Foodcrawl at Mandala Park Weekend market

(c) Charlene Ajose

It was my first time to be attending Mandala Park Weekend Market, I’ve heard about it before and I am glad to be attending the 4th installment –compare to the previous events, this was like the most jam-packed and it was a blockbuster. At times like this, it’s better to bond over a day filled with sumptuous food with good friends by your side.

(c) Charlene Ajose


Luckily my good pals, Ian and Vince know where the place is – glad to have my Mandaluyong boys to join me (They don’t claim it, but Mandaluyong/Shaw area is their turf.). And ofcourse my blogger bestie Charlene, was there and met a new friend , Alex. The event was at 312 Shaw Blvd. Brgy. Pleasant Hills Mandaluyong City (From S&R – you have to walk  a bit like what we did, mostly near Puregold) , January 16, 2016 on a Saturday.


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When we got there it was hard to pin point and choose because everything looks delish SRLSLY (Walang diet diet haha).

We’ve asked around for recommendations and YES, the RIBS by RIBS MANILA by far was the bomb! All the while we thought it would take a long time to prep so that’s the first thing we purchased but it was just a few minutes and it was so yummy!. We got the P450 worth good for 2-3 persons and the next one cost around P800 plus. It was very “SULIT”!

RIBS MANILA (c) Charlene Ajose

Then I heard about the Ginger Ale (I LOVE GINGERALE <3- it’s for my golden voice, kidding), by Stanford and Shaw for P200 you get a whole bottle, good for sharing and P100 for a cup. Best served chilled and should always be refrigerated, as printed on the label.

Standford & Shaw (c) Charlene Ajose

Cha loves green tea and we both love desserts, and yes we’ve ordered from Scouts Honor, craft cookie matcha milkshake topped with their signature cookies, I love S’mores and Cha got ofcourse a matcha cookie. For about P200+, If you want to try more of Scouts Honors treats and drinks visit them at Hole in the wall at Century Mall, also Le petit soufflé.

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My boys and I craved for rice meals as our main,  for the boys it’s all about “GAINZ”. So I got Longganisa with rice meal at D’Famous Imus Longganisa– I suggest you get eat it while its still hot, I had mine waited for too long but it was masarap – (3 pcs of longganisa and a huge serving of rice, for P100). Ian got Pares with rice from Jonas Manila, for P195 and Vince got a grilled chicken platter from Gostoso PirPiri, For P200.  

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We’ve seen stalls with unique names such as Puñta , Babci Kuchnia  and Mister Delicious. Familiar to our  taste buds and palette the Wrapped Shawarma. Healthy drinks from Pure Nectar, we wondered what Bullet proof coffee was, Beers & drinks from  Pedro Brew crafters and Bayani Brew. From the other side of the world, Madly British. Then there were other stalls, Trigo PH, Commisaire, Fog city, Asiong’s carinderia café and Good Food Community. Yakang Yaka Barter– sells handmade wallets, bags, and shoes. Perfect Mushroom, mushroom goods by the known mushroom king, Coach Marco, it was nice seeing him again, the last time I saw him was at the Jamba Juice tournament which I attended last year.

Yakang Yaka (c) Charlene Ajose

Completing the well-rounded and chill atmosphere of Mandala Park is a feature performance by one-man band Mikki Gozon, AKA Hoochie Coochie, as he delights visitors with his distinct acoustic blues sound.

(c) Charlene Ajose

 I got to experience Tarot reading, by Mysterium Philippines. From a deck of cards, you choose 15 cards. The guy named Martin, read he could sense a very anxious vibe with me and a lot of things are going on in my life- TRUE. I’ll be sharing with you some things he pointed out correctly. He laid down the cards into different sections, he said the only thing I lack in my life is TIME. I’m sufficient in every life aspect, in love life well I am still the Master of my faith (Love life this year is okay – Hi MOM! ), its just that I don’t have time. He said why not try Medicine, – I did not mention to him anything about my life and I am still exploring especially when It comes to my career path. I admitted to him my selfish reason and he said its okay but he said whatever you plan to do in life, You can balance it. His words were “Kaya mo naman!.”. From  2016-2017 I might still be figuring out life and still be chilling. One thing he pointed, he showed me a card- all pitch black and a splash of color only on a somehow candle lit fire, he said when it comes to friendships, I am the one who brightens up and always have a solution for everybody.

A Fact to share, Mandala Park weekend market is Litton & Co.’s way of giving back to the community by handing them a venue for bringing people together in celebration of the new year and the affirmation of the harmony that’s ahead for everyone. With amazing finds, relaxing music, and hearty homegrown food, the Mandala Park weekend market continues to inspire people to bask in the warmth of holistic health, wealth, and abundance.

So I do suggest to be updated with the next MANDALA PARK WEEKEND MARKET event and bring your friends and family with 🙂 Instagram @mandalaparkph and like their FB page on  facebook for updates.