My Tarot Reading for 2017: Third Eye Wellness

Before turning 24, I feel this year is the turning point of my career where I think I have to actually get my life together but I still feel lost. I have lots of questions and sometimes we need a guide. I always wanted to get a TAROT reading – from last year’s mandala event I got a reading there are a lot of things going on. I am not 100% into it but its just a guide, nothing is wring and YOU are still the captain of your own ship to navigate.

Madam Neetu upon meeting her she has this calm aura but I felt nervous because I don’t know what she may see in may fate. I’ll be sharing tidbits of my reading because some are personal.

She starts off my, giving you a shakra (place it near your heart). She then, gets your full name and birthday. For me I was born June 17 – Planet Saturn, a karmic planet. Like If I do something, something happens. She advices I donate BLACK every saturday.

When it comes to the reading part, you can start of by GENERAL or SPECIFIC.I started with general, I have to shuffle the cards and then laid down the deck of cards and she said to pick 13 cards using your LEFT HAND. The left hand is associated with the right hemisphere of the brain (I can’t recall the actual ration why LEFT HAND). So I picked up 13 cards. She read for the coming 6 months will be GOOD, she said one of the best she’s seen. That’s when I started to calm down. She read I am privilege (looking at my mom – I am grateful to my parents), I am into luxury items and she tells me to TRAVEL a lot this year.

Going to the specifics, so I have to shuffle the cards, place them into decks, puts them down and pick using my LEFT hand.

My reading according to Ma’am Neetu – I’m just gonna give GENERAL okay? I don’t want to jinx it. Hope you guys would understand

CAREER: I have to WAIT. (This is the most general I can say). Good opportunities local and abroad – my choice. She emphasized to TRAVEL.

BLOG: Continue and more projects! Yay!

LOVELIFE: I don’t want to give all details but I have to be the woman I need to be (sorry the most CLICHE I could say) , I have to show that I am AVAILABLE, getover the PAST and then (In God’s will, me saying this), that PROTECTIVE someone will come. 

At the end guys, I am still the one who is going to decide on my faith. So far its been a month, I got a lot of projects lately and hoping for the CLARITY Madam Neetu said. 

If you plan to have a session with the gorgeous Madam Neetu, you have to settle an appointment FIRST. Contact att: (02) 808.2984 / 0917.636.2800 

They are located at 600A, 6/Fl, 20th Drive Corporate Center, 20th Drive, Mckinley Business Park, Fort Bonifacio. They can be located using WAZE and using the grab car app Third eye wellness also has a cafe, they offer massages and healing as well. 

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