Celebrate all pink and ice cream haven with Baskin Robbins


The launch of the latest branch of Baskin Robbins at the G/ F of SM North The Block (across La Lola and SM hypermarket) was all pink and welcoming to all BR cosnumers. They have their wide variety of ice cream. My favorites and highly recommended are the Jamoca Almond Fudge, Pralines N’ Cream and World Class Chocolate. I’ve tried other flavors, but I’ve narrowed down thru the years these are the flavors I usually crave for back home. Enjoy their scoops of Joy and top your fave ice cream with hot fudge and coated with nuts. Convert your favorite ice cream to a milk shake, you can mix two flavors if you want too. They also have ice cream cakes, as experienced for buying their cakes, you definitely have to eat it right away (an hour is still good but there is still the tendency to melt).


I am glad BR is available here in the Philippines. In celebration to that on June 1st, the launch of their #FundaeSunday ice cream servings and on the bottom you can choose whether the classic M&Ms, oreos and popcorn and in line with that it falls on a Wednesday, show anything of you have anything PINK on you you’ll get a free Junior Scoop with every double junior scoop. Every 31st of the month all freshpacks will be 31% (Yay!). Other offers for June, Celebrate Father’s day with the special motif ice cream cakes. For the month of May they featured the Rainbow cake for mothers day. You can choose from any of their designs from the book list or customize your very own.

With regarding the price, it is still affordable for middle class and yes you are paying quality made ice cream that is rich and creamy. Sarting price rates for ice cream P85 (Junior scoop) to P100 PLUS ish.  Well for the ice cream cakes expect it around 1k ish.

I grew up with Baskin Robbins, In the middle east you’ll spot any kiosk at any local malls/centers and ice cream tubs are  available for sale in the groceries.

Lucky! Baskin Robbins  tubs are already available here in the Philippines, in any of their branches and you can bring it home and eat it in the comfort of your home.




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