Lifestyle Blogger uses the Huawei Media T5

Another gadget review this year! This time it’s a tablet – The Huawei Media T5.

As a lifestyle blogger and as I get older it’s all about convenience when it comes to everything even gadgets. The Huawei media t5 is for everybody not only for content creators like me.

It’s very light and I can just pop it in my bag especially if if I’m not in the mood to bring my laptop. The screen size (10.1 inches)  is just right to binge watch Netflix and YouTube with good resolution and sound. The features in the Huawei media t5 is your go to lifestyle tablet for everybody.

So what makes it different from all the tablets in the market? It’s that you can put a sim card. If you’re not connected to a wifi, you coud you use LTE/ 3G to go online, book a grab, book a hotel ( and play games.


Huawei Media T5 comes in 3 colors: black, champagne gold and mist blue.       Display: 1,1920 x 1, 200 pixels                                                                                    Memory:
2 GB RAM + 16 GB ROM                                                                                                             3 GB RAM + 32 GB ROM*
Camera:                                                                                                                                       Rear camera: 5 MP, F2.4, Auto Focus
Front camera: 2 MP, F2.4, Fixed focus
* 5100 mAh large battery.
* Dual stereo speakers/ Huawei Histen sound effect
* Octa core
* EMUI 8.0


The Huawei media t5 comes in a classic Huawei white box. Basic specs are written at the back of the box. As you open, the first thing you see is obvi, the tablet. In one compartment, comes with a standard charger and in another compartment, a box which contains the eject pin (outside of the box) and inside, the micro usb charging cable, quick start guide that comes in 8 languages and the warranty. Sadly, it doesn’t come with earphones like a phone, you have to buy on your own.


At first I thought the screen was matte but it wasn’t, It just had that vibe. The screen is not too bright. You get to enjoy watching videos in high definition. Smooth functioning and user friendly. Kids will be able to manage.

In typing, the keypad compared to other brands it’s smaller but it’s the right size for typing and wider. I did not have a hard time typing.


The camera, has your standard front and back cam. The specs, Rear camera: 5 MP, F2.4, Auto Focus and Front camera: 2 MP, F2.4, Fixed focus.

When taking a photo, it’s “okay”  for adroid quality, you have to tap to focus and you’ll appreciate it more when you view the photo through gallery. You’ll be surprise of how the sharp quality is . The camera is not built for insta worthy shots but it’s more of taking selfies, simple moments, flatlays can do especially since it’s wide and  taking photos for notes/ documents. Still best to take photos with good lighting with that you’ll get a good quality photo. It has a built in photo editor or you can use camera 360.



Same as the camera, fair android quality but good sound since it has double speakers. File format: *.mp4, *.3gp


Charging is fast and I did not experience any lagging when I was watching videos and playing games. It doesn’t heat up easily. The battery is long lasting too.


Based on my previous review on another Huwei product, the main concern if it has facebook. Don’t worry it has and the ban has been lifted.

Huawei as we know is powered by android, you have your PLAYSTORE, PLAY MOVIES, PLAY MUSIC and GOOGLE APPS (gmail,maps, youtube, gdrive and duo).

The TARGET app is useful when you want a one stop app to check everything – cleanup, mobile dat, blocked, battery, dropzone and virus scan.

Since you can use a sim card, you can CALL AND TEXT too. I just discovered this lately after I shot my vlog because the app is not in the main page. You have to check the tools folder along with the other basic apps. Tip, you can drag it out and put in the main page, if you like. No built in games, so you have to download.

The notes app, you can directly put the photo directly on your notes especially if you are OC and you want to feel organize. For me yes, since I am taking my masters, I like to take down notes and take a photo on the board or power point slide. I don’t have to go back to the gallery and check.

Overall, its a good quality tablet at an affordable price of PHP 9990 SRP!

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