Nailaholics’: Winning London! (5D/4N for 2) + travel tips about my visit

London Calling! Visiting the historic Big Ben, Kensington Palace, State of the art Churches, Tower bridge, the gush of the undeground, wax figures at Madame Taussauds, buying good deals at Tesco and luxury window shopping at Harrods – a tick on my bucketlist at the age of 15. I can’t recall if we rode a double decker tho. It was easter of 2009 when my family and I had the opportunity to visit across the pond from our 8 hour trip coming from Muscat, Oman. My recall(-ing) may not be that vague anymore but seemingly it was a eye- opening cultural experience to see that side of Europe.

At the strike of 5PM some malls close and the pubs stat to open at 6PM. At 7PM, still daylight and it feels like 3 or 4 in the afternoon. I’ve got some trivia about London by watching Mary-Kate and Ashley “London Calling” like the bathroom is called a “loo”, then I remembered asking a friend where’s the comfort room (very pinoy of me) they ain’t familiar, next time kasi washroom kasi HAHA. The question came back to me why pinoys call it “Comfort room”, I said I don’t know either. Speaking of washroom, apparently there are some washrooms that have condoms available at the dispenser – I can’t recall that well (maybe not all). Yes, they are liberated.

Brits are always on the go and strict on time. At the airport all of them were rushing against each other at the immigration. I learned staring is rude and its just mind your own business. They strictly follow the scehdule of the buses. Taking the bus, you just have to follow a certain number to get to your destination. You’ll see a lot of older people still active and strolling with their trolley.

Its the churches and museums that gave me an awe! Wishing I could go back to explore since I’ve aged and appreciate the #wanderlust life. Maybe visit Harry Potter!

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Happy 4th Anniversary!: Summer Sale with Travel Book PH

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I know all of us are excited for summer and its the perfect time to go all over the Philippines for an adventure to create unforgettable moments either with the people you love or your own personal journey. Going on an adventure we have a lot to consider – The planning & budget. Finding an accommodation that fits your budget TRAVEL BOOK PH got you covered and its your chance to get discount too on thier Super summer sale! Hotels that are accessible and comfortable. It is easy you don’t have to go through a vigorous search, Travel book will lay options as you search in  a jiffy!

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Places to eat in San Juan, La Union Plus Travel Tips

My recent trip has got me thinking and yeah maybe to write something while I’m off for 4 days- something to keep me busy. Going back, my recent trip to La Union, I’ve received lots of question where to eat and places to go- expected since I am a blogger.

Well I’ve visited La Union twice already (the first was on May, early this year and this month of November), still same old sizzling La Union atleast this time I know what things to bring.

Surf spots?: For as long there is a beach, there is a guaranteed surf school nearby, may cost you around P350-P400 (1 hour surfing and lessons with the instructor). The best place to surf? It depends usually on the waves and the time.

Note: When you hit the beach especially the SAND, Literally SAND-BURN (That’s why this time I brought shoes, just make sure you don’t step/soak in a puddle of wet sand) and Don’t forget SUNBLOCK too! and a helpful tip I learned from my best pal Aimee, applying aloe vera gel after exposing yourself under the heat of the sun, it not just soothes the skin but it  lessens the inflammation.

La la la to the Beach bum life ⛱ Stay #sunproofed with @belosunexpert (So cool! #belosunexpert is also available at @flotsamandjetsamhostel ☀️) 📷: @leiyeaah
La la la to the Beach bum life ⛱ Stay #sunproofed with @belosunexpert (So cool! #belosunexpert is also available at @flotsamandjetsamhostel ☀️) 📷: @leiyeaah

Manila North Rd., Urbiztondo Beach, San Juan, La Union

Just across Sea bay resort, if you guys are on a budget and for yummy rice bowl meals, this is the place to eat. A meal wouldn’t go beyond P100 and masarap din!

You’ll love its hipster outdoor motif- so chill and right beside is Mad Monkey who serve affordable burgers and fries.



Kilometre 274 MacArthur Highway, Urbiztondo, San Juan, La Union

Waling distance and in between TAGPUAN and FLOTSAM & JETSAM, the place opens as early as 7AM on weekends till 10 PM then on weekdays 9AM-9PM. Since we came on a weekend, this was the first place we had to have breakfast after our 6-hour drive from Manila.

I definitely recommend their coffee selection (Try the DIRTY HORCHATA) and the desserts like the Cookie Skillet P240 and the Indoor S’mores, P160 (small- good for 2 persons), P300 (large for 3-4 persons).


For a light breakfast go for the fluffy pancakes (3 pieces) and Grilled cheese both P160. They only considered main course in the menu. The place is definitely the best place to get coffee and chill – Hope the place would accommodate more. The place really has that cool hipster vibe plus they have YOGA CLASSES too.




Flotsam and Jetsam Hostel, 2514 San Juan, La Union




The place looks cool and the food is great too! You can definitely chill by the beach side and lay down on the carpets and bean bags while playing board games also chilling with your best pals.

Tip: Come as early like 7-8 PM, by 10 PM the place is fully booked and hard to find a place to chill.

Cheers on their great selection of drinks- SEX ON THE BEACH, MOJITO & PINA COLADA. Then their signature pizzas, TRUFFLE FRIES and ONION RINGS which is good for sharing. For health junkees out there try out the MAKAI BOWLS. TIP: If you guys are checking in (hostel) they may give you discount coupons for the Makai bowls. Best seller: Passion fruit and the Chocolate one.


TIP: As early as possible, book right away – slots are selling like pancakes especially on the weekends. Apparently my friend was able to book us the regular – its a kubo with bunk beds and cabinets with locks. House rules: No food allowed and wash hands before going inside. Each bunk bed has an electric fan and outlet, most likely with the regular you “MAY GET THE CHANCE” to share with others (like a dorm). The bathrooms, so clean!


Transportation tip: If you plan to get the bus back to San Fernando since the bus station is there, a tricycle ride would cost about P100 for 1 person. There is a line of tricycle in front of Flotsam & Jetsam and Tagpuan. Another tip, if you plan to leave at a certain time be there an hour before and the last bus is at 8PM.




Just beside SEABAY Resort and across TAGPUAN, If you opt a place to eat with the most breathtaking view of La Union, visit KAHUNA.

Food are hefty big servings, more of western food that’s why.


(Walking distance from TAGPUAN, other side of the road)

Another chill & hipster place to check out, we didn’t had the time to dine in but we’ve seen their menu, another place that is affordable to dine & chill. Bonitos is has this Mexican vibe and Aloha, the name speaks for itself, I think we were suppose to get ice cream here but we didn’t have the time anymore.

There are a lot of place to eat actually in San Juan, if you have any tips feel free to comment so the next time I visit, surely gonna check it out 🙂

For affordable and stylish beach roundies check out @todzfleamarket on instagram
For affordable and stylish beach roundies check out @todzfleamarket on instagram



Triple the fun here at the North, People from the north say why are all the hype in Manila. Well good news  for those in Pampanga, you don’t have to rush into the city to get a taste of JumpyardPH, Lazer Tagg and Fun Ranch. Why risk travelling to the busiest center of the Philippines well the fun now is right at the not so crowded city of Pampanga at the heart of San Fernando.

Adrenaline junkees from the north can now visit and make it a healthy habit to be fit while having fun as well. For those coming from the south planning to visit Pampanga mark down this place for your bucketlist and bring family & friends along with.

All the fun under one roof, You have the JUMPYARD, LAZER MAXX AND FUN RANCH at FUN RULES HERE Pampanga at Paseo Las Palmas Jose Abad Santos Avenue., San Fernando City 2000 Pampanga. With its huge capacity they also accept reservations for events like parties and others.  So far they don’t  have the all-in package to avail the 3 all in the same time but they are working on it – you have to avail at each separately.


Jump Yard, Indoor Trampoline Park at FUN REULES HERE PAMAPANGA is the biggest so far – 82 trampolines, 5 slam dunk lanes, Open jump trampolines,  A Dodgeball  & Volleyball court, a wall climbing area,  Foam Pit and a Toddler area (to prevent the big kids pushing the small kids). There is also a foam pit in the center ideally for picture purposes. Before entering the area, you have to do a 8-minute stretching and you have to avail socks that is specific for use because the rubber below the socks prevent slipping . The socks would cause like less than P100. All jam-packed for fun! Rates & Schedule:

MONDAY- THURSDAY 12:00- 9PM , P250

FRIDAY 12NN-10 PM,  P350




img_2743img_2744img_2717 img_2711



LAZER MAXX (LAZER TAG ARENA) at Fun Rules Here has this set up depending on the latest trend – vest with your assigned character. At the preview we had  a pokemon theme then each member will be monitored based on their statistics during the game- you get a copy after. The arena accommodates a maximum 24 players and there will be 2 tag teams that need to defend their post and tag as many players as you can from the other team. This is a game that involves a lot of physical and mental tactics as well – Really sweat a lot! Pay attention to the instructional video before the game.

1 Individual Game (15 mins)

Weekdays (M-T) P190 / PERSON




Weekdays (M-T) P360 / PERSON




Weekdays (M-T) P 4, 000





Fun Ranch for the kiddies  though tempting to try the long slides (unleasing my inner child)- it is an indoor playground with giant slides, ball pools and other interactive activities like role playing. Did I not mention the GIANT BALL PIT! It is required for the kids to wear socks all time.

Monday- Thursday 12:00- 9 PM

P120 – 30 MINS

P 170 – 1 HOUR






P140 – 30 MINS

P195 – 1 HOUR




It is a requirement for parents/ guardian’s names & contact numbers.



Adults accomplanying children 3 years old and below may enter free of charge.

At FUN RULES HERE they cater to parties as well like I said earlier. The steps  are easy:

  1. Determine the number of guests and the room you want


Celebration – 250 people capacity P45, 000 (Minimum consumable on food and drinks)

Festival – 250 people capacity P45, 000 (Minimum consumable on food and drinks)

Sky – 120 people capacity P25, 000  (Minimum consumable on food and drinks)

  1. Create your own menu using “QUICK PICK” Dish List – there is a separate meal options for the kids.
  2. Choose Activities/ Entertainment (Inquire about pricing)
  3. Pick your extras- foodcarts, balloon décor, lootbags etc.
  4. Decide on payment option and finalize booking


FOR RESERVATIONS AND INQUIRIES  CALL  09178610294 / 09088174323

How to Commute & Travel Tips When In Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

My plan with my recent trip to KL, was unexpected some friends just asked if I want to tag along, and days after I was able to book a plane ride via MALAYSIA AIRLINES courtesy of my dad who works for an airline (company benefits). I came like 2 days after my friends arrived at KL. For the past several years, KL has been my layover when there wasn’t a straight flight going to Oman from Manila  that’s why KLIA has been a familiar place for me. BTW, Malaysia gives 30 days free visa for tourist. Recent travel articles I read, Malaysia has beaten the other Asian countries as the most visited this year and I agree. Everything in Malaysia is so hassle free and accessible especially for a tourist like me- all I did was commute and I enjoyed it. I traveled solo on the first and third day, on the second day I traveled alone before meeting up with my friends.


The first you do when you land at Malaysia, is ask for a MAP, It will be your bestfriend & guide to go around – You can ask at any counter or go to the Malaysia Tourism office, You can get different maps and guides for free. You can be updated with any upcoming events and promos (vouchers for discounts).

Click to view MAP

Link to Map:

Phot creds:
Phot creds:

Opening hours of the train:

KTM COMMUTER ( 5:40 AM- 10:30 PM – Going to Batu Caves


AMPANG LINE ( 6 AM- 11:15 PM

KL MONORAIL ( 6 AM – 11:30 PM – Going to Bukit Bintang

KLIA EXPRESS ( 5AM – MIDNIGHT – Going to airport

TIP: If you plan to exchange money from dollars to ringgit, better at the airport. Higher rate/ exchange if you have dollars.


I’m glad my uncles booked me a hotel at JALAN HANG KASTURI, “HOTEL GEO”  via It is so convenient because it is in front of central market, beside Little India and China Town (Petaling). Also, just at the back of the hotel the TRAIN STATIONS and a nearby BUS STATION. – Highly recommended when it comes to the accessibility and the front desk people are so helpful and they give you good advice on how to get to places plus near by money exchange in case and a 24 hour Texas food chain down stairs.

TIP: Bring a universal charger (Malaysia has the 3- socket outlet/ 220-240) but some of my friends were able to use their charger that they used here in the Philippines, better to be prepared 🙂

Upon my arrival at the airport, I took the airport taxi from KLIA to my hotel which cost around 150 ringgit. If I just understood how to take the KLIA Express to my hotel I would have done it. The thing is you need to know the places that are accessible with each station.

TIP: If you plan to ride taxis make sure they have a metro. If you plan to save take the RED OR YELLOW Taxi. The BLUE ones have a higher rate.


At the train station, you get your blue chip or pass via a machine. It’s very easy to manipulate you just need to be aware and ask around what kind of train are you riding. The first thing that pops out is the 4 different category of trains and then once you chose your destination comes the specific amount. The place where you get your chip is where your change will be dispense.

Black - PASAR SENI Pink - KLCC
Black – PASAR SENI Brown – KLCC

So from HOTEL GEO, literally at the back is the PASAR SENI STATION ( KELANA JAYA (PUTRA) LINE ), I was planning to go and see the Petronas Towers so my destination should be at KLCC, it’s like 3 stations away from PASAR SENI and it takes about like 5-10 minutes. Going back to the 4 different train categories, its the 2nd box from the left- color red and I remembered transit number 5. Just ask people around nicely and they are very accommodating and helpful incase you ain’t sure. From PASAR SENI to KLCC cost like 2.10 RM

Petronas Towers

From KLCC station, you will be arriving at the underground of  AVENUE K MALL. Across Avenue K Mall is the Petronas towers and there is a mall beside it KLCC SURIA. Another thing for me to love about KLCC Avenue K MALL, since I have an International pass from fitness first (P200), I can go to the gym anytime and it is near my hotel. Fitness First Avenue K is located at the 4th or 5th floor opens from 6:40 AM – till 11 PM on weekdays and till 9 PM on weekends.






When my friend send me photos of panda statues at Genting, I wonder if there are pandas here in Malaysia. There was at ZOO NEGARA. I met up with my friends at ZOO Negara apparently its was close to their hotel. From PASAR SENI to WANGSA MAJU Station cost around 3.40 RM. As I arrived at the station, I took the metred taxi (color red) to Zoo Negara which cost around 7 RM.  Entrance fee at Zoo Negara for Asians/Aseans cost 65 RM inclusive of the Panda Conservation visit – you could check Zoo Negara’s official website for the price rates. A map at Zoo Negara cost 1 RM but it will go to a good cause.


From WANSA MAJU, we decided to go to Bukit Bintang because my friends would like exchange money. They say “mataas ang palit” – or higher rate. We stopped at  DANG WAGI (still on the KJ Line) because it is the nearest transfer (Interchange station) heading to Bukit Bintang. as we arrived at DANG WAGI we have to walk to BUKIT NEMAS station (KL MONORAIL ), to take the KL MONORAIL to Bukit Bintang. Bukit Bintang is like the greenhills version of the Philippines. From Wangsa Maju to Bukit Bintang cost us around  6 RM


From Bukit Bintang, we plan to head to China Town (Petaling) not China Town, Jalan Alor. Btw, JALAN means STREET. Be careful when you visit Chinatown, word has it is not safe lately so always have a companion with you. If you plan to visit JALAN ALOR, Chinatown – stalls open from 6 PM to 2 AM, I think.

We took a free shuttle bus, that has free wifi to China town (Petaling), we rode the purple bus- you can ask directions how to get the nearest station to avail this free bus ride. All I can remember it is across TOUS LES JOURS, Bukit Bintang.

SRI Mahamariamman temple
SRI Mahamariamman temple


I was unable to go to China Town, Jalan Alor HUHU, I really wanted to eat Sting ray, Oh well maybe next time. But were able to spot a nice Chinese restaurant along Petaling and tried their noodles.

TIP: Malaysian food are kinda spicy.

Central Market
Central Market

From China Town Petaling, a few minutes walk to CENTRAL MARKET which is beside the so called LITTLE INDIA- You can see the famous SRI Mahamariamman temple. Central market is the go to place to shop for affordable souvies and gifts “pasalubongs”. It is like the SOUK of KL. Glad we were able to meet some Filipino vendors working at the CENTRAL MARKET. (Visit G/F ADAM JewelsN Handcraft). Things I got were hand made batik, chocolate oats and my fave malysian milk tea “Teh Tarik”.







Across PASAR SENI is the KTM COMMUTER, KUALA LUMPUR STATION (Blue line)- just have to take the overpass. 6 stations away from Kuala Lumpur is the Batu Caves station. The ticket cost around 2.50 RM, I think. It would take about 20 minutes. As you arrived at the BATU CAVES station, there is it.


TIP: When you get to BATU CAVES, know the time of the arrival of trains- just head over the ticketing booth.



After my morning jog at Batu Caves, decided to head back to PASAR SENI and go to KLCC to workout and last minute shopping at Avenue K Mall. Got back to my hotel an hour before my check-out which is 12 nn.Then I requested a taxi from the front desk going to the airport. If I only had a few load on my luggage I would have taken the train to transfer to KLIA (Purple line)

TIP: Its cheaper if you ask your hotel to fix your service going to the airport if you plan taking a cab. In the Philippines its fixed rate or “kontrata”.

Hope this guide would help you and you’ll definitely enjoy Malaysia 🙂




Pinoy Guide: Touristy Tips while in Toronto, Canada

Technically my 9-days trip to Canada doesn’t guarantee I am an expert of getting around to places there and with the limited time we had, there are still more places to see (maybe when we come back to visit) – These are the basic what to do, what to know or what I can suggest If you guys are tourist like me visiting Toronto.


  1. The weather

Lovely summer weather when we visited “The best season to visit Canada”  ( around June- August)

If you lived your entire life in Asia (For me in the middle east) or a tropical country like the Philippines, the summer at Toronto is like our winter in the Middle East. Sunny + cold breeze, maybe I’m not just used to It since I’ve been living in the Philippines for 6 years.

2. OOTDs/Outfits


My OOTDs that I’ve packed are cute shorts, leggings and comfy shoes (lot’s of walking) – I brought doll shoes, rubber shoes and chunky sandals. I had cute tops plus good thing I was able to bring a robe(cover ups), kimono cardigans and bomber jacket in case it gets cold- wished I packed more and I wished I brought my leather jackets. I brought my favorite rompers since they are so comfy and stylish to wear and 1 or 2 dresses in case of any occasion (better to be prepared).

The weather sometimes can be warm then suddenly it’ll be cold(interchanges). Summer is the best time to go around Toronto as the locals say- Summer last for 3 months. Another thing days are longer than nights- you may wonder at 8pm it feels like 2pm.

3. Travel Essentials on the GO


    • Gadgets, like your phone and good thing I brought my mirrorless camera- it’s so lighter compare to my DSLR. Ofcourse we Pinoys do “Selfie Time” and those instagram worthy moments/places.Don’t forget to charge your powerbanks too!
    • Sunblock / BB Cream with SPF for the face (Good thing, I brought Belo BB Cream and Sunexpert)
    • Sunglasses/ Shades and Cap/Hat
    • Make-up (for girls), I brought my primer, powder and lippie – natural look.
  • Light Snacks and Water
  • Perfume pod- portable perfume holder
  • Handy Hand Lotion, moisturizer and facial mist
  • Tissue/Wipes/Hand Sanitizer
  • Body Glide – Lifesaver for girls with thick thighs. To prevent friction between the legs after a long day of walking/activities. Discovered this genius hack from my cousin’s girlfriend.
  • Map

Money tip: We traded our pesos to dollars in the Philippines then bought Canadian dollars when we were in Canada.

4. Mode of Transportation


Bus and Underground Trains (I remembered paying tokens but you can buy tickets) – very accessible and affordable. I still need getting use too with the transfers. During rush hour it can be jam-packed but not like the situation of the MRT/LRT in the Philippines #mammogram #sardinas

There are times that it can be traffic especially rush hour but it’s tolerable and its moving guys. The patience I developed in the Philippines was handy during times like these.


Trivia: In a CAR- When driving around everybody should wear a SEATBELT- It is the RULE.

5. WI-FI

There is wifi available ANYWHERE. <3

6. Food

There are lots of food establishments around Toronto, you just really have to do your research. They have everything in Toronto- If you’re lucky there maybe a food festival close by. For us we were practical and to be on the healthy side we didn’t go for fast food much before going out we eat at home. We would cook Filipino dishes, grilled burgers, bake French fries and my Tita is an excellent cook.


When I got there, people were recommending that I try the “Poutine”. My friends brought me to St. Louis bar and grill (Legit poutine at Scarborough). First thing , BIG servings cost like around 12-14 Canadian dollars- definitely  worth it. Poutine , big chucky fries drenched in gravy and cheese curds- not the healthiest but it’s worth trying since you are in Canada.


Tim Hortons are almost everywhere! – Famous Canadian coffee, good to pair with their yummy selection of donuts. I usually order Iced Coffee and my friend suggested I add extra base for it to be sweet. Don’t worry Pinoys, may starbucks din naman but it is not as massive as Tim Hortons. A lot of Milk Tea places too, haven’t tried one while I was there. I was more into coffee since a friend said that Canadian coffee is the best.

Breakfast, usually Canadians are into bread (missed eating bagels ) / toast/waffles/ pancakes and cereals.


My cousins brought me to Five Guys, my friend told me it originated at Louisiana known for using peanut oil in cooking their burgers and fries. You can customize your burger with the toppings and sauce and they also have a veggie burgers. Noticed a lot of pizza parlors – and they are cheesy soulful.

Trivia: In restaurants after dining when you decide to take home your leftovers – “Do it yourself ” (they hand you  boxes so you pack your own food) and clean as you go.

Cafe Dimitri
Cafe Dimitri

For dessert, my cousins brought me to Café Dimitri so heavenly ice cream desserts- good for sharing.

Since I love chocolates, In Canada their famous chocolatier is Purdy’s – known for their hedgehog chocolates. (Pasalubong idea)

7. Shopping

    • You get good deals in outlet rather in malls.

Tip: You can check the clearance section for better deals and also coupons 🙂

    • Wholesale prices at COSTCO that you buy in bulks and free food samples! They also serve food, so HUGE servings.
    • IKEA , unleashing your inner Tita – furniture shopping! They also serve food at IKEA, everything 1 Canadian Dollar ish, the servings are just alright J
  • For Beauty junkees, at Sephora – the premium brands are cheaper compare to PH.

TRIVIA: Kiosk make-up brands here in the Philippines can be purchased at the grocery/over the counter.

  • Pasalubongs

There are lot of souvie shops around

    • Tip: To save you can go to DOLLARAMA (1 Dollar store)

Buy chocolates other treats at Walmart or get bulk deals at COSTCO




Most of the known tourist spots are at DOWNTOWN- it’s like Time Square, New York City. (We took a train ride and got off at Dundas station because it is hard to get parking space at DownTown). Once we reached at DownTown we road a Toronto CITY PASS double decker bus that has drop off points to the places we planned to see.


Tip: We booked our tour via online at “Toronto City Pass” and it can be claimed in any place affiliated to City Pass. Perks of It we don’t have to stay in line to buy tickets. Our tour comprises of:


    • Toronto Zoo– You get to see all types of animals (First time seeing a giraffe, zebra, cheetah, hippo, kangaroo etc.), the place is huge (lot’s of walking) and our favorite is the Giant Panda Experience.I love pandas so much and when I researched about Toronto Zoo that they have pandas (addition to the Pandas they have are the first set of twin pandas in Canada), It is a MUST.
Toronto Zoo- Giant Panda Experience


  • The legendary and iconic, CN Tower which is 1815. 4 feet – tallest tower in Canada. 
CN Tower


Tip: Come early! In the afternoon you’ll endure the long line because we came like after lunch and spent like less than an hour waiting then when we were on top since we were just like there for like 30 minutes or so just take selfies and pictures. Don’t forget to take a picture of the famous glass floor.



  • Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada – just beside CN Tower


It so awesome and finally I got to see SHARKS IRL!



  • Casa Loma
  • Royal Ontario Museum – You’ll spot a poster of the famous and oldest tattoo artist in the Philippines #PinoyPride (They say she’s a distant relative of ours because she is a DULAY)
Royal Ontario Museum
  • Boat ride to see the Toronto Skyline <3


Tip: Wear sunblock and bring a hat


A car ride to Niagara from Toronto would take less than 2 hours, ofcourse don’t forget to visit the Majestic Niagara Falls. I don’t know it was somehow magical for me to see the falls. At night the falls turn into color and scheduled fire works display at night (M-W-F-S, I think).

To be up-close the falls try the “MAID OF THE MIST” boat ride, it is a MUST. At the Other side of the falls, you can see America.


Tip: Plastic raincoats will be provided and wear SLIPPERS (Get ready to be wet). You can bring a small bag too and take care of your phones and cameras.

My dad used his waterproof Samsung phone. I don’t want to risk my Iphone since I’ve got a record of getting my phone wet in the swimming pool like 2 times. I got out my mirrorless camera when we were like a bit far from the falls- the aftermath.




While at Niagara, we stayed at the TRAVEL LODGE (like an apartment type with a actual kitchen) beside Sheraton Hotel along Clifton Hill- there are so many places to see and everything was walking distance like the Hard Rock café, Hershey’s chocolate factory, Hollywood Planet, The Ferris wheel and Fun Houses.

Hershey's Chocolate Factory
Hershey’s Chocolate Factory


9. Events

Since I love attending events and concerts, wished I did some research before coming like I didn’t know Beyonce performed at Rogers stadium days before we toured at Downtown. The tour guide just announced that trivia while we passed by Roger’s stadium.


Just in time for Canada day, DNCE had a performance- wished I knew but we had to go visit Muskoka that day- Muskoka is so pretty, recommended for those who love nature and love to go camping( which I notice the locals like to do during summer).

Night life: Unfortunately I’ve grown into that- I’m more of a chill type now. It was kinda my bucketlist to check Drake’s restaurant- which I heard on TMZ (maybe next time). I tried entering a casino with the adults, I was hold because I don’t look older than 18 years old- Good thing I brought my PRC ID.  

Trivia: They have a scanner/machine that checks if the ID is legit and they have a manual of all acceptable IDs in the world.

BOYS?: “Mga teh, maraming gwapo huwag po kayo mag-alala” HAHA  

10. Bathroom Situation.

They don’t have TABO or hose/bidet haha, that’s why Canada will never run out of tissue in their bathrooms. Remember to always wash your hands.

11. Canadians

The Canadians are so kind, honest, approachable and courteous (They greet you with a smile and they say “sorry”/”excuse me”).


Definitely coming back, maybe visit the other side of Canada, perhaps 🙂 Thank you to everyone for the Canadian Hospitality!