Love Yourself and Live a Healthy Lifestyle

It’s been over 40+ days since the start of ECQ, then slowly introducing what we can the “new normal”. Who knows what will happen in the coming days.

My routine has definitely change since ECQ. Usually I would get up in the morning, drive to the gym then the rest is work and acads ,when I don’t have my masterals also the occasional blogger events that I attend.Now it’s whole day just at home, I realized that I am too much of an extrovert and missing my normal routine badly.

Since the gyms are close, I have to keep up with my active lifestyle and diet. I created a routine, schedule and checklist to keep me sane during ECQ. To be completely honest, there are times I get off the grid and then eventually get back to it. My routine now would be like this:

[To my future kids, this is how Mom survived the Pandemic]

  • Wash my face in the morning, gargle and skincare ( especially moisturizer and sunscreen- important anti aging regimen duo)
  • Quick 5- 15 minutes fasted cardio workouts before breakfast (I try )
  • Take my vitamins and supplements
  • Work/acads/blog
  • Do anything I feel (binge watch Netflix, skincare, cook/bake, clean, video call fam & friends etc..)
  • Squeeze a 45-minute(s) workout (I try my best, this is suggested by my trainer to do everyday- FYI,  I do have rest days too)
  • Shower and other basic hygienic routine – wash hands always!
  • My  diet –  keeping it all balanced and healthy. I would count my calories and servings using an app (I recommend an app called Lose It!) or write it down on my journal. Like I said I try to be healthy but sometimes I indulge- so many food temptations!!!! One minute looking over what to eat in the pantry or what recipe I got from the internet that I can make using ingredients available. Plus as ECQ slowly evolves to GCQ, food deliveries are available. I usually have a diet delivery service who preps my meals and delivers it to my home but at the moment they are not operating so I have to make meals on my own huhu 🙁 Don’t forget DRINK LOTS OF WATER, keep yourself HYDRATED!!!
  • Since I am the designated person in the family, I would go out sometimes to drive to the nearby grocery and pharmacy.

How to love yourself in the middle of a pandemic?

It’s hard to stay positive during this time because you see all over social media/news related to the pandemic. It did really hit everyone. For me, like I always say  and as cliche as it sounds, “Start from within yourself then everything follows”.  Like eating clean , exercise, get enough sleep,  meditate, pray and talk to someone about your feelings – don’t be afraid to ask for help. Keep yourself busy – do what makes you happy, do things that you haven’t done before (example, learn a language),  how can you improve and reflect. We have all the means online and what you have at home. If you have the resources to help, go for it. All we can do now for 2020 is to SURVIVE 🙂

I am glad that I have the Huawei GT2e to help me keep up with my now called, ECQ lifestyle. I have the chance to workout with it for almost a few weeks now, It definitely lives up to the 2 WEEK BATTERY LIFE as emphasized by Huawei during the launch- legit tried and tested by me but I think it will also depend on how much you maximize or use the watch. Charging of the watch is unique, it has a Charging port with magnetic contacts.

Working out with the GT2e was fun. I was worried at first especially doing floor exercises because the screen looks fancy but so far no scratches. Whenever I break a sweat it is comfortable to wear, you don’t feel that icky/sticky feeling since it’s material is made perfect for working out.

I got to manage not only my workouts/fitness but also my overall health as a “smart sports coach” such as:

  • Sleep – you wear the watch  as you sleep, it monitors your hours and you can set a target – more details found at the health app. You need to download the Huawei health app first, connect the phone and the smart watch then set it up using the app.
  • Monitoring spO2, this is monitoring the oxygen level in the blood. At first I did not have this programmed in my watch. You have to update the Huawei heath app on your phone. (What I learned in nursing school during my time, starting 90% is the normal range, normal values may vary according to institution). Especially now covid-19 is in the picture, this could also be helpful. In the medical field we use a pulse oximeter which collects vital signs data which also includes spO2.
  • Stress management- stress levels are monitored  &  the watch keeps a record. You have to enable the automatic stress test in Huawei Health app.

Note: As the Huawei health app keeps on being mentioned, I have another blogpost on how to use the app.

The Huawei GT2e is a functional smart watch that you’ll love to wear while working out or just to track your productivity especially now during this pandemic. We need some source of motivation and guide because we need to be healthy.

The Huawei GT2e is available to shop at Lazada and Shoppee for PHP 6990. It comes in graphite black, lava red, mint green and icy white colors. It is advisable that we do online shopping for now and I would definitely recommend this product  🙂

For more you can read my blogpost (link below) which includes: what makes the GT2e different, Unboxing impressions/ specs, How to use the Huawei health app (You’ll need to download this app to use the watch) , more workout experience and simple guide to use the watch 🙂

Keep safe and stay healthy – love yourself! <3





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