the first one I read -I seriously needed that boost. Plus Danah’s letter to the Moms and Dads out there was a tear jerker for me. Another fave chapter of mine is Danah’s #DiKaCheapTeh memes. I really like this reminder, “How you treat yourself sets the standards of how others will treat you….. The only validation you need in order to be happy comes from you” –Stacy.


The Big FAT Book of Self Love is the brainchild of Danah and Stacey Gutierrez of, I’ve seen the two before at an event of DIVA, they were explaining at the event the purpose of their advocacy and I was like “Hindi sila mataba” and till  then I find them gorgeous and inspiring women I look up to. It’s nice to have a support system that understand  girls like me. When I got an invite for the book launch at Raffles Makati, I was  so ecstatic and happy for them. Finally a book promoting “body love” here in the Philippines.


Do I recommend this book, OFCOURSE! I have friends asking me since they saw my post about the book. The book will be available at any National Bookstores and for the Provincial areas along September.Just head over social media pages for updates. I heard the books are selling like pancakes, Congrats twins and ABS-CBN Publishing! For a price of P245 in colored glossy pages and text-heavy love & wisdom for the Plump Pinays and women of all sorts of shapes and sizes. (There is a chapter dedicated about real life flawsome pinays)

The book offers chapters from advises on what to wear base on your body type and how to do make-up according to the shape of your face. How the twins embraced acceptance and their personal backstories that we could learn from. There is this chapter where Stacey put up a poster around her previous workplace about the FAT STIGMA and the twins shared their experiences with cyber bullies and how they dealt with the people’s usual side comments.

I hope this book would serve as a reminder and hopefully an instrument in order the Filipino community can learn to accept different body norms, BE OPEN –MINDED and having beauty standards is just superficial and shallow. Parents should be the role models of teaching their kids that they are great in their own way and not to judge others because on how they look. We are a country of mostly Catholic and Christians, God says that all of his creations are BEAUTIFUL.

GIRLS, for me I’ve surrounded myself with good people who know my worth and be better. Can’t handle anymore toxicity and negativity then when I hear something not praise worthy, LABAS SA KABILANG TENGA-Confidence lang yan beh , learn to defend yourself and be the better mature person. It’s your BODY and it’s your CHOICE. And remember we are all BEAUTIFUL and complement others too, to remind them that they are also beautiful 🙂

Salmon Love: Ramencool West Avenue, Saturday Lunch Sets

Saturdays are considered a FREE PASS for me, and what I like visiting Ramencool West Ave is I get to do cardio, a walk to the “sakayan” of the jeep from my gym (Trinoma-SM North’s footbridge to Emerson) to West Ave and its a jeep ride away – You can actually walk from Emerson (which is across SM North), it’s not to far. If you are passing by Quezon Ave, its like the far end of West Ave. kinda near SM North. It can be found at WEST LIFE Commercial Center beside Starbucks West. Avenue.

You may think the place is small but it can accommodate a lot of people, In every area there is a different design representing traditional and modern Japan. There are tables good for 2, 4 and groups. I really like the Cherry Blossom ceiling 🙂 The place is cozy, relaxing ambiance and friendly smiling staff.


IMG_1929 IMG_1932

Every Saturday they offer Saturday Lunch sets from P199-P399. Since I love Salmon, I ordered the Salmon set composed of Salmon, Tamoyagi (egg), Fried Rice and Salmon Miso Soup – it’s actually good for one and if you are on a diet good for sharing- The rice bowl definitely good for 1. – I was so full and satisfied 🙂 Worth P399, Not bad since we know salmon is really costly. There are other sets for you to choose from.

Saturday Lunch Set and Drink
Saturday Lunch Set and Drink


Salmon Set- They thrown in a crab salad side dish 🙂




Since I love “maki(s)” too, they let me try out their bestseller, which is The Sweet Salmon Summer Roll and I love it! Sweetness and savory go together and from the looks of it looks delish – looks longer in personal ! Worth P295

Sweet Salmon Summer Roll

Drinks you ask? Since I love ice coffee – I like the texture , sweetness and lightness. I am not a fan much of the GOLD Ice tea but I failed to try the HOT Green Tea (since I drink green tea all the time – good for metabolism). I do suggest take some sips after eating.

Pork Shiomen

The menu? Very hard to choose from a lot of varieties. Oh yes, since the name is RamenCool what is their bestselling Ramen they said it is the RCOOL. My friend tried the PORK SHIORAMEN, not bad it was full of flavors and the meat ain’t dry- my friend is more a ramen fan. Their Ramen is actually good for sharing atleast 2 persons. Prices are not bad, ranges from P195 – P300 ish + worth per dish. Generous amount of servings too!



IMG_1937 IMG_1938 IMG_1939 IMG_1940 IMG_1941 IMG_1942 IMG_1943

They have also a EARLY EVENING DINING P599 NET Only, composes of Ramen (1) + DonBuri (1) + 4 pieces of Maki + Chicken Karaage + Salad + Ice cream.

Yes, they have WIFI and they have branches at KAPITOLYO and SM MANILA.

Opening hours are:

Monday- Wednesday: 11:00 AM – 10:30 PM (Last order)

Thursday- Friday: 11:00 AM – 11:45 PM (Last order)

Saturday 12 NN- 11:45 PM (Last order)

Sunday 11:00 AM – 10:30 PM (Last order)

From Thursday- Saturday they are open till 12 midnight

Like them on facebook and Instagram @ramencoolph




Camp Sawi: Mag move in, para maka move on!


We all have our fair share of moving on, People just say “Move on ka na” – Well  “mahirap talaga maka move on” and the fact that there is still “hope”. Camp Sawi is a movie about the “limang bobo” who try to move on from their previous relationships and seek refuge in a camp where they can do anything, a place with no signal at all- a detox from reality and a detox from MEN (haha).

This movie involves the 5 girls working out their ways to finally move on. Well a lot of hugot-dropping in this film and it was definitely funny. If you were seated beside me you would actually hear me scream “Ow em!” so many times.  In every scene, the movie goers would clap and applaud for every relatable line. The part were I laughed the most is the scene with “Bela, Arci and Sam”- just watch it guys.

The premiere was a blockbuster, this was my first time attending for Viva Films and the number of people that attended – it came to a point where some sat on the floors (?).


Do I recommend this film- YES,  a score of 4/5. The thing is the movie was so overwhelming, good and so funny!  It was straight to the point and kinda bitin (ending). Maybe because I am a romantic,  some of the stories of the protagonist were cliffhanging – but’s that’s LIFE they still continue to find themselves.  Some got their happy-endings and others are still in the state ” BALANG ARAW”. That is reality they have to learn to be on their own and love themselves until they meet the right one. I am a firm believer that maybe sometimes, we may not yet be ready because its not yet the RIGHT kind of love we deserve.  Maybe there is a possible part 2 in the works? But yeah if you want a good laugh, bring your friends and watch it together – It’s nice to get a good laugh with a friend or friends tapos “REMISNISCING” when you were at that stupid and “umaasa” state of your life.

You’ll love the cinematography of Batayan Island in Cebu, a lot of drone shots were taken and how captivating the beauty of the island is. And the outfits, style and looks of the characters A+


The actors who portrayed the roles, Bela Padilla who plays “Bridgette”,  the story actually starts with her and this movie is her breakthrough as an artist she gets to show her funny side, how a versatile actress she really is. Her chinoy boyfriend of 10 years breaks up with her.- What kind of guy would make it that long to 10 years if he doesn’t plan to marry her- the nerve! There is a part in the movie about a joke about dating Chinese guys HAHA- which is true for me.

Arci plays as “Gwen”, such a funny character and you’ll love her! Her ex- boyfriend who is her bandmate broke up with her. That is a scene where you will really pitty Gwen, despite her rough exterior, she has a soft heart and “madali ma-fall si ate girl”.

Sweet face Yassi, who plays “Jessica”- I swear “Ang sexy ni Yassi! “. She found out something about her ex-boyfriend who had a deep and dark secret. Her character is young that’s why her mind is still full of idealism. – (“Sa mga bata jan, bata pa kayo marami pa kayo ma memeet- many fishes in the sea”)

This is the most sophisticated and mature acting I’ve seen Andi Eigenmann who plays “Clarisse”- she plays as the “other woman” and despite being strong and wise-  she has these pilled up emotions deep down inside and conscience to deal with.

Newbie Kim Molina plays “Joan”, her fiancée died when he proposed to her – wished this girl had more exposure but there is something promising about her and maybe see more of her in any upcoming projects.

There are more things to look for in this movie and other relatable characters. The moral of the movie for me, Okay lang masaktan, Mag DABDA ( 5 stages of grieving, DENIAL, ANGER, BARGAINING, DEPRESSION & ACCEPTANCE)  ka,  Time is a great healer and when you are ready (It’s all up to you) , bumangon ka and magpaganda ka! – Hindi ka kawalan girl and you deserve better, and “one day” 🙂


Camp Sawi Showing Nationwide starting August 24, 2016! Directed by Irene Villamor brought to you by VIVA FILMS and N2 Productions.

Photos by Abbi Binwag @abbih_

Tommy Esguerra as Christian in “Christian and Anne” by Dolce Amore

As a reader/bookie myself, I can’t believe that the evolution of writing changes – as social media becomes a medium and now it can be flipped into the book pages, this my friends is what people call now Socialserye. Maybe you’ve heard of Vince and Kath spread all over and shared on Facebook. Well this is a different story about unconditional love of Christian and Anne. It is very unusual for me to read text messages on a book – I am very open minded about it.


The gist of the story is about Christian, a fat nerd who confesses his feelings via text to Anne – which started this whole story. Anne, is the most popular gal in school who recently just broke up with her heartthrob boyfriend Patrick. That’s when Christian tried to make “the moves” when Anne was at the stage of vulnerability. Well Christian became a rebound but then Anne started to fall for this chubby chaser. Then this Patrick guy came in the picture again and try to ruin and tear the two apart.

Christian got hurt, seek refuge by going back to the states coming back and crossing paths with Anne years after turned into this hunk/ every girl’s dream guy. And that is where the story revolves and the trials these two lovebirds have to face.

This novel is the brainchild of Dolce Amore – she was all about the idea that  love comes in all shapes and sizes, an advocate of unconditional love. We asked why she chose Tommy Esguerra as “Christian”. She said she admired Tommy for a long time and he would be perfect as Christian because of his pretty boy face, Adonis figure and charm. Will there be a sequel I asked, she said “Yes”.



ca3Meeting Tommy was a humbling experience, (He’s taken girls we all know that – seen all his sweet chivalry on PBB for Miho – you lucky girl!). Actually I bumped into Tommy before at Trinoma and asked for a selfie, because two of my best gal pals are fans. This is my second encounter with him but I get to interview him. He is honored and thrilled to be as Christian and he gave some guy tips that men despite of their masculine nutshell can get too emotional when they fall in love and get hurt. When it comes to moving on he said just keep yourself busy.


If you guys want to grab a copy of Christian and Anne, the book is available in all leading National Bookstores for the price of P150 and get kilig too.