Lifestyle Blogger Review on the Huawei MediaPad T3

It’s 2020 and I’m  all about that hassle free lifestyle – comfort, accessibility and a lot travel size goodies (small stuff). As you guys know I’m always on the go and I like carrying a lot of stuff. Why? just to be prepared incase.

The only time I like carrying my laptop is when I attend my masters but when it’s a regular day or I’m going around the metro and I have to do work, the Huawei mediapad T3 is very handy in terms of size (I can just pop it in my bag or put it in a medium size pouch) and how multi functional it is, suited for everyone. For the Huawei mediapad T3, you can also insert a sim card  to text, make & take calls and get LTE, if you are not connected to the wi-fi. I am personally not comfortable using a pad to take calls but good thing this one is mini so it’s not that awkward.


-Aluminum alloy body and stylish design                                                                    –Slim-light form for excellent portability                                                                         – 8-inch crystal clear IPS HD Display with healthy eye-comfort mode              -4800 mAH long lasting


If you have seen my Instagram stories, the package did not come in the usual Huawei white box but it came in a teal box (very cute!) and you can open it easily from the side.

The mediapad itself is easy to hold (Depth 7. 95 mm) and like i said, it is travel size – width (124. 65 mm) and height (211.07 mm). It is sleek but it only comes in one color which is SPACE GRAY.

The compartment contains:  complete charger set (cord and adapter), Huawei warranty card, start guide and an eject pin. If there is an eject pin means there is a sim card and memory card compartment (ONLY NANO AND MICRO SD SIM). For the Huawie Mediapad T3 doesn’t come with free earphones.


Size: 8.0 inches
Type: IPS display
Resolution: 1280 x 800 (HD)
Contrast: 800:1

In terms of screen display, it is glossy and right amount of brightness.  The swiping function is smooth and so far I haven’t experience any lag(s) while using it for a few weeks.

When typing, the keypads are slim, compressed and tiny for someone like me who has big and long fingers. It is more of preference but I am able to type well fairly.


Rear camera: 5 MP and auto focus
Front camera: 2 MP and fixed focus

Front camera (natural light)
Front  camera (indoor)
Rear camera (outdoor)
Rear camera (indoor)

The front camera, is still best under natural light. Indoor photos looks a bit dark but here is a tip, use beauty mode (top left of the screen) and swipe left for the setting and choose a higher ISO. The more brighter the photo looks.

Same as well as the rear cam, the resolution for indoor photos is not as sharp and bright compared to outdoor photos. Like I said, photos are best taken under natural light – for good android quality photos.  It’s not insta worthy but it is good enough for picturing documentation and writings like on the board.


Video quality is sharper compared to the camera and the sound/ recording is good for a mini pad.


Sound quality is fairly good. On my personal experience being alone in a quiet room watching online livestream, loudness is just alright. The speakers can be found on the top screen. There is a earphone jack located at the upper right of the mediapad. (No earphones are included in the package)


Is a major thumbs up for me, I actually left the pad and did not charge it for a few days, I came from an almost a week trip and it’s still has battery life but it was already low bat. With online livestream, battery life is really good. I am very impressed personally with Huawei’s battery life.


ROM: 16 GB


I would have some issues when I install a new app, it exits but when I come back to the app, it doesn’t happen. I think this is a normal thing for Android. It runs on an EMUI 5.1 (Based on Android 7.0). There are tendencies for it to lag for a short time but comes back running back to normal.

You still have your PLAYSTORE and all google applications in one folder (like Youtube, gmail, google drive, google maps etc…). For those asking, YES you can still download Facebook with this unit – the ban has been lifted 🙂

You have your basic apps and my favorite the note app of Huawei where you can directly insert your photos, same as other high end phone brands who have that feature.

Overall it is a fairly good quality tablet, for just PHP 6, 490. 00 SRP!!



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