The 2nd Open Kitchen Food Bazaar: The Best Kept Recipes of the Stars

Sept 26-27, 2015.

Trinoma Activity Center

12038183_10207855174046167_4351656136006809381_n The 2nd Open Kitchen Food Bazaar: The Best Kept Recipes of the Stars.

Would you imagine all of your fave local celeb foodie entrepreneurs gather together? Believe it. You’ll probably get a chance to have a selfie with your fave celeb.

A selection of goodie treats food selections and scattered at the Trinoma Activity Center – its hard to choose and decide (Seriously)

We spotted stars who were present that day (Saturday), PBB All-in Fifth Solomon, Celeb-politician, Ara Mina, The gorgeous Maricar Reyes, The young looking, Jean Garcia showcasing here home cooked recipes, The hunk actor and such a gentle man!,  JC De Vera and The irresistible, Sir Chief himself, Richard Yap for LUNA J (He was about to leave, then he saw us and granted our simple request for a selfie- Thank youu!). 

Other booths, I recall there was: TWIST (by the Endrenals) , Nacho Bimby (Bimby Aquino-Yap), Yobob Lechon (Paul Jake Castillo), O-shopping booth etc. We saw Vice Ganda’s face on the poster, but we ain’t sure which booth he owns and I heard of Kean Cipriano’s sisig somewhere.

12049254_10207855171766110_579654266892450034_n 12049322_10207855168486028_2340657809372673776_n

12027510_10207855170166070_1645009037019176471_n 12036423_10207855170526079_1126078702177729156_n


My friends and I wondered what was the commotion going on at the Activity Center, then my friend noticed why are people taking lots of pictures– May mga artista eh. Well after our movie, we opted to grab a bite to eat, I suggested why won’t we check the place out to look for pasta. We roamed around, we weren’t able to try everything. We were looking for pasta actually – pero wala haha! 🙁

But then when we came upon JC DeVera’s The Burgery, I’ve heard of the good reviews and I wanted to try it ever since but their branch is so so far at BF Homes and to my excitement they might have a branch at Circuit (yipee!). I was telling my friend, I’m not gonna miss this opportunity. We had to wait tho for 30 minutes since they had a line of orders. But it was like less than 30 minutes, actually. The staff, the crew, JC even were so accommodating and kind 🙂


I ordered the “FAT TONY”, their bestseller. Then my friend ordered the BIG AL. The price rates are affordable and the burgers are big in proportions. Both were P170. My baby sis ordered the Bugsy (P130), She was indeed satisfied, she said “Its like Crabby Patty! – reference to SpongeBob Square Pants” –Seriously natikman mo na HAHA – baka sa istura ? pagbigyan ang bata.

Here is the menu:


To our surprise, ANG SARAAAAAP!

(BEST EVER Burger I had so far, authentic and legit beef patty, I love the sauce ❤️, the flavors played well right into my mouth. DELISH😋 – @krishgeekness

BUGSY (P130)




Trinoma -2nd Level (Garden area)

They have been called “Manila’s Best Tempura”, From “Japanese Tempura Grill” they have upgraded themselves to be called, what we see now as “TEMPURA”, (It’s a trend know a days that our fave childhood joints are into the whole upgrade thing). They will celebrating their 15th year next year.DSC_1484

First, when I got the invitation to blog for “Tempura”, I was a wee bit ecstatic because I love Tempura, more of a shrimp tempura fan here!. Well I know I won’t be dismayed since I’ve seen Tempura around the Metro and I’ve heard they’ve served hella good dishes.



THE PLACE –  I like the comfy asian vibe, playing around with red and black hues for the interiors. (Don’t worry,  not that striking red) The lighting is good for taking food shots (As you could see with the shots I have). Well for now, you won’t be seeing the grills on top of the tables since its more of providing and serving the best – cooked and good quality tempura. Perf, for family get togethers.

DSC_1479 DSC_1480

SERVICE – I was able to dine again to Tempura with friends, but another branch early this week. Service was alright, not too fast nor not too time consuming- JUST RIGHT. The servers are very accommodating and greet you everytime you get in and exit.


PRICE RANGE – Affordable to mid range (Meals start atleast P195 above). If you are a student, there are meals good for sharing.

MENU – Not word heavy, just straight to the point , Font size is alright, they’ve highlighted their best sellers to avoid misleading context. Foodshots are enticing to scan and food types arrange accordingly. Represents, very asia and not too flashy colors.

BEST SELLERS – Their wide range of TEMPURAS, ofcourse. “The Classic” is their most known tempura.

If you have a sweet tooth,  try their molten lava cake (P110) . For me, the Green tea ice cream (P85) is my fave on the dessert menu (SARAAAAAP!) – you can request it, to go with your molten lava cake instead of Vanilla  <3

Praline Mousse Ganache

Molten Lava Cake DSC_1528

Molten Lava Cake

Green Tea Ice cream It was soo good, I forgot to take a photo before eating it <3

They still have their platter selection for bulk orders and your fave, California Maki(s).

Kaisen Raisu

Sa pinoy hindi mawawala ang RICE! , the Kaisen Raisu (P210) is so MASSIVE and the flavors and spices play right in your mouth – Good for 3-5 people

Their special House tea will be served when you dine – It’s not rice tea like other Japanese resto serves  🙂

What’s new? Well They’ve wanted to showcase their PREMIUM TEMPURAS – To watch for.



Tip: Drizzle with sauce and lemon zest 🙂 

DSC_1492 DSC_1499


Especially, KING SIZE PRAWN TEMPURA–  Its Massive though its P480 (not very pang student  price) but its worth it. Proportions are good for sharing. – MY FAVE.







Check out their branches located at TRINOMA, BANAWE, LEGASPI VILLAGE, ALABANG TOEN CENTER, ERMITA, MANILA AND MALL OF ASIA. Like them on Facebook and Follow them on INSTAGRAM @TempuraJapaneseGrill


Nothing But Real Chocolate :)

 Delighting Filipinos with Nothing but Great Taste

Photo by Charlene Ajose

A good combination of sugar, milk and cocoa to create Nothing but great taste Cocio. Last September 3, 2015 at Whitespace Manila was the launch of the Iconic Danish chocolate milk drink. Cocio is now set to delight Asia for the very first time, starting in the Philippines, with the launch of Cocio classic and the global launch of Cocio Dark.

Photo by Charlene Ajose
Photo by Charlene Ajose

The Cocio Dark, which is my fave among the two, (since I love dark chocolate ever – its healthier!) was first introduced here, we are ahead of Denmark BTW! My take on the classic is ofcourse lighter compare to the bitter-sweet taste of Dark Cocio, but I love the flavor! The sweetness is just right, just how I love my chocolate milk drink.

Photo by Charlene Ajose
Photo by Charlene Ajose





Here are some photos during the launch, the media had a taste of both, the classic and dark cocio. During the event they explained the contents of the drink, The history and future plans for the brand. I sincerely feel that the brand will be embraced here in the Philippines, Well Filipinos love sweets especially chocolate!

Photo by Charlene Ajose
Photo by Charlene Ajose

The event was lively, there was band that played, good food was served, they served red wine that goes with the entree of cheese!  I love the ambiance of the venue and they have great spots to take photos if you are going for a minimalist white backdrop. Honestly I arrived late but I was able to enjoy and meet people from the media 🙂

Photo by Charlene Ajose
Photo by Charlene Ajose
Photo by Charlene Ajose

Cute story,  I was carrying a bunch of Cocio drinks, in the elevator of my friends’ condo I just got home from the event,  a kind citizen helped me out with pressing what floor I am going to because I have my hands full. And she noticed the drinks and I told her you’ll be seeing them soon in the market, so watch out 🙂 – I think its already available?

Photo by Charlene Ajose
Hosted by the charming, Laura Lehmann Photo by Charlene Ajose

Cocio Models


PH Launch of Cocio Marks the Brand’s First Launch in Asia

After winning over the hearts of Europeans worldwide, Iconic Danish chocolate milk drink Cocio is now set to delight Asia for the very first time, starting in the Philippines, with the launch of Cocio classic and the global launch of Cocio Dark.

 Jens Krog and Jun Cochanco
Jens Krog and Jun Cochanco

Laura, Jens, Jun

Models with Principals

Local Cocio distributor FlyAce, a company that endeavors to bring the best of the world closer to the Philippines, finds Cocio remarkable in that the brand embodies FlyAce’s commitment to great taste and responsible ethical production.

“I was impressed with Cocio’s meticulous processes when I visited their office in Copenhagen. Every step involved – from choosing ingredient suppliers to advertising the product – stayed true to their core values,” said Fly Ace President Jun Cochanco. “Cocio is undoubtedly the best chocolate drink in the market, and we think it’s about time we share it with the country.”

This marks the first time that Cocio classic will be sold in the Asia Pacific region, and the first time Cocio Dark, which features more cocoa in each bottle, is to be launched ever.

Unlike other brands, Cocio advertises nothing except its great taste. It does not believe in overly hyping or in doling out claim after claim of benefits a consumer can get. Cocio instead uses their trademark wit and dry humor to focus on letting consumers know they can only guarantee one thing: that each bottle contains Nothing but Great Taste.

Not only is Cocio known for their distinct approach to their beverage and their marketing, the brand is a staple in the lives of Danes. Commonly paired with hotdogs, Cocio’s versatility invites consumers to think up of even more Cocio pairings.

A Tradition of Great Taste, Preserved

 Developed in the home kitchen of Danish couple Anker and Ella Pallesen in 1951, Cocio is the result of much trial and error over the course of 2-3 years. In the pursuit of the greatest chocolate drink, they discovered that they didn’t need much. What was important was the quality of the ingredients and the science behind the process.

The recipe they created uses only 3 ingredients: milk, cocoa, and a little sugar, all of which are sourced from premiere suppliers around the globe. The milk is from Arla Foods, the world’s largest multi-national dairy cooperative owned by over 14,000 farmers; the plain sugar is from established sugar suppliers; and the cocoa are UTZ-certified from West Africa.

The fact that the brand uses beans that are UTZ-certified means that they are supporting the farmers. It means that Cocio supports sustainable farming and better living conditions for the impoverished.

Free from preservatives, Cocio has no artificial taste. Cocio is the only chocolate drink free from stabilizers in the market. Bottling the beverage and cooking them for a specific amount of time gives Cocio that rich and silky smooth feel. This is where the ingredients mix together to create a unique flavor. To this day, Cocio still uses the same recipe from 1951 and still upholds the same ideals.

A European Staple Coming to Asia

 Following the immense success of Cocio in their native Denmark, the brand was then introduced to their Scandinavian neighbors Sweden and Norway. In more recent years, Cocio has also branched out to other European countries, and to the USA. Cocio continues to make waves as the beverage of choice for anyone looking for a straightforward cocoa drink.

This year marks the time the brand finally reaches Asia, through the Philippine shores. “We know that Filipinos will love Cocio because not only is it delicious, it’s also made from natural ingredients, ingredients that are perfect for those trying to adapt a healthier more wholesome diet,” explains Jens Christian Krog, Senior General Manager of Arla Philippines.

“Cocio satisfies the sweet tooth without any additives or false promises. It’s the kind of beverage that Filipinos will surely love.” Krog ends.

Folow them on IG @cocioPH #NothingBut      Photo by Charlene Ajose


Photo by Charlene Ajose
Photo by Charlene Ajose

GVMichel Oats, LOVE Your Heart

GV Michel Product Photo for the Press Kit

We’ve known how good oats/oatmeal is good for our body’s system. Its because of fiber! Fiber fgets rid of fat/cholesterol thats the point. Since I opt to gain a healthy lifestyle for #balikalindog2015. 70% nutrition is indeed the rule to proper diet and comes with the 30% exercise.

I’ll be honest the only oatmeal brand I’ve tried ever since is “Quaker oats” – since a kid. But since I’ve gotten a bit older its time to like broaden my tastebuds to other brands. So I’ve got an invite to blog for GVMichel (Dong-A Pharma), they’ve gathered food bloggers at the Century Hotel, Manila to try the product and cooking sessions with Chef Lawrence Zafra (president of Altas Culinary Institute, located in Dasmarinas City of Cavite. He is also one of the senior chef instructors of the school, and mostly focuses on Asian Cuisine.)along side with his wife and a student from his culinary academy on how to prep cuisine made from oats.


|upper photo L & R – Fritter and Oatmeal cookie. Lower Photo – Risotto | Check ingredients below


GV Premium Rolled 400g

GV Michel Oatmeal of Australia is a premium Australian brand that uses high-quality oats from Australia in all its products. It is distributed in the Philippines by Dong-A Pharma Phils., Inc. (DPPI), which also distributes Bacchus energy drink and Queen Bakery products.

GV Premium Instant 400g

GV Michel Oatmeal of Australia Premium Rolled Oats (200g/400g/800g) is made from 100 percent natural high-grade oats. Unlike traditional oatmeal, GV Michel’s Rolled Oats has slightly thicker flakes that keep you full longer. Like rice, oats has plenty of varieties that offer different levels of fiber and protein.







GV Michel Oatmeal of Australia Organic Instant Oats (200g/400g/800g) is made from 100 percent natural high-grade oats. Unlike traditional oatmeal, GV Michel’s is GMO and chemical-free. This means consumers are assured from any possible negative effects that chemicals and pesticides can result from its long-term consumption.GV Instant Premium Organic 400g (1)








Both GV Michel Oatmeal of Australia Premium Rolled Oats and GV Michel Oatmeal of Australia Organic Instant Oats variants are loaded with thicker and bigger flakes that ensure you are able to take your oatmeal and experience a chewy texture with more bite and mouthfeel. It also gives you a very satisfying, slightly sweet and creamy taste making sure that you get good value for money. It also contains greater amounts of soluble and insoluble fiber compared with other regular sized oatmeal flakes.GV Premium Quick Cooking 800g

GV Michel Oatmeal of Australia Quick Cooking Oats (200g/400g/800g) and GV Michel Oatmeal of Australia Instant Oats (200g/400g/800g) are also made with 100 percent natural whole grain oats. They cook quick much faster than rolled oats, making the preparation of breakfast an easy task in the morning.

GV Michel Oatmeal of Australia single serve instant (35g) GV Michel Oatmeal of Australia single serve chocolate (35g). This single-serve sachets serve all the goodness of oats in a handy pack.

GV Single Serve

GV Michel Oatmeal of Australia is available in major supermarkets and groceries nationwide.


Here are some recipes for you to try with your GVMichel Oats:



Olive oil – 3 tbsp

Garlic, minced – 1 tbsp

Onion, minced – ½  tbsp

Ginger, minced – ½  tbsp

Roast chicken, shredded – 2 cups

Water – 6 cups

GV Michel rolled oats – 2 cups

Fish sauce – 2 tbsp

Salt & pepper – to taste



Spring onion, chopped

Crushed chicharon


Hard Boiled Egg



1. Heat pan. Add olive oil. Saute garlic onion and ginger. Add shredded roast chicken.

2. Add water and bring to a boil. Add Gv Michel rolled oats. Simmer for 5 mins or until desired consistency.

3. Season with fish sauce, salt and pepper to taste.

4. Serve in bowls topped with sliced spring onion, sliced hard boiled egg and crushed chicharon. Serve with calamansi on the side.




GV Michel Oats – 2 cups

Hot water – 1 ½ cups

Cheddar cheese, grated – ½ cup

Sweet ham, chopped – ½ cup

Salt & pepper – to taste

Egg – 2 pcs

Flour – ½ cup

GV Michel Oats – ½ cup


Oil for deep frying




1. Soak GV Michel Premium Instant Oats in Water. Set aside for a few minutes.

2. Add cheddar cheese and ham in the pre-soaked oats, season with salt and pepper. Shape into logs or balls. Coat each with flour, egg, and oats. Chill for a few minutes.

3. Heat oil in frying pan. Fry prepared ham and cheese oatmeal logs until golden brown. May be served with any dip of choice.



Butter – 2 tbsp

Onion, minced – 2 tbsp

Button mushroom, chopped – ¼ c

Fresh shiitake, chopped – ¼ c

Oyster mushrooms, chopped –  ¼ cup

White wine – 1 tbsp

Cream – 3 tbsp

Salt & pepper – to taste

GV Michel rolled oats – 2 c

Hot water – 1 ½ c


Parsley, chopped for garnish





1. Heat pan. Add butter. Saute onions and mushrooms. Add white wine. Add cream. Season with salt and pepper.

2. Add GV Michel Rolled Oats. Add water. Add more water as needed. Adjust the seasoning.  Serve topped with fresh chopped parsley and grated parmesan cheese(optional)



Pretzel love: Auntie Anne’s 34th branch opening at BGC


When I hear Auntie Anne’s, I remember one my best friends,  Aimee, she loves their pretzels and I guess it has been her fave snack/merienda ever since college. I agree , Yes, their pretzels are delish!  I’ve been a fan of their almond pretzels – which I mostly buy at Auntie Anne’s and lately I tried their pretzel filled with cream cheese (can’t remember the exact name), it taste good when you dip it on caramel sauce. They have other sauces like chocolate, caramel, cream cheese and cheese but I go for the caramel, it goes good with everything.

Well we’ve seen Auntie Anne stalls around your one –stop  local malls and they’ve established a name already for baking, selling good quality and mouth watering pretzels. When you say their name, automatically, PRETZELS come to your mind. They have been in the industry for a long time and now,  they upgraded themselves with a new look and concept but still its still the same Auntie Anne we love.


May 8, 2015 McKinley Science Hub Tower 2 – Keeping track with their number of branches, The launch of their 34th branch at the heart of Bonifacio city, a modern outdoor store located at Tower 2 McKinley Science Hub Tower 2. It is the newest Auntie Anne’s concept store, still baking fresh pretzels and concocting delightful beverages then providing the perfect Auntie Anne snack treat experience. This is their first non mall store, with the opening of their newest branch is the launch of the trending Slathered nutella goodness, and best seller Auntie Anne’s Pull-A-Parts, topped with Auntie Anne’s signature almond crunch and baked in a unique zigzag shape that makes it easy to tear and to be shared. Trust me, for all nutella fans out there is very satisfying, my tatste buds love it because I love sweets and hello its Nutella, for crying out loud! P85 not bad  🙂


If you love their pretzels, you'll dig their NUTELLA PULL-A-PARTS (Slattered Nutella Goodness) 💛💙 Check out Auntie Anne's new look and they just opened their 34th branch at McKinley Science Hub tower 2, at the heart of Bonifacio Global City, their first outdoor/ non mall store 💙💛 on the blog SOON. Thank you @auntieannesphl
If you love their pretzels, you’ll dig their NUTELLA PULL-A-PARTS (Slattered Nutella Goodness) 💛💙 Check out Auntie Anne’s new look and they just opened their 34th branch at McKinley Science Hub tower 2, at the heart of Bonifacio Global City, their first outdoor/ non mall store 💙💛 on the blog SOON. Thank you @auntieannesphl



I am thankful for the invitation of the launch of their newest branch. I am embracing their new look and since its an outdoor store they have seats and tables to seat near by- Finally , but I wish they have more,  also their mall branches.  I bet since its an office area, every break time office employees will be craving sweet and salty pretzels goodness and a cup of lemonade to go with since its also hot outside nowadays.

Visit Auntie Anne’s McKinley Science Hub BGC and get your perfect snack treat. To get the latest updates about Auntie Anne’s Philippines on Facebook, @auntieannesPHL on instagram and twitter.



Photos by Ruel Francis Angeles |Krizia Catapang


Madrid Fusion Manila 2015: One of the world’s biggest culinary affair to be held at SM

Madrid Fusion Manila Logo-1

Photo 1The Philippines and Spain share a deep and colorful history and what better way to celebrate these two cultures than through their vibrant and intertwined culinary traditions. This April, the world’s most anticipated epicurean event will celebrate the two countries ’300 years’ worth of shared connection through food in one global event where the world’s top chefs showcase culinary innovations and cutting-edge techniques, ingredients and recipes taking food and dining to the next level. If one wants to see the “future of food,” this is the place to be in.

SMX as official venue partner of Madrid Fusion Manila 2015 (L-R):Philippine Association of Convention/Exhibition Organizers and Suppliers, Inc. (PACEOS) Chairperson Marisa Nallana; Mielle Esteban of Arum Estratigias Internacionalización; DOT director of market development and Madrid Fusion Manila project director Verna Covar-Buensuceso; SMX general manager Dexter Deyto and SM Supermalls SVP marketing Jonjon San Agustin.

SM as the official partner of Madrid Fusion Manila 2015

SM plays host to this historic affair and welcomes Madrid Fusion as it comes to Asia for the first time and puts Manila at the heart of culinary interest worldwide.  Madrid Fusion Manila 2015 happening on April 24 to 26 at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City highlights the Philippines as an haute cuisine destination in Asia. And a Welcome Night at the scenic             SM By the Bay for the official delegates are sure to put everyone in a good mood during the first day of the congress on April 24 where this time, it’s all about the best of Philippine food, art, and culture.

Photo 2

Madrid Fusion Manila 2015 partners with SM Supermalls (L-R): SMX general manager Dexter Deyto; SM Mall of Asia AVP operations Perkin So; SM Mart Inc. SVP marketing communications group Millie Dizon; SM Supermalls president Annie Garcia; Chef Margarita Fores; DOT director of market development and Madrid Fusion Manila project director Verna Covar-Buensuceso; Mielle Esteban of Arum Estratigias Internacionalización and SM Supermalls SVP marketing Jonjon San Agustin.

“SM is proud to be the venue of the historic Madrid Fusion Manila. We believe that one of the Philippines’ best-kept secrets is our rich culinary heritage,” expressed Steven Tan, SM Supermalls senior vice-president. “We also want to bring the excitement of Madrid Fusion, particularly Spain’s strong influence in our food and culture, to our mall-goers by taking these culinary festivities to our malls.” To help create national awareness for this cultural milestone, the official Madrid Fusion Manila 2015 TV commercial is being aired in all SM Cinemas nationwide.


Michelin-starred chefs to gather at SMX

Set to captivate Manila with their culinary virtuoso are Spain and Asia’s legendary chefs Andoni Luis Aduriz, Elena Arzak, Quique Dacosta, Ramón Freixa, Francis Paniego, Paco Roncero, Mario Sandoval, Paco Torreblanca, André Chiang, and Alvin Leung. Presenting the Philippines’ own diverse and imaginative epicurean traditions are chefs Fernando Aracama, Margarita Forés, J Gamboa, José Luis “Chele” Gonzalez, Pepe Lopez, Rob Pengson, Bruce Ricketts, Myrna Dizon, Claude Tayag, and Juan Carlos de Terry. Taking centerstage at the congress will be this exciting encounter between Spain’s legendary Michelin-starred chefs and the Philippines’ very own culinary stars. A trade exhibition will focus on the finest Spanish and Filipino products from Spanish wines and cheeses, to the Philippines’ world-class exports such as rice, cacao, coffee, mango, coconut, and liquors.

 Gourmet weekend market

A feast of everything delectably Filipino-Spanish shall delight foodies at the Gourmet Weekend Market from April 24 to 26 at SM Mall of Asia. A premium selection of cheese, tapas, wine, ingredients, local finds and special bundles shall be made available in partnership with SM Markets (SM Supermarket and Hypermarket).

Spanish food specials

New food concepts that reflect culinary innovation and technique will be available only this April at select SM Mall of Asia restaurants where special dishes with Spanish influence or cooked with the finest local produce, ingredients and flavors are sure to bring out your inner foodie. Savory goodness awaits mall-goers of SM Aura Premier which shall host its own Spanish-themed fiesta with music, dancing, food and drinks on April 26 at the Sky Park lawn. While on April 24 to 26, irresistible dining deals await all food lovers at SM Megamall’s flagship and first-in-the-country dining destinations and the newly-opened Mega Food Hall.

For the complete schedule of events at SM malls, visit SM Supermalls on Facebook or @smsupermalls on Instagram. For more information on how to register for Madrid Fusion Manila 2015, visit

New Summer Flavors at CaliBurger!


A Golden state of mind, and an endless summer—that’s the CaliFresh vibe that CaliBurger gives off.  CaliBurger brings the highest quality, made to order burgers and only use pure, fresh, and simple ingredients that are “Always Fresh”.

Ever since CaliBurger opened its doors last February 2014, it has brought together the California lifestyle under one roof: great food, great service, trendiest design, art, and music.

CaliBurger has also already shared its amazing burgers to different parts of the world: Hong Kong, Shanghai, Taiwan, Kuwait, Dubai, Philippines, and soon also in Kuala Lumpur, Washington DC, and Canada!


DSC_0405 DSC_0415

Last, April 15, 2015  CaliBurgerPH Invited selected Bloggers for the #EatShootBlog Event at Century Mall Makati to try their latest addition to the menu this summer. I am very lucky and grateful to be invited and try the Cali Chicken Sandwich, Chipotle BBQ Sandwich and new milkshake flavors. I have tried Cali Burger before at their Timog Branch, across GMA Network and I could say, it was delicious, good flavors and legit beef patty. I am a fan of their “summer -set sail – bright colored interior”.

DSC_0449 DSC_0447

Now that summer is here, CaliBurger is celebrating it with new and delicious additions to their menu:

  • 7 New AmazingMilkshake Flavors 


In addition to CaliBurger’s classic milkshake flavors (chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry), there are 7 Amazing New Milkshake flavors that all the boys (and girls) in the yard are starting to talk about.  This summer, you can now cool down the heat and enjoy CaliBurger’s refreshing new milkshakes: Tutti Frutti, Bubble gum, Butterscotch, Coffee, Mixed Berries, Blueberry, and Rootbeer. All of CaliBurger’s milkshakes are hand-spun and made with real rich creamy ice cream and fresh milk! (Price: Php175)

 Had the opportunity to try the different flavors of milkshakes. My fave is the Bubblegum flavor (Best seller), My next fave is the Coffee – its semi sweet  (I love coffee that’s why), Next Butterscotch  (Similar to sea salt caramel) and then Blueberry would place last. The difference between the Blueberry (More sweet) and Mixed Berry (This is lighter in the tummy)

  • Spicy “Chipotle BBQ Chicken Sandwich”

DSC_0386 DSC_0404

I am not really  allowed to consumed a lot of spicy food, but If you are a fan and into spicy food, you can definitely try this. Its delish but its up to you to handle the “spicy-ness”, Moderate spicy I could say. The condiments,  are compose of a JUICY and TENDER lemon & herb marinated chicken breast, GARDEN FRESH red plump tomatoes, CRISPY bacon, TANGY pickles, sliced onion, and their house made SPICY chipotle BBQ sauce, this hot new concoction by CaliBurger is sure to bring more heat this summer! (Price: Php 215 a la carte; Php295 meal with fries and drinks). It is GRILLED.

  • Healthy “Cali Chicken Sandwich” with Avocado sauce!

DSC_0382 DSC_0399

Last but not the least, what better way to start summer than with the newest and healthy addition to their menu, the CALI CHICKEN SANDWICH!  Made with grilled succulent CHICKEN breast, garden fresh vegetables, and mixed with their special AVOCADO sauce, this dish is simply delicious! (Price: Php 185 a la carte; Php265 meal with fries and drinks). It is GRILLED too! Im not really an avocado fan or guacamole  but Im a fan if its a donut flavor and now on a sandwich, its really good and its the healthiest choice on CaliBurger’s menu. Time to savor and be fit this summer !

DSC_0448 aa

Driven by the commitment to provide the best, most attentive and friendly customer-service and engagement, CaliBurger has been taking technology by the helm, creating activities such as Cali Trivia Nights, Xbox Kinect interactive play, live NBA viewings, LIVE viewing parties like the “Pacquiao vs Mayweather” fight this May 3rd, as well as private party packages at Century City Mall. Many things are also in the pipeline such as new menu items that are worth breaking that diet for.


To know more about CaliBurger and their offerings, you can visit the stores located at 118 Timog Ave., Quezon City or 4F Century City Mall, Makati City. LIKE us on or FOLLOW us at @CaliBurgerPH on Instagram and Twitter.

DSC_0440 DSC_0442


Delicious Diet


Okay, I have been trying out different ways of losingweight. I have been in this debacle dilemma for years. (Masarap kasi minsan kumain, Amen to that!) Story of my life: You lose then gain, then lose then there gain ulit. (a repetitive cycle)

I started losingweight seriously, when I started hitting the gym at 18, It was a “debut” gift to myself. Apparently,
I was having a hard time juggling with my studies and gym (I take like 2 hours +) , . I “stress-eat” that’s why. Especially
my course is Nursing, the subjects were getting harder every day plus duty at
the side. Ofcourse, my social life, friends asking you out to dine here and
there (who wouldn’t resist).  So I’ve stopped hitting the gym during the
second semester of my  3rd
year,  I was more focus for my review for
the board exam then until I passed my PNLE last May 2014, thats when I decided to
get back to shape. #BalikAlindog2015

I admit I got so fat. I got to the point I was 90 kilos


My mom and Godmother were suggesting I try those “Healthy
Home Delivery meals” that they see local celebs posting on their social media
pages. I’m like, why won’t I give it a try,  in line also with my workout and my daily
routine at the clinic.  The thing is that
I have no time preparing my meals because It’s sort of a hassle for me. Then I
mostly hit the gym on weekends.  So I definitely
suggest this kind food delivery instead of fast-food , especially those who
live in dorms or have a busy work life.(Para
hindi ka na mag-isip what to prepare and it is healthy pa!)  

Not bad P1800 for 5 days, Take it like this,  if you divide it for 5 days, It is P360 per
day. Admit it you tend to spend more than that, Other services offer 2k plus.  It maybe “gastos” for others, but it is an investment.

Reasons why “Healthy Food delivery” is beneficial?

It isn’t time consuming – somebody has that job
covered to prepare the meal plans.

You tend not to “labas” pera all the time. One payment basis thru bank deposit.

It is healthy pa!

You get to control what you eat – It is already
in portions (You can cheat naman, “tikim-tikim”
only – Don’t deprive yourself)

A quote I learned from the gym, they say “70% nutrition and 30% exercise”. My
mom would quote, “ Sa kain lang yan,
Having atleast exercise 3 times in a week and a good diet =
healthy lifestyle.

It’s a blessing in disguise that Delicious diets were
looking for lifestyle/fitness bloggers to try them out.

At first I was a bit hesistant (SInasabi ko, kaya ko ba to?), I just told myself Summer is
approaching, “tiis-ganda”. Since the challenge is Monday to Friday, I have work
at the clinic from 9am  till 6pm then I only
do night swimming as my exercise. The week I started with DD (Delicious Diet) I
got to miss a day or 2 , not able to swim because I was hella tired with duty
and chores, but then I always felt “light”.

Food diary:

Here is the Delicious Diet Meal Plan during Jan 26-31, 2015


Weight(Jan 17,2015- Muscat, Oman): 86.8 kilos –
I was already losing weight before pa

Note: Try to
atleast weigh yourself early in the morning on an empty stomach.

Day 1 (Monday) : 5/5


I complied. I just
wasn’t used to it, just having those certain portions, It didn’t seem enough,
My typical breakfast is rice talaga.
I had a bit of side cheats but it was “tikim-tikim”
of pancit canton #MSGpaMore  from my co-workers – they tried to tempt me JOKE!
Our canteen makes the pancit canton looks so appealing and the smell is very
tempting (Yeap, I listed down my side
cheats, so It seems very “makatotohanan”)

Going back to Delicious diets, After you microwave every
meal,  the aroma fills the entire room.I
suddenly became a fan of the organic rice and their wide variety of teas. Love
the tea biscuits tasted like pesto , (so good) . 


Everything  tasted delish, pero bitin. YUN NGA LANG.

Day 2(Tuesday) : 3/5


I love the breakfast, its my typical everyday breakfast, but
it was a way healthier version.

I wasn’t a fan of the
quinoa rice, I had issue with the smell but If you ate it was “masarap naman”  I loved the taste of the herbed chicken.

For snack, I wasn’t
really a fan of yogurt at all ever at all when I was a kid, I had issue with
the smell also. I ate atleast half of it though. I just said to myself

The dinner tasted so good,I finished it instantly.

far I only cheated with a condesada
skyflakes crackers – just one pack.

Day 3(Wednesday): 5/5
MY FAVORITE SET – I swear I didn’t cheat 



Day 4 (Thursday) : 5/5


I Love TEA TAHRIK (3-in-1 tea) – the aroma and taste so
soothing plus that and the sandwiches, I felt full already.


Growing up I love eggplant especially “tortang talong”, kaya the lunch was bitin but it was masarap, the
dinner too. I love to munch on the biscuits during my break time.

Note: I did not cheat. – I was trying too because I was seeing the results
at the weighing scale

Day 5 (Friday): 5/5  2nd


Oh-la-la carbs galore. From breakfast to dinner, everything
tasted great. My taste buds were enjoying everything. Mabilis din ako nabusog infairness.

a few spoonfuls of cake.

Note: Everytime I
side cheat – I had to have to do extra lapses when I swim and I do light abs
and core workout – to compensate .

Weight: 83.9 kilos –

Second week, was a
Masyado ko na enjoy ang
weekend” haha!
– I went back to 84 something kilos. I was unable to workout
during the weekends too, so sad. I was aiming 82 something. See the effect, “Kain talaga”.

Here is the meal plan
for Feb 2-6, 2015


Day 1/5(Monday): 5/5


(Photo @mariesteller/@krishgeekness)

All was perfect, love
everything especially the dinner (mashed potatoes <3 )
Good vibes to
start the week!

sandwich and slice of cake (lagi may
nagdadala ng grasya sa clinic)

Note: No workout  much within the week, I was able to swim
probably only twice because I got tired from volunteering at the wellness
booths/medical mission during foundation week of TUA.

Day 2/5 (Tuesday): 4/5


Suprsingly “nabubusog
ako agad”
I didn’t have the urge to crave more. Congee wasm y favorite. My
first time to try Baba Ganoush, taste similar to Hommus (middle east kid <3 )

Day 3/5(Wednesday) : 5/5


(Photo @mariesteller/@krishgeekness)

Waffles for breakfast, the bomb! <3  The rest were yummy meals, yet “bitin” but you have this “sanay” feeling. It was my favorite set
that week.

Day 4/5(Thursday) :


It was my first time
to try OMURICE, delish.

My fave was the tea crackers – MAGIC FLAKES Barbeque flavor

Day 5/5 (Friday) : 5/5


Beef Shawarma!, plus point. Suprisingly by dinner time, I
was full, wasn’t able to finish the salad. The cupacake for the snack was so
good, I wasn’t able to ask what was the flavor tho.  Oh well, it tasted good. Haha! – Sorry busy
saving the world (buhay NARS), marami inaasikaso at

Weight: 83.6 kilos
not bad, krish. 

Why Delicious Diet?

The meal plans they prepare per week,  isn’t just healthy but appealing. Different meal plans per week,” hindi ka magsasawa”. Their choices of teas and snacks (pastries)
are awesome – not typical or common brands. All heavenly delicious, “bitin” but
you’ll get use to it.

P1800 per week
for 5 days ain’t bad
, inclusive also of delivery (as explained kanina)
You only pay once a week thru bank deposit. Compare to others, DD is way cheaper,
you get to save more, other healthy food deliveries offer like 2k plus. – I got
a lot of friends, who subscribed. They saw the benefits because we have the
same living condition and we all wanted to lose weight. – Thanks friends!

1200 calories, okay na diba?- The point is, “Isinasanay ang tiyan mo na kumain ng kaunti kaunti lang”

Hindi na ako nag-iisip kung ano kakainin ko from
Monday to Friday, its just over the weekend I have the challenge to cook and
learn recipes since its my day off. (My mom ain’t worried anymore)

5.     They deliver everyday, served fresh and good quality. Just have to
refrigerate to preserve it.

They deliver AM 5 AM-9AM, and Night 5:30 pm and
. Not a hassle, I go to work before 9pm actually, so its more of your

The owners are awesome! They attend to you when
they can :) 

8.       Proven Trustworthy.

Your loving and sweet PBB girls (ALL-IN) love their Delicious Diet Meals :)

Maris Racal: @mariesteller 


Jaymee Ann Jalandoni : @jaymeskii


Loisa Andalio : @andalioloisuuh


Aina Solano : @aiina_solano


Thanks girls <3

9. I subscribed
to them, charot.

Btw Im on my 3rd week, 82.2 kg na!  "Stay healthy and happy! guys"


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Delicious Diet was originally published on KrishGeek

Delicious Diet was originally published on KrishGeek