Change The Way You See Friendship

I have always been Ms. Friendship, I can’t explain it on how I became one but that is what my friends describe me.  I like the gush of meeting new people, getting to know them and talking to them. When I was younger, naive and full of idealism that I wanted to have lots of friends and be popular. Well growing up, I came from a family that was low key then I envy the popular kids and their families who join and attend events- Because I was a nobody.


I decided to break that shell when I hit grade school  I tried joining lot of clubs and whenever you join extra curricular activities it boost up your grade, from my usual ranking in the honor roll I was able to score a higher ranking. I even tried running for Student council when I was in 3rd year highschool as vice president, the following year as president. The answer is YES, I won consecutively. When I entered college, I got tired and decided to focus on things that matter and stay “low key” because college was another ball game.

Looking back, I realized what such a try hard I was despite lots of achievements and accomplishments – It tested lots of friendships too. Now that I am 23, I realize that it doesn’t matter how many LIKES you get, the important thing is what the people who are involve in your life matters and what they think of you. You get to appreciate having a small circle of friends and that sometimes there are just some people in your life you have to let go and can’t avoid that is the adulting way that we call MUTUAL RESPECT.



As you get older your perspective about friendship changes, there are those who are for lifetime and seasonal a.k.a temporary. There will be people you meet along the way who would use you – I’ve been there. They act all nice in front of you and later on they stab you at the back. What I learn is that don’t give yourself too much, they will use it against you. You have to test the waters first (get to know them) and when your gut says there is something wrong – LISTEN and then try to AVOID. Wish I had wisdom back then yet I was too gullible.

Now that I am older I just laugh about the past. I forgave, YES but I never forget – to be honest there is that pinch trauma but as years gone by it starts to fade away. Trust is like a glass, once you break it there is no going back to fixing it. You can give  a second chance but it depends on how much they hurt you and will you be better without them- Think about it. Sometimes when you love and care for someone you allow room for mistakes – This rule applies to people that proved their worth.


When you were young everything seems innocent and forgiving. Once you hit puberty,  peer pressure gets involve, everything changes. I have friends who I met since kindergarten some still strong  as ever and others drifted apart. There are THE OTHERS, that my friend termed as “DIPLOMATIC FRIENDSHIP” this is the common “Hi and Hello”.

With the people you have in your life there are those that have to grow out of your circle like they have to go abroad and now the trend is they are starting to have their own family – their priorities changes. When your friends start having lovelife, they only remember you when its not date night and  others focus too much on their careers that sometimes they don’t have time anymore. The truth, is it is a normal  CHANGE that you have to go through. Then it is a test of friendship as well. You’ll miss what you had before like you go on random night outs, travels and adventures when everybody was available. Your job is BE A FRIEND,  be there for them when they are in need and understand, people have their own lives.


I let my friends do their own thing and when I see them being stupid I confront them especially when they are “INLABABO” a term for being love sick. I only tell them once what I feel and what fishy scoop I get from their significant other  because they will NEVER LISTEN – “In Love eh., Love is blind … and deaf”. I told myself there will come a day, I will say “I TOLD YOU” in their faces but the thing is as a friend you have to support them and what is important is your friend’s happiness – they will learn.

TIP: Don’t ever ever forget and ditch your friends! Be updated with what is happening in their lives (there is what we call social media), message them time to time and catch up when you can. When your relationship fails, your friends are the ones who got your back. Whatever the damage, you’re still gonna root for your friend #loyalty. For me I also learn my lesson, when my friends introduce his or her significant other I only be close with their significant other if I see their relationship is potential for long-term and marriage.


Good friendships last a lifetime and I am glad to have friends that still stick through my side till now. We give each other adult advices and you’ll notice that your usual topics back then compared to now changes. We talk about careers, finances and settling down (the serious one).


What my friends love about me is the PATIENCE that I have with people. Despite the craziness I’ve been through with my friends all these years – I LOVE THEM. We all grown and put all the immature stuff behind us. We make each other better and be there when one needs help and despite the imperfections our friends have, we know we can always count on them. The heartbreaks, craziness and the people that come, go and stay change the way I see about friendship – the mature one. (You guys know who you are <3 )

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