You can Directly Shop your Favorite Huawei Products at the Huawei Store

Huawei Store to Open its online Shop Doors in the Philippines

Huawei Encourages Filipinos to Shop Smart, Shop Safe via its E-commerce Platform


Manila, Philippines– Online shopping has proved to be an extraordinary lifesaver throughout the quarantine period, especially for people who would rather not step outside to buy anything beyond the bare essentials. However, browsing for products online isn’t exactly the most straightforward affair either, as the sheer number of shopping options and websites can be overwhelming.

To provide a convenient, one-stop shop solution for the Filipino’s tech needs, Huawei is launching the Huawei Store — the brand’s official online selling platform — this September 23. The Huawei Store is more than just a website featuring its signature products, too — the store offers plenty of incentive for users to do their gadget shopping there, such as exclusive rewards, sign-up privileges, and more.

Gadget shopping from the comfort of home

Safety is Huawei’s priority above all else, and the Huawei Store guarantees a worry-free experience for customers who want to browse and buy the latest from the brand. The Store will feature high-quality visuals, detailed specifications and descriptions of its extensive product catalogue, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and accessories.

The comprehensive listings on the store enables users to do all their research and comparisons without leaving the Huawei Store, thus helping them make an informed decision on the best product for their needs and go straight to checkout — all from the comfort of their own homes.

Fast delivery and secure payment options

Upon making a purchase on the Huawei Store, items will be delivered quickly and safely to the customer’s specified address. Deliveries are free as well during the Store’s promotion period. Additionally, the Store will Provide the official service same as offline stores for all products selling.

Payment options are easy and seamless as well, with the Store accepting credit cards, e-wallet like GCash, Alipay & WeChat pay, and cash on delivery (COD) for added convenience. Customers can also rest easy with their transactions, as the Store guarantees 100% secure payment gateway; just hit the buy button, sit back and wait for their item to arrive at their doorstep.

Exclusive Huawei Store perks

Buying straight from the Huawei store provides plenty of perks, chiefly the manufacturer warranty that automatically comes with every purchase of a Huawei product. However, registering for a Huawei Store account or Huawei ID gives customers access to exclusive benefits like alerts on specific product deals, seasonal promotions, flash sales, discounts, gift coupons and other exciting prizes.

In fact, in the lead up to the Store’s official virtual launch, customers can subscribe to alerts early for a chance to win the Huawei Mate XS foldable phone. This event runs from September 16-22 as a standalone promo, and then as part of a teaser sale on September 23-29. As for the teaser sale, early birds can get awesome bundles and discounts on the following products:

  • Everyday piso sale for selected products and Half price flash sale of Huawei Y5p
  • Buy the Huawei MateBook D15 (256GB) and get the Huawei MatePad T3 8.0 (worth Php 6,490) free
  • Buy the new Huawei Watch Fit and get the Huawei Band 4 (worth Php 1,390) free, as well as a sale for the Watch Fit’s exclusive Cantaloupe Orange color
  • Exclusive discounts on the Huawei Y5p, Y7, nova 7i, MatePad T8, and MateBook D14

Then from September 30 onwards, Huawei store will provide best offer ever: up to 60% off the latest Huawei Y8p is Php 4,000 off Huawei band 4 will be 60% off, Huawei Mate 30 pro, Freebuds 3i, nova 5t, nova 7i, Matepad pro, Matebook D 14 & Matebook D 15 (512 GB), Y5p, Y6p, Y7 will all enjoy this discount party. Additionally, getting the Huawei Mate 30 Pro, FreeBuds 3, and Watch GT2e as a bundle slashes Php 16,000 off the total price. Bargain hunters can still score awesome finds from the flash sales and piso deals happening everyday throughout the Store’s promotional period. 

Huawei Store exclusives also include several new and popular products from the tech brand, such as the new Huawei Y8p, the Huawei MateBook D15 (256GB) in Mystic Silver, the new Huawei Watch Fit with 500p off (includes store-exclusive orange color) from Sep 30 to Oct 10.

“The new Huawei Store provide new shopping solutions under current situation in a way that is safe and convenient for Filipinos. It’s also part of Huawei’s commitment in delivering the 1+8+N strategy of the brand, bringing more ecosystem products to more consumers.,” says Huawei Country Manager George Li. “We’ll work harder than ever to offer a seamless shopping experience at the Store, including more exciting things for customers to experience in the future.”

Adopting the mantra “Shop Smart, Shop Safe”, the Huawei Store emphasizes the incredible convenience and security its online platform offers. By giving customers a safe yet exciting way to shop for their must-have gadgets, Huawei proves once again how it can upgrade Filipino lifestyles, even from a distance.

To know more about Huawei Store, you may check out this link:


Introducing the Huawei Watch Fit

Huawei has a new addition to its wearables line to excite all fashionable fitness fans and gadget lovers in the Philippines: the Huawei Watch Fit. The Watch Fit is designed to make exercise a habit through a combination of visually-striking fitness courses, detailed workout modes and layers of health tracking features. Of course, in true Huawei tradition, the Watch Fit oozes so much style it’s a fashion statement all on its own.

The Huawei Watch Fit is the latest wearable wonder from the tech brand, following the success of the Band 4e, Watch GT2 and GT2e in the Philippine market’s fitness-conscious segments. As such, the Watch Fit is poised to take the holistic fitness experience to another level via its refined form factor and a host of cutting-edge health tracking capabilities.

Pre-order promotions and bundles

Customers can get their own Huawei Watch Fit throughout a series of promotional events (online and offline) across the second half of September to early October.

Exclusive pre-orders for the Huawei Watch Fit Graphite Black and Mint Green will be live at online stores Lazada and Shopee from September 18-22, including giveaways such as Huawei Band 4e (worth Php 1,390) and Nova speakers (worth Php 990). Final payment for pre-order will be on September 23rd. 

From September 23-29, the Watch Fit including an online exclusive color Cantaloupe Orange will be available on the Huawei Store — the brand’s official online store – featuring a Huawei Band 4e worth P1390 as freebie. Offline sales of the Watch Fit will also happen on the same dates via physical stores, including the same freebie packages.

Hurry! Freebies are on a first come first served basis! To buy the Watch Fit, you may check out these links:



You may check out other store via this link:

Upgrade those workout habits in style with the Huawei Watch Fit’s scientific fitness tracking capabilities, available through Huawei’s freebie-packed promotional deals.


Smarter and up to 10 days long battery life


Packing an upgraded battery and smarter power-management algorithms, the Huawei Watch Fit makes for a perfect all-day companion. With typical usage habits, the Watch Fit can last up to 10 days on the wrist, and with sports mode activated (includes all tracking sensors + GPS) it can reach 12 hours of non-stop usage. Additionally, the quick charging feature provides a whole day of use with just a five-minute top up.

12 animated fitness courses


True to the personal trainer experience it offers, the Watch Fit features 12 animated fitness courses that accurately demonstrate correct routines and postures. These animated workout modes were designed so that they can be done virtually anywhere, even during short breaks from work. Quick strength training, abdominal exercises and other workouts are all accessible from the Watch Fit, including ‘stand up’ reminders to keep chair-bound users physically active for regular intervals.

See more with the reframed display

The Huawei Watch Fit has a 1.64-inch rectangular AMOLED display, sporting 326 ppi out of the 280×456 resolution. The expanded corners of the squared form factor enables an ultra-clear and wide viewing experience, while the customizable watch face lets users express themselves through a variety of stylish themes.

96 in-depth exercise modes

For those looking for advanced performance tracking, the Watch Fit supports 96 workout modes that include more popular ones like walking, running, cycling, and swimming, among others. 85 other modes include support for ball games, water sports, extreme sports, dancing, and more, all designed to serve whatever athletic niche the user might have. Every mode records extensive performance data such as heart rate, calories, exercise time, and more.

SpO2 detection via TruSeen 4.0

Huawei TruSeen 4.0 on the Watch Fit monitors everything from heart rate to blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) with one simple touch, letting users track how their body responds to various degrees of physical activity, even while asleep. The watch notifies the user of any irregular patterns for a more active health monitoring experience.

Improved outdoor experience with built-in GPS

The built-in GPS feature on the Watch Fit enhances outdoor exercise by accurately tracking speed, distance and elevation. Users can analyze the data recorded by the GPS to see how they’ve improved in specific metrics (like endurance) as they go through their running, hiking, cycling or swimming routines.

As such, the Watch Fit is poised to take the holistic fitness experience to another level via its refined form factor and a host of cutting-edge health tracking capabilities.

To know more about Huawei Watch Fit, please visit this link:


Strokes Beauty: GRWM + Kilay Tutorial

We’ve seen those feathered brows on insta on your favorite local celebrities done by also your fave makeup artists. You can achieve that using the Strokes beauty artist collection. Strokes was founded by Moimoi Supe and he says that “I am proud to finally introduce to you products that embody the remarkable brow artistry and precision that Strokes is known for and will now bring to the world”

I’ve personally used the products recently and I love it. It’s a given that I was born with thick brows, It enhanced my brows on another level.

In terms of price range it’s affordable less than PHP 500 each and it gives you that “luxe feeling”, lightweight and it gives your money’s worth. What makes them different, is that it contains ingredients such as Vitamin C, Hydrolyzed Rice Proteins and Hyaluronic compounds to hydrate skin, stimulate hair growth, boost collagen and protects hair.

Please do watch my first GRWM + Kilay (Brows in english) Tutorial using the Strokes, brow artist collection. Products according to order in the video,The brow artist collection consist of the Brow sculptor duo, Brow painter, Brow Colorist, Microblade pen Perfector and Brow fixer. LINK TO WATCH:

Impressions: Highlights in bio, title: “STROKES”  

Brow sculptor duo, PHP 379 (Shade variants: warm brown, deep brown, soft brown and ash brown).  Both ends you get a brow pencil and a spoolie. This product is thin and feels so light but it has a lot of product. The pencil creates a very thin, light and fine swatch.

Brow painter, PHP 498 (Shade ash brown). It’s smudge proof,  long-wearing and the ash brown is suitable for all skin types. I like using this filling in sparse parts of my brows. When you shake it, it feels like it’s so full of ink.

Brow colorist, PHP 358 (Shade variants: Neutral brown, coal black and lucid white). This tinting pomade builds color and volume. I personally love to apply this at the front portion of my eyebrows – tip from @jellyeugenio

Microblade Pen Perfector, PHP 498(Shade variant: Graphite and Bronzite). It’s a bleed-proof and long- wearing brow detailing pen that can mimic hair strands-thin and defined.

Brow fixer PHP 398 (Shade variant: clear) Strong-holding and long wearing invisible brow gel that instantly shapes and sets hair in place.

You don’t necessarily, need to use of the products to get that natural feathered brows, it’s still preference and to make it clear, I am not a professional makeup artist just a beauty enthusiast. Here is a tutorial from Strokes beauty’s IG page, Title: “HOW TO DO BUSHY BROWS”







Money Saving Tips to Decorate your Home during Quarantine

This quarantine, I have done a lot of things and one of those is becoming an interior designer and buying more home decor. Here are tips on how to save money and score deals while elevating your home space.

  1. Find what you can use at home.

This is what we have taken for granted, that some things we have at home can fit our interior design aesthetic. Like the other day, I was looking for vases only for my flowers (became a flower mum too this quarantine) but then I found some of the items online that are too pricey + shipping fee. Then I realized that I have amber bottles that I purchased like the Aesop bottle (*minimalist aesthetic*) and a shampoo bottle from Watsons (I just removed the label) that matches the aesthetic that I’m going for.

2. Paint on it (Do It Yourself!)

I used to do oil painting lessons as a kid, I was bored during quarantine so I opted to get back to painting since I recently been obsessed with line art and it’s a thing now to hang paintings and tapestry. I did oil painting again after so many years, I just invested on the materials though. I plan to do more painting in the future like paint over my empty wine bottles to use as decor and more (whatever i could think of). Some online stores recycle products and paint them, then sell as home decor and I was like, I can do that!

3. If you’re not picky, ask if the seller if they have defect items

I got a great deal on a home decor product with not that much defect and scored a cheaper price. *Please ask nicely to the seller*

4. Find the supplier online.

This requires a whole lot of patience and  *luck*. I was able to find cheaper deals on Lazada and suppliers on some FB pages (There are groups on facebook). As you’ve seen on instagram, some online stores can be pricey (ofcourse, mark up + shipping), I was able to compare prices and some may surprise you on how you can save more but you have to make sure the supplier is legit – check out reviews and tags. You can professionally message the customers and ask for feedback from them ( just be polite and be grateful).

5. Not an option ATM since it’s quarantine (Stay at home!) – *If you can* go to a local market place.

I haven’t been  to one  yet but i’m itching to go to one, I heard Dapitan is the go to place. If you are doing your grocery shopping at Ayala malls (or any mall/supermarket). Swing by at  Landmark (any home department/area), I heard they have affordable home decor and kitchen ware  – you just need to have an eye for things + patience. More place recos comment below 🙂

6. Shop preloved items

Another online business soaring nowadays, since people have a lot of time now. A lot of us have been Marie Kondo-ing our homes and sell stuff that we don’t need. A number of people now opt to save also so they would prefer to score cheaper deals.

*Shamelss plug: Please check my preloved online store @shoplikekrizzzie on instagram*

When I was younger I don’t appreciate these stuff before but now it’s like the home catalogue section/ area is my go to now. When I search online, I look for home stuff now too. I guess it’s really part of adulting, building an aesthetic and staying at home most of the time during quarantine.  Hope these tips were useful!

Love & light,


Creating A Sustainable and Beautiful Future for All: L’Oréal Philippines Announces Local Sustainability Roadmap Aligned with the Group’s Bold, Global 2030 Targets

Philippines, 23 July 2020 – L’Oréal Philippines today announced its roadmap in contribution to the Group’s global sustainability targets. In collaboration with local stakeholders and partners, the Group’s focus areas for the Philippines are sustainable e-commerce, consumer empowerment and education through Green Beauty, and social empowerment through the nationwide expansion of its beauty education program, Beauty For A Better Life. 

“L’Oréal has put sustainability as a fundamental priority. Our commitments towards 2030 mark the beginning of a more radical transformation and embody our view as to what a company’s vision, purpose and responsibilities should be, to meet the challenges facing the world,” said Supriya Singh, Country Managing Director of L’Oréal Philippines.

“In the Philippines we aim to make the most impact in the areas of environmental stewardship and social empowerment. Our sustainability commitment will embark our teams, our partners and our consumers – and through our collective impact, we aim to create a more sustainable world for beauty,” adds Carmel Valencia, Head of Corporate Communication of L’Oréal Philippines.

Transforming L’Oréal’s business to respect “planetary boundaries”

In the context of growing environmental and social challenges, L’Oréal is accelerating its transformation towards a model respecting planetary boundaries and reinforcing its commitments across the following specific areas: fighting climate change, sustainable water management, respecting biodiversity and the preservation of natural resources, all in accordance with what scientific experts demand and grounded on what the planet needs.  

As concrete examples of what L’Oréal wants to achieve: by 2025, all of the Group’s manufacturing, administrative and research sites will reach carbon neutrality by improving energy efficiency and using 100% renewable energy and by 2030, 100% of the plastics used in L’Oréal’s products’ packaging will be either from recycled or bio-based sources. 

Moreover, the Group will be dedicating €50 million to finance damaged natural marine and forest ecosystems restoration projects through a fund called the L’Oréal Fund for Nature Regeneration and another €50 million will be directed to financing projects linked to the circular economy

Empowering L’Oréal’s consumers to make sustainable consumption choices 

L’Oréal has also affirmed its commitments to engaging its customers, suppliers and partners in the Group’s transformation process.  To empower its consumers to make more sustainable choices, L’Oréal has launched its Product Environmental & Social Impact Labelling endorsed by independent scientific experts, which is a world-first that rates products from A (world class for sustainability) to E based on their environmental impact, for areas including carbon footprint and manufacturing processes.

The first brand to implement the new methodology as of 2020 is Garnier for its hair care products. This labelling will progressively be extended to other countries, L’Oréal’s brands and product categories. 

A Greater Commitment to Addressing Social Challenges 

Commitment to social inclusion, and the economic empowerment of women have become the bedrock of some of the most active advocacies for the L’Oréal Group – globally and in the Philippines. The expansion of their beauty education program, Beauty for a Better Life, is also part of their ongoing commitment to ensuring women in the most underprivileged circumstances are provided means to regain their confidence and self-respect, to enhance their skill-set and are empowered to reintegrate back into society and gain employment or be self-employed. “Our dedication to social empowerment will see the expansion of our livelihood and inclusion commitments and the economic empowerment of women – fundamental advocacies that remain at the heart of our nation’s biggest challenges,” Valencia added. 

Moreover, the Group will be spearheading new programs and partnerships geared towards taking even greater responsibility to address some of today’s most pressing social challenges. L’Oréal Philippines will be cementing key programs with Philippine Business for Social Progress (PBSP), which is one of the brand’s long-standing partners for 10 years and running. 

On a global level, L’Oréal created a €50 million charitable endowment fund, which will support field organizations and local charities in their efforts to fight poverty, help women achieve social and professional integration, provide emergency assistance to refugee and disabled women, prevent violence against women, and support victims. 

Garnier and the Power of “Green Beauty”

“Garnier aims to go further and commit to Green Beauty, an end-to-end approach to sustainability that is set to transform the brand, helping to reduce their environmental impact at every stage of its value chain. We are fuelled by the vision to constantly innovate and reinvent the consumer experience and to empower every consumer to make more informed, sustainable choices,” said Isabel Falco, Marketing Director of Garnier and L’Oréal Paris Philippines.

Garnier plans to launch in the Philippines its Green Parcel and Green Spaces initiatives, and will be championing a Green Education program together with its partners.

Garnier has been at the forefront of powering L’Oréal’s sustainability endeavours. Their products contain more than 90% natural origin ingredients, certified organic product ranges, and vegan formulas. Garnier has also ensured that packaging is made from recycled plastic and is more recyclable, with an end goal to use Zero Virgin Plastic by 2025. In the pipeline are also the inauguration of their Green Stores and Green Parcel initiatives, as well as their Green Education to continue providing an opportunity for consumers to make informed and sustainable choices.

“We will take on greater responsibility, engage our entire ecosystem and demonstrate that companies can be part of the solution to the challenges the world is facing. Our goal is that through this in-depth transformation, we hope to be a catalyst of change in the beauty sector and beyond, and to inspire our partners, our customers and all people to take action with us,” Ms. Singh shares.

About L’Oréal’s sustainability commitments: we are not starting from scratch

Very early on, L’Oréal became aware of the need to respond to environmental challenges. As an industrial company, it decided that tackling the environmental impact of its plants and distribution centers was the most obvious first step, and a necessary one, to begin its transformation process. This first phase is nearly completed. 

  • Since 2005, the Group has reduced the CO2 emissions of its plants and distribution centers by 78% in absolute terms, exceeding its initial target of 60% by 2020, while production volume increased by 37% over the same period. 
  • At the end of 2019, L’Oréal had 35 carbon neutral sites (meaning they use 100% renewable energy), including 14 factories.

In 2013, L’Oréal decided to address the core of its activity: the development of beauty products, its global sustainability programme Sharing Beauty With All, announcing tangible sustainability goals towards 2020. At its core laid an innovative tool known as SPOT (for Sustainable Product Optimization Tool), made to assess and improve the environmental and social performance of products across all brands. Sustainability is now fully integrated into the design process of the Group’s new products, from the earliest stages. 

  • 85% of products created or renovated in 2019 had an improved environmental and social profile. 
  • By end of 2019, L’Oréal has helped 90,635 people from disadvantaged communities find employment through the solidarity purchasing and inclusion programs.
  • L’Oréal is the only company in the world to have achieved an “A” score in all three CDP rankings – climate protection, water management, forest preservation – for 4 years in a row.

About L’Oréal

L’Oréal has devoted itself to beauty for over 100 years. With its unique international portfolio of 36 diverse and complementary brands, the Group generated sales amounting to 29.87 billion euros in 2019 and employs 88,000 people worldwide. As the world’s leading beauty company, L’Oréal is present across all distribution networks: mass market, department stores, pharmacies and drugstores, hair salons, travel retail, branded retail and e-commerce.

Research and innovation, and a dedicated research team of 4,100 people, are at the core of L’Oréal’s strategy, working to meet beauty aspirations all over the world. L’Oréal sets out ambitious sustainable development goals across the Group for 2030 and aims to empower its ecosystem for a more inclusive and sustainable society.

More information:

Multi-sectoral group comes together to help entrepreneurs weather pandemic-caused recession

Public encouraged to ‘buy local’ to support small biz owners

The considerable resources of the Association of the Filipino Franchisers Inc. (AFFI), the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), Go Negosyo, SM Foundation, Security Bank, and Union Bank are being brought to bear in efforts to jumpstart a languid economy stalled by the effects of the three-month long coronavirus lockdown.

The multi-sectoral group is raising awareness on the plight of millions of Micro Enterprises and Small and Mid-Sized Enterprises – collectively, the MSMEs – in the hopes of coaxing the buying public into increased patronage.

The group has thrown together a campaign called BUYANIHAN; a creative juxtaposition of the word buy and the local idiom bayanihan, referring to a spirit of communal unity and cooperation, as an economic lifeline.

Though deadly and extensive, the pandemic is not isolated on the health-front. 

When the enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) was invoked throughout Luzon, establishments providing basic necessities and services were deemed essential and were allowed to remain open, albeit on a skeleton force.

Much of those belonging to the MSMEs, however, were not listed. They were hit hardest due to the closure of malls and retail establishments. As were micro enterprises like barbershops and salons, massage parlors and spas, and the neighborhood street peddlers.

“These businesses have lost a significant amount of income due to the challenges of the ECQ,” said DTI Secretary Ramon Lopez, explaining BUYANIHAN’s rationale. “We need to ensure their survival.”


DTI revealed that of the 1.42 million registered businesses, an overwhelming 99.6% belong to MSMEs, with the majority, 88.5%, classified as micro enterprises.

They generate 63.19% of the country’s total employment figures.

“MSMEs are the backbone of our economy. This virus has brought a devastating blow to the physical and financial health of our nation. And we must work together to save both,” continued Lopez. 

Prior to the ECQ, economists projected rosy targets of 6.5% to 7.5% GDP growth for the Philippines this year. 

On March 19, around when the lockdown commenced, those numbers were lowered to a pragmatic 4.3% to a dismal minus (-)3.9%.

Pessimism is reasonable, in light of the wholesale impact on declining transport, tourism, exports, remittances, and reduced consumption; historically, the main driver of the Philippine economy.

Even Facebook last May said that one in three small businesses that have shut down don’t expect to reopen again.

When you consider that most MSMEs are located at the National Capital Region, Region IVA (CALABARZON), and Region III (Central Luzon) – regions in the main island from which 73% of the country’s GDP comes from and where the lockdown was rigorously enforced – then the true weight of the ECQ becomes clear.

This is because MSMEs rely on cash flow for daily operations: salaries to be paid, employee benefits to be fulfilled, rent, loans, supplier accountabilities, and credit card bills are still due. Although the quarantine levels have now lightened, during the ECQ they have had zero cash flow.

Perhaps more than any entity aware of the hit that MSMEs are experiencing is the SM Group, the Philippines’ largest mall operator and consequently it’s biggest retail space lessor. 

Its SM Foundation has been generous in providing funds, medical supplies, and protective equipment. Its SM Supermalls have waived rentals from March 16 to April 14.

“We share our tenant-partners’ concerns at the unfortunate situation and will waive rental charges for those affected and unable to operate during this period,” said SM Supermalls President Steven Tan. “This support forms part of our commitment to fight the effects of the outbreak.”

That alone benefits 19,153 SM mall tenants nationwide whose doors are now slowly but surely reopening for business.

Security Bank, one of the country’s leading universal banks and cited by Asiamoney as the “Best Bank for SMEs” in 2017 and 2019, eased its process for facilitating business loans for MSMEs in need of liquidity and lowered percentage in its Ecommerce payment gateway.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has brought the world unprecedented disruption, but with each of us doing our part, we will overcome this challenge and get better,” said Security Bank President and CEO Sanjiv Vohra.

Meanwhile, Union Bank, ranked by the BankQuality Consumer Survey on Retail Banks as

the second most helpful bank in Asia-Pacific during the coronavirus crisis – the only Philippine bank in the top 20 list – eased up account openings by shifting it online and providing checking accounts with affordable depository requirements, enabling MSMEs to further legitimize their businesses.

So there is hope. 

Easing of quarantine restrictions is a good first step. Provided the population behaves in ways that stem the infectious tide, then the wheels of commerce can start turning again.

And as these economic engines came to a screeching halt, it will take no more than a concerted effort to jolt it back from inertia. A bayanihan movement, if you will. 


“MSMEs took a direct hit, incurred big losses,” said AFFI President Jorge Noel Wieneke. “It’s back to zero for many, or back to the starting line. They are now in the ‘ICU’ and they need a blood transfusion. We can fix this with a BUYANIHAN spirit.”

It is a simple, doable solution. Consumers just need to start consuming again. Start buying again.

But for now, buy local to support our MSMEs.

2020: Series of Unfortunate Events

I wake up everyday, locked in my condo wishing that our normal lives would return and thankful for another life. The Covid-19 virus would be the most unforgettable pandemic hence it has affected everyone’s health and livelihood. A plot from a movie coming to life.

Philippines, 40+ days in  and currently 10 000+ cases positive of covid- 19, everything seems so silent. Usually Manila is the epicenter of the hustle and bustle of streets that leads to forever traffic. Since the lockdown which was March 16, it was like in a movie scene. At first there was a curfew  for a few days (morning to 8PM), then completely shutting down of public places and prohibition of public transportation. People would rush to groceries to hoard goods. It came to the point you can’t buy any medical face masks, alcohol and disinfectant sprays. Everyone was in full panic mode. You can’t leave your home without wearing a face mask and an issued quarantine pass that would be approved by the Barangay. Per family, only one designated person will be allowed to go out.

As a former medical frontliner, it breaks my heart that a lot of medical institutions lack PPE and that mostly hospitals now would be a possible channel to contract the virus and most frontliners tested positive. It’s Nurses’ week, honestly I may feel a little left out not being on the front lines for missing the action but I know I am safe at home, maybe God has his purpose. To all fronliners, it is such a noble cause to the professions and I salute you. For those staying at home, you can help with the available resources you have (like donating online) and even though you may not be a frontliner just do your part as an abiding citizen and follow social distancing guidelined and just try to SURVIVE.

January, when the virus started to take over China, and where was I that time? I just came back from a 1 month vacation at Oman. Leaving Oman was heartbreaking since the passing of our beloved Sultan Qaboos. His passing was officially announced on the day of my flight, JANUARY 12, 2020. Waking up early that morning was really sad. Even a part of me wanted to cancel my flight and to stay to mourn with everyone. My friends Mark and Lea slept over and knew how my vibe was going on that time. Main roads heading to the airport was closed and me personally wishing that some kind of miracle would prevent me and my sister to leave and miss our early flight to Manila. As we arrived at the airport, I tried to fight the tears and probably I didn’t know that time would be the last time to bid farewell to the country that I grew up and loved. Honestly, I wasn’t mentally ready that time but I know that my Dad planned to retire soon before he hits 60 years old (maximum age for expats to work). The pandemic has graciously affected the economy, resulted a lot of expats losing their jobs. My dad was on his 15th year and he was terminated from his job on March 2020. What would happen to more jobs and to the economy if this pandemic continues?

Coming back not knowing was the eruption of a the Taal Volcano that has hit my ancestral home situated at Batangas. Far from metro manila but it seems dust particles has reached the capital.  I remembered seeing my car covered with it. Not a few days/ weeks in also the horrendous forest fire in Australia happened.

A fews days later, I joined my friends on a trip that would be one for the books. Our 5 day trip to Hong Kong and Macau. I remembered making an itinerary for Lea, Franz and I. This was our first trip traveling out of the country. I have visited Hong Kong already that’s why I voluntarily decided to make our itinerary. I’ve included places that I failed to visit before like Ocean Park, Madam Tussaud and more.  It was actually a risk traveling to Hong Kong that time too because of the the number of protest happening (Chinese government to rule over Hong Kong) but as we know Hong Kong was in control of it, we were a bit at ease. That was also the time the Pandemic at Wuhan, China started, I decided to buy medical mask, vitamins, anti bacterial soaps, sanitizers and alcohol for our trip.

January 25, 2020 was Chinese New Year and we celebrated at Hong Kong Disneyland.  As we enter some attractions there were no lines at all. Being at the happiest place on our first day lead to our most frustrated days because China decided to impose a total lockdown on travel and the closure of Hong Kong’s theme parks. As everyone back home keeps on posting on social media and checking in on us that also lead to more frustration that we decided to cut our Macau trip and rebooked our return date much earlier. As we would look back, my friends and I would just laugh at it because if we didn’t let our frustration get us at first, we would have enjoyed more since the whole world would be affected and HK was in control. As of today HK had a few number of deaths, they sanitize the MTR every 2 hours and good health system so they were able to contain the virus. But on the bright side we left Hong Kong earlier  before the entire colony of China decides to go on total lockdown and to ban international travel.

Honestly those feelings at the start of January were a roller coaster of emotions. I remembered commuting to HK international airport from Tsim Tsam Tsui at 5 ish AM and waiting for the trains to operate at 6AM, sadly also hearing the tragedy and passing of NBA’s Kobe Bryant with his daughter and others on board his helicopter (January 27, 2020).

Looking at these series of unfortunate events, referencing to the fiction. It hit me that sometimes that when things fall apart it makes you whole again. I’ve had my personal ups and downs but that did not make me stop living and I think talking about it eases the moving on process. Like my Mom said, “LABAN LANG.  Another looking at the bright side thinking, Earth is starting to heal like clear skies and oceans. Remember as much as the world fails you, never regret having a good heart <3

Looking forward when the lift ECQ/GCQ would be lifted, who knows when? The whole world is affected and each country going through their own worries. As days get better, recoveries are greater in number compared to deaths. Introducing what we know now as the new normal and slowly restoring before everything happened. Can’t wait to travel and see the world again. As cliche as it sounds, there will always be a silver lining at the end (Hello Catriona!). I know it’s hard to have a positive mindset during this kind of crisis and as a circulating meme goes around that it’s not a good place now to be surrounded by positive people (haha). I opted to look at the bright side of things, sometimes and shed some light on my blog to inspire. While my memory is still fresh, I decided to write on my blog and maybe one day my future kids/grandkids would find this blogpost scattered in the blogosphere and knew how I went through that time as a testament.

Keep safe and stay healthy <3

What was my new normal during quarantine? How to love yourself in a middle of a crisis?

Love Yourself and Live a Healthy Lifestyle

It’s been over 40+ days since the start of ECQ, then slowly introducing what we can the “new normal”. Who knows what will happen in the coming days.

My routine has definitely change since ECQ. Usually I would get up in the morning, drive to the gym then the rest is work and acads ,when I don’t have my masterals also the occasional blogger events that I attend.Now it’s whole day just at home, I realized that I am too much of an extrovert and missing my normal routine badly.

Since the gyms are close, I have to keep up with my active lifestyle and diet. I created a routine, schedule and checklist to keep me sane during ECQ. To be completely honest, there are times I get off the grid and then eventually get back to it. My routine now would be like this:

[To my future kids, this is how Mom survived the Pandemic]

  • Wash my face in the morning, gargle and skincare ( especially moisturizer and sunscreen- important anti aging regimen duo)
  • Quick 5- 15 minutes fasted cardio workouts before breakfast (I try )
  • Take my vitamins and supplements
  • Work/acads/blog
  • Do anything I feel (binge watch Netflix, skincare, cook/bake, clean, video call fam & friends etc..)
  • Squeeze a 45-minute(s) workout (I try my best, this is suggested by my trainer to do everyday- FYI,  I do have rest days too)
  • Shower and other basic hygienic routine – wash hands always!
  • My  diet –  keeping it all balanced and healthy. I would count my calories and servings using an app (I recommend an app called Lose It!) or write it down on my journal. Like I said I try to be healthy but sometimes I indulge- so many food temptations!!!! One minute looking over what to eat in the pantry or what recipe I got from the internet that I can make using ingredients available. Plus as ECQ slowly evolves to GCQ, food deliveries are available. I usually have a diet delivery service who preps my meals and delivers it to my home but at the moment they are not operating so I have to make meals on my own huhu 🙁 Don’t forget DRINK LOTS OF WATER, keep yourself HYDRATED!!!
  • Since I am the designated person in the family, I would go out sometimes to drive to the nearby grocery and pharmacy.

How to love yourself in the middle of a pandemic?

It’s hard to stay positive during this time because you see all over social media/news related to the pandemic. It did really hit everyone. For me, like I always say  and as cliche as it sounds, “Start from within yourself then everything follows”.  Like eating clean , exercise, get enough sleep,  meditate, pray and talk to someone about your feelings – don’t be afraid to ask for help. Keep yourself busy – do what makes you happy, do things that you haven’t done before (example, learn a language),  how can you improve and reflect. We have all the means online and what you have at home. If you have the resources to help, go for it. All we can do now for 2020 is to SURVIVE 🙂

I am glad that I have the Huawei GT2e to help me keep up with my now called, ECQ lifestyle. I have the chance to workout with it for almost a few weeks now, It definitely lives up to the 2 WEEK BATTERY LIFE as emphasized by Huawei during the launch- legit tried and tested by me but I think it will also depend on how much you maximize or use the watch. Charging of the watch is unique, it has a Charging port with magnetic contacts.

Working out with the GT2e was fun. I was worried at first especially doing floor exercises because the screen looks fancy but so far no scratches. Whenever I break a sweat it is comfortable to wear, you don’t feel that icky/sticky feeling since it’s material is made perfect for working out.

I got to manage not only my workouts/fitness but also my overall health as a “smart sports coach” such as:

  • Sleep – you wear the watch  as you sleep, it monitors your hours and you can set a target – more details found at the health app. You need to download the Huawei health app first, connect the phone and the smart watch then set it up using the app.
  • Monitoring spO2, this is monitoring the oxygen level in the blood. At first I did not have this programmed in my watch. You have to update the Huawei heath app on your phone. (What I learned in nursing school during my time, starting 90% is the normal range, normal values may vary according to institution). Especially now covid-19 is in the picture, this could also be helpful. In the medical field we use a pulse oximeter which collects vital signs data which also includes spO2.
  • Stress management- stress levels are monitored  &  the watch keeps a record. You have to enable the automatic stress test in Huawei Health app.

Note: As the Huawei health app keeps on being mentioned, I have another blogpost on how to use the app.

The Huawei GT2e is a functional smart watch that you’ll love to wear while working out or just to track your productivity especially now during this pandemic. We need some source of motivation and guide because we need to be healthy.

The Huawei GT2e is available to shop at Lazada and Shoppee for PHP 6990. It comes in graphite black, lava red, mint green and icy white colors. It is advisable that we do online shopping for now and I would definitely recommend this product  🙂

For more you can read my blogpost (link below) which includes: what makes the GT2e different, Unboxing impressions/ specs, How to use the Huawei health app (You’ll need to download this app to use the watch) , more workout experience and simple guide to use the watch 🙂

Keep safe and stay healthy – love yourself! <3





Quarantine Diaries: Keeping up with my Workout using the Huawei Watch GT2e

Being only at home during the enhanced community quarantine, you find ways t0 be productive and for me one of the things I try so hard to be consistent is keeping up with my workouts. That’s why the Huawei smart watch GT 2e could help track my progress especially this time where all the gyms are closed.

In this blog let me give you a review  how I used it, specs, what workout features are available and also the importance of the Huawei health application.

I haven’t personally tried other smart watches but I have used a lot of fitness watches/bands. Well the Huawei GT 2e is beyond functional than an ordinary fitness watch. The price point is affordable compared to bigger brands who offer the same features. For PHP 6990, a sport enthusiast or health conscious  millennial can afford it. The Huawei GT 2e is available at Shoppee and Lazada. The smart watch comes in 4 colors: graphite black, lava red, mint green and icy white. 

What makes the it different?

  • It has different workout modes. During the launch of the GT2e  would have 100 workout modes. (read,  “MY WORKOUT EXPERIENCE” below)
  • It tracks your overall health (covers the basics like heart rate, calories burned etc. ) like any other fitness watch but the GT2e includes monitoring your sleep, stress and spO2 level. In layman’s term spO2, is the amount of oxygen in your blood (like a pulse oximeter).
  • You can connect the Huawei GT 2e to your smart phone (any brand of phone with a system requirement: Android 4.4 or later/ iOS 9.0 or later)
    and you have to download the HUAWEI HEALTH APP                                         (read, ” HOW TO USE THE HUAWEI HEALTH APP” below.)
  • You can change the theme/ “WATCH FACE” on the watch’s settings and download more designs in the Huawei Health app. (read “HOW TO USE HUAWEI HEALTH APP”)
  • Huawei is proud that this runs on a 2 week battery life. (Battery 455 mAh)
  • 5O M water resistant, you can use for swimming  (shallow water activities) only but not for scuba diving.
  • You can connect  your wireless earphones/ Freebuds (Huawei) to the smart watch and listen to music. Go to the watch’s SETTINGS > then connect
  • It has a flashlight (the screen turn white), alarm, weather update, barometer and compass features


The Huawei GT2e comes in a black sleek box. The first thing you see as you open is the Huawei GT 2e smart watch. In the compartment area you have the quick start guide and charger.

The charging unit (Charging port with magnetic contacts), simply connect the cord to the magnetic charging base (the circle). To charge the smart watch, connect the magnetic base (2 gold dots on the circle) at the bottom side of the smart watch to charge.


Check out my unboxing in my Instagram page then check highlights  (Instagram: @krishcatapang)





You have to download the app so you can use the Huawei GT 2e to the fullest.


  • Download the HUAWEI HEALTH APP (available in IOS and android).
  • On your phone’s settings connect via BLUETOOTH and pair it with the smart watch (turn the smart watch, so you can see your device name > pair with phone ).
  • Once both are connected, after completing the app requirements like registering your Huawei ID
  • DEVICES page, click your device so you can customize, get your workout info and settings.


Been using the Huawei GT2e for a few days, I haven’t reached the 2 week battery drain yet but so far it’s been living to the Huawei’s long 2- week battery life reputation. It has been fun working out and tracking my progress. I am just a little bit worried when I do floor exercises, scared I might hit it or get a scratch. So far so good no scratch at the moment.

The design of the watch for me is something I would really wear at the gym, workout at home or a doing a sport activity/event. It can be used for an everyday look but not athleisure – it depends on each persons style. The strap is made of fluoroelastomer, while working out it was comfortable to wear while sweating. That’s the important thing when you workout.

Let me give you a simple guide and what workout features are available on the smart watch. Especially for those who love to workout who would want to know  what this smart watch can offer. The buttons may seem confusing at first but you’ll get the hang of it and how user friendly it is.

Instructions/ guide: 

LONG PRESS OF THE UPPER BUTTON, on and off option.

The main display shows the TIME and DATE. You can change the theme/WATCH FACE  by  TOUCHING THE MAIN SCREEN WITH LONG PRESS. You can download more designs using the HUAWEI HEALTH APP. When the smart watch is connected to the phone, CLICK the HUAWEI HEALTH APP > Go to devices > click WATCH DEVICES > Download design.

On the main display, SWIPING LEFT OR RIGHT  – you have you can track your heart rate, stress, weather update, music and pedometer. SWIPING DOWN, shows the Do not disturb mode, show time mode, find phone, alarm and settings. SWIPING UP, you get messages/notifications from the app (you have to enable it at the Huawei health app)

SINGLE CLICK OF THE UPPER BUTTON, contains the following: workout, records, workout status, heart rate, activities, activity records, sleep, stress, breathing exercises, barometer, compass, notifications, weather, stopwatch, timer, alarm, flashlight , Find my phone and settings.

SINGLE CLICK OF THE LOWER BUTTON,  are the workout modes: indoor and outdoor walking, indoor and outdoor running, indoor and outdoor cycling, pool swimming, open water, climb, hike, trail run, triathlon, elliptical, power and others.

NOTE: When you choose your workout mode, the watch will give instructions on how to use. Try swiping up and down for more workout progress tracks. Exit by clicking the upper button and click the stop or pause botton.


  • Dimension:53 x 46.8 x 10.8 mm
  • Weight: Approximately 43.5 g (without the strap)
  • Watch body: metal and plastic; Strap: made of Fluoroelastomer Strap
  • Screen: 1.39 inch AMOLED 454 x 454 HD ; The AMOLED touchscreen supports slide and touch gestures
  • CPU: HUAWEI Kirin A1
  • Memory: 4 GB ROM, 16MB RAM
  • GPS Supported, GLONASS
  • Sensors: (Capacitive sensor, Accelerometer sensor, Gyroscope sensor Geomagnetic sensor,Optical heart rate sensor, Ambient light sensor, Barometer sensor)
  • Supported microphone, speaker and motor


Avon Supermarket at Victoria de Manila

From the catalogues to an actual super market, Avon has made a name by not just by their well known products but also give credit to your friendly neighborhood Avon consultants who visits home to home. I personally didn’t grow up with  Avon but I’ve heard how it has became part of a consumer culture here in the Philippines. While growing up abroad I’ve heard about it. I’ve encountered this is like a side hustle to some OFWs in Oman.

I got to visit their branch at Victoria de Manila at Taft which is an actual Avon supermarket. Don’t be too surprise it may seem like an AVON HQ but ofcourse you’ll never miss seeing your friendly Avon consultants as well. As I entered the HQ, it’s like a grocery store they have their own area where you can leave you bags so you can enjoy shopping.

Getting to the shopping part, ofcourse you can’t miss the intimate apparel section which is iconic for Avon. Next the Beauty section, it’s such a wide range from makeup to skincare. You can’t miss Avon’s MARK beauty line that I’ve heard and seen all over social media. The skincare section has a lot of products that are up for grabs.  Avon has created like not so usual skincare innovation that you don’t see much in the local market like black head(s) peel strips which I look forward to use on my self care days.

The Home section was my personal fave, I bet you didn’t know that Avon now makes HOME products now. I’ve reached to that Tita of Manila vibe and like to fill my home with really helpful and functional items.  Besides that they also have a jewelry section and the price range is affordable, of good good quality to your liking. You guys should check it out and Avon will be expanding this supermarket concept  to other locations in the near future 🙂