Stylish “Bakuna Ready/Vaccine Ready” Outfits for your Vaccine Appointment

It’s been a while since my last blogpost, now we’ve entered Season 2 of ECQ. A lot things has changed and can’t believe how time flies. Update: After a year, Philippines had the most number of Covid-19 cases. As of today, April 2, 2021 a record of 15, 310 new Covid-19 cases . YIKES!

Another update, vaccines had already arrived in the Philippines. I haven’t got my vaccine yet since the priority are front liners. But I’ve came up with a list of stylish “bakuna/vaccine ready” tops you can wear on your upcomimg vaccine appointment. My recos are blogger/nurse/fashion student approved!

Shoulder cut outs – If you are conscious of your arms, the cut out details always gives that edgy touch. Note: on the arm coverage for the perfect injection site

Tip: You can bust out your tops you haven’t used in awhile and DIY like I did! Check out this old hoodie I found in my closet and I designed it with cut outs, also turned it into a crop top – perf for an athleisure look.



Venus cut – A more feminine look! It’s stylish, convenient and hassle free. Ready to strut your vaccine shot pose!

[Photo credits to owner]

[Photo credits to owner]
Sleeveless/ strapless – One of the most convenient, EFFORTLESS and hassle free 🙂 Plus, it’s Philippine weather friendly.





Bandeau or tube top – Same as for sleeveless/ strapless but for the RISQUE.

[Photo credits to owner]
Off shoulder – This one wouldn’t be on my top list (It’s a cute top, I know haha!) but depending also on how much it covers the arms. Your medical practitioner may kindly ask to tug down the sleeve a little more.

Safe example of arm coverage [Photo credits to owner]
Note:  For those who can relate especially those in the medical field – during my time, according to our nursing fundamentals the basis to point the best injection site is about 2-3  fingers from the shoulders. (Kindly comment below if it has been updated, it’s been awhile since I practice- advance apologies)


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