Since this is my first post, I want to post something to share that is unforgettable and memorable to me this summer. Not to brag, my favorite holiday is my birthday, yes a day all about me. My mother thought me “LOVE YOURSELF FIRST" since I’m still young.

Now the big 21, I have to change my perspective into utterly mature thinking since I have graduated with a nursing degree and I have to deal with two words REALITY and EMPLOYMENT.

I asked my parents If we could have a family vacation outside Oman,( born & raised, pure blood Filipino), since it has been ages we’ve travelled as a family, I requested to go to Dubai on my birthday week. 

We travelled just an average Filipino family, and arrived to Dubai around 9 AM. We took a cab and headed to DUBAI MALL, dayum this baby is freaking huge. You could get a map from the concierge, you really need it and it really comes in handy 

ookin’ just got off the plane fresh.

Metered Taxi. Gnarley buildings! 

Mandatory posing before entering the mall. LOL.

Dubai Aquarium, my sisters were already hungry so we weren’t able to go inside. You could take pictures from the outside and see different colored "fishies” and I was amazed by the sharks and different weird looking stingrays or manta rays.

Breathtaking waterfalls.

Here are more pics of us strollin’ around Dubai Mall


More Photos, next post.