Whipped Salon PH: Sugar Benefits of Waxing and Scrubbing

Breaking the norm that waxing makes hair more thicker but well it depends actually on how you maintain and how hormonal you really are. For me it didn’t matter too me about the norms and sayings. I was fed up on how people would teased me as one of the boys and others growing up since I was hairy/”balbon”. Well as you get older, you realized its all about having good hygiene and grooming. When I started waxing it made me more confident, the teasing lessened but behind that there are benefits to sugar waxing and scrubbing- when I hit puberty my skin wasn’t in good condition and I have dark spots, scrubbing reduces it . I mean it’s on the person’s perspective and choice whether you want to pamper yourself or not. The important thing you have a good heart and  feeling pretty and confident makes you happy- most important 🙂


At Whipped they specialize in Sugar waxing and Sugar scrubbing, here are the benefits why you should try Sugar waxing and scrubbing 🙂

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Benefits of Sugar Waxing

  1. It’s all good and natural – made from sugar, water and lemon.
  2. Goodbye, good riddance! – roots are taken out as well
  3. Soft, smooth and unwanted hair – growth of unwanted hair will be soft, smooth and easier.
  4. Finer and thiner hair growth
  5. Strip dead skin cells
  6. Reduces chances of hair ingrown
  7. Less painful and little discomfort
  8. Minimizes risk of breakage – pulls the direction of natural hair growth
  9. Healthier skin
  10. Sanitary and Non-comegenic


Benefits of Sugar Scrubbing

  1. For a clean and clear skin.
  2. Bye bye flakes! – flaky skin (dry patches) accumulates overtime
  3. Renew skin
  4. Perfect Glow
  5. No more dark patches
  6. Remove those nasty scars
  7. Get that smooth skin
  8. Awesome feeling
  9. Healthier skin
  10. Improves texture


  • 3rd Floor  Ayala Fairview Terraces
  • 2nd Floor, Commerce Avenue Wing at Alabang Town Center
  • 2nd floor, Eight Forbes Town Center BGC.
  • Follow them on instagram: @whippedsalonph #YummerWithWhipped #WhippedItOut #StrippedWithWhipped #SmootherWithWhipped #WhippedATC #WhippedAFT #WhippedETC #DareToGetWhipped #GetWhippedNow #WhippedMNL #OnlyAtWhipped

To check out their services and price rates http://www.krishgeek.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/13401368_10209728142429206_1382464673_n.jpg:

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