Hey Sugar! Trinoma

Living your pastel haven dreams is HEY SUGAR! So far one of the most instagram worthy waxing salon in the metro. It had opened its latest branch at Trinoma. Located at the Ground level near Mercury drug store ( The way  to SM North). 

Hey Sugar! uses all natural and organic ingredients 100% sugar. Here is an insider tip, my friend told me if you donate used razors you get 20% off.

Basically they have COLD AND HOT SUGAR WAS and the prices ranges accordingly to MALE or FEMALE. They have for face waxing, arm and leg waxing, body waxing and brazilian and bikini waxing.HOT WAX was most likely recommended but ofcourse it is still ones reference. It goes like the usual, they spread the sugar wax on the area, apply strip and pull. It ain’t painful, it’s just “nakakagulat”/shocking. It’s tolerable when it comes to sensitive areas. I’ll be posting the pricelist and packages that you can avail.

A little reminder, don’t apply any lotion/creams and don’t shave atleast for 2 weeks before your appointment. Most likely avoid being under the sun after and avoid tight clothing.

They also have threading services for eyebrows, upper lip and full facial. I already tried their threading, it was okay. On my experience compared to other eyebrow salon they only have 1 type of threading service (P150)  unlike others they have specifically for shaping etc and during my experience, I lay down in their salon bed but I also know they have a chair in case rooms are full.

I also recommend their eyelash enhancement especially PERMING compared to extensions. Perming is way safer compared to extensions according my friends. Perming is like getting a permanent mascara. The perm would last about 2-3 months depending on your lifestyle. Basically, they taped around your eyes and you have to do it while your eyes are closed. Apply the first solution from a color pink bottle then leave it for 20 minutes, another solution in a yellow bottle for another 20 minutes and last, from a blue bottle for about 5 minutes. While you are getting a perm why not get a was while waiting 🙂


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