Ito na Yun! Beefy Ever After for Anne Curtis and Jollibee

Feruary 15, 2017 | Jollibee Glorietta 4

Two days before Anne Curtis’ birthday is also the reveal of latest endorser of  Jollibee – Welcoming the Ultimate ANNEBISYOSA, Anne Curtis-Smith. She said being part of the Jollibee family is “Full circle” since she was discovered at Jollibee. She would always claim that she was discovered in a local food chain by a talent scout but she can’t mentioned the brand, now she can shout to the world and claim it! ITO NA YUN! – the tag line of the latest commercial.

Anne’s life was full circle, being a fan of hers – I do envy her life. She has a sharp sense of style, she travels (Have you seen her latest VLOG? what we all thought was just all about her travel to the US, If you watch the end part – Erwan proposed to her in the woods of Connecticut) her body is total goals, snatch great acting roles, multimedia savvy, feed goals, charming and kind-spirited. She is part of the IT! GIRLS and having a good man by her side. That made her gain 6 milliANNE followers and love plus adored by the Filipinos. Throw Anne Curtis’ anything, she can do it and carry it.

Anne’s birthday wish this year is to have a smooth sailing wedding planning and love filled – She can’t wait to spend the rest of her life with her mi amore, Erwan Heusaff. Speaking of Erwan, just to clarify he ain’t the one in the commercial just a look a-like, the guy really look like Erwan -according to Anne. Anne mentioned she sent a picture to Erwan during the shoot and he teased “Don’t get too close” :)). Anne shared some deets about her upcoming wedding, she said her wedding wouldn’t be over the top but expect a lot of RED and knowing her and Erwan it will be charming. We all can’t wait! Rumor has it that the location of the wedding hasn’t been decided yet and it will happen end of the year (early December- according to some articles I read).

The closed event hosted by Jollibee, is a wedding theme – the event started with Jollibee kind walking the aisle accompanied by acoustic, carrying a bouquet of flowers and revealing Anne Curtis as the latest endorser. I am so honored to meet Anne and get a selfie with her upclose – FINALLY! For the past events that Anne is the endorser it was so hard to get near her and now finally thanks to Jollibee. When I had the chance, good thing I was chilling around after the event, she posed with the crew then I got my chance and asked her politely.

Actress, TV host, and all-around performer Anne Curtis is the newest Jollibee endorser.

 Jollibee, the country’s number one fast-food chain, is proud to welcome another star to its ever-growing family of celebrity endorsers. Anne’s first project for the homegrown QSR brand is an ad campaign featuring the best-selling Burger Steak, which premiered last February 12, 2017.

 “Anne is dynamic and talented, and her cheerful demeanor brings joy to everyone around her,” said Francis E. Flores, Jollibee Global Chief Marketing Officer and Philippines Head of Marketing. “We hope the nation shares our excitement over Anne being the newest endorser of one of Jollibee’s most popular products, the Burger Steak.”

A joyful discovery

2017 marks Anne’s 20thyear in Philippine show business, where she had made waves through a slew of TV shows, critically acclaimed blockbuster hits, and in recent years, sold-out concerts at some of the country’s most prestigious event venues.

Her journey to stardom began exactly twenty years ago, at a Jollibee store along Boni Avenue in Mandaluyong City.

“Jollibee brings me so much joy,” she said. “At a young age, my mother introduced me to the Filipino treat that is Jollibee. This is where I got to taste the sweet Jolly Spaghetti, the joys of Chickenjoy, and of course, the Filipino version of steak, the Burger Steak with rice! It started my life here in the Philippines,”

A 12-year-old balikbayan visiting relatives from her mother’s side, Anne was discovered by a talent scout while she was enjoying Jollibee’s signature treats.

“I remember having Chickenjoy and Jolly Spaghetti,” said Anne, who excitedly recounted her ‘discovery’ story. “I wouldn’t be the star I am today if I was not eating at Jollibee 20 years ago. It’s just one of the reasons why Jollibee has a special place in my heart.”

“It is such an amazing story,” added Flores. “Anne just proves how instrumental Jollibee is in introducing relatives and friends from abroad to the Pinoy experience.”

“With Jollibee, there’s always a treat to look forward to, from mainstays like Burger Steak and limited time offers like the Tuna Pie. You’ll never get tired of eating at Jollibee, because there’s so many treats to choose from. The food really brings me so much joy!,” said Anne.

With a truly joyful discovery story, Anne believes that her Jollibee endorsement could not have come at a better time.

“I’ve always come so near, yet so far,” she said. “There were plans before, but they never pushed through. Finally the time has come and it’s really a big dream come true for me. I feel like I’ve come full circle in my career.”

Witness Anne find her beefy ever after with the latest Jollibee Burger Steak TVC, which began airing in the Philippines last February 12, just in time for Valentine’s Day.


Chan-Lim: Behind the Brushstrokes

The Chan Lim Family has been creating masterpieces and sharing their knowledge in Chinese painting to aspiring artists. Showcasing their talents, why not perfect and just in time for Chinese New Year- Year of the Rooster. Their works of art are displayed the SM NORTH (The Block), you wouldn’t miss it. The works of art will be available to the public till February 12, 2017. – In celebration of Chan-Lim’s 80th birthday!

Over the years, Chan-Lim family has valued art and as history says their first interaction to painting was on 1998 – A Chinese Style painting was given as a gift to the main patriarch on his 6oth birthday called “One Fine Day” which is still displayed at their Family Residence.

The exhibit contains art on Porcelain and Rice Paper(scroll painting) with the use of OIL & WATERCOLOR. I am personally a fan of the masterpieces that has PANDAS on it. I did personally studied oil painting back in highschool and I understand the time and effort to create and produce a piece of art.

You can log on to to inquire if you guys are interested in seeing more of their work, meet the artists and get lessons too 🙂


Jollibee ‘s Pepper Cream Burger Steak and New Look!

Your all time favorite classic  burger steak gets an upgrade and a new addition to the JB menu – The Jollibee Pepper Cream Burger Steak – JB’s signature beef patty with 100% rich beef, rich sauce made of cream and black pepper topped with sweet corn kernels and served with steam rice. It will be available in all Jollibee stores nationwide for dine-in, take-out and drive-thru for just only PHP 50 for 1 pc solo and PHP 55 comes with nestea icetea YAY!


I am a fan of the classic burger steak and ofcourse the phenomenal CHICKEN JOY – The thing with the Pepper Cream Burger Steak is that is something to get used to from the usual but its delish! The pepper in the sauce did not overpower- it met the pinoy taste and the sauce’s thickness is just right compared to the classic that is way thicker and more flavor. I just love the sweet corn toppings because it adds fiber and mixes well with the flavor. The patty is still the same kind of patty you get from JB. It’s worth the try guys and super affordable pa PHP 50 lang and may drink for additional PHP 5. 



In line with the launch, is also the presentation of Jollibee’s new look/ interior/concept – a very modern pinoy vibe with murals and artworks by EGG FIASCO (known for the famous BGC Murals) and the crew/staff uniforms designed by renowned Filipino designer – Francis Libran. 








I recognize BROTHER from watching too much PROJECT RUNWAY – Well Brother is not about sewing machines but also creating the latest crafting innovation in fashion, art and everything else –  Introducing the Brother ScanNCut CM700.PHP 24, 995

The CM700 is not that complicated when it comes to functions but you have to study the guide first on how you are gonna use it and make sure that every material is aligned and placed properly. You can do in just a jiffy once you’ve studied and got use to the different functions plus its fun! and having your designs and creations come alive.

We had a workshop using the CM700, we designed for an eco bag where we had these ready made designs to be cut into perfection by the machine then hot-pressed the designs (via iron) on the eco-bag  once the and Christmas card using a templates for the cut-outs. 

You can enjoy the CM700 by cutting out stickers, decoration for tumblers, cup sleeves and merch items (shirt, cap, bag etc.)

Comes with 

  • 300 dpi built-in scanner
  • 7 fonts and 631 built in designs including 100 quilt patterns
  • Large 12″ x 24″ scanning and cutting area
  • SVG Data readability – support of a universal design file format
  • Wireless network ready 

Included accessories:

  • Standard cut blade holder
  • Standard cut blade
  • Middle tack adhesive mat 12″ x 12″ (305 x 305 mm)
  • Accessory pouch
  • Spatula
  • Pen Set (Black/Red)
  • Pen Holder
  • Touch Pen


Whipped Sugar Waxing Salon: Scrubbing Sweet Experience & Soft Supple Skin

Whipped Sugar Waxing Salon doesn’t only offer “sugar waxing services” but also “scrubbing” services – known as their  “CARAMEL SCRUBBIN ” (Combination of Scrubbing & Waxing)


Whipped’s Caramel Scrubbin starts off by cleansing the area and application of their all natural caramel scrub not only it has smoothening properties, it also has Vitamin C which lightens the dark spots and all-out skin. Then after, they start with the “waxing” with their all natural sugar wax.


This is a must treatment I get for my underams every month, I’ve done more than 3 sessions already and results shown it has lightened somehow. I’ll be posting an “after picture” once I’ve gotten the desired result. (Seen from my previous post – you’ll see the process of caramel scrubbin’ ). Sugar waxing and Caramel scrubbin’ paired together makes my skin looking youthful, radiant and soft. I’ve been receiving complements from friends saying –  “GIRL! Effective”. Now my next target are my legs since I have gained lot of scars growing up wished I took care of my legs sooner. Well its never too late.


Caramel Scrubbin’ Services:(Rates differ according to FEMALE & MALE)

  1. Underarm (F – P350 , M- P450 )
  2. Arm (F- P500, M-P600)
  3. Chest (F- P450, M- P550)
  4. Stomach (F- P 450, M- P550)
  5. Back (F-P500, M- P600)
  6. Inguinal (F-P500, M-P600)
  7. Half Leg (F-P670, M- P770)
  8. Full Leg (F- P1000, M- P1150)
  9. Full Body (F-P3000, M- P3350)

Benefits of Sugar Scrubbing

  1. For a clean and clear skin.
  2. Bye bye flakes! – flaky skin (dry patches) accumulates overtime
  3. Renew skin
  4. Perfect Glow
  5. No more dark patches
  6. Remove those nasty scars
  7. Get that smooth skin
  8. Awesome feeling
  9. Healthier skin
  10. Improves texture


  • 3rd Floor  Ayala Fairview Terraces
  • Avida Southpark, Alabang
  • 2nd floor, Eight Forbes Town Center BGC.
  • Follow them on instagram: @whippedsalonph #YummerWithWhipped #WhippedItOut #StrippedWithWhipped #SmootherWithWhipped #WhippedATC #WhippedAFT #WhippedETC #DareToGetWhipped #GetWhippedNow #WhippedMNL #OnlyAtWhipped


Places to eat in San Juan, La Union Plus Travel Tips

My recent trip has got me thinking and yeah maybe to write something while I’m off for 4 days- something to keep me busy. Going back, my recent trip to La Union, I’ve received lots of question where to eat and places to go- expected since I am a blogger.

Well I’ve visited La Union twice already (the first was on May, early this year and this month of November), still same old sizzling La Union atleast this time I know what things to bring.

Surf spots?: For as long there is a beach, there is a guaranteed surf school nearby, may cost you around P350-P400 (1 hour surfing and lessons with the instructor). The best place to surf? It depends usually on the waves and the time.

Note: When you hit the beach especially the SAND, Literally SAND-BURN (That’s why this time I brought shoes, just make sure you don’t step/soak in a puddle of wet sand) and Don’t forget SUNBLOCK too! and a helpful tip I learned from my best pal Aimee, applying aloe vera gel after exposing yourself under the heat of the sun, it not just soothes the skin but it  lessens the inflammation.

La la la to the Beach bum life ⛱ Stay #sunproofed with @belosunexpert (So cool! #belosunexpert is also available at @flotsamandjetsamhostel ☀️) 📷: @leiyeaah
La la la to the Beach bum life ⛱ Stay #sunproofed with @belosunexpert (So cool! #belosunexpert is also available at @flotsamandjetsamhostel ☀️) 📷: @leiyeaah

Manila North Rd., Urbiztondo Beach, San Juan, La Union

Just across Sea bay resort, if you guys are on a budget and for yummy rice bowl meals, this is the place to eat. A meal wouldn’t go beyond P100 and masarap din!

You’ll love its hipster outdoor motif- so chill and right beside is Mad Monkey who serve affordable burgers and fries.



Kilometre 274 MacArthur Highway, Urbiztondo, San Juan, La Union

Waling distance and in between TAGPUAN and FLOTSAM & JETSAM, the place opens as early as 7AM on weekends till 10 PM then on weekdays 9AM-9PM. Since we came on a weekend, this was the first place we had to have breakfast after our 6-hour drive from Manila.

I definitely recommend their coffee selection (Try the DIRTY HORCHATA) and the desserts like the Cookie Skillet P240 and the Indoor S’mores, P160 (small- good for 2 persons), P300 (large for 3-4 persons).


For a light breakfast go for the fluffy pancakes (3 pieces) and Grilled cheese both P160. They only considered main course in the menu. The place is definitely the best place to get coffee and chill – Hope the place would accommodate more. The place really has that cool hipster vibe plus they have YOGA CLASSES too.




Flotsam and Jetsam Hostel, 2514 San Juan, La Union




The place looks cool and the food is great too! You can definitely chill by the beach side and lay down on the carpets and bean bags while playing board games also chilling with your best pals.

Tip: Come as early like 7-8 PM, by 10 PM the place is fully booked and hard to find a place to chill.

Cheers on their great selection of drinks- SEX ON THE BEACH, MOJITO & PINA COLADA. Then their signature pizzas, TRUFFLE FRIES and ONION RINGS which is good for sharing. For health junkees out there try out the MAKAI BOWLS. TIP: If you guys are checking in (hostel) they may give you discount coupons for the Makai bowls. Best seller: Passion fruit and the Chocolate one.


TIP: As early as possible, book right away – slots are selling like pancakes especially on the weekends. Apparently my friend was able to book us the regular – its a kubo with bunk beds and cabinets with locks. House rules: No food allowed and wash hands before going inside. Each bunk bed has an electric fan and outlet, most likely with the regular you “MAY GET THE CHANCE” to share with others (like a dorm). The bathrooms, so clean!


Transportation tip: If you plan to get the bus back to San Fernando since the bus station is there, a tricycle ride would cost about P100 for 1 person. There is a line of tricycle in front of Flotsam & Jetsam and Tagpuan. Another tip, if you plan to leave at a certain time be there an hour before and the last bus is at 8PM.




Just beside SEABAY Resort and across TAGPUAN, If you opt a place to eat with the most breathtaking view of La Union, visit KAHUNA.

Food are hefty big servings, more of western food that’s why.


(Walking distance from TAGPUAN, other side of the road)

Another chill & hipster place to check out, we didn’t had the time to dine in but we’ve seen their menu, another place that is affordable to dine & chill. Bonitos is has this Mexican vibe and Aloha, the name speaks for itself, I think we were suppose to get ice cream here but we didn’t have the time anymore.

There are a lot of place to eat actually in San Juan, if you have any tips feel free to comment so the next time I visit, surely gonna check it out 🙂

For affordable and stylish beach roundies check out @todzfleamarket on instagram
For affordable and stylish beach roundies check out @todzfleamarket on instagram



Triple the fun here at the North, People from the north say why are all the hype in Manila. Well good news  for those in Pampanga, you don’t have to rush into the city to get a taste of JumpyardPH, Lazer Tagg and Fun Ranch. Why risk travelling to the busiest center of the Philippines well the fun now is right at the not so crowded city of Pampanga at the heart of San Fernando.

Adrenaline junkees from the north can now visit and make it a healthy habit to be fit while having fun as well. For those coming from the south planning to visit Pampanga mark down this place for your bucketlist and bring family & friends along with.

All the fun under one roof, You have the JUMPYARD, LAZER MAXX AND FUN RANCH at FUN RULES HERE Pampanga at Paseo Las Palmas Jose Abad Santos Avenue., San Fernando City 2000 Pampanga. With its huge capacity they also accept reservations for events like parties and others.  So far they don’t  have the all-in package to avail the 3 all in the same time but they are working on it – you have to avail at each separately.


Jump Yard, Indoor Trampoline Park at FUN REULES HERE PAMAPANGA is the biggest so far – 82 trampolines, 5 slam dunk lanes, Open jump trampolines,  A Dodgeball  & Volleyball court, a wall climbing area,  Foam Pit and a Toddler area (to prevent the big kids pushing the small kids). There is also a foam pit in the center ideally for picture purposes. Before entering the area, you have to do a 8-minute stretching and you have to avail socks that is specific for use because the rubber below the socks prevent slipping . The socks would cause like less than P100. All jam-packed for fun! Rates & Schedule:

MONDAY- THURSDAY 12:00- 9PM , P250

FRIDAY 12NN-10 PM,  P350




img_2743img_2744img_2717 img_2711



LAZER MAXX (LAZER TAG ARENA) at Fun Rules Here has this set up depending on the latest trend – vest with your assigned character. At the preview we had  a pokemon theme then each member will be monitored based on their statistics during the game- you get a copy after. The arena accommodates a maximum 24 players and there will be 2 tag teams that need to defend their post and tag as many players as you can from the other team. This is a game that involves a lot of physical and mental tactics as well – Really sweat a lot! Pay attention to the instructional video before the game.

1 Individual Game (15 mins)

Weekdays (M-T) P190 / PERSON




Weekdays (M-T) P360 / PERSON




Weekdays (M-T) P 4, 000





Fun Ranch for the kiddies  though tempting to try the long slides (unleasing my inner child)- it is an indoor playground with giant slides, ball pools and other interactive activities like role playing. Did I not mention the GIANT BALL PIT! It is required for the kids to wear socks all time.

Monday- Thursday 12:00- 9 PM

P120 – 30 MINS

P 170 – 1 HOUR






P140 – 30 MINS

P195 – 1 HOUR




It is a requirement for parents/ guardian’s names & contact numbers.



Adults accomplanying children 3 years old and below may enter free of charge.

At FUN RULES HERE they cater to parties as well like I said earlier. The steps  are easy:

  1. Determine the number of guests and the room you want


Celebration – 250 people capacity P45, 000 (Minimum consumable on food and drinks)

Festival – 250 people capacity P45, 000 (Minimum consumable on food and drinks)

Sky – 120 people capacity P25, 000  (Minimum consumable on food and drinks)

  1. Create your own menu using “QUICK PICK” Dish List – there is a separate meal options for the kids.
  2. Choose Activities/ Entertainment (Inquire about pricing)
  3. Pick your extras- foodcarts, balloon décor, lootbags etc.
  4. Decide on payment option and finalize booking


FOR RESERVATIONS AND INQUIRIES  CALL  09178610294 / 09088174323

Bakit Lahat Ng Gwapo May Boyfriend?!


I’ve asked myself the same thing and no one can supplement that answer, ever since college it has been a trend in the gym that it is “uso” for the gays to have gainz – “palakihan ng katawan”. In Metro Manila, you can spot one easily with your gaydar, but not all maybe some have “malamya” tendencies and moves that are close to their feminine side. Don’t judge agad, there are signs. I am no expert, but if you feel it,  you know. I did had a crush on a gay guy, I just accepted it and move on since I’m not what he really wants. I love the gay community because I have good friends who are gays but sometimes I’m like “Bat nagkaka ubusan na ng lalaki dito sa Pilipinas HUHU” – Kung hindi kasal, may jowa, bakla naman.





Bakit Lahat ng Gwapo May Boyfriend?! Starring Anne Curtis, Dennis Trillo, Paolo Ballesteros, Yam Concepcion and more! Brought to you by Viva Films and The Idea First Company, Directed by Jun Lana. The gist of the movie  revolves with the 3 main characters, Anne who plays Kylie unfortunately she is a “CLOSETA-MAGNET” / COVER GIRL – whenever she falls in love with a guy turns out to be gay.  The handsome Benj, played by Paolo Ballesteros and CONFIRMED! na bakla plays as Kylie’s bestfriend and former flame, yes CLOSETA siya and only Kylie knows about it. Then here comes the Diego, Benj’s first/ puppy love who came back from the states, he hired Benj and Kylie to be the wedding planners to his upcoming wedding with Fiona played by Yam Concepcion.


This movie is very light and entertaining, It was so funny and you have to watch out for #RamonRamon – jack of all trades in the movie. In terms of the story, it is different, not your typical love story and most likely relatable that’s why everyone was at the edge of their seat jerking a laughter.



Like I said Hands down to Anne for this role, as always a fire cracker and never fails to bring out the character’s persona. She played Kylie well and she was able to bring out the emotions needed- ma fefeel mo. I know every girl has been through that stage na “What is wrong with me” and coming from a standpoint of a cover girl – may kulang ba sa part mo.


Anne is what you call yung babaeng bakla (who is so gorgeous and dyosa ng mga bakla) and that’s why she doesn’t have to put much effort into the role. Her chemistry with Dennis Trillo was something unexpected, super nakakakilig sila! (and nakakakilig kissing scenes nila – Watch out for the scene where Anne has to act as Fiona because Fiona couldn’t make it) They both worked and looked good together on screen I don’t usually fuzz about love teams except for Jadine but I would definitely ship Anne & Dennis. I suddenly had a crush on Dennis Trillo because of this movie. Scene to watch out for: Anne and Dennis duet – must watch it.

Benj is such a loving character, not a single hate- He would be the perfect gay bestfriend. You would understand the standpoint of his role na umasa din at nag assume – All of us wants to be loved and accepted. For Benj, he did have his happy-ending WITH…. If you know someone who is “closeta” hayaan mo lang sila umamin, just love & accept  the way the person is.

Diego as confusing as it seems has the tendencies to be GAY, He fits the checklist but he ain’t GAY. Apparently Kylie is attracted to gays kaya na fall din siya kay Diego and  YES, pa fall ito si Diego. In the end naging confusing din feelings ni Diego. Hay naku!

Fiona who plays the fiancée of Diego, is what we all girls want to be – beautiful, smart, strong & independent woman, the thing is she is too career-driven. For us girls, we should put our careers first like what my mom says “Para di ka kawawa”. Well in the story she risked a job offer for Diego , she used it to backfire at Diego- sa simula pa lang mali na talaga to begin with. Kaya the lovebirds slowly change and getting to know each other more while doing the wedding preparations.

At the end, the movie is all about love – love has no gender and it comes in all forms.  To all the girls (like me na naghinihtay at naghahanap), boys din and gays, you know just keep doing what you need to do and put yourself first, love will eventually come and it doesn’t have to be too complicated – you just have to work on it #LOVEWINS

Bakit Lahat Ng Gwapo May Boyfriend Coming out on October 19, 2016 SHOWING NATIONWIDE!




Tommy Esguerra as Christian in “Christian and Anne” by Dolce Amore

As a reader/bookie myself, I can’t believe that the evolution of writing changes – as social media becomes a medium and now it can be flipped into the book pages, this my friends is what people call now Socialserye. Maybe you’ve heard of Vince and Kath spread all over and shared on Facebook. Well this is a different story about unconditional love of Christian and Anne. It is very unusual for me to read text messages on a book – I am very open minded about it.


The gist of the story is about Christian, a fat nerd who confesses his feelings via text to Anne – which started this whole story. Anne, is the most popular gal in school who recently just broke up with her heartthrob boyfriend Patrick. That’s when Christian tried to make “the moves” when Anne was at the stage of vulnerability. Well Christian became a rebound but then Anne started to fall for this chubby chaser. Then this Patrick guy came in the picture again and try to ruin and tear the two apart.

Christian got hurt, seek refuge by going back to the states coming back and crossing paths with Anne years after turned into this hunk/ every girl’s dream guy. And that is where the story revolves and the trials these two lovebirds have to face.

This novel is the brainchild of Dolce Amore – she was all about the idea that  love comes in all shapes and sizes, an advocate of unconditional love. We asked why she chose Tommy Esguerra as “Christian”. She said she admired Tommy for a long time and he would be perfect as Christian because of his pretty boy face, Adonis figure and charm. Will there be a sequel I asked, she said “Yes”.



ca3Meeting Tommy was a humbling experience, (He’s taken girls we all know that – seen all his sweet chivalry on PBB for Miho – you lucky girl!). Actually I bumped into Tommy before at Trinoma and asked for a selfie, because two of my best gal pals are fans. This is my second encounter with him but I get to interview him. He is honored and thrilled to be as Christian and he gave some guy tips that men despite of their masculine nutshell can get too emotional when they fall in love and get hurt. When it comes to moving on he said just keep yourself busy.


If you guys want to grab a copy of Christian and Anne, the book is available in all leading National Bookstores for the price of P150 and get kilig too.