Into The Woods Musical

At the press launch of “Into the woods musical”, The actors
have already exhibited their powerful vocal ranges in preparation of  their  upcoming
stage performance to be held at BGC garden.

Photos by Charisse Abarico

People might have thought that they’ve decided to produce the
musical because of the popular demand of the International  movie (Into the woods 2014) , but actually
way before they’ve planned it before the movie was planned to be made. They’ve
said that the movie actually helped them in promoting.

Renowned singer, Rachel Alejandro will be playing the witch,
counterpart of Meryll Strip in the movie. To be narrated by Noel Trinidad, you might
see him in one of your favorite primetime local shows. Then creatively directed
by Joel Trinidad. The rest of the cast, some of them may be familiar faces, if you do attend local musicals, they are very talented, powerful vocals and suited for their roles. 

Photos by Charisse Abarico

As I remembered, My friends and I watched the movie (Into
the Woods 2014) at Vox cinemas. I didn’t expect it to be all throughout a
musical. I actually had no idea about the gist,  I’ve seen the trailer, I thought it was a
thriller movie “Haha”. But then if you watched the movie, The Beginning was all
good and light but then the latter was dark and heavy. The movie makes you
realize the reality of life. (You have to see the movie yourself  to point out what I meant)

If I could compare it to the movie, ofcourse I am amazed with the performance of the live actors because the diction and intonation of
words were very clear. Along with singing, everything was flawless also with
the choreography. You can’t believe how good the actors are and the production
team is very resourceful because ideally the plot has different dimensions and
they were able to bring it to live, it may not be as grand like the special
effects on the movie but still they were able to pull it off. They were able to
bring out the emotion needed by each character and compare to the movie, it was
“hella funnier”, I could remember how hard I laughed. Maybe because the
charisma of how pinoys show humor in facial expressions and how they could
carry it, even though it is in English.

People have asked me if it is entirely similar to the movie?
Well partly yes, but they’ve added a special character in the play. (That you
have to watch). The main characters are still there, The Baker and his wife,
Jack, Red Ridding hood – never failed to be herself, cute and annoying (in a
good way, like in the movie) , and the witch. The rest of the supporting
characters were in complete attendance.

Me and my friends really enjoyed the 2 hour play and you’ll
be really be impressed with how much talent Filipinos are in performing
musicals. Ticket sales are like hotcakes when I asked day after the preview. The ticket pricing are not bad, its a “live performance” and it is worth it. 

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