Meet the young and trendy HUAWEI nova 11 Series !

It is true that Huawei listens to their consumer and keeping up with the times.  Seeing the latest Huawei Nova 11 series, personally loving the color ranges and they even have a unit made of sustainable material. The thing with the Huawei nova 11 series, it is the perfect phone for content creators. It has all the built in effects that one needs and capturing the perfect .5 selfie no need for trial and error 🙂


Each generation of nova products has delivered phenomenal mobile photography and performance. Through the years, Huawei has always adhered to the design concept of “Beauty comes first”, continuing to create iconic designs and pushing the boundaries of aesthetics. Building and keeping its flagship smartphone services attractive to the young, trendy and professional, Huawei’s consistent offerings of all the essentials plus loads of other fun features keep its niche market growing steady and sure.

 The new HUAWEI nova 11 Series is set to tickle the fancy of nova loyal fans once more with its practical but bold features and seamless exquisite design. 

 All-powerful innovative camera

The debuted XD Portrait, new and improved HUAWEI Ultravision Photography, 60 MP Front Ultra Portrait Dual Camera⁠ and  50MP Ultra Vision Camera System work together to deliver an unparalleled imaging experience, which is also considered ideal for capturing stunning portrait photos and delivers front-facing professional portrait when shooting selfies.. The HUAWEI nova 11 Series embodies the brand’s outstanding qualities and offers users an unparalleled imaging and portrait experience, complete with exquisite textures and visuals. The HUAWEI nova 11 Series takes photography to new heights with a cutting-edge upgrade to both its front and rear cameras, making an exceptional photography system possible. 

  Premium Design, Durable Smartphone

The new HUAWEI nova 11 Series promises to be the “all-powerful smartphone” that blends classic design with premium flagship features. The HUAWEI nova 11 Pro is equipped with Kunlun Glass and vegan leather with the classic monogram nova logo, making the phone powerfully wear-resistant and drop-resistant in daily scenarios. The HUAWEI nova 11 features an unprecedented HUAWEI nova architecture. The Lightweight craftsmanship and 3D Stacking Technology of the HUAWEI nova 11 makes it comfortable to hold the phone and brings an immersive experience with boundless vision. 

HUAWEI SuperCharge Turbo, ultra-large battery for a long-lasting battery life

The battery capacity largely determines the battery life of the phone. In a slim body, the HUAWEI nova 11 and 11 Pro packs a more power-efficient 4500 mAh and 5000 mAh for the nova 11i large battery capacity. Equipped with 100W HUAWEI SuperCharge Turbo charging modes, the HUAWEI nova 11 Pro can be charged to 60% in 10 minutes and can be fully charged in 20 minutes when the screen is off. The nova 11 features 66W HUAWEI SuperCharge Turbo⁠, and it can be fully charged in just 31 minutes. The nova 11i comes with 40W HUAWEI SuperCharge Turbo, which takes the battery to 60% after just a half an hour of charging.

EMUI 13 seamless AI Life

The Huawei nova 11 series runs on EMUI 13 seamless AI Life for a more secure, smarter, and smoother experience. Connect with ease with EMUI 13 running devices for multi-screen functions. The HUAWEI nova 11 Series runs EMUI 13 to further improve user privacy and security assurance by offering Privacy and Security Centre. App permission access and device security status are more transparent and controllable than they’ve ever been, allowing for ultimate peace of mind. Get productive in less time using the Huawei nova series for work and study.

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