Avon Supermarket at Victoria de Manila

From the catalogues to an actual super market, Avon has made a name by not just by their well known products but also give credit to your friendly neighborhood Avon consultants who visits home to home. I personally didn’t grow up with  Avon but I’ve heard how it has became part of a consumer culture here in the Philippines. While growing up abroad I’ve heard about it. I’ve encountered this is like a side hustle to some OFWs in Oman.

I got to visit their branch at Victoria de Manila at Taft which is an actual Avon supermarket. Don’t be too surprise it may seem like an AVON HQ but ofcourse you’ll never miss seeing your friendly Avon consultants as well. As I entered the HQ, it’s like a grocery store they have their own area where you can leave you bags so you can enjoy shopping.

Getting to the shopping part, ofcourse you can’t miss the intimate apparel section which is iconic for Avon. Next the Beauty section, it’s such a wide range from makeup to skincare. You can’t miss Avon’s MARK beauty line that I’ve heard and seen all over social media. The skincare section has a lot of products that are up for grabs.  Avon has created like not so usual skincare innovation that you don’t see much in the local market like black head(s) peel strips which I look forward to use on my self care days.

The Home section was my personal fave, I bet you didn’t know that Avon now makes HOME products now. I’ve reached to that Tita of Manila vibe and like to fill my home with really helpful and functional items.  Besides that they also have a jewelry section and the price range is affordable, of good good quality to your liking. You guys should check it out and Avon will be expanding this supermarket concept  to other locations in the near future 🙂

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