GVMichel Oats, LOVE Your Heart

GV Michel Product Photo for the Press Kit

We’ve known how good oats/oatmeal is good for our body’s system. Its because of fiber! Fiber fgets rid of fat/cholesterol thats the point. Since I opt to gain a healthy lifestyle for #balikalindog2015. 70% nutrition is indeed the rule to proper diet and comes with the 30% exercise.

I’ll be honest the only oatmeal brand I’ve tried ever since is “Quaker oats” – since a kid. But since I’ve gotten a bit older its time to like broaden my tastebuds to other brands. So I’ve got an invite to blog for GVMichel (Dong-A Pharma), they’ve gathered food bloggers at the Century Hotel, Manila to try the product and cooking sessions with Chef Lawrence Zafra (president of Altas Culinary Institute, located in Dasmarinas City of Cavite. He is also one of the senior chef instructors of the school, and mostly focuses on Asian Cuisine.)along side with his wife and a student from his culinary academy on how to prep cuisine made from oats.


|upper photo L & R – Fritter and Oatmeal cookie. Lower Photo – Risotto | Check ingredients below


GV Premium Rolled 400g

GV Michel Oatmeal of Australia is a premium Australian brand that uses high-quality oats from Australia in all its products. It is distributed in the Philippines by Dong-A Pharma Phils., Inc. (DPPI), which also distributes Bacchus energy drink and Queen Bakery products.

GV Premium Instant 400g

GV Michel Oatmeal of Australia Premium Rolled Oats (200g/400g/800g) is made from 100 percent natural high-grade oats. Unlike traditional oatmeal, GV Michel’s Rolled Oats has slightly thicker flakes that keep you full longer. Like rice, oats has plenty of varieties that offer different levels of fiber and protein.







GV Michel Oatmeal of Australia Organic Instant Oats (200g/400g/800g) is made from 100 percent natural high-grade oats. Unlike traditional oatmeal, GV Michel’s is GMO and chemical-free. This means consumers are assured from any possible negative effects that chemicals and pesticides can result from its long-term consumption.GV Instant Premium Organic 400g (1)








Both GV Michel Oatmeal of Australia Premium Rolled Oats and GV Michel Oatmeal of Australia Organic Instant Oats variants are loaded with thicker and bigger flakes that ensure you are able to take your oatmeal and experience a chewy texture with more bite and mouthfeel. It also gives you a very satisfying, slightly sweet and creamy taste making sure that you get good value for money. It also contains greater amounts of soluble and insoluble fiber compared with other regular sized oatmeal flakes.GV Premium Quick Cooking 800g

GV Michel Oatmeal of Australia Quick Cooking Oats (200g/400g/800g) and GV Michel Oatmeal of Australia Instant Oats (200g/400g/800g) are also made with 100 percent natural whole grain oats. They cook quick much faster than rolled oats, making the preparation of breakfast an easy task in the morning.

GV Michel Oatmeal of Australia single serve instant (35g) GV Michel Oatmeal of Australia single serve chocolate (35g). This single-serve sachets serve all the goodness of oats in a handy pack.

GV Single Serve

GV Michel Oatmeal of Australia is available in major supermarkets and groceries nationwide.


Here are some recipes for you to try with your GVMichel Oats:



Olive oil – 3 tbsp

Garlic, minced – 1 tbsp

Onion, minced – ½  tbsp

Ginger, minced – ½  tbsp

Roast chicken, shredded – 2 cups

Water – 6 cups

GV Michel rolled oats – 2 cups

Fish sauce – 2 tbsp

Salt & pepper – to taste



Spring onion, chopped

Crushed chicharon


Hard Boiled Egg



1. Heat pan. Add olive oil. Saute garlic onion and ginger. Add shredded roast chicken.

2. Add water and bring to a boil. Add Gv Michel rolled oats. Simmer for 5 mins or until desired consistency.

3. Season with fish sauce, salt and pepper to taste.

4. Serve in bowls topped with sliced spring onion, sliced hard boiled egg and crushed chicharon. Serve with calamansi on the side.




GV Michel Oats – 2 cups

Hot water – 1 ½ cups

Cheddar cheese, grated – ½ cup

Sweet ham, chopped – ½ cup

Salt & pepper – to taste

Egg – 2 pcs

Flour – ½ cup

GV Michel Oats – ½ cup


Oil for deep frying




1. Soak GV Michel Premium Instant Oats in Water. Set aside for a few minutes.

2. Add cheddar cheese and ham in the pre-soaked oats, season with salt and pepper. Shape into logs or balls. Coat each with flour, egg, and oats. Chill for a few minutes.

3. Heat oil in frying pan. Fry prepared ham and cheese oatmeal logs until golden brown. May be served with any dip of choice.



Butter – 2 tbsp

Onion, minced – 2 tbsp

Button mushroom, chopped – ¼ c

Fresh shiitake, chopped – ¼ c

Oyster mushrooms, chopped –  ¼ cup

White wine – 1 tbsp

Cream – 3 tbsp

Salt & pepper – to taste

GV Michel rolled oats – 2 c

Hot water – 1 ½ c


Parsley, chopped for garnish





1. Heat pan. Add butter. Saute onions and mushrooms. Add white wine. Add cream. Season with salt and pepper.

2. Add GV Michel Rolled Oats. Add water. Add more water as needed. Adjust the seasoning.  Serve topped with fresh chopped parsley and grated parmesan cheese(optional)




Notte D’ Eleganza




World-renowned Italian Brand Antica Murrina Venezia © ™, makers of fine Murano Jewelry and accessories is now proudly launched here in the Philippines by Mr. and Mrs. Nardone of Porta Lucerna Trading. It is with excitement and flair of a night of fashion, that the introduction to Antica Murrina Venezia © ™,  was sparkling in glamour and elegance, here in Makati at the Buddha-Bar.

The marriage of the artistry of the East and the West was highlighted with a very colorful Jewelry fashion show that showcased the exquisite pieces of Antica Murrina Venezia © ™, and a collection of classic and colorful resort collection by fast rising designer Ryan Madamba. High note of the night was, that all the dresses were made of local fabric “Abel Iloco”, a hand-loomed cloth proudly made in the Northern Province of Ilocos Norte.  The owners, Jenny and Mom Nardone together with Ryan Madamba were the soul curators of the Antica Murrina Venezia © ™, pieces that was showcased during the show highlighting unique Murano jewelry and its craftsmanship through the 31-piece Murano Jewelry collection line, personally chosen from the Autumn/ Winter 2014 collection Antica Murrina Venezia © ™. All of this paired with the dresses for chic casual looks to the most glamorous evening parties for women of varied ages by Ryan Madamba. The event was held at Buddha Bar, hosted by charming and witty Issa Litton and was well attended by Manila’s Who is Who from society circles, fashion, politics, show business and industry leaders including Ms. Imelda Marcos, several Ambassadors and several Misses of the Beauty pageant world.

Murano is known for glass-blowing since the 12th century. It’s famed Maestros as glassblowers creating vast and elaborate chandeliers, wondrous mirrors, and especially at Antica Murrina Venezia © ™, timeless and beautiful Jewels. Visiting Murano and Venice, is like watching an art from another world, as skilled Italian craftsmen and women shape light and color into the unique beauty of each Murano jewelry. Antica Murrina Philippines is proud to represent its beautiful collection, which cleverly combines a tradition of craftsmanship, with contemporary design and an awareness of current trends.

Notte D’ Eleganza which means “A night of Elegance” in Italian, is underlining a premium accent on local artistry and what better way to present these beautiful creations by way of a spectacular fashion & Jewels, combines in one show,  graced by some of the most fashionably chic women of today.  Manila’s beautiful and known ladies from different facets of society sashayed the runaway as muses of the night wearing each of pieces from the latest Antica Murrina Venezia collection in the likes of Tessa Prieto Valdez, a certified muse in the social scene who is a writer and an interior designer, fashion-savvy Editor in Chief of Mega, Peewee Reyes- Isidro, Divine Lee a media personality and popular endorser and blogger, young actress Ritz Azul of TV 5, Kylie Padilla of GMA 7 and pop royalty, Keana Valenciano from ABS CBN, Rica Peralejo Bonifacio, an actress, singer and blogger, Charmagne Laconico – Beauty Editor of Metro Magazine, Rocio Olbes – one of Manila’s It-Girls and social advocate for welfare of livelihood projects for women in need, the beautiful and fashion-savvy socialites, Jerika Ejercito and Camille Farinas Mathay, Abby Asistio, a musician and social advocate for Alopecia Awareness alongside the top models headed by Asia’s Next Top Model’s Jodilly Piendre ending the glamorous night together with the brand ambassadress, the Face of Antica Murrina Philippines, Ms. Maggie Wilson-Consunji, who walked in beautiful Abel Iloco creations and accent unique masterpieces from Venice.

For the Fashion collection, Ryan Madamba explains his inspiration, “having known the owners personally, Jenny and Mom Nardone who were inspired with the unique craftmanship of  Murano jewelry during their travels to Venice, enlightened me with surprise and awe when they shared how the craftsmen of Antica Murrina Venezia © ™ blow and handcraft each piece by hand,  painstakingly to come up with all these one of a kind jewelry and all its unique colors inspiring a colorful yet classic and clean design in my head. Their expressed love and appreciation for handcrafted creations likewise reminded me of the artistry of Abel Iloco from my home province of Ilocos Norte. Immediately I thought there was no better way to welcome such an esteemed Italian brand but to marry it with our own. During the creative planning of the show, Mom and Jenny made sure that the handcrafted jewelry and accessories we perfectly partnering with the creations of classic and clean lines of each dress from my colorful collection. We wanted to showcase that whether you are dressing up for the beach, work, a casual tea with friends, a walk in the mall or attending a black-tie gala, the Antica Murrina Venezia © ™ collection will accompagny and dress you up in elegance and glamour each and every time.”

Mr. and Mrs. Nardone, who are the driving soul behind Antica Murrina’s arrival to the Philippines , and who are also the creative purveyors behind the interior design firm Porta Galleria      (www.portagalleria.com) here in Manila, offering an unique world of Fusion interiors, and lighting solutions inspired from world class brands, thought it was timely and such a perfect addition to the elite lifestyle pieces that complement people with taste for unique and timeless, classy pieces. And Antica Murrina Philippines was born .

“The goal for this event is to spread knowledge of this unique and extraordinary creativity, craftsmanship and artistry that make authentic Murano craftmenship a choice of excellence for a Made in Italy product which is another milestone and special highlight in the many successful and well loved brands under Porta Galleria” – when asked how she feels about bringing Antica Murrina in the country, Mrs. Jennifer Nardone, replied with so much enthusiasm. A jewelry designer herself, she believes in the timeless elegance of each Antica Murrina jewelry hence deciding to bring the brand to the Philippines, so more Filipinas could be mesmerized by its collection.  As Jennifer Nardone will put it, “when my husband introduced me these hand crafted Jewels, if I may say, I was right away attracted and caught by its flawless beauty and uniqueness. The vivid colors, the melting crystalline perfection and the elegance are beautiful accents to every stylish women’s wardrobe.”

One of the guests of honor, flying in from Italy was Antica Murrina Venezia © ™ CEO, Robert Ciotti, who could not keep his excitement throughout the show. During the event he on his Blackberry sending photos and real time updates to his team in Italy calling the launch a fashion event that could have been staged and rival events in Europe. “I was blown away,” he says. “I came knowing it will be a great event but this exceeded my expectations. And as we are looking into more presence in Asia, I could not have asked for better representation for Antica Murrina Venezia © ™, as Mom and Jenny Nardone who are our partners now in Philippines.  The dresses were beautiful and did perfectly complemented our Jewels from Murano. Such a beautiful collaboration that makes me even more excited for a brighter future for Antica Murrina Venezia © ™ here in the Philippines.




Mom and Jenny Nardone focused on the experience of bringing “Venice jewels” here to the Philippines and gave a glance to everyone, on how master glass makers perfect every piece of jewelry through an exciting fashion show, complete with enchanting music and dramatic lighting, lush and elegant theme that mesmerize the senses. This event was co-sponsored by Ledcore , Porta Galleria, Okee Vitamin Drink, Bestworld Beverage International Inc, Cygnal Travel & Tours, Light Skin Organics, It Figures Skin Care Clinic, and Iphor Trading Inc.

When asked Mr. Mom Nardone, the President of Antica Murrina Philippines, what separates Antica Murrina Venezia © ™ from other jewelry and he was very delighted to say “Each Antica Murrina Venezia © ™ Jewelry is handcrafted, so every piece is literally an UNIQUE PIECE. For me Antica Murrina Venezia © ™, is more than just a Jewelry brand. It is a lifestyle, it is Luxury per se, it a slice of Venice and “la dolce Vita Italiana” in each of the pieces, that comes along, when a woman wears Antica Murrina. And that alone, is priceless!”

Antica Murrina Philippines Flagship store is located at the New World Hotel Galleries , right on Makati Avenue, corner Esperanza Street, in the centre of Makati City . Tel : (02) 810 0105  09285202881 www.anticamurrina.com.ph , contact@anticamurrina.com.ph