Quezon Buffet (Filipino + Spanish Buffet)



Dining in the heart of Quezon city, Envisioned by Grouppo Guevarra’s Inc. , Quezon buffet, brings that up-beat historical vibe with its minimalist design perfect for family mandatory photos and groupies. And ofcourse the pride of Quezon’s gastronomic delicacies.


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An array of food selection, Filipino favourites we love that are special delicacies of Quezon and Spanish fusion that influenced our local palette of flavors. From appetizers, dessert and main course, you’ll be able to spot on and not miss out Filipino dishes that were mostly popularized in the Spanish colonial area and till now millennials crave for.



Commonly asked when I get to blog a buffet , YES the prices are reasonable and Quezon buffet is located 2 F Fisher Mall, (Along Quezon Avenue – you won’t miss it), Quezon City. They are open during mall hours. The whole place can accommodate close to 200 pax with spacious function rooms that can accommodate 30-35 persons, respectively.

P368 – Weekday Lunch (Monday to Friday)

P468- Weekday Dinner (Monday to Friday)

P568 – Friday nights, weekends and holiday.


The bestsellers, Ocourse the famous PAELLA ( Mixture of rice, seafood and veggies – Mediterranean Spanish coast origin), LECHON BAKA, GAMBAS (Shrimp), DINAKDAKAN (Boiled and grilled pig parts). For the appetizers, Salad with Pako (fiddlehead ferns served with varieties of sauces. Then dessert, TURON WITH LANGKA (saba wrapped in lumpia wrappers served with langka syrup on the side) and Frozen Braso (Fluufy sliced cake with meringue and sweet custard fillings)

QUEZON: Paella


QUEZON: Chorizo Gambas
QUEZON: Dinakdakan


My  delish and faves were…! Let us start with dessert ( I have a sweet tooth) Well hello soft-served Do-it-yourself ice cream, AVOCADO (depends on what flavor is available- during the event was avocado and vanilla) was my fave along with UBE and TURON WITH LANGKA. From the appetizers, POTATO SALAD, MACARONI SALAD and the blockbuster CRUCHY FRIED KANGKONG (I love my greens). Then from the main course, the PAELLA ofcourse and I love anything that is with GATA (Coconut milk) DORY LAING, FISH WITH SALSA and HAMONADONG CHICKEN.


Dory Laing
QUEZON: Dory Laing
QUEZON: Hamonadong chicken
QUEZON: Fish with Salsa

selectionsMenu Spearheaded by Chef Kalel, specialized in innovative fusion and food carving. He has envisioned QUEZON as a place where guests can experience that “historic vibe” thru the food they serve. To elevate the local food scene. Chef Kalel emphasizes the use of local ingredients into his dishes.

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Like them at their FB Page:https://www.facebook.com/quezonbuffetrestaurant/?fref=ts

Instagram: @quezonbuffetrestaurant


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