Going Wireless: Huawei Freebuds 3

I’ve decided to go wireless because it’s more convenient to workout with. I got the chance to use the Huawei freebuds 3 for awhile I like how snatched or snugged fit it is when place in my  ear.  Huawei calls it their open fit design, it is stable wearing while delivering focused sound deeply  in your ears. I agree it is and also comfortable to wear!

I like using the Freebuds 3  when I am just strolling around while listening to music. The audio is smooth and clear. When it comes to the maximum volume, it is controlled -just right.

When it comes to working out,  my experiences were like while running fast – It tends to fall.  Obviously doing strenuous isn’t advisable. You can workout with it but on a stable state like cycling, standing  and simple workouts that’s not fast phasing or requiring to shake your head much.

What makes it different? 

Active noise cancelling and Bone sensor

The Huawei freebuds 3 is the “new intelligent sound” because of it’s Active Noise Cancelation feature. You get to enjoy listening to it despite how rowdy or noisy the environment  is because of  it’s high quality audio processor. Huawei claims, “the ANC can eliminate the background noise during calls and enhance your voice simultaneously”.

As suggested by Huawei, “To personalize the ANC effect according to your ear canal and wearing habit, Huawei recommends  to download the AI Life App to adjust its ANC levels.”

TAP, next…

First hand experience, it is sensitive when you tap it accidentally. But this has something more – Tapping the Freebuds 3  is the way for you to shuffle (click next) to the next music. According to Huawei, “Double tap the right to play / switch music, or the left to turn on / off ANC function. Playback pauses when taken off, and resumes once put back in.”. 

Hello, is it clear? 

When making calls, expect on Huawei Freebuds 3 end to deliver clear audio with it’s 14.2 mm dynamic driver.  Another thing, because of it’s Aerodynamic mic duct design it can suppress wind noise when you make calls even while in motion.

One of my issues before, when I watch “some” videos where people talk it’s not in sync with the audio but the audio is clear (This is when I used a non Huawei phone). Hope that description makes sense? But most of the time it’s in sync as time goes by. This happened if I haven’t used the freebuds 3 after a long time or first time using it – adjustment stage. After that things go smoothly.

I was trying to pair it with a Huawei phone to see if the problem with the syncing  is the same but it can’t be detected even though I’ve clicked “forget this device” from my main phone which is a non Huawei brand. I don’t know if my current Huawei phone supports or is not compatible with my freebuds 3 but it meets the EMUI 10 requirements of freebuds 3. I’ve tried another non Huawei phone (3rd phone), it can’t seem to detect the device via bluetooth. My personal experience, it seems loyal to the first phone that you connected with first. (Maybe it’s a personal defect on my freebuds 3, if you have a different experience or it connects smoothly to any phone,  kindly comment below, thanks!)

That’s my personal experiences, for me  for as long I get clear audio that’s good enough for me especially listening  to music when I workout or chill. When I tried connecting it to Spotify it was adjusting at first but then it connects smoothly afterwards and the audio is good.

So Connected

Pairing the freebuds is via bluetooth (Phone’s settings). It’s easy to pair but I’ve noticed it takes a longer time for it to connect or to be detected when you tend to switch phones. If you have a main phone, it connects quick and smoothly. The Freebuds 3’s Bluetooth is the Huawei Kirin a1.  It can connect also to non Huawei phones but for those than run on EMUI, there is a requirement of EMUI 10 Above

Unboxing impressions

It comes is a white sleek box and when you open it you’ll see the Frebuds 3 unique round casing. The advantage of the casing compared to other brands, it’s not that bulky and it’s thinner which makes it more classy. When you remove the casing from the box, there is a flap that could lift the case.

Inside the case, you can find your 2 cute freebuds/earbuds. Compared to other wireless earphones it’s has a longer stem but it still looks sleek and slim.

In the compartment area, it only has one the charging cord. I got mine with no adapter included.

At the back there is another compartment which includes QR CODE for the Huawei Ai Life app, safety information, Quick start guide and warranty card


  • Comes in 3 colors: carbon black, ceramic white and red
  • Weight: 4.5 g (per earbud) and with casing 4.8 g
  • Battery: 30 mAh (min.) (per earbud)
    410 mAh (min.) (charging case)
  • Bluetooth range: Huawei Kirin A1 / bluetooth compatibility 5.1
  • Wired: USB Type-C (5V1.2A 6W)
    Wireless: Qi standard (2 W)
  • 4 hr. playback on 1 charge
    20 hr. playback with charging case*
  • Charging time: About 1 hour for the charging case (wired)*
    About 1 hour for the earbuds (in the charging case)*

Huawei freebuds 3 would cost PHP 8990 here in the Philippine. Available at Lazada and Shopee 🙂

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