Yellow Cab Pizza: Get straight to the Good Stuff!

Who doesn’t love pizza? Stuffed crust, thin and thick all shapes and forms no doubt who doesn’t love pizza. Yellow cab has already established a name to the Filipino go to place to eat quality served pizza. I got the chance to actually step in the actual kitchen and personally make my own new York style  pizza and know the qualities of making a delicious and sumptuous crust heaven made pizza straight from the oven of Yellow Cab. I was invited to the re-opening of Yellow Cab Mega Mall branch, located at Building A Second Floor. (Coming from the main back of Mega Mall, take the escalator going up as you turn to your Right, at the left side – spot on) Hope my directions could help because as a blogger, I feel obligated to actually lessen your ease to ask Manong guard haha.


Entering the kitchen of Yellow Cab made me realize the dynamics of creating a masterpiece also has science, art, math and ofcourse culinary. You just don’t dump toppings here and there! The thing that I could recall from my experience making “New York’s Finest”, every ingredient has a specific weight/ amount (Sorry, I forgot to take note of it), I learned that when you spread Parmesan cheese, don’t pour a mouthful, I am so guilty sprinkling tons of parmesan cheese on pasta, it has to be spread in minimally. As you grasped the parmesan, have your hand  like a crab’s pincer , spread evenly at the entire crust but don’t overdue it- it would make the pizza very salty. Then when you place the toppings, there is an art and science to it, those near the end part should be place at the edge since the pizza gets flattened and expands in the oven.

I deserve a pat on the back, not bad for my first time. My friends said what a made was “masarap naman and flavorful” 🙂

pizza2 pizza3



Yellow cab as a pioneer pizza company provides fine and fresh ingredients, I would personally recommend the New York style pizza, not jut its loaded with cheese and generous topping, it has that savory palette. Something different from the usual classic for you to try when you visit.

Everytime I go to Baguio, the family orders the classic Pepperoni from Yellow cab and my bestfriend let me tried the “Darla”, you have to wrapped the leafy veggie(forgot what you call it), into a roll and you eat it. I heard only Yellow cab does this. So from the ordinary pizza place, yellow cab has a very interesting menus and innovations- , very New York and kinda Pinoy.


Letting the Pinoys have a taste of New York, based from the company’s mission:  to share a slice of New York to the Filipino people.Hoping to visit New York anytime soon to have that experience of what it is like (Add that to my bucketlist). As said on their website what makes Yellow Cab different, which I agree- New York-style pizza is crisp and slightly charred in the bottom, dense and chewy in the middle, and slightly gooey on top. And that’s just the crust. Top it off with a generous serving of the freshest, highest-quality ingredients, and you get—simply put—great New York-style pizza.-Yellow Cab



As I explore their menu, the price is just right (   and its not purely pizza they also have chicken wings! For promos, combos, price rates and know what’s hot visit their webpage Instagram: @yellowcabpizza

Photos by: Mark Carlo Lamor | Krizia Catapang