MIYU: Achieve the 3Bs (Bright, Bubbly and Beautiful)

For almost a month now I have been using MIYU 3 in 1 Whitening: CLEANSING, TONER AND MOISTURIZER.

It comes in a  very cute pastel pink and green packaging. Miyu is a known Korean skin care line who came to the Philippines and created 3 products for the Pinay Skin. Got to hand it to you I am a fan of Korean beauty products. With that kind of admiration Philippines have with Korean aesthetics, it’s no question why Manila was a good target. 

MIYU conducted a study and formulated products based upon the Pinay skin. According to research, It has been said Pinays mostly use 3 skincare products: cleanser, toner and moisturizer. 

MIYU, Manufactured by COSMECCA KOREA CO. Ltd and distributed by AMWAY PHILIPPINES has created 3 products for the Pinay lifestyle. It is made from BUCKWHEAT,  CHAGA MUSHROOM (Chaga glycoprotein) and HYALURONIC ACID. Buckwheat is responsible for the BRIGHTENING and decreases sebum to prevent acne. CHAGA MUSHROOM is for the PORE TIGHTENING and ofcourse HYALURONIC ACID is for MOISTURE. 

The MIYU WHITENING CLEANSER is called “FREE ME UP” : Cleansing, Moisturizing and Whitening. It has this “citrus” scent and it is gentle on the skin. If you guys ask it is good for all skin types. Available in 100 ML.

The MIYU TONER is called “PORE ME DOWN” (such cute names),  for TONING (removes dead skin cells, Pore Minimizing and Tightening & Whitening. Sometimes I just dab it directly on my face and just a few drops it covers the entire face.The products are good to cover till 4-5 months based upon my estimation on how I used it.   

My favorite, the MIYU “EASY PEASY BABY” For Moisturizing, Protecting SPF 30 PA+++ and WHITENING. According to research, Pinays are not into sunblock, how ironic considering how hot it is here in manila and the beaming heat too.  So Miyu was so smart to create a MOISTURIZER and SUNBLOCK together. I personally bring this when I am on the go with no make up. 

For P1947 you’ll be able to get the entire set. You can purchase it individually also. You can order and purchase it at www.amway.com.ph 

INSTAGRAM: @amwayph_official



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