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On the busy lane of Tomas Morato lies Scout Gandia, a familiar route for me when I try to get to places I have to go. Since I have to go to events and my departure spot always ends up in Quezon City I have to be familiar with my turf. So I’ve seen The Frazzled Cook time to time but I’ve never been inside, I’ve seen it also as a familiar shooting spot for telerseryes and movies. I love the front door, its a big round door – reminds me of Lord of the rings. Its like a hint of New Zealand and Santorini vibe for me. (The place is just along Scout Gandia across PKDF)

I would like to apologize, If I don’t get to provide much needed photos. When the bloggers had a sit down with the owners, I was like able to like catch up with them a bit late because I came from duty and a lot of shenanigans happened but I was able to try and eat what they have to offer. I ended up not able to picture how it looks before being chowed down.  So maybe my honest words would be enough to make this review. And I lost all my files in my memory card too :(( Relieved I was able to save some photos.

Interior wise, very cozy and a mixture of different elements brought up together and it looks well put. They have function rooms to accommodate as well. Many decors from around the globe, that’s why frazzled cook is all about international cuisines made for the Filipino Palette. There are a lot from their menu to choose from and they have also a good selection of wines which I noticed. Nice to pair a glass of wine with their meat entrees. The menu is affordable to the Pinoy Foodie and you can bring friends and family to bond over with good food. -Not noisy and not crowded. On weekends they are open from 11 AM TO 1 AM and on weekdays 11 AM To 11 PM.

Paella Negra
Pancake Ala Mode

Bestseller is their Paella Negra, it is topped with your favorite seafood and veggies- full of flavor in one dish. I tried their kebabs kinda tweaked it to somehow savor yet a little sweet (as I could remember – very Pinoy) and Salad served with lots of lettuce (which I notice which pinoys love to emphasize when it comes to their salad and a subtle dressing to be drenched with). I wasn’t able to try their pizza, but the bloogers said it really tasted good that’s why I ended up not able to try it because I came late and all was gone so It must be really that good. Well they also have a variety of desserts, they let us try the Pancake Ala Mode topped with pinoy vanilla ice cream- who says you can’t have breakfast for dessert. I still look forward to going back and bring my friends (I am all about food and endless chika).

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