Get extra protection vs scams with GCash Send Money Protect


From left: GCash Chief Risk Officer Ingrid Beroña; GCash VP and Group Head for New Businesses Winsley Bangit; and GInsure Head Jay Young.

In a recent study conducted in November 2023, it was revealed that the Philippines has become the epicenter of scams in Southeast Asia. This was a result of the rapid increase in digital finance app users. To protect its customers from fraud, the country’s leading finance superapp, GCash, in collaboration with Chubb, the world’s largest publicly traded property and casualty insurance company, is now offering customers an added layer of protection through the ‘Send Money Protect’ or ‘SMP’ feature in the GCash app. The SMP feature provides coverage should users become affected by the top three major scams, namely online shopping fraud, social engineering, and account takeover, when they send money via Express Send. For only P30 per month, or P1 a day, customers will be able to send money worry-free to all users for 30 days. 

The partnership, which was inked recently by GCash and New York Stock Exchange-listed Chubb (NYSE: CB), now brings the Philippines’ first and most complete integrated fraud coverage when sending money via a digital wallet. This latest product covers users up to P15,000 in case they get scammed. 

SMP is an optional product that covers all of the users’ Express Send money transfers to all GCash accounts for 30 days. It can be availed by following three easy steps when sending money: first, ensure the Send Money Protect box is checked in the Express Send transaction screen. After which, tap the pop-up screen to confirm, and lastly, proceed to finish the Express Send transaction, which is now protected with SMP.

“Digital transactions have become an essential part of Filipinos’ daily lives. At GCash, we make sure to be relentless in strengthening cybersecurity measures against scammers, fraudsters, and other cyber criminals. With SMP, we allow our users to have an extra layer of protection against threats,” said Winsley Bangit, vice president and group head for New Businesses.

Online shopping is one of the most prevalent scams in this day and age, wherein a user is tricked into making a GCash Express Send money transfer to purchase an item or service online from a third party for personal use. But later on, the victim discovers that the website or trading platform is fraudulent.

More than fake sellers, SMP also covers losses arising from social engineering, wherein scammers attack users by deceiving them into opening emails, instant messages, text messages, and websites from entities or people who are seemingly trusted or known to force users into transferring funds via the GCash Express Send money transfer feature. 

SMP also provides coverage for users who fall victim to account takeovers, wherein a third party gains unauthorized access to a GCash account and then makes unauthorized Express Send money transfers. These are usually the result of phishing, spyware, or malware scams.

“While due diligence is needed in making sure that online transactions are legitimate, we hope this brings more confidence to all knowing that you are covered in case you become a victim of fraud,” added Bangit.

By providing a safety net against unforeseen events, SMP contributes significantly to the financial well-being of users, in line with GCash’s vision of finance for all.

“Rest assured that our customers’ funds and accounts are safe with us, especially as we continue to deploy the latest trust and security technologies. But with SMP, they can choose to have added protection against the most common scams,” said Jay Young, head of GInsure.

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Kultura: Social Enterprises as Partners in Green Living

In this rapidly changing world, it’s not enough to simply showcase attractive, trendy, and functional products.  

Kultura is proud to be among those consciously promoting more sustainable, meaningfully-crafted and locally- sourced merchandise for green living. With a loyal following and many branches across the country, Kultura takes their mission to building a greener Philippines seriously.

Kultura President Ivy Yap expounds, “Retailers can influence customer purchasing decisions depending on our product offerings, pricing strategies and promotions—from product displays to discounts and loyalty programs. Using this influence for good, Kultura helps consumers adopt greener lifestyles by offering a wide selection of products that are made from natural materials that are biodegradable, upcycled or repurposed, aside from being locally sourced.” 

Today, the Kultura store is stocked to the brim with Green Finds that make it easier for customers to lead a sustainable lifestyle. 

Platform with a Purpose

Kultura, an SM Retail Affiliate, has been key to advocating Green Finds– products that are sustainably sourced and support local communities.

 SM through Kultura, has become a Platform for the growth of MSMEs. Millie Monday and Haspe are two Filipino retail brands that have been engaged with Kultura and grateful for how Kultura has been an effective incubator for their respective enterprises.

Mariel Ching of Millie Monday relates how this division of their Primex printing company was named after their mother, and how it specializes in merging art and print technology to create functional paper-related products and accessories for the home. “It was borne out of the pandemic as regular printing jobs vanished, and the family had to find ways to diversify our output, and keep our personnel and machines occupied.”

Today, Millie Monday has expanded its product lines, to include other non-paper products. Thanks to Kultura, Mariel was happy to report that bulk orders, and outright purchases from foreign countries like Singapore and Tokyo, have transpired. Their collaborations with established artists produce collections that are very well-received, and they credit Kultura for helping create awareness and goodwill for their brand.

  On the sustainability features of the Millie Monday brand, Mariel spoke about their sustainably sourced paper, and soy-based ink, as well as their Heidelberg offset machine, acquired with a proviso that involved planting trees in Africa. “We are the only Asian printer given the Green Leaf Award by Kodak in 2019. We don’t print on tarp, as it isn’t biodegradable.”

  Haspe is the Spanish/Filipino word for wood grain, and it’s a clue to the world of Baliwag, Bulacan native Arch. Eric Gonzales, who designs and creates the wonderful wood-based products and accessories that have caught the eye of shoppers that frequent CITEM, FAME and ArteFino fairs. “Our ‘sungka’, and chess board, made of mahogany wood and solihiya (rataan weaving), are among our signature products”. 

  As Haspe has no Metro Manila showroom, Eric credits Kultura for being invaluable in terms of brand awareness. “We started off in 2016 with big traditional furniture pieces, and was inspired in 2019 to make use of the excess wood, and design smaller pieces.” He expanded to incorporate rattan, bone inlay, and other locally sourced materials. The wood he uses are sustainably farmed in Mindanao.

  Sustainability comes easy to Haspe as the products are a form of up-cycling, since the wood utilized to create these products come from ‘retasos’, or leftover materials, that would have been thrown away. Haspe’s products have become the pride of Baliwag, Bulacan.

  For both Millie Monday and Haspe, the sustainable aspects of how they operate their businesses are givens, as they acknowledge the need for being more responsible entrepreneurs.

While they’ve been involved with Kultura for less than a year, they both credit their engagement with Kultura as godsends, and are pleased to be placed under the umbrella of Green Finds.

Being sustainable and green conscious is a collective effort, from the manufacturers and the retailers, all the way to the consumers; and SM is happy to be driving the education, awareness and marketing of this new consciousness. 

  “By educating customers about the importance of sustainability and providing easy access to mindfully-crafted merchandise, we aim to promote changes in our customers’ behaviors and move them to lead more eco-conscious lifestyles. We hope our efforts inspire other businesses and lead to the adoption of more eco-friendly practices in the retail industry, and ultimately contribute to a more sustainable future for the country,” says Yap.  

Maya builds more ‘digi-palengke’in Central Visayas

Maya, the country’s all-in-one digital banking and money app, is making cashless transactions a lot easier in public markets nationwide with the rollout of the Paleng-QR initiative in Central Visayas, starting with Bohol province.

Maya has transformed Bohol’s Tagbilaran City Public Market into adigi-palengkein today’s ceremonies led by Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) Deputy Governor Bernadette Romulo-Puyat and Tagbilaran City Mayor Jane Yap.

The Paleng-QR Ph initiative is spearheaded by the BSP and the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG), and it aims to empower the City Government of Tagbilaran to help public market vendors and tricycle drivers accept cashless payments from any customer via the QR Ph, the country’s standard for QR payments.

“Small merchants and Filipino consumers are not only enjoying a hassle-free payment experience for their everyday transactions with Maya QR but also creating a financial footprint that allows them to access more advanced banking services offered by Maya,” said Mar Lazaro, Maya’s Head of Enterprise Business.

 Since QR Ph’s launch in 2019 for person-to-person (P2P) payments and in 2021 for person-to-merchant (P2M) payments, Maya has led the charge among financial institutions in the rollout of the QR Ph national standard and now counts over 800,000 merchant touchpoints powered by QR Ph-capable Maya QR. “Basta QR Ph, pwede kami,”Lazaro added.

 Building ‘digi-palengkes’ nationwide is part of Maya’s own LGUs Embracing and Accelerating Digitalization (L.E.A.D). Through this program, LGUs encourage local merchants and constituents to digitalize their transactions with Maya’s business-in-a-box payment solutions and disbursement tools.

 On top of digitalizing public markets, Maya has become the growth partner of choice of Philippine businesses. These enterprises include pharmacies, transportation, travel, retail stores, public utilities, food, hospitals, service providers, and schools.

UnionBank celebrates 40 years: Innovating and empowering Filipino businesses Holds Future Forward Awards for Clients

The Aboitiz-led Union Bank of the Philippines has always been at the forefront of embracing and pioneering innovations in the banking sector. It has consistently pushed for developments in mobile banking and the expansion of digital channels.  Among the many firsts for the Bank are: the first among its peers to start a bank website; spearhead online banking; launch the country’s first electronic savings account (EON), introduce the first chatbot, implement the first fully-digital account opening, and fully-digital branch called The Ark, to name a few.

UnionBank recognizes the value of nurturing relationships with partners like corporations and micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) who continue to stay, believe, and remain working together with the Bank through the years. As part of its celebration of its 40th anniversary, UnionBank recently held an appreciation event, the Future Forward Awards for its partners. 

As UnionBank President and CEO Edwin R. Bautista shared, “Our success today has been a product of our co-creation efforts, looking ahead into the future and preparing for the evolution of banking. “Together, we can be future forward and leap to being a bank of enduring greatness.”

Moving Future Forward

The Future Forward Awards acknowledged the vision, dedication, and hard work of partners who supported and closely collaborated with UnionBank for the design and successful execution and implementation of the Bank’s digital business solutions. 

There were three main award categories: 

Steadfast is an award given to long-time clients of UnionBank who became supporters and partners of the Bank’s innovative quests. Recipients were recognized as having been vital to growing the bank’s core transaction banking business over time, paving the way for its digital transformation. The awardees include both a leading bookstore/office supplies chain and a pioneering laser-printing/paper copying technology company. 

The Pathfinder award was given to Corporate and MSME clients who collaborated closely with the Bank for it to be able to create and refine its business solution products, which then became instrumental for these clients’ financial growth. Among the winners of this award are a leading pharmacy chain and an active community of mothers/entrepreneurs.

Finally, the Trailblazer, is an award for digital forward thinkers. Just like UnionBank, they are clients who think out of the box, find new ways to engage customers, grow their enterprise, and improve their business processes. These awardees are role models to other companies of what it means to innovate in the digital age. Recipients of the award such as the country’s premier micropayments service and a multinational investment/financial services company, all built their ecosystems with UnionBank’s solutions and integrated their services with the Bank. They are committed to building a future driven by growth and innovation. 

“No matter the size or scope of their business, one common denominator among all awardees is the dedication to ingenuity and progress,” said Bautista. “These businesses are the ones with the vision to shape what the future could be. We couldn’t be prouder to work with them.”

Innovation never stops

UnionBank’s digital transformation is an ongoing journey, continuously raising the bar with the end goal of improving customer experience and operational efficiencies.  During the event, UnionBank highlighted one of its game changing product Unified Payments and Collections Solution, also known as UPAY for Business. 

UPAY was created with the vision of helping enterprises offer complete payment channels to its customers. UPAY provides a complete suite of payment channels that clients may integrate with, made more simpler, housed under one platform. The UPAY platform can even track payments until these get settled to a business account and tagged as paid in its system. 

“It doesn’t just make the payment process easier for business,” clarified Samantha Lacorte, Vice President and Product Owner, UPAY for Business. “Clients now have a wider range of choices when settling their payments. They also get added peace of mind with real-time confirmation and settlement of their transactions in a breeze.”

Overall, UPAY creates a payment experience that is beneficial for both payee and payor –something that captures the spirit of innovation crucial to UnionBank. 

Client partners can continue to look forward to more UPAY features that leverage the InstaPay Person-to-Biller feature coming soon! This will enable scanning a QR code to quickly pay bills and invoices in real-time. 

For UnionBank, the possibilities are endless, the recipients of the awards are testaments to how close partnerships can result to business growth. Congratulations to all Future Forward winners! 

SM Green Finds at SM Store – making shopping easier and greener

For the evolving eco-conscious Filipino consumer, using everyday products that are natural, cruelty-free and locally-made is a step towards greener living. SM is also making intentional green choices that benefit the environment in the long run which includes supporting local craftsmen, recycling, and reducing energy consumption.

With the SM Green Finds program, the group offers Filipino consumers greener choices by making them easier to find around their stores.

  Recently launched at SM Store Mall of Asia, the SM Green Finds Pop-Up offers to make green living as easy and effortless as possible for Filipinos.

From locally-made products from artisans, clean beauty, green technology, and multifunctional homeware, the Green Finds badge will make it easier for customers to spot products that will inspire them to make greener choices.

“We have an assortment of products and our specialty brands that cater to all types of Filipino consumers. With the SM Green Finds, we are able to bring a greener shopping experience to our millions of customers while also encouraging our suppliers to take the steps towards greener practices,” shares SM Retail Vice President for Corporate Communications Cathy Ileto.

What to expect at the SM Green Finds

With almost 1,200 sustainable choices, Watsons, a trusted health and wellness brand, has already begun to take the steps in offering more environmentally-friendly options on their shelves.

The Body Shop remains to be a purveyor of ethically-sourced goods inspired by nature. Consumers can guiltlessly indulge in vegan fragrances, organic hair care and body products, as well as makeup free of animal testing. They have also switched to 100% recycled hair care bottles.

If there’s a brand that takes pride in showcasing uniquely Filipino crafts as it embraces heritage, Kultura is definitely the one that comes to mind. Kultura offers handmade products with natural or recycled materials using sustainable and traditional techniques while successfully highlighting the beauty of Filipino artistry, craftsmanship, and ingenuity.

Cooking, cleaning, and decorating using green materials are now made easier and accessible through SM Home, the flagship homeware brand found at SM Store.

Baby Company, the one-stop shop for new and experienced moms since 1991, has also made its commitment to help moms go the extra mile by introducing reusable and multifunctional baby products.

Join the SM Green Movement

Find your way to the SM Green Finds Pop-Up Shop at SM Store Mall of Asia and be part of the green movement. For more information about the green shopping experience with SM, go to

NTT Announces Global Availability of New Managed Campus Networks Services Enhancements

  • Platform investments provide advanced levels of automation, AIOps features, predictive analytics, and visibility

  • Full portfolio of network services and infrastructure assets designed to underpin workplace transformation with high-capacity connectivity

  • Secure by design solution complements NTT’s Managed SD-WAN and Managed Private 5G, enabling a safe return to the office and improved operational efficiency for a distributed workforce 

  • NTT was recently named a leader in the 2022 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Network Services, Global for its completeness of vision and ability to execute

NTT Ltd., a global technology and business solutions provider, today announces significant enhancements to its Managed Campus Networks service, a portfolio of consulting, technical, and managed services designed to provide a seamlessly integrated campus network in the most demanding head office, branch, and manufacturing environments.

The new platform provides a direct path for network transformation and enables organizations to access the latest cloud-based and Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled operations tools and critical connectivity services. The enhancements deliver an improved client experience through automation and efficiencies, access to globally available skilled network experts, and operational processes certified against industry best practice. This all combines to ensure an enhanced client experience when consuming managed services, meaning network health is improved and is more available to support client business requirements and ambitions.

NTT’s recent ‘2021 Global Workplace Report’ revealed more than two-thirds of C-suite executives believe connected workplace technologies are very important to the organization’s future workplace strategy. “It’s fundamentally important to have a modernized network services foundation that supports outcomes delivered by a hybrid workplace”, said Sunil Kishore, Senior Executive VP, Managed Network and Collaboration Services at NTT Ltd. “The pace of modern business needs robust communication, collaboration and access to business services all facilitated and enabled by the network.”

NTT’s Managed Campus Networks solution complements NTT’s Managed SD-WAN, and Managed Private 5G offerings by accelerating technology and operations transformation through automation, AIOps enabled platforms and analytics. These offerings help to deliver the best digital experience for employees, customers and devices connecting to the campus network.

“In today’s demanding work environments, we know organizations require a one-stop shop for their network services,” said Amit Dhingra, Executive VP, Enterprise Network Services at NTT Ltd. “With NTT’s Managed Campus Networks services, we leverage the innovative digital capabilities of our service platform and experienced technical skills to provide enterprises with faster time to incident response, improved network agility, and deeper insights into network operations through our global service delivery, and Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) aligned processes and certification.”

NTT’s Managed Campus Networks service offering is underpinned by NTT’s leading network infrastructure assets, including a tier-1 network backbone spanning five continents, SD-WAN services in 190 countries, and cloud-based NFV services in 75+ global Local Cloud Centers. NTT’s secure by design approach delivers security embedded and integrated as part of the network function which reduces risk and enables office-bound employees to safely return, by providing location-based services with deep analytics for business insights.

Networking continues to evolve at pace, and modern campus network infrastructures are composed of seamless wired, wireless, and cellular connectivity that need to perform to deliver modern business expectations.

Find out more about NTT’s Managed Campus Networks here.

Life of a Yondude: How Yondu Keeps its People Equipped for Digital Reality


Yondudes gathered for CODECAMP to get training opportunities in a corporate learning environment.

 For businesses to continue thriving in the now-normal circumstances, digitalization is the way to go, and Yondu, the top IT solutions company wholly owned by Globe, recognizes the importance of upskilling their workforce to prepare them for highly-digitized industries. 

Yondu promotes a digitally-savvy society by providing holistic solutions to various industries. Moreover, the company does not only value its clients, but also its employees. They put great importance in continuous learning and making their learning management system accessible to all the employees. Roxanne Tamayo, Vice President for Human Resources, said Yondu equips their workforce with the necessary knowledge and skills for their personal and professional growth. 

Tamayo added, “Yondu also provides various certification programs from globally recognized institutions to our IT professionals to ensure they adhere to global standards and deliver quality services and output.” IT professionals get to practice their learnings and see them come to life through the apps and systems that Yondu launches.

Yondu upskills its employees through various programs and initiatives. In 2018, they held their first three-month long CODECAMP Bootcamp which offered training opportunities to aspiring IT professionals, in partnership with several universities. The initiative led to the founding of Yondu University which was established to drive the development and growth of young IT professionals. Yondu also holds a Hackathon, a design sprint-like event that throws employees with a business perspective into the mix.

Yondu also organized the Capability Build Program where Subject Matter Experts create a learning path and curriculum and train other team members under it. They launched DEAL (Drop Everything and Learn) as well, an initiative discouraging meetings every Thursday of the week to let employees focus on work or learning.

Tamayo noted that Yondu’s upskilling culture has been thriving even before the pandemic, with several programs designed to enhance the employees’ soft skills, like leadership and personal development training, to ensure their IT professionals can respond to the customers’ ever-evolving needs and changing business landscapes. The programs help ensure they grow in their personal life so that they can contribute to their families and societies the best way they can.

With endless opportunities, aspiring IT professionals are guaranteed to grow in Yondu as the company not only prioritizes learning and improving, but also supporting their employees’ mental and physical wellness. 

Yondu hopes to provide more opportunities for other aspiring IT professionals, believing that if they have the skills and the right mindset, learning technology will be easy for them, and Yondu will support them every step of the way.

Find out more about Yondu, their work culture, and what they offer on their website.

TeamAsia: 30 Years of #BreakingTheBias and Promoting Gender Equality in the Workplace

and reach their full potential. While it can be an incubator of thriving careers, it can also be a place where creeping biases and stifling culture of inequality breeds. 

For companies like TeamAsia, an integrated marketing experience agency, it is imperative that leaders in the workplace ensure that everyone is given equal opportunities to thrive and advance within the organization. It also believes that leaders should similarly veer away from any form of bias, so everything remains fair among employees–treatment, benefits, pay, and career growth.


From left to right: Nicolle Garrido, TeamAsia’s Senior Public Relations Manager; Joyce Alonzo, TeamAsia’s Account Planner; Elton Gagni, TeamAsia’s Associate Editor; Selena Herrera, TeamAsia’s Art Director; Andrei Carada, TeamAsia’s Senior Copywriter; Beverly Aguilar, TeamAsia’s Senior Human Resources Office; Darell Sapin, TeamAsia’s Web Development Supervisor

In celebration of Women’s Month, TeamAsia’s diverse and multigenerational workforce sat down and answered questions on how the agency breaks biases in the workplace and ensures equality for all.

  1. Do you see or experience equality in TeamAsia? How?

Joyce Alonzo, Account Planner: Yes! Gender equality has always been a key value that I noticed when I joined TeamAsia, with it being a women-led company. And even while this is the case, the diversity of individuals is notable, and I appreciate the amazing experience of picking brains with these experts, no matter their gender. The culture of equality in TeamAsia extends to how every individual is heard. An associate’s voice is as important as a director’s point of view. Because ideas matter more than positions.

Selena Herrera, Art Director: Our Directors and Managers in the agency are a good mix of different kinds of people – of different genders, ages, and walks of life. Even our different teams are composed of an interesting mix of personalities. Anyone can look at this TeamAsia team and say, “I can be part of that!” because there aren’t any limitations for what a brilliant or talented person can look like. 

Nicolle Garrido, Senior Public Relations Manager: Yes, I do. When it comes to handling campaigns or even pitches, everyone in the team is given equal opportunity to lead projects that not only pique their interests but also challenge their expertise. Hence, we all have more room to learn and grow. 

Being a woman-led agency, our leadership team encourages everyone to think outside of the box and fosters a creative and collaborative environment where everyone can share their ideas freely. 

Elton Gagni, Associate Editor: At TeamAsia, you can see, feel, and experience equality everyday because it is the norm. For example, for projects that appeal to a certain market like makeup or skincare, one would immediately assume that it’s going to be an all-female team. What actually happened was our Public Relations lead was female and I along with another male colleague were the Editorial and Media Relations lead. So, it doesn’t really matter what your gender is, as long as you have what it takes to bring that brand to the next level experience.

  1. Do you feel that your ideas and opinions are respected and appreciated in the workplace? How? 

Nicolle Garrido, Senior Public Relations Manager: Yes! As a manager, our Director also trusts us to make decisions for our teams and this has boosted our morale in providing valuable insights and solutions to our teams. I haven’t felt the need to seek my seniors’ approval to raise my thoughts and ideas.   

Joyce Alonzo, Account Planner: Yes, I don’t think I ever had a problem with voicing my opinions. It may be because of my loud personality (haha!) but I also never felt embarrassed in doing so nor felt awkward because it didn’t feel right. We have always been encouraged in TeamAsia to speak up, even in workplace-related challenges that need to be addressed during our operations meetings because the management acknowledges the fact that the people in action on the daily grind are those that need to contribute to the solutions. These meetings and collaborations have always been goal-oriented, never personality-oriented, which allows us a safe space to interact, contribute and solve challenges as a team.

Darell Sapin, Web Development Supervisor: I do. Being one of the elder statesmen of the company, I am also among the people who encourage my fellow TeamAsians to speak up and share their ideas. In an industry where everyone spills one idea after another, it is important for us to hear everyone’s perspective and always put them in consideration. 

Andrei Carada, Senior Copywriter: Yes! TeamAsia is a place where there are both loud voices and small voices, but each of these voices have an equal opportunity to be heard. We have a culture that tells us that it’s not about shouting above each other, but leaning in and listening to discover powerful ideas and insights.

I am one of those loud voices in the room, and my ideas are always heard.  But here, it’s in listening to the ideas of those who don’t usually speak where the true beauty of collaborative work shines. 

  1. How do TeamAsia’s leaders ensure everyone experiences equality?

Beverly Aguilar, Senior Human Resources Officer: In TeamAsia, we listen and incorporate suggestions of team members into our programs and policies to ensure fairness in all aspects. Our President, Monette Iturralde-Hamlin and our Managing Director, Bea Lim are great advocates of women empowerment and equality. They inspired the company to join the UN Women Empowerment Principles campaign to guide us in promoting gender equality and women empowerment in the workplace.  

Selena Herrera, Creatives Manager: Ma’am Monette and Bea are always welcoming and ecstatic about having new people onboard the team, making sure that everyone feels a part of TeamAsia. Down to the details of our pitches and initiatives, there is always a thought to make sure everything we put out represents well the people that need to be represented.

Darell Sapin, Web Development Supervisor: Just leadership by example. Ma’am Monette and Bea live and breathe the essence of equality. Every time they would check our outputs, they would remind us of ensuring that inclusivity and equality are showcased in our work. At the same time, they regularly organize and even lead workshops that allow every member of the organization to grow and hone their skills. 

Elton Gagni, Associate Editor: Everyday is an opportunity to experience equality in TeamAsia. We get paid not based on our gender, but based on our expertise. We are given opportunities not because we are male or female, but because there is room for growth and they believe in one’s capabilities to excel.

As a women-led organization, equality is manifested in every corner of the agency. From workshops and learning sessions to celebrating different occasions every month through Pop Up, even the former and current team members, we’re a diverse and empowered bunch. And this says a lot about how our President, Ma’am Monette and Managing Director, Bea are leading the agency and its people.

  1. As a fellow employee, what are the practices that you do or tips you would like to give to ensure equality in the workplace?

Beverly Aguilar, Human Resources Officer: As the head of HR, I ensure that I deal with every member of the organization and view their concerns objectively. I do my best to always have an open mind, listening to each and everyone of them, reminding myself to never recklessly pass judgment on anyone.  

Nicolle Garrido, Senior Public Relations Manager: I always strive to provide an avenue for the team to freely express themselves and be creative with their outputs, but also learn from the experiences they encounter. Respecting each other’s differences would always be a priority also when it comes to having equality in the workplace.

Joyce Alonzo, Account Planner: Always practice objectivity. It’s effortless to practice equality when people within the organization prioritize the goals before any personal bias. After all, if we want to pursue purposeful work, we must do away with thinking of working for ourselves and think more towards producing great work that impacts others. And by that, we need to set aside our differences in order to make it work.

Just be a good human being. Treat each other as equals and do not set yourself as someone higher than everybody else just because of privilege or self-imposed standards. Being human is thinking that we have our shortcomings, too, and therefore it’s possible that the better ideas can come from other people. 

Andrei Carrada, Senior Copywriter: I believe that it starts with you. It’s realizing that a culture of equality means that you have to make an effort to make an equal workplace. Having this mindset means that you have personal responsibility for making sure that biases don’t creep in. 

  1. Why do you think it is important that a company practices/observes equality in the workplace?

Beverly Aguilar, Human Resources Head: It is significant to have a holistic approach. Equality in the workplace ensures people and employees are given opportunities, equal pay, and especially made to feel that they are accepted for being unique. Our goal in TeamAsia is to have an inclusive environment, where everyone can thrive, excel, and meet the best version of themselves.

Selena Herrera, Art Director: It is important because people shouldn’t be given less opportunities for something that has nothing to do with their work. Man, woman, young, old—people can always surprise you with their ideas. And to remove that barrier of unequal opportunities opens up the workplace to more growth. If an employee sees themselves reflected in their leaders, they will strive for more and for better, knowing that anyone is capable of doing amazing things.

Darell Sapin, Web Development Supervisor: It is important because the workforce has been diverse for a long period now. Lines have been blurred already with people being able to do things that are no longer the norm. It is only natural that balancing the workforce and showing that there is equal opportunity for all should be the course of the companies of today.

Elton Gagni, Associate Editor: Companies should practice and observe equality in the workplace because it is the norm, because it is what should be. A workplace that has equality at its core means they look at an employee, not because of their gender, but based on their merits. It doesn’t matter where you come from, as long as you are able to deliver, and in true TeamAsia fashion, bring people, brands, industries and communities to the next level experience.

For 30 years, TeamAsia has strived to be a company that embraces diversity, inclusion, and equality. It believes that everyone’s unique offerings is what unites and compliments each member of the organization. 

A testament to this commitment is showcased through the agency’s projects. In 2020, as a women-led and women-owned organization, TeamAsia launched MommaCon. It is a virtual conference that opened the discussion on intimate and taboo issues  women and mothers usually shy away from for fear of judgment.

In 2021, the company joined the UN Women Empowerment Principles to continuously maintain gender equality in the workplace. It upholds the international labor and human rights standards and recognizes that business has the stake and responsibility for gender equality and women empowerment. 

As society continues to evolve and progress, TeamAsia will keep on fostering an environment that accepts differences and welcomes growth to help its employees reach their full potential and to further provide nothing less than next level experiences and services to its team, partners and clients. 

To learn more about TeamAsia, its amazing workforce, and its next level services, visit

MAPFRE partners with foodpanda for riders’ insurance

MAPFRE Philippines President Tirso C. Abad and Vice President & Sales Territorial Director Jojie L. Alvarez together with foodpanda Philippines Operations Manager Ron Michael Sanders, Operations Director Patricia Jacinto, and Senior Head of Logistics & Operations Snehasis Despande attended the MOA signing in Makati.

MAPFRE, a global nonlife insurance firm, inked an agreement with foodpanda, the largest food delivery platform in Asia, to provide its delivery riders with Compulsory Third Party Liability (CTPL) insurance.

Through the partnership, MAPFRE will equip thousands of foodpanda motorcycle riders nationwide with CTPL insurance. MAPFRE offers one of the most  affordable CTPL insurance in the market as it provides protection from liabilities arising from death of or bodily injury to third parties.

Foodpanda Operations Director Patricia Jacinto extended her gratitude to MAPFRE for the partnership that protects essential workforce especially in these trying times. “We are truly grateful for this tie-up that benefits thousands of our rider partners. We are hoping this will pave the way for more partnerships that bring peace of mind,” she said.

MAPFRE President and CEO Tirso Abad, on the other hand, appreciated the opportunity to lend a helping hand to frontliners in the food delivery industry. “MAPFRE is beyond honored to provide a good number of our modern day heroes with the protection they need, taking care of them and their essentials while they carry out their noble services,” he added.

Aside from CTPL insurance, MAPFRE offers a wide range of comprehensive insurance products including car, home, travel, and business insurances. For more details, like MAPFRE on Facebook or visit

TeamAsia Bags Gold and Bronze in 2021 Marketing Excellence Awards

TeamAsia, an integrated marketing experience agency, took home Gold and Bronze Awards in the recently concluded 2021 Marketing Excellence Awards, a Singapore-based award giving body designed to celebrate outstanding marketing efforts in the Philippines.


“Being recognized in the 2021 Marketing Excellence Awards is an absolute honor! It is a testament to our strong commitment to our everyday goal of bringing our brands, partners and audiences to the next level experience. It’s a great way to usher in our 30th year in the industry—celebrating wins that highlight our expertise and relentless passion for storytelling and nation building together with our amazing partners.” said Bea Lim, TeamAsia’s Managing Director. 


In a virtual awarding ceremony held last January 28, TeamAsia’s campaign, We’ll Take Care of You for MAPFRE Insurance (Philippines), won the Gold award in the Excellence in Launch/Relaunch category. The agency strategically reintroduced MAPFRE to the market; reestablished the importance of non-life insurance amid the pandemic; and reinforced MAPFRE’s commitment of protecting its clients from further financial loss. 

The agency leveraged digital marketing strategies combined with PR efforts to touch base with MAPFRE’s target audience and gain potential clients. TeamAsia solidified MAPFRE’s position as a trusted global insurance company for the smart, responsible, and future-ready Filipino and a strong ally, giving property owners peace of mind.

“TeamAsia has done such a great job in creating interesting stories for MAPFRE and helping educate Filipinos on non-life insurance. It’s our pleasure, and pride, to be working with such an amazing team,” shared Jo Elize B. Comendador, MAPFRE Insurance’s Digital Sales and Marketing Head.



Meanwhile, it was TeamAsia’s campaign for the IT and Business Process Association of the Philippines (IBPAP) that bagged the Bronze award in the Excellence in Media Strategy category. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, there was a genuine need to maintain the relevance and competitiveness of the Philippine IT and Business Process Management (IT-BPM) sector in the global marketplace. As long-time partners, IBPAP tapped TeamAsia to develop a communications plan to help boost confidence and interest from foreign investors and locators. 

The agency  targeted local and foreign print, online, and broadcast media  to connect IBPAP to key stakeholders in the government, academe, and allied industries. A nation builder and a staunch supporter of the industry, TeamAsia leveraged its expertise to underscore the sector’s major role in leading the country’s economic recovery to thrive in the new normal. 

“Our heartfelt thanks for the support that TeamAsia has provided throughout the pandemic. They have been a valued partner of IBPAP and the IT-BPM Industry for many years and this recognition is well-deserved. Congratulations!” shared Jack Madrid, IBPAP President and CEO.

TeamAsia has been instrumental to the success of various brands locally and globally. Celebrating its 30 years in the industry, the agency remains committed to showcasing its expertise to deliver Next Level Experiences to brands and audiences. 

“It is TeamAsia’s purpose to always go above and beyond the mission at hand. For the past 30 years, we always see to it that our actions do not only benefit our clients but also uplift our communities and the nation to create a positive impact in society,” said Lim. 

She also added that they are proud of the strong partnerships they have built with their clients who are, like them, agents of positive change. “They have trusted us to communicate their stories meaningfully, effectively and with spirit. We will continue to make things happen so that people, brands, industries and communities will succeed and flourish, especially during these uncertain times.”