Whipped Sugar Waxing and Scrub Salon: Sugar Waxing and Eyebrow

I’ve been threading my brows for years, I’ve dealt with the pain it comes (sounds like hugot) but I’ve also heard about waxing of the brows I got a little scared all the while I thought its like hot wax and to be stripped off (sounds painful) but then the opportunity came for me to blog for Whipped and they offer painless sugar wax.

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Coming to their branch at Forbes Town BGC 2nd floor, the place looks very cozy and relax, it has a counter, mini lounge and 4 private rooms. The staff are very friendly and accommodating. The concept of whipped that makes them different is the sugar wax, very all natural no chemicals. The sugar wax once its mixed up all together it forms into a gooey like substance, then once applied and sticks through the hair, its pulls the excess hairs needed. It is less painful but the gulat factor is the only thing you have to endure. It also has lightening properties and how smooth your skin becomes after. The price rates are affordable- varies when your either a male or female.

Price rates!

For the eyebrows it takes about like 15-20 minutes (for both), its like how long you do for a regular threading. The underarms would take about the same time depends on how how hairy the pits are- after waxing they also make sure to pluck the small ones after.


Females P200 / Male P280


Females P250 / Male P330




The brainchild of Ms. Bing Fabi (owner), is all about providing all natural ingredients with less ease. You try out Whipped services from sugar waxing to caramel scrub (will be featured on my upcoming blogpost), their other branches are at:

  1. 3rd Floor  Ayala Fairview Terraces
  2. 2nd Floor, Commerce Avenue Wing at Alabang Town Center
  3. 2nd floor, Eight Forbes Town Center BGC.

Follow them on instagram: @whippedsalonph #YummerWithWhipped #WhippedItOut #StrippedWithWhipped #SmootherWithWhipped #WhippedATC #WhippedAFT #WhippedETC #DareToGetWhipped #GetWhippedNow #WhippedMNL #OnlyAtWhipped



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