Keep your passion going with Globe Prepaid’s GoRENEW


With the end of the year fast approaching, it’s easy for Gen Zs to get caught up in the rush of schoolwork deadlines, household chores, hot gossip with the barkada, or simply keeping up with their favorite shows, especially during the holiday season. Throughout life’s chaos, it is important to cherish the happy moments and even prolong them as much as possible. Thankfully, Globe Prepaid’s latest auto-renewal service helps subscribers to do just that. 

GoRENEW is a great new feature that empowers the youth to take on life’s challenges without worrying about the expiration of their prepaid promos. The auto-renewal service allows subscribers to stay connected whether at home or on the go so they can continue to pursue their passions.

Below are five ways subscribers can make the most out of their prepaid promo and keep their passions going with GoRENEW:

Keep the aegyo going

Although life can get so hectic, sometimes immersing yourself in another culture provides comfort. Ride the Hallyu wave and enjoy all things Korean whether it’s binging your bias’ fan cam or finding the ultimate sundubu-jjigae recipe online, GoRENEW allows you to stay updated on the latest trends and bring out your inner Korean for non-stop aegyo moments.

Keep the fan theories coming

Hate spoilers? Keep the drama going and stay up to date on the latest episode of your favorite shows. Globe Prepaid’s auto-renew service keeps you in-the-know with the power of all-access data for consistent streaming experience, allowing you to dive in and theorize on all the latest action, kilig, and drama in between, together with your barkada.

Keep the music flowing 

There’s something so empowering about letting the music take flight, no matter the mood. From moody vibes to groovy jives, having the perfect playlist to fit the bill is crucial to tackling incoming deadlines or simply setting the mood for a chill afternoon. Indulge in a sonic state of bliss without worrying about your subscription ending so soon.

Keep the GG going

Being in the heat of the moment, battling out in the arena with the squad then suddenly getting a notification at the end of your subscription can get frustrating. Say goodbye to dull moments and keep the GG going so you can bring home that well-deserved victory.

Keep the grind going

Staying connected with school and work has become an integral part of Gen Zs daily hustle. It’s important to stay in the know and never miss a notification —from important groupwork updates to work besties’ latest chika in between important emails, Globe’s got you covered!

Globe Prepaid subscribers can now avail GoRENEW, which automatically registers their chosen promos again upon expiration, so they can tick one item off their to-do list. Just make sure you have enough load for your promo to renew automatically.

There’s a wide range of promos to choose from. 7-day validity promos include Go90, Go120, Go140, GoUNLI95, SURF4ALL99, SURF4ALL249, GoEXTRA90, and GoEXTRA99. They can also go the extra mile with 15-day validity promos like Go250, Go400, GoUNLI180. 

Registration is made simple, easy, and familiar. This can be done via GCash and *143# but the best way to get to this new offering is through the Globe One App. Subscribers can simply go on the app and activate the GoRENEW button under the promo description before proceeding to payment.

“We are thrilled for our subscribers to use GoRENEW and experience the convenience of non-stop connection so they are better equipped to face life’s challenges,” says Givielle Florida, Globe Prepaid Brand Head. “This auto-renewal service enables subscribers to experience Globe’s most reliable 5G network so they can take on their passions and own the future,” she adds.

For more information about this Globe innovation that empowers Gen Zs to keep doing what they love, visit

Modess together with ABS-CBN Foundation and Miss Universe Philippines Organization want young girls to #BeNextPeriodReady

Continuing the advocacy in educating young Filipinas on menstrual health

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MANILA, Philippines – Johnson & Johnson Philippines (J&J Philippines) kicked off the outreach program dubbed as “#BeNextPeriodReady” in Paranaque, Metro Manila alongside ABS-CBN Foundation and Miss Universe Philippines, supporting Modess’ advocacy on menstrual health education.

Modess arranged a community engagement event attended by high school students from San Antonio High School where they discussed with an all-teen-girl audience the importance of having the right sanitary pad partner for their menstruation needs, especially as they go out and make bigger moves. 

Jason Khu, senior brand manager for Modess of J&J Philippines, talked about the reality that most of our teens experienced during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic. A lot of young girls went through their first menstruation in their households while on lockdown, and it was the first time they were able to form menstrual health habits. However, these young girls’ period experience will be completely different as they go back to having face-to-face classes, meet up with friends, and engaging in more activities outside of their homes. Modess is committed to help these teens improve the state of their menstrual health, hygiene, and habits, the next time they get their period– so that they are now #NextPeriodReady. 


“For all the girls, we as a brand are committed to continue in normalizing the conversation and be an inspiration to more teens to be next period ready. We are looking forward to meeting more girls in the future to continue our advocacy of menstrual health education. It is our hope that more and more #GenFree girls be able to make bigger moves with Modess” Aldellyn Po, Marketing Manager for Feminine Care, Johnson & Johnson Philippines

ABS-CBN Foundation also joined in advancing the advocacy on menstrual health and hygiene for our young girls. ABS-CBN Foundation wants to be involved in this movement by helping distribute 2,500 menstrual hygiene kits to different schools and communities nationwide as young girls go back to in-person learning. 

“Like always, we at ABS-CBN Foundation have always trusted J&J Philippines and Modess in continuing our shared advocacy on menstrual health and hygiene education. Together, the benefit of having girls learn and treat conversations like this as a norm will bring back a lot of lessons to them personally. As for kids receiving the kits, alam ko madami ang matutuwa at magkakaron ng bagong approach sa menstrual health ngayon matapos yung conversations natin dito with our panel.” Levi Ambon-Rota, program head of ABS-CBN Bantay Bata 163.

Miss Universe Philippines, also in full attendance, participated in the #BeNextPeriodReady outreach program as they, too, believe that teenage girls today need to be educated about menstrual health and should have better access to products, like Modess, that would improve their menstrual cleanliness and sanitation.


Celeste Cortesi, Miss Universe Philippines 2022 and Anabelle McDonnell Miss Universe 1st runner up came to support the event. Celeste gave advice to the young women who struggle with worry and anxiety due to their current menstrual health habits influenced by the pandemic lockdown. She strives to be the voice of the youth today, shedding light on issues and addressing concerns about the taboo subject — menstrual hygiene.

For Miss Universe Philippines 2022, Celeste Cortesi, “The need to bring this conversation into normal situations should come from a place of love and pride. Young girls should be proud that they are menstruating and can talk about it freely with other people, this way, girls can be ready together and be more open about the need for access to menstrual health and be next period ready. As for my connection with Miss Universe Philippines, we continue to inspire girls through our way of being relatable and campaigning the message heavily everywhere, so that young girls especially, will feel the need to value themselves as someone to be proud of.” 

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Closing the event, the students together with the ABS-CBN Foundation and the J&J team joined in on the mural painting, where the girls were asked to think of the one word or phrase that they wish to empower themselves, a goal that has been set by the brand’s campaign. 

Modess continues their advocacy in creating safe and comfortable spaces for teenage girls. So that the next time they get their period, they are finally equipped with the right knowledge and products to help them navigate the outside world confidently and worry-free.

For more information about Modess, visit or follow our social media accounts at and @modessph on Instagram.

Yondu commits to more innovations and partnerships to support PH businesses

Technology matters now more than ever. When the pandemic struck, many businesses struggled to cope with the sudden shift to digitalization amidst physical restrictions. Currently, the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) is pushing for MSME digitalization and innovation as 60% of jobs in the country come from the sector.

Yondu, the top IT solutions company wholly owned by Globe, enables the digitalization of businesses with its holistic solutions, innovations, and different partnerships. The company enables its clients to navigate into the new digital economy through more affordable services.

Ryan Paguio, who oversees BFSI (banking, financial services, and insurance) as Yondu’s Vice President for Enterprise Solutions, emphasized the importance of adapting to the situation and noted that Yondu aspires to build a partnership with clients who offer use-cases relevant to their business journey. In turn, Yondu provides them with expertise.

Yondu was quick to address the challenges of the pandemic through its innovations. It also helped companies build resilient, safe, and productive work environments through new technological tools that enable workers to deliver KPIs even from home.

Among the sectors Yondu helped was the BFSI sector which they provided with expertise in pivoting key resources, processes, systems/applications, and workflows such that digitalization can be pursued by these institutions in the manner best-suited vis a vis current state, regulatory compliance, legacy systems, among others. Yondu also offers expert services, managed services, custom development, and software factory to business owners to improve their IT resources.

For retail and manufacturing industries, Yondu provided eCommerce solutions including all features of a digital storefront and the integration of payment gateways and delivery channels.

The company also developed an eCommerce platform called Vessell to help business owners with limited budgets. It includes a mobile app packaged with a web app, omnichannel eCommerce integration and management, and a rewards and e-raffle capability for marketing.

These are just among the many innovations and solutions that Yondu is developing to help businesses better cater to their target audiences. Yondu promises consumers new apps from their BFSI providers while BFSI can expect more use cases to improve their IT-related journey.

Gail Campo, who handles Retail and Manufacturing as Yondu’s Vice President for Enterprise Solutions, reiterates how Yondu can help businesses.  “Competing in a digital-first business environment is the core challenge for manufacturers and retailers, and Yondu helps address this by providing tailor-fit solutions.“

Find out more about Yondu and talk to their team to request more information on their website

Get up to 50% Off in Aveeno products this 11.11!

 The weather is now transitioning welcoming the cooler ber months. With the cold breeze, it draws moisture away from the skin resulting in very dry, itchy skin. Thanks to the new improved formula of Aveeno Skin Relief with Triple Oat Complex, it soothes and protects skin in as fast as sixty seconds. 

Don’t let very dry, itchy skin stop you as Aveeno has special promo deals this 11.11 – get as much as 50% OFF with your favorite Aveeno products! What are you waiting for? Check them out in Lazada and Shopee on November 11, 2022!

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Aveeno Products SRP 11.11 Discount
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Buy 1 Take 1 Aveeno Energizing Lotion 354ml      1,554.00                      745.00 
Buy 1 Take 1 Aveeno Baby Soothing Relief Creamy Wash 236ml          798.00                      395.00 
Buy 1 Take 1 Aveeno Baby Cleansing Therapy Moisturizing Wash 236ml      1,198.00                      595.00 
Aveeno Baby Soothing Relief Moisture Cream 227g + FREE 140g      1,165.00                      686.00 

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Get the new and improved Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel this 10.10

 As Filipinos welcomed the ber months last September, not only did the countdown to Christmas begin; so did the big double digit sale season! Truly, it is the beginning of a wonderful time for more budols and adding to cart some of our favorite items for home improvement, make-up, and most especially the holy grails for skincare. 

This October 10, Neutrogena offers amazing promos and deals as we celebrate the big 10.10 blowout. You can add to cart new and improved formulation of Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel for up to 44% off in Johnson & Johnson’s Philippines official Shopee online stores.

Start this season merry with youthful glass skin only with Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel. 

Don’t get left out and grab it now at a discount in Shopee on October 10, 2022. Also available in Lazada from October 10-14, 2022.