Pi (π) Breakfast and Pies

My friend, Jom (Short for Jomarie Anne) and I are always in search of something new to eat, since review days at SHIELD. This is the first time we hang out as newly registered Nurses. YIPEE!

We were searching for places to eat along Katipunan, Then Jom show me a link of like top 10 placeS to eat along Malingap or around Maginhawa, so she suggested π Breakfast and Pies. 

Its easy to find the place, its along Malingap beside PINO kitchen studio 

The ambiance of the place is cozy and I had no problem with the lighting while taking a “foodselfie” (maybe we sat in a nice table, and good lighting)


(Mirror selfie with JOM)

You’ll love the layout of the menu and not only that, the prices are affordable! (Hands up in the air) then ofcourse the menu is “delishly” (I made word up) described, YUMMERS!


So here are our food shots: 

I ordered the SALMON AND WAFFLES. I LOVE THE “Salmonied flowers” and Banana cream pie, savory and sweets for me. 

For Jom, CHICKEN AND WAFFLES, Their bestseller the SMACK pie ( it taste somehow like macapuno-ish, Im not really familiar with Filipino sweets actually, forgive me! I LOVE MACAPUNO, by the way and its really good! and the classic cheese ensaymada.



(There is like a selection of pastries and breads for you to check out) 

(For take out, BROWNIES- Peanut Butter, Triple Chocolate and Red velvet- YUM!)

More Photos:

(Regram from IG: @itsannalvrz )

So Jom and I were satisfied, and we enjoyed the food, Seriously. So another foodadventure soon.Any food craving invites contact me at krizialouren_catapang@yahoo.com, this would really help my starting blog. THANK YOU BREAKFAST AND PIES! Love the warm welcome and the crew were nice and accommodating, service is AWESOME. 

Follow them on Instagram at @breakfastnpies 

Address: 39 Malingap Street, Teachers Village, Quezon City

Contact number: 02 4411773, 02 2121212 · 02 121212 (Delivery)

INFOs from http://www.zomato.com/manila/pi-breakfast-pies-teachers-village-quezon-city

Photos by: Krizia Louren Catapang

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