Calling all Sensitive Skin Girlies! Aveeno Skin Relief Lotion is your 20-Second Solution for Sensitive Skin

Aveeno Skin Relief Lotion soothes in the quickest time, so you don’t miss any summer fun


Aveeno brand ambassadors Vince Velasco (left) and Sam Corrales (middle) together with Ira Santos, Aveeno marketing manager (right) at Play Padel PH for the Aveeno Active Summer Fest

We’re at the tail-end of summer, and while it’s a season for fun and adventure, it can be a challenging time for those with sensitive skin. Heat, sweat, and humidity can be relentless triggers among others, causing many to shy away from their favorite activities. But people with sensitive skin need not worry anymore—your favorite Aveeno Skin Relief presents its quickest solution-to-date. Aveeno Skin Relief Lotion now soothes sensitive skin in as fast as 20 seconds, through clinically proven oat science.

Harnessing the power of oats, Aveeno Skin Relief Lotion has been a trusted solution for those with sensitive skin. Its Triple Oat Complex, a unique blend of oat flour, oat extract, and oat oil, works to strengthen the skin barrier and support natural ceramide production, soothing and providing relief for dry, itchy, and sensitive skin. Complementing this, Aveeno Skin Relief Body Wash gently cleanses while locking in moisture for up to 24 hours. This innovative breakthrough, supported by ongoing research, was celebrated at the Aveeno Active Summer Fest, an event brimming with fun, educational activities, and vibrant summer energy.

Aveeno, together with St. Joseph Drug, first took over the shores of San Juan, La Union last May 23-26 and brought the larger-than-life Aveeno installation to attract beachgoers. Sampling initiatives were done to introduce the Aveeno Skin Relief range to a wider audience. Visitors who took photos at the booth and posted them on their socials received free samplers, allowing them to experience firsthand the soothing benefits of Aveeno products.

Aveeno’s booth was set up last May 23-26 at FatWave Surf Resort, San Juan, La Union

The event also featured a life-sized shower for people to try the Aveeno Skin Relief Body Wash and Lotion right at the beach. This unique setup provided an immersive experience, showcasing how Aveeno’s products cleanse and lock in moisture effectively. Additionally, there was a selling component in partnership with St. Joseph Drug, offering a special promo to beachgoers.

Following that, the Aveeno Active Summer Fest was held last June 5 and was an action-packed day that brought together skincare education and the active lifestyle. Attendees enjoyed an energetic padel session in the morning and interactive activities throughout the afternoon that highlighted how Aveeno Skin Relief Lotion can help maintain healthy skin even during the summer season. Guests left with a better understanding of how to care for their sensitive skin while staying active and enjoying the summertime.

Aveeno brand ambassadors Vince Velasco (left) and Sam Corrales (right) together with Ira Santos, Aveeno marketing manager (middle).

Vince Velasco, Aveeno’s brand ambassador, enthusiastically shared, “Summer is my favorite time of year, but my sensitive skin and eczema used to hold me back. But as someone who has been using Aveeno Skin Relief Wash and Lotion as a regimen for the longest time, I never had to worry about my sensitive skin and even my eczema flaring up and truly enjoyed my summers. The new 20-second soothing claim of the Skin Relief Lotion is amazing and makes it even easier to enjoy the season.”

Sam Corrales, another passionate Aveeno ambassador, added, “I personally am always on the move, whether it’s me doing my workouts, teaching classes, doing my hosting gigs. My skin is always subjected to sweat and to the heat which have been some of the triggers to my sensitive skin. I’m so happy to know that Aveeno Skin Relief Lotion can now soothe my sensitive skin quicker than ever– now in just 20 seconds. This just goes to show how committed Aveeno is to help us all enjoy life without the limitations of sensitive skin.”

Ira Santos, Marketing Manager for Aveeno, explained, “We know that summer can be tough for those with sensitive skin, but we want everyone to enjoy the season without hesitation. The Aveeno Active Summer Fest was all about showing that you can stay active and have fun while keeping your skin healthy. Our new claim for the Aveeno Skin Relief Lotion, validated by extensive research, reassures our customers that they can trust in quick and effective relief– now in as fast as 20 seconds. This remarkable improvement from our previous claim of 60 seconds demonstrates our commitment to delivering swift and effective solutions for our customers’ skin needs.”

The Aveeno Active Summer Fest was not just an event; it was a celebration of confidence in the season where changes in temperature, humidity, and sweat spike. Aveeno’s new claim for the Skin Relief Lotion reinforces their status as the top choice for sensitive skincare solutions, promising rapid relief and protection so everyone can fully embrace the joys of summer.

Stock up on Aveeno Skin Relief Wash and Lotion, your essential sensitive skin solutions, visit the nearest drugstore or supermarket, or shop online on official Shopee, Lazada, or Tiktok Shop!

Filed under things that you should know: The ultimate guide to hair removal

Gone are the days of endless razor bumps and dreaded stubble. Today’s hair removal options offer a variety of solutions to keep your skin smooth and radiant. Whether you’re a waxing pro or a shaving newbie, there’s a perfect method for you.

Hello Glow 2-in-1 Body Wax

This innovative wax boasts a gentle yet effective formula that removes hair while pampering your skin. Enriched with Aloe Vera and Glycerin, it ensures a smooth pull and leaves skin feeling luxuriously soft. With its convenient 8-wax strip kit, you can achieve salon-quality results from the comfort of your home.

Top Tip: Schedule your waxing session strategically. Aim for hair growth of about ¼ inch for optimal results, and avoid waxing on irritated or sunburned skin. Gently exfoliate 1-2 days beforehand to prevent ingrown hairs. For extra comfort, schedule your wax a week after your menstrual cycle.

Aftercare Essentials: Soothe freshly waxed skin with Hello Glow Soothing Gel or Sunflower Beauty Oil. This will calm any redness and expedite healing for a healthy, glowing complexion.

BW Women Bubble Up Hair Removal Spray

This revolutionary spray takes hair removal to a whole new level! Completely painless and mess-free, it dissolves unwanted hair with a gentle touch. Packed with nourishing ingredients like Urea and Allantoin, it keeps your skin hydrated and irritation-free.

BW Women Silk Glide Shave

 Ditch the disposable razors and upgrade to a luxurious shaving experience with the BW Women Silk Glide Shave. This innovative razor features a flexible pivot head for ultimate comfort and a specially designed cartridge with rounded blades to prevent nicks and cuts. Infused with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E, the lubricating strip ensures a smooth glide and minimizes the risk of irritation. The ergonomic handle provides a secure grip for effortless shaving, leaving you feeling pampered and confident.

Aftercare Essentials:  After shaving, soothe your skin with a soothing gel or sunflower oil to prevent irritation and achieve a touchable smooth finish.

Hello Glow Hair Removal Cream

 Experience the ultimate at-home hair removal treatment with this luxurious cream! This innovative formula gently removes unwanted hair in just 4 minutes, leaving your skin feeling silky smooth and radiant. Enriched with a powerhouse of skincare actives like Oat Extract, Green Tea Extract, Peach Extract, and Shea Butter, it nourishes and hydrates your skin while eliminating unwanted fuzz.

This cream’s unique formula effectively combats ingrown hairs, a common concern for many. The mess-free application and removal process, aided by the included spatula, makes it a breeze to achieve flawless skin. Use it on your hands, arms, under arms, legs, and feet for a complete hair-free experience.

Remember: Always perform a patch test before using any new hair removal product to ensure compatibility with your skin.

With so many amazing options available, you can find the perfect hair removal solution that fits your needs and lifestyle. Embrace the freedom of smooth, touchable soft skin and flaunt your confidence every day!



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