Shawarma Snack Center

Schoolmates of mine from ,“PSSO” (formerly known as PSM- Philippine School Muscat) kinda mentioned this place a number of times, well recently I kinda had this idea, of trying out places here in metro manila that served “Arabian food” since I was born and raised in Muscat, Oman and sometimes I get “homesick” ,so its nice reminisce the good old days.  

My good friend, Franz, is here in Manila and he misses Oman, badly. Then it gave me an idea, since I’ve already blogged a place that serves “shawarma”, why won’t I bring him to “Shawarma snack center” since I haven’t tried the place yet, (some of my friends have been bragging it) and  the opportunity to blog it also, and start this journey of like, searching “the best shawarma” that I could say is closest to the flavors back home.

Muriel, another friend of mine have been to the place already and she insists that we should try it, she says the place resembles the vibe back home and the food is good. 

The place is located at 484 R Salas Street, Ermita, Manila. Lately my readers suggested, that I should give instructions on how to commute to the places that I’ve blogged.Well that entirely depends on where you are coming from first, but I’ll mention some landmarks instead and try to give simple directions. If you are familiar getting to “Robinsons Manila” you’re on the right track, as you exit the grocery (which is inside the mall), you’ll pass by burger king, as you get out, cross over then over the left side, look for “SALAS STREET”, then walk straight ahead until you see the signage. (I swear on that particular street, there are a lot of Arabian designed establishments-mostly agencies, its like you’re walking on a middle east setting, you get to see Arabs walking too btw and other foreigners)

Okay, to honest, the vibe is sooo like back home, first its “spacey”, makes it distinct like the restos back home, then the interior resembles an arabian or turkish restaurant, we were “Aawwed”. It feels like home.

The place is sometimes a full house, depending on the time, with mostly Arabs dining in but we’ve spotted some “kababayans” also.The employees are mostly composed of Filipino staff, they were really accommodating and friendly. Another thing, YES, they have WIFI ! ,( I kinda miss seeing Arab servers and hearing their exotic accent. )

(SPOT THE OMANI 1 RIAL hahaha! )

The menu had a lot of varieties, covers different arab cuisines from different regions and ofcourse the common arabian food we order. The price rates are ranging from affordable to pricey (just some), If you’re a student, its nice to share paying the bill with some friends.

We’ve ordered our favorites, Shawarma, biryani or beryani and hommus with pita breads

Our favorite was the biryani/beryani, the flavors were playing in our mouths and I like mixing mine with some garlic sauce, it was so good and you can taste the spices, it wasn’t that spicy, which I loved most due to some medical reasons for me. But I guess you can request for it to be spicier, for others. Worth what you’ve paid for, the servings is good for 3-4 persons.Costs around P300+. I give it a 5/5 score.

(They have yogurt also, for P80)

The hommus was good, whip it on a pita bread, you’re good to go. Hommus was worth around P135 and the pita bread varies if Arabian (P12) or Wheat (P16). 5/5 score. 

Okay my Shawarma verdict, presentation wise it looks like a Shawarma, the contents, there were pickles mixed in it with other veggies and actual chicken cuts inside. Overall it was “masarap”, I appreciate it more with garlic sauce, flavors played well but their shawarma is more of the Mediterranean touch, Its not Istanboly-ish, If that is what you’re expecting. The servings is alright, We ordered the “3 shawarmas”, you can have either beef or chicken for P2504/5 score.

Coming from Quezon city going to Malate and dine at Shawarma snack center was worth going for, we are definitely coming back. If you are from the middle east or someone like me who grew on loving the arabian culture and feel a bit home sick, come to Shawarma snack center and if you are a foodie also like me, come to “SSC” and have that “Arab experience”