MAD WORLD: “Unravelling the Creative Genius”

One of PJMA’s (Philippine Junior Marketing Association) biggestevent this year is #MADWORLD2015 having about 6500+ attendees. Bringing
Filipino Student Marketeers together in one place , coming from different state
universities and colleges here in the Philippines. (Kudos to the students from the North, Visayas and Mindanao)

It was to my surprise as I arrived at MOA-SMX, the massive
line at the entrance at 10am.  I
understand how difficult it was for the organizers and the security to handle
that much number. It may have taken time to accommodate everyone to their
designated places, but it was worth the wait.


Being accommodated on my high heels by one of the
organizers/members (Thanks Ralph Gonzales, @ralphgon) and meeting Karol Chee
(@missykarol), Director for Marketing at Philippine Junior Marketing Association, I
would like to say Congratulations!, for pulling of a successful event, Not only
to them but the rest of the officers, members and even volunteers. Thank you
also for the warm welcome.


I came representing WazzupPilipinas (Thanks to Sir Ross Del
Rosario @pinoytekkie) who is one of the media partners of the event, and to
share, I was hoping to see Kim Kaizen Lo of UST (Big fan <3), unfortunately I didn’t see him. According to a
friend, When I left around 3 pm, he came. – Hindi

I’ve always been intrigue with the “Marketing side”, coming
from a different profession, this is an opportunity for me to learn and explore – most importantly. Maybe I could apply
what I learn, as a part time blogger.

The speakers, were very motivating and the topics they
tackle are very interesting, there was never a dull moment- Presentation pa lang, already grabbed my
Wished I finished the event but had other blogger commitments
that fell on the same day.


Opening performance by Rico Blanco, was insane, everybody
was up their seats and wanted to get a better view of him upclose. The event
was hosted by the lady wearing red, Sports enthusiast, Volleyball player and
host, Gretchen Ho. Moderator of the event, the respected Tony Sarmiento.


Opening remarks, from Philippine Marketing Association’s
President, Mr. Henry Tenedero and  I’ve
listed down Inspirational quotes to remember coming from him.

is life, life is marketing”

“The Papal
effect: Think Well, Feel Well and Do Well”

“We should not only be Hi- tech but Hi -Touch”


First speaker, was Miss Leigh Reyes (@leighpod/ @loweph) ,
President and Chief Officer of  LOWE
Philippines. Her topic is about “The Art
and Innovation Perspective”
. I was amaze how artistic and creative she is,
She presented some of her works and her travels. She said, you should get
inspiration from the tools you use.  She
introduced the term “FLEARN” means Learning from failing.


Second speaker, Mr. Lawin Bulatao, Executive Arena Director,
Arena Media. His topic is about the “Art
of Crafting”,
Defining that Crafting, is the act of making and producing
with ingenuity, care and skill. Crafting is the art of making ingredients, so
obey your inspiration. Therefore Crafting has a great impact to advertising.

Photos by: Charisse Abaric

Jacko Wacko: INTO THE WAVES.


Splash, fun and Cheers to great Music! Jacko Wacko has been talked about being one of the most SPLASHED party of this year.  From social media, way before its launch, alot has already spread the word  about it.It’s a WATER, MUSIC, FOAM ALL IN ONE CONCERT PARTY EVENT- who won’t go for that?. Event was held at SM MALL OF ASIA OPEN


With the musical stylings of various OPM bands, country’s
best performers and  talented DJs coming
together for one event, organized by DLSU Englicom.(Congrats guys!) and Styles Entertainment, Sperry, Pioneer&
Pioneer, Close Up, Hawk Backpacks, Chalk Magazine. Together with Magic 89.9,
Urban Rave, ETC, Burger Company, Cold Stone Creamery. Red Baron Ribs, Spectrum
Planet and Ruffles Bag. In cooperation with Manila Concert Scene,,, Click the City, Partyphile, Entrep Negosyo, Circuit, RavePH ,
When In Manila, EDM Philippines, Chinoy TV,, Online Philippines
and many more.
Come on board and #LetsSailTogether, proceeds of the event
will go to a chosen beneficiary.


Everyone was party ready wearing their colored and denim shorts,
statement shirts and breezy tank tops, since the theme and hashtag is
#RaveWithTheWaves, (other hashtags #DLSUJackoWacko #JackoWackoDLSCU)  so as expected get ready get wet and wild.
There were only a limited number of tickets that were sold (The event was sold-out btw), A source told me that there were lot
of hopefuls that wanted to join in the event, but just patiently stayed out,
there were hundreds of them, I am not sure if they were all catered since
limited tickets, I guess there were also walk-ins who got lucky. I don’t blame
them, from a far you get to see how exciting it was. At registration you get a
free glow stick.


At the start of the event, it’s anyone’s choice whether they
want to grab a bite to eat from the food trucks. There were loads of food
trucks to choose from, have no idea where to start and the good thing there
were free drinks and light liquor to taste, or have fun with the festivities,
that Jacko Wacko organizers prepared. There were dfferent inflatables to enjoy,
balloon fight, games and what’s fun, playing with bubbles! (Hello who doesn’t adore bubbles!)  It’s like Coachella but the fun you get to be
splashed by water and foam.


Known faces came to join, SM youth ambassadors and models,
LA Aguinaldo and Tommy Esguerra came to party as well and others. Many 6500
attendees came ready to party and stoked to hear the line up of bands,
performers and DJs.The crowd was not only massive in number, from 4:30 pm to 4 am, the crowd never fail to stay hyped up. The line ups were amazing, The
famous Up Dharma Down played their top hits, Performances by Ace Ramos, Marc
Marasigan, Katsy Lee, Jessica Milner, Lucio Pua and  Ron Thug on mic . Featuring Yolanda Moon,
Maude, Puls, DJ Young Life, Nico Ylanan, Cullen Diaz, Edleen Lim and RolfM o
and many more till the after party, DJs’
played to their hearts’ content to  the beat of chart topping hits. The Playlist
were the bomb! 


As it gets darker, the crowd gets wilder and to make their
concert experience way unforgettable, they got splashed by water coming from
the hose of the firetrucks (Note: everybody
was safe)
, there was continuous bombing of water and foam too,  till 3am. Just a note that people
should have brought towels and spare clothes to change.  People should have their phones and gadgets
waterproof, and should have a strong immune system- just saying . The downside, since the ground got wet, it got a bit
slimy and muddy as of expected. Then another note of the downside, the public
bathrooms, were a bit unsanitary since there were lot of attendees. Well
despite that, Everyone definitely enjoyed,  had fun ever and can’t wait for next year! Now
I feel jealous of not attending because of other blogger commitments that day,
anyways there is a next year. Thanks to Lianne (@liannetorres) and Joan
(@joanreally) for filling in for me at the last minute and thanks #WazzupPilipinas
for me to represent you once again!.  


Instagram :@jackowackodlsu


Viber Welcomes The Year of the Goat with a New Sticker Pack

Viber Welcomes
The Year of the Goat with a New Sticker Pack

 Users Can Now
Share Fun Chinese New Year Stickers with Family and Friends 
to Celebrate the Spring Festival

 Viber, the
leading OTT communications app offering free messaging and HD-quality calls, is
joining in the festivities of the Lunar New Year. A specially designed sticker
pack is now available to download, featuring a brand new sticker character as
we enter the Year of the Goat. Considered the most important celebration in the Chinese
calendar because of its rich cultural heritage and history, the Lunar New Year
is centuries old and celebrated by over a billion of people worldwide.

 The ‘Happy 羊 Year’ pack –
Happy Goat Year – features 16 vibrant stickers which celebrate everything about
Chinese New Year and the festive season. Each sticker reflects key
celebrations and traditions observed by Chinese communities during the Spring
Festival. This
pack is for Chinese communities around the world as well as anyone (or Nationality – eg Thais – to be inserted
per market)
who wants to wish their (Chinese
– to be inserted per market)
friends a marvelous new year. From special
greetings and hong bao giving (and
) to sharing messages of prosperity, there is something for
everyone – the perfect way to spread the Lunar New Year vibes.

 Viber provides a
new way to enjoy the celebrations with loved ones far and near. The Chinese New
Year pack offers greetings in multiple languages including Mandarin, Cantonese
and English. The red and gold pack has plenty of stickers embodying some of the
key customs. Send greetings with red lanterns, fireworks and dragon dances to
ward off evil at the start of the Lunar New Year. Wish prosperity and abundance
by sharing gold, red envelopes and money trees with your loved ones. Finally,
as the family gathers for New Year’s Eve dinner, why not send stickers to tell
absent friends that you miss them – choose from the famous new year cake,
oranges for prosperity, or dumplings representing the full moon and symbolizing
the family unit and perfection.

 The Chinese New
Year sticker pack is now available to download from the Viber sticker market
for FREE.

 For more updates on Viber, visit,, and


 Viber is a pioneering mobile messaging, voice and video
service. Viber lets everyone in the world connect. Freely. Users can send free
text messages, fun stickers, photos, videos and doodles, share locations
anywhere in the world, make free HD-quality calls and communicate with
Push-To-Talk. With Viber Out, users can make low-cost calls to any phone number
around the world. Viber is available for iPhone®, Android™ phones and tablets,
Windows Phone, BlackBerry®, Blackberry® 10, Windows®, Windows 8®, Mac, Linux,
Symbian, Nokia S40 and Bada devices over 3G/4G or WiFi connections. With over 516 million unique
users in 193 countries, Viber is constantly
innovating by introducing new platforms and adding fun new features. Viber is a
Rakuten Group company.

Viber Welcomes The Year of the Goat with a New Sticker Pack was originally published on KrishGeek

Cities by Carla De Guzman


Tis’ the season of #FebWhoGoat,  One of my reading list this month is “Cities” by Carla De Guzman, finally
had the time to finish it. I wanted to personally read the entire thing before
I blog it. Usually I try to highlight, What I read. Its nice to point out some
words of wisdom and humor too, that you could quote on your daily life.


Cities is Carla de Guzman’s
first original novella. The story is based on the theory of multiple universes,
the idea that somewhere out there are worlds where the choices you make are
different from the ones made here. Carla writes about the cities that have
inspired her and changed the way she sees the world, in the hope that her
readers will want to travel there too.

Cities is available in print and
via Smashwords, CreateSpace, and Amazon. Please contact the author for more information.



Celia has dreams.

She dreams of going to Seoul for a scholarship she never took, of
leaving everything behind and moving to New York.

In all those dreams, she finds herself attached to Benedict, the boy she has
always loved, but who doesn’t love her back.

Ben believes in parallel worlds.

Worlds where things you didn’t do come true—worlds in which he goes to London
and falls in love with Celia, where he shows up on the day she needs him the
most. He believes that dreams are glimpses into that parallel world, and it’s
not a coincidence that Celia’s been having them too.

But here, now, they’re in Manila. It’s the day of Ben’s wedding, and a typhoon
is raging through the city. How will these dreams and unmade decisions change
their lives? Will they bring them closer together or drive them farther apart?

My Review

 First I love the cover of the book and what makes this book special, It is truly an exhibit of Pinoy Talent

I don’t want to entirely spoil you the entire book, but I just
have to share my points on the book.

 First, I would like to say thank you to Carla for the
opportunity to read her novel, this is her baby, I understand how this means to
you . And  I admire your writing, I do
wish, I  have the skill to write a novel.

 I enjoyed reading the book actually the “kiligs”, you just have
to pay attention to read in between the lines and understand the description in
every scenario.

 The plot consists of different places, there is Seoul, Manila,
London and New York. This is where your imagination have to work, in order for
you to feel the vibe of the setup. I thank television, for me to work on trying
to be in Seoul and New York (Hoping to go to theses places, one day). Manila
and London are close to my heart, ofcourse I’ve been living in Manila for 4
years and visited London during the summer 2009.

 Going back, this book involve romance, in it. Pinoys, dig love
stories. One of our forms entertainment, USAPANG PAG-IBIG nga naman. This
involves Celia and Ben (Main characters) and there is Vivian and Henry. In each
place there is a story of who ends ups with who and who hooks up with who.
Every story is direct to the point, it explains how different kinds exist
nowadays. There involves, unrequited love, forbidden love,” friends with
benefits”, young love,  falling for your
bestfriend, “You started out as friends and ended up having feelings towards
each other”,  love for family  and true love (may forever pa ba?) You better read the book, para maka relate

I’ve highlighted some sections and phrases I like to emphasize in the book,


Ben has this theory, called the“ theory of multiverse”, what do you think?

 For me, love involves a lot of patience. Who am I to give advice
about love, for me the point is “If you guys are meant for each other, fate or
whatever you call destiny, You two will end up together”. I guess I can correlate that with Ben’s theory. In the name of love, there is always a
perfect timing. As a person, you need time to  grow and gain wisdom. Its not a thing to rush
for. Other people will try to get inside or get involve in your life, that’s why
we are given our options then we decide to settle. #FebWhoGoat 

 At the end of every chapter, try to put yourself in the
characters’s shoes. Then you try to analyze was everything worth in for the
sake of love.


 “Love love love” –  quote
from Kris Aquino

 Congratulations Carla De Guzman, more power and more works to
come J

You can follow her on instagram  @somemidnights 



Carla de Guzman ( had horrible handwriting as a kid. That
didn’t stop her from writing, though. Riddled with too much energy and a vivid
imagination, she started writing every midnight. She grew up with her toes in
the sand and her bags packed and ready to go on adventures. Her books are chronicles of her journeys, with a little romance
mixed in.

When she’s not sitting in a plane or working, Carla writes for her blog, Some Midnights (
and for When in Manila.

Cities by Carla De Guzman was originally published on KrishGeek

Delicious Diet


Okay, I have been trying out different ways of losingweight. I have been in this debacle dilemma for years. (Masarap kasi minsan kumain, Amen to that!) Story of my life: You lose then gain, then lose then there gain ulit. (a repetitive cycle)

I started losingweight seriously, when I started hitting the gym at 18, It was a “debut” gift to myself. Apparently,
I was having a hard time juggling with my studies and gym (I take like 2 hours +) , . I “stress-eat” that’s why. Especially
my course is Nursing, the subjects were getting harder every day plus duty at
the side. Ofcourse, my social life, friends asking you out to dine here and
there (who wouldn’t resist).  So I’ve stopped hitting the gym during the
second semester of my  3rd
year,  I was more focus for my review for
the board exam then until I passed my PNLE last May 2014, thats when I decided to
get back to shape. #BalikAlindog2015

I admit I got so fat. I got to the point I was 90 kilos


My mom and Godmother were suggesting I try those “Healthy
Home Delivery meals” that they see local celebs posting on their social media
pages. I’m like, why won’t I give it a try,  in line also with my workout and my daily
routine at the clinic.  The thing is that
I have no time preparing my meals because It’s sort of a hassle for me. Then I
mostly hit the gym on weekends.  So I definitely
suggest this kind food delivery instead of fast-food , especially those who
live in dorms or have a busy work life.(Para
hindi ka na mag-isip what to prepare and it is healthy pa!)  

Not bad P1800 for 5 days, Take it like this,  if you divide it for 5 days, It is P360 per
day. Admit it you tend to spend more than that, Other services offer 2k plus.  It maybe “gastos” for others, but it is an investment.

Reasons why “Healthy Food delivery” is beneficial?

It isn’t time consuming – somebody has that job
covered to prepare the meal plans.

You tend not to “labas” pera all the time. One payment basis thru bank deposit.

It is healthy pa!

You get to control what you eat – It is already
in portions (You can cheat naman, “tikim-tikim”
only – Don’t deprive yourself)

A quote I learned from the gym, they say “70% nutrition and 30% exercise”. My
mom would quote, “ Sa kain lang yan,
Having atleast exercise 3 times in a week and a good diet =
healthy lifestyle.

It’s a blessing in disguise that Delicious diets were
looking for lifestyle/fitness bloggers to try them out.

At first I was a bit hesistant (SInasabi ko, kaya ko ba to?), I just told myself Summer is
approaching, “tiis-ganda”. Since the challenge is Monday to Friday, I have work
at the clinic from 9am  till 6pm then I only
do night swimming as my exercise. The week I started with DD (Delicious Diet) I
got to miss a day or 2 , not able to swim because I was hella tired with duty
and chores, but then I always felt “light”.

Food diary:

Here is the Delicious Diet Meal Plan during Jan 26-31, 2015


Weight(Jan 17,2015- Muscat, Oman): 86.8 kilos –
I was already losing weight before pa

Note: Try to
atleast weigh yourself early in the morning on an empty stomach.

Day 1 (Monday) : 5/5


I complied. I just
wasn’t used to it, just having those certain portions, It didn’t seem enough,
My typical breakfast is rice talaga.
I had a bit of side cheats but it was “tikim-tikim”
of pancit canton #MSGpaMore  from my co-workers – they tried to tempt me JOKE!
Our canteen makes the pancit canton looks so appealing and the smell is very
tempting (Yeap, I listed down my side
cheats, so It seems very “makatotohanan”)

Going back to Delicious diets, After you microwave every
meal,  the aroma fills the entire room.I
suddenly became a fan of the organic rice and their wide variety of teas. Love
the tea biscuits tasted like pesto , (so good) . 


Everything  tasted delish, pero bitin. YUN NGA LANG.

Day 2(Tuesday) : 3/5


I love the breakfast, its my typical everyday breakfast, but
it was a way healthier version.

I wasn’t a fan of the
quinoa rice, I had issue with the smell but If you ate it was “masarap naman”  I loved the taste of the herbed chicken.

For snack, I wasn’t
really a fan of yogurt at all ever at all when I was a kid, I had issue with
the smell also. I ate atleast half of it though. I just said to myself

The dinner tasted so good,I finished it instantly.

far I only cheated with a condesada
skyflakes crackers – just one pack.

Day 3(Wednesday): 5/5
MY FAVORITE SET – I swear I didn’t cheat 



Day 4 (Thursday) : 5/5


I Love TEA TAHRIK (3-in-1 tea) – the aroma and taste so
soothing plus that and the sandwiches, I felt full already.


Growing up I love eggplant especially “tortang talong”, kaya the lunch was bitin but it was masarap, the
dinner too. I love to munch on the biscuits during my break time.

Note: I did not cheat. – I was trying too because I was seeing the results
at the weighing scale

Day 5 (Friday): 5/5  2nd


Oh-la-la carbs galore. From breakfast to dinner, everything
tasted great. My taste buds were enjoying everything. Mabilis din ako nabusog infairness.

a few spoonfuls of cake.

Note: Everytime I
side cheat – I had to have to do extra lapses when I swim and I do light abs
and core workout – to compensate .

Weight: 83.9 kilos –

Second week, was a
Masyado ko na enjoy ang
weekend” haha!
– I went back to 84 something kilos. I was unable to workout
during the weekends too, so sad. I was aiming 82 something. See the effect, “Kain talaga”.

Here is the meal plan
for Feb 2-6, 2015


Day 1/5(Monday): 5/5


(Photo @mariesteller/@krishgeekness)

All was perfect, love
everything especially the dinner (mashed potatoes <3 )
Good vibes to
start the week!

sandwich and slice of cake (lagi may
nagdadala ng grasya sa clinic)

Note: No workout  much within the week, I was able to swim
probably only twice because I got tired from volunteering at the wellness
booths/medical mission during foundation week of TUA.

Day 2/5 (Tuesday): 4/5


Suprsingly “nabubusog
ako agad”
I didn’t have the urge to crave more. Congee wasm y favorite. My
first time to try Baba Ganoush, taste similar to Hommus (middle east kid <3 )

Day 3/5(Wednesday) : 5/5


(Photo @mariesteller/@krishgeekness)

Waffles for breakfast, the bomb! <3  The rest were yummy meals, yet “bitin” but you have this “sanay” feeling. It was my favorite set
that week.

Day 4/5(Thursday) :


It was my first time
to try OMURICE, delish.

My fave was the tea crackers – MAGIC FLAKES Barbeque flavor

Day 5/5 (Friday) : 5/5


Beef Shawarma!, plus point. Suprisingly by dinner time, I
was full, wasn’t able to finish the salad. The cupacake for the snack was so
good, I wasn’t able to ask what was the flavor tho.  Oh well, it tasted good. Haha! – Sorry busy
saving the world (buhay NARS), marami inaasikaso at

Weight: 83.6 kilos
not bad, krish. 

Why Delicious Diet?

The meal plans they prepare per week,  isn’t just healthy but appealing. Different meal plans per week,” hindi ka magsasawa”. Their choices of teas and snacks (pastries)
are awesome – not typical or common brands. All heavenly delicious, “bitin” but
you’ll get use to it.

P1800 per week
for 5 days ain’t bad
, inclusive also of delivery (as explained kanina)
You only pay once a week thru bank deposit. Compare to others, DD is way cheaper,
you get to save more, other healthy food deliveries offer like 2k plus. – I got
a lot of friends, who subscribed. They saw the benefits because we have the
same living condition and we all wanted to lose weight. – Thanks friends!

1200 calories, okay na diba?- The point is, “Isinasanay ang tiyan mo na kumain ng kaunti kaunti lang”

Hindi na ako nag-iisip kung ano kakainin ko from
Monday to Friday, its just over the weekend I have the challenge to cook and
learn recipes since its my day off. (My mom ain’t worried anymore)

5.     They deliver everyday, served fresh and good quality. Just have to
refrigerate to preserve it.

They deliver AM 5 AM-9AM, and Night 5:30 pm and
. Not a hassle, I go to work before 9pm actually, so its more of your

The owners are awesome! They attend to you when
they can 🙂 

8.       Proven Trustworthy.

Your loving and sweet PBB girls (ALL-IN) love their Delicious Diet Meals 🙂

Maris Racal: @mariesteller 


Jaymee Ann Jalandoni : @jaymeskii


Loisa Andalio : @andalioloisuuh


Aina Solano : @aiina_solano


Thanks girls <3

9. I subscribed
to them, charot.

Btw Im on my 3rd week, 82.2 kg na!  "Stay healthy and happy! guys"


Follow Delicious Diets and HASHTAGS #deliciousdiet #deliciousdietph #healthylifestyle #dietdelivery #foodie

IG: @deliciousdietph

Twitter: DDietph


Contact number: 0908 879 7915

Email: emailus@deliciousdiet. com. ph




beautifully rendered experience that excels on nearly
every level” Awards Circuit

 Following the success of the Adam Levine-Kiera
Knightley starrer Begin Again, Solar Pictures brings to local cinemas “COMET”–
a cosmic love story that is sure to leave audiences with that warm February

 “Comet,” stars Golden Globe nominee Emmy
Rossum (“The Day After Tomorrow,” “The Phantom of the Opera,” “Mystic River”)
and Justin Long (“Live Free or Die Hard,” “He’s Just Not That Into You”).

 "Comet” is an original modern love story
that follows Kimberly (Rossum) and Dell (Long), who first meet at the Hollywood
cemetery where they’ve both come to watch a meteor shower.

 Kimberly is brilliant and beautiful;
Dell is nerdy and pessimistic, but with an incredibly sharp mind and direct
manner. While she and he are not a natural pair, they are cosmically drawn to
each other and, under a night sky, luminous with falling stars, they begin
their epic love story.

 As the opening title card states the
events “take place over six years (a few parallel universes over).”

 But what starts as a typical romance quickly
turns dreamlike as viewers leap back and forth in time, examining their
eventual six-year relationship through the lens of their meeting and four other
pivotal moments: a monumental fight at a friend’s wedding in Paris; a break up
conversation after Dell has moved to New York; a reconnection on a train ride
along the California coast; and finally, when Dell pops in on Kimberly
unexpectedly in her home in the Hollywood Hills.

 The leaps between these moments are
seamlessly woven together to create a sense that this love story transcends
time and space and that Kimberly and Dell are destined to be together, if not
in this universe, then maybe the next.

 Content Media introduced and screened
the film to international distributors for the first time at the 2014 American
Film Market (AFM) last November and was then picked up by Solar Pictures, among
other films.

 “The universal theme and inventive
storytelling in ‘Comet’ have us believing that audiences will really connect
with the film,” said Content Media President of Film Jamie Carmichael. “We were
drawn in immediately and are happy to have this film…” COMET opens in cinemas nationwide on
February 25, 2014 and is released by Solar Pictures.

 For more information Like the Solar
Pictures Facebook page:

Solar Pictures YouTube Channel:

Watch the #CometMovie trailer here

“COMET” TO HIT PHILIPPINES THIS FEBRUARY was originally published on KrishGeek

What do the world’s most powerful people drive?

What do the world’s most powerful people drive?
Carmudi checks out the rides of this planet’s top 5 most
influential people!

Power and riches. These are the two words that
best described the top 5 most powerful people around the world and their daily
drive. Carmudi, the fastest and leading online vehicle platform, take a
quick detour about the most influential people (in the field of business, politics,
finance, and even religion) and their humble beginnings as well.

Vladimir Putin “the Gray Cardinal”. Putin has been
the President of Russia since 2012. He also served as President from 2000 to
2008 and Prime Minister from 1999 to 2000. His
first car was a Zaporozhets, the cheapest car in the market which equivalent to
the price of 1000 bottles of Vodka. He got the car when he was in his third
year at the University. Like the Volkswagen Beetle, the Zaporozhets becomes the
“People’s Car” of the Soviet Union during the sixties era. Putin now owns a
fleet of Russian cars such as the Lada Kalina priced between $4,972 to $5,000,
the Niva priced at $4,200, and the 1956 ivory-colored Volga GAZ-21 with price
ranging from $4,500 up to $10,000. On his stable, Putin collections includes a
stretched of armored Mercedes-Benz S 600 Guard Pullman priced at $1.62 million and
Mercedes-Benz Gelandewagen that cost around $434,000.

Barack “No Drama” Obama. Obama
is the first African American to be the 44th President of the United
States. Prior to becoming the President, Obama owned a luxurious 2005 Chrysler
300C V8 engine that received loads of criticism due to the lack of fuel
efficiency. Then, he switched to more environmentally friendly car such as the
2007 Ford Escape Hybrid that was later on auctioned. Obama’s state car, which
was nicknamed “The Beast”, is an 8-ton monster with an estimated price of $1.5
million. With doors weighing similar to Boeing 757 jetliner, the car is equipped
with night vision, blood bank, and gas tank that won’t explode upon direct hits.
The car is also bulletproof and bomb resistant.

 “Daddy” Xi Jinping. Xi
is the President of the People’s Republic of China and Chairman of the central
military commission. Often
referred to as the paramount leader of China, Xi Jinping in a way endorses
Hongqi, China’s only domestically manufactured luxury car used as the official
government state car (and also open for sale to the people of the Republic).

 Hongqi L5 limousine is priced at $800,000 filled with all goodies.
The car has been used during his state visit to New Zealand. Weighing around
6950-kg, the Hongqi L5 limousine comes loaded with oriental history visible in
its jaded door handles, fine leather interior and hand-carved wood trims.

 “The cold calling” Pope Francis. Jorge Mario Bergoglio is the pope of the Catholic Church in
which he serves as Bishop of Rome and sovereign of the Vatican City State.
Auctioned his Fiat Panda 4×4 late last year to raise money for the poor, Pope
Francis was building bathrooms for the homeless in the shadows of St. Peter’s
Basilica. His holiness previous car was auctioned off at a princely sum of
$244,000. At present, he rides a 1984 Renault 4 Hatchback as his daily car,
which has a mileage of 300,000 kilometers. The Pope was also seen riding a
blue-colored Ford Focus second generation at Castel Gandolfo in Rome.

 "Mutti” Angela Merkel. Angela
Merkel is a German politician and former research scientist who has been the
leader of Christian Democratic Union and chancellor of Germany. Known to
alternate between brands to use as her state car, Merkel was ranked as the
world’s second most powerful person by Forbes magazine in 2013.Her 1990
Volkswagen Golf was auctioned off on Ebay back in 2012, and almost reached a
bid of €130,000 where the auction was later dropped as “none of the bidders had
serious interest”. However, it finally went to the highest bidder for €10,165.
One of her notable moment was when she arrives at the EU summit in Brussels
late last year with a ‘007’ number plate on her Audi A8 at a time when
speculations were circulating that the US were spying on her.

know more about this epic “state car”, log on at or simply download the Carmudi app.


Carmudi was founded in 2013 and is currently
available in BangladeshCameroonCongoGhanaIndonesiaIvory CoastMexicoMyanmarNigeriaPakistanPhilippinesQatarRwanda, Saudi ArabiaSenegalSri LankaTanzaniaUnited Arab EmiratesVietnam, and Zambia. The vehicle marketplace offers buyers, sellers and car
dealers the ideal platform to find cars, motorcycles and commercial vehicles



THE ANTICA MURRINA VENEZIA                                                                   PHILIPPINE LAUNCH

World-renowned Italian Brand Antica Murrina Venezia © ™, makers of fine Murano Jewelry and accessories is now proudly launched here in the Philippines by Mr. and Mrs. Nardone of Porta Lucerna Trading. It is with excitement and flair of a night of fashion, that the introduction to Antica Murrina Venezia © ™, was sparkling in glamour and elegance, here in Makati at the Buddha-Bar.

The marriage of the artistry of the East and the West was highlighted with a very colorful Jewelry fashion show that showcased the exquisite pieces of Antica Murrina Venezia © ™, and a collection of classic and colorful resort collection by fast rising designer Ryan Madamba. High note of the night was, that all the dresses were made of local fabric “Abel Iloco”, a hand-loomed cloth proudly made in the Northern Province of Ilocos Norte. The owners, Jenny and Mom Nardone together with Ryan Madamba were the soul curators of the Antica Murrina Venezia © ™, pieces that was showcased during the show highlighting unique Murano jewelry and its craftsmanship through the 31-piece Murano Jewelry collection line, personally chosen from the Autumn/ Winter 2014 collection Antica Murrina Venezia © ™. All of this paired with the dresses for chic casual looks to the most glamorous evening parties for women of varied ages by Ryan Madamba. The event was held at Buddha Bar, hosted by charming and witty Issa Litton and was well attended by Manila’s Who is Who from society circles, fashion, politics, show business and industry leaders including Ms. Imelda Marcos, several Ambassadors and several Misses of the Beauty pageant world.

Murano is known for glass-blowing since the 12th century. It’s famed Maestros as glassblowers creating vast and elaborate chandeliers, wondrous mirrors, and especially atAntica Murrina Venezia © ™, timeless and beautiful Jewels. Visiting Murano and Venice, is like watching an art from another world, as skilled Italian craftsmen and women shape light and color into the unique beauty of each Murano jewelry. Antica Murrina Philippines is proud to represent its beautiful collection, which cleverly combines a tradition of craftsmanship, with contemporary design and an awareness of current trends.

Notte D’ Eleganza which means “A night of Elegance” in Italian, is underlining a premium accent on local artistry and what better way to present these beautiful creations by way of a spectacular fashion & Jewels, combines in one show, graced by some of the most fashionably chic women of today. Manila’s beautiful and known ladies from different facets of society sashayed the runaway as muses of the night wearing each of pieces from the latest Antica Murrina Venezia collection in the likes of Tessa Prieto Valdez, a certified muse in the social scene who is a writer and an interior designer, fashion-savvy Editor in Chief of Mega, Peewee Reyes- Isidro, Divine Lee a media personality and popular endorser and blogger, young actress Ritz Azul of TV 5, Kylie Padilla of GMA 7 and pop royalty, Keana Valenciano from ABS CBN, Rica Peralejo Bonifacio, an actress, singer and blogger, Charmagne Laconico – Beauty Editor of Metro Magazine, Rocio Olbes – one of Manila’s It-Girls and social advocate for welfare of livelihood projects for women in need, the beautiful and fashion-savvy socialites, Jerika Ejercito and Camille Farinas Mathay, Abby Asistio, a musician and social advocate for Alopecia Awareness alongside the top models headed by Asia’s Next Top Model’s Jodilly Piendre ending the glamorous night together with the brand ambassadress, the Face of Antica Murrina Philippines, Ms. Maggie Wilson-Consunji, who walked in beautiful Abel Iloco creations and accent unique masterpieces from Venice.

For the Fashion collection, Ryan Madamba explains his inspiration, “having known the owners personally, Jenny and Mom Nardone who were inspired with the unique craftmanship of Murano jewelry during their travels to Venice, enlightened me with surprise and awe when they shared how the craftsmen of Antica Murrina Venezia © ™ blow and handcraft each piece by hand, painstakingly to come up with all these one of a kind jewelry and all its unique colors inspiring a colorful yet classic and clean design in my head. Their expressed love and appreciation for handcrafted creations likewise reminded me of the artistry of Abel Iloco from my home province of Ilocos Norte. Immediately I thought there was no better way to welcome such an esteemed Italian brand but to marry it with our own. During the creative planning of the show, Mom and Jenny made sure that the handcrafted jewelry and accessories we perfectly partnering with the creations of classic and clean lines of each dress from my colorful collection. We wanted to showcase that whether you are dressing up for the beach, work, a casual tea with friends, a walk in the mall or attending a black-tie gala, the Antica Murrina Venezia © ™ collection will accompagny and dress you up in elegance and glamour each and every time.”

Mr. and Mrs. Nardone, who are the driving soul behind Antica Murrina’s arrival to the Philippines , and who are also the creative purveyors behind the interior design firm Porta Galleria ( here in Manila, offering an unique world of Fusion interiors, and lighting solutions inspired from world class brands, thought it was timely and such a perfect addition to the elite lifestyle pieces that complement people with taste for unique and timeless, classy pieces. And Antica Murrina Philippines was born .

“The goal for this event is to spread knowledge of this unique and extraordinary creativity, craftsmanship and artistry that make authentic Murano craftmenship a choice of excellence for a Made in Italy product which is another milestone and special highlight in the many successful and well loved brands under Porta Galleria” – when asked how she feels about bringing Antica Murrina in the country, Mrs. Jennifer Nardone, replied with so much enthusiasm. A jewelry designer herself, she believes in the timeless elegance of each Antica Murrina jewelry hence deciding to bring the brand to the Philippines, so more Filipinas could be mesmerized by its collection. As Jennifer Nardone will put it, “when my husband introduced me these hand crafted Jewels, if I may say, I was right away attracted and caught by its flawless beauty and uniqueness. The vivid colors, the melting crystalline perfection and the elegance are beautiful accents to every stylish women’s wardrobe.”


One of the guests of honor, flying in from Italy was Antica Murrina Venezia © ™ CEO, Robert Ciotti, who could not keep his excitement throughout the show. During the event he on his Blackberry sending photos and real time updates to his team in Italy calling the launch a fashion event that could have been staged and rival events in Europe. “I was blown away,” he says. “I came knowing it will be a great event but this exceeded my expectations. And as we are looking into more presence in Asia, I could not have asked for better representation for Antica Murrina Venezia © ™, as Mom and Jenny Nardone who are our partners now in Philippines. The dresses were beautiful and did perfectly complemented our Jewels from Murano. Such a beautiful collaboration that makes me even more excited for a brighter future for Antica Murrina Venezia © ™ here in the Philippines.

Mom and Jenny Nardone focused on the experience of bringing “Venice jewels” here to the Philippines and gave a glance to everyone, on how master glass makers perfect every piece of jewelry through an exciting fashion show, complete with enchanting music and dramatic lighting, lush and elegant theme that mesmerize the senses. This event was co-sponsored by Ledcore , Porta Galleria, Okee Vitamin Drink, Bestworld Beverage International Inc, Cygnal Travel & Tours, Light Skin Organics, It Figures Skin Care Clinic, and Iphor Trading Inc.

When asked Mr. Mom Nardone, the President of Antica Murrina Philippines, what separates Antica Murrina Venezia © ™ from other jewelry and he was very delighted to say “Each Antica Murrina Venezia © ™ Jewelry is handcrafted, so every piece is literally an UNIQUE PIECE. For me Antica Murrina Venezia © ™, is more than just a Jewelry brand. It is a lifestyle, it is Luxury per se, it a slice of Venice and “la dolce Vita Italiana” in each of the pieces, that comes along, when a woman wears Antica Murrina. And that alone, is priceless!”

Antica Murrina Philippines Flagship store is located at the New World Hotel Galleries , right on Makati Avenue, corner Esperanza Street, in the centre of Makati City . Tel : (02) 810 0105 09285202881 ,

IG: @anticamurrina_ph 


YouTube page:


Discover Softer Days with Kleenex


Kleenex launches its newest innovation with Face Anything, a way softer and gentler Kleenex made from cucumber extract.

“Softer means cleaner, gentler, and refreshing,” shares Ritz Tan, Kleenex Family Care Senior brand manager. “With cucumber extract, we developed a new softer than before Kleenex that’s sure to give women a soft gentle clean, enhancing her image to keep her looking fresh throughout the day.”

Here with, Kleenex launches also a campaign that lets women of all ages to discover a world of softness and enjoy softer days. Despite the challenges women have to face everyday, she is able to manage a busy lifestyle and yet still look presentable. The event was held last Jan 21, 2015 at the Rspace Makati, along with the media and fellow bloggers introducing Kleenex latest innovation with Face Anything.



Women chosen to represent the brand are socialite and Model, Divine Lee, Fashion bloggers, Laureen Uy and Nicole Anderson, Volley ballplayer and sport enthusiast, Gretchen Ho and Mommy actress Cheska Garcia-Kramer. All of these women are fabulous with the career they have, but they share a thing in common is having to share how they trusted “Kleenex” brands with their daily lifestyle.

As shared by Divine, Laureen and Nicole, they would always have Kleenex in their bags, whenever they go to events or shoots. Gretchen speaks about how her mother would tell her to specifically use soft facial tissue such as Kleenex, for face care. Cheska has been in show business for a long time but she still looks stunning, being a mother of 3 kids is definitely not easy. She shares her beauty regimen that she got from her mom, the use of cold cream on facial tissue.


For years, I have also been using Kleenex products, from tissues to hand wipes and blotting sheets. Packaging and quality are definite 5 stars and “skin-friendly”. The price is affordable and when I go to the grocery, I opt for Kleenex the brand,especially facial tissues, where I put them in my bag and bring it along with me whether to events, to my work and travel. Besides being a blogger, I am a nurse practitioner, I highly suggest Kleenex products, not just because it has already established a name but how gentle it is to the skin and I’ve seen Kleenex as a preferred brand or mostly use in hospitals and clinics.



AXN Announces “Asia’s Got Talent” Judges:David Foster, Melanie C, Anggun and Van Ness Wu

AXN Announces “Asia’s Got Talent” Judges: David Foster, Melanie C, Anggun and Van Ness Wu

SINGAPORE (13 January 2015) – It’s a YES! Grammy-award winner David Foster, UK pop sensation and former Spice Girl Melanie C, Indonesian rock icon Anggun and Taiwanese-American pop idol Van Ness Wu have been named as the celebrity judging panel for the season premiere of hit talent search show, “Asia’s Got Talent” on AXN.

Billed as the biggest talent competition in the world, “Asia’s Got Talent” will light up screens across Asia in March on AXN and will feature some of the region’s most incredible performing artists as they compete to take home the coveted winning title.

Hui KengAng, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Sony Pictures Television Networks, Asia said, “We have put together a superb panel of judges for ‘Asia’s Got Talent’. This is definitely our most ambitious original series to date and is very much in line with the type of smart, high-quality local programming that audiences have come to expect from AXN.“

Paul O’Hanlon, Managing Director of FremantleMedia Asia said, “We’re proud to say that ‘Asia’s Got Talent’ will be the largest version ever of the Got Talent franchise, and our judges bring a depth and breadth of experience and talent worthy of this show.”

From thousands of applicants, the four judges must select Asia’s most jaw-dropping, mind-blowing, and breathtaking performances.  Those who move on to the semi- finals will face an even more intimidating judge, the AXN audience at home who will ultimately determine who wins the first season of Asia’s Got Talent. Adding to the excitement, the semi-finals and finale will be held at the iconic Marina Bay Sands, Singapore, with the winner awarded a contract to return and perform live at Asia’s leading entertainment destination.

A powerful judging panel:

 Anggun, Rock Icon

Anggun started singing at seven and 12. 1986, her first Indonesian studio album, ‘DuniaAkuPunya’, was released with hit single ‘Mimpi’ recognized as one of the ‘150 Greatest Indonesian Songs of All Time’ by Rolling Stone magazine.

 A series of singles and albums followed to make Anggun the biggest Indonesian rock star of the 90s. Her international breakthrough came in 1997 with ‘Snow on the Sahara’ which was released in 33 countries worldwide, topped music charts in Italy and Indonesia, and made the top 20 in Finland, France, Japan, Spain, and the US. Following that, Anggun released five more studio albums, and released songs that featured in Danish movie “Open Hearts” and the Hollywood box office hit, “Transporter 2”. Anggun is a recipient of the ‘Chevalier des Arts et Lettres’ from the French government. She is also a judge on “X Factor Indonesia” and “Indonesia’s Got Talent” TV series.

David Foster, Music Producer

David Foster discovered and launched some of the greatest music careers including Michael Bublé, Josh Groban and Celine Dion. He has created hit songs and award-winning platinum and gold albums for Earth, Wind & Fire, Natalie Cole, Michael Bolton, Seal, Chaka Khan, Kenny Rogers, Dolly Parton, Chicago, Hall & Oates, Brandy, ’N Sync, BozScaggs, and Gloria Estefan; propelled classical singers like Andrea Bocelli and Josh Groban into mainstream popularity; as well as created soundtracks for hit films like “TheBodyguard”, “Urban Cowboy”, and “St. Elmo’s Fire”In 2008 and 2011, David performed and hosted his very own, star-studded “Foster & Friends” concerts in Las Vegas to celebrate the music from his career and toured Asia annually from 2010 – 2012. David has won 16 Grammy Awards from 47 nominations, and is the chairman of Verve Music Group.

 Melanie C., Pop Icon

Melanie was part of the iconic five-member Spice Girls, in which she was nicknamed ‘Sporty Spice’. Following that, as a solo artist, Melanie sold more than 12 million records from six albums that she released. She has the second most No.1 singles in the United Kingdom and is also the only female to top the charts as part of a quintet, a quartet, a duo and solo. Melanie also performed the role of MrsJohnstone in the West End musical “Blood Brothers,” for which she was nominated for ‘Best Actress in a Musical’ at the Laurence Olivier Awards. In 2012, Melanie co-starred in the musical “Jesus Christ Superstar”, and also judged the preceding talent search series “Superstar” to select the lead actor for the said musical.

 Van Ness Wu, Actor/Singer

Van Ness Wu was born in California where he took classes in performing arts, acting and languages in Hollywood before moving to Taiwan at 21 to build his career. His breakthrough came with his lead role in the wildly popular hit idol drama “Meteor Garden” and its sequels. Van Ness and his co-actors of the series formed the pop idol group F4 – now known as JVKV – and released three studio albums.

 Turning his attention to his solo career, Van Ness released his debut solo album in 2002 and followed that with six other solo studio albums up to 2013, as well as singles collaborating with musicians including Kanye West, Beyoncé, Wang Lee Hom, Kangta, and Coco Lee. He also acted in many other TV series including “Autumn Concerto”, “Material Queen” and “Peach Girl”, as well as movies such as “Three Kingdoms: Resurrection of the Dragon” and “Kung Fu Chefs”.

 “Asia’s Got Talent” is the 63rd version of "Got Talent”, which won the Guinness World Records title for being the world’s “Most Successful Reality TV Format” in 2014. The hit format is co-owned by FremantleMedia and Simon Cowell’s Syco Entertainment.

The season premiere of “Asia’s Got Talent” on AXN is proudly presented by Marina Bay Sands, BIG COLA, Pantene, Caltex, Jetstarand Tune Hotels.

Marina Bay Sands is the premier sponsor of “Asia’s Got Talent.” As Asia’s leading entertainment destination and crossroads for global celebrities, Marina Bay Sands provides opportunities for local talent to shine on the world’s stage.

BIG COLA is the exclusive beverage partner of “Asia’s Got Talent”. With BIG COLA, ‘if you can dream it, you can do it’. Contestants and fans across Asia will be encouraged to ‘Think BIG’ and ‘Dream Bigger’ in pursuit of their dreams.

Pantene, the exclusive haircare partner of “Asia’s Got Talent”, makes hair stronger inside and shinier outside to enable contestants to shine and be the world’s number one talent.

Caltex is the exclusive petroleum partner of “Asia’s Got Talent.” Caltex delivers a hassle-free experience to get people back on their journey quickly, so they can have more time and energy to do whatever matters most to them. By being a part of “Asia’s Got Talent,” Caltex wants to celebrate key moments of the contestants’ journey to stardom, providing viewers the opportunity to enjoy the journey with them.

Jetstar is proud to be the official airline of the very first edition of “Asia’s Got Talent.” With more than 600 weekly flights to 22 destinations across 13 countries in Asia Pacific, Jetstar enables talent to fly further, connect with families and fulfil dreams.

 Tune Hotels is an international select-service hotel brand that provides accommodation with high quality essentials in key gateway cities.  Five star beds and power showers help “Asia’s Got Talent” contestants get a good night’s sleep and perform at their best.

 AXN is a leader of regionally produced original content in Asia, with notable ratings successes including four seasons of the international Emmy-nominated “The Amazing Race Asia”; the Asian Television Award-winning “Cash Cab Asia”; “The Apprentice Asia”; “Cyril: Rio Magic”; “Cyril’s Family Vacation: Hawaii Edition”; and the Asian Television Award-nominated “Cyril: Simply Magic.”