Teppanya Experience + Fiery Debut: Unlimited Japanese Miyazaki A5 Wagyu Steak, Snow Crab, Large Scallop and More!

If you are a meat/ steak lover and you enjoy premium & quality products especially Japanese food. The unlimited madness deals at Teppanya is so worth it!

Personally, I won’t mind spending a bit for as long I’m being served quality and premium food. Plus it is unlimited. Besides the meat, steak and seafood (Reco the tempura!) I also enjoyed their desserts as well (Try their banana flambe!). Teppanya also have Ala carte options as well for those who are not into the unlimited offers.

With my recent dining experience, the staff were accommodating and their chef’s are entertaining as well. As you get immerse with the experience and the great food selection, you will definitely think of coming back 🙂

The unlimited madness deluxe rates are the following (running for 2 hours): Lunch (PHP 1988+), Dinner (PHP 2188+) and Holiday (PHP 2188+)

Also, good news! –Filipino-owned Teppanya Restaurant Inc. (Teppanya) unveiled new Japanese dishes that elevate its current unlimited offering. Starting July 14, 2023, guests can avail the all-new Unlimited Madness and order high-quality Japanese Miyazaki A5 wagyu steak, snow crab, giant scallop and many more in unlimited quantities for only Php 4,988+

“Filipinos love food, especially Japanese cuisine, so what better way to enjoy their favorite dishes than bringing a unique dining experience to them – This is what Teppanya is all about,” said Yñigo Rivera, Teppanya’s Marketing Manager

The all-new Unlimited Madness sees the inclusion of meat offerings such as JPN Miyazaki Wagyu A5 BMS 8-9 Chuck Strip Steak, JPN Miyazaki Wagyu A5 BMS 8-9 Chuck-Eye Steak, JPN A5 Wagyu Brioche Sando, AUS Jacks Creek 400-day Grain-fed Wagyu F1 MB5 Picanha Steak, and Iberico Secreto Steak.

As for the seafood and sushi offerings, the new menu includes Alaskan Wild Caught Snow Crab, Hokkaido Large Scallop, Wagyu Aburi, Wagyu Aburi w/ Ikura, Hamachi Sashimi, and an Emperor Aburi Set which features Foie Gras, Wagyu w/ Black Truffle, and Unagi.

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