Chef Laudico- GUEVARRA’S

Guevarra’s by Chef Laudico, is a 1920’s inspired, 200 people capacity restaurant  co-owned by the rockstar chef couple Roland and Jackie Laudico, I’ve seen them appear and  guest on a number of shows on TFC, Sharing their unique recipes and featuring their chains of restaurants.

To share, its my first, food blogger gig and very lucky to be invited, I have to thank Charlene Ajose for that, for years I have been her forever plus one and she convinced me to start my own blog, so I did, right after graduation. 

(Group selfie with Chef Jackie and my fellow bloggers ) 

Having the opportunity to talk to Chef Jackie, she is so sweet, motherly and cool to hang with. She sat with us while we dine and had the chance to talk with her and make “chika”. I’ve had to ask her about her outfit, because it looks stylish and different, whenever I see her and her husband on TV, she said her friend Hindy Tantoco designed it. Because a lady chef like her needs to look flattering. I totally agree 🙂

 Guevarra’s price rates are affordable, for the buffet just P399 during weekdays from 10am-2pm. Not bad right? On the weekends, P599. I better suggest you guys call for reservation/(s) since a lot of people really come to the place just for the Guevarra’s experience.T hey can still accommodate walk-in guests, depending on the availability of tables. You can contact them at 705 1811 / 705 1874 / 502 5006 0917 311 2222.

(You could check their FB page for more details

Here’s the question, where is it? How to get there? Its located at 387 P. Guevarra St. cor. Argonne St., Addition Hills San Juan, Manila, Philippines. I highly suggest that you bring your own wheels or vehicle because its way inside a compound, and If you don’t have wheels, its either you hire a taxi service, like we did or download a “grab a taxi” app to lessen the hassle. 

(Here is the parking area)

As you get inside Guevarra’s, you’ll love the cozy, homey decor and breathtaking paintings, very FILIPINO vibe. Good to dine with family, friends, co-workers and reserve for parties. Before it became a blockbuster place to feast, The place was actually an old house and have been renovated ,according to Chef Jackie. in one of our conversations, it used to be a spa before. Just a little trivia to share.

(Signed plates by famous Filipino personalities)

(I just have to take a picture of ANNE CURTIS’ signed plate, such a fan!)

Here are some food shots I got, from the buffet area and I’ll be giving some of my input on the captions, as much as I can and which ones are my fave, To be honest everything taste so mouth watering. 

(Here comes, a little reminder)

Angus beef lechon, is actually new addition to their menu and we are lucky to be the first ones to taste it, It has been roasted in the pugon for like 7 hours. Well those hours are worth the wait. Definite 5/5 stars and dip it in the sauce, amazeballs! 

(Better start with the appetizers ofcourse, so yummy and so hard to choose especially if you are watching your food intake- SO SINFUL but heavenly to chew)

(The crust taste good too and the chicken is soft to cut, love it!)

(Certified blockbuster)

(What’s dinuguan without puto?)

(I always love KARE-KARE)

(Fan of the palabok!)

Time for some sweets! 🙂 YUM. I really saved some space in my tummy for dessert time. 

(You can swirl your own ice cream!- Model: Charlene Ajose!) 

(My favorites were the Green pichi pichi and carrot cake)

More Photos: 

(Yipee, my own signed plate )

I’ll be coming back soon 🙂