Blog review: Carrot Health Soap


I’ve heard about carrot soaps before – the good effects it has on the skin and recently I’ve been trying different organic products too so I’ll be able to compare.

I received a package from @katrinasclothing to try and review on their carrot soap which is their bestseller. It is manufactured by Prudent trading. Upon receiving it, I noticed how info-ready the package is, it has the indications and directions on how to use it. It is for the cost of P69 for all those beauty junkees who are into natural herb beauty  products, something for you to try. You could visit their site at , Instagram @katrinasclothing and LIKE their FB page.

NET WT. 120 grams as packed, Registered Industrial Design Intellectual Property Office (IPO) Formulation. DTI Certificate No. 0737R-2002 Butuan City, Philippines. Formulation each 100g C40 H56 = 0.4, Organic additives =0.3 Soap base =q.s.


So I’ve been using the product from May to June, The first time I used it, It was like an antibacterial soap – I wanted to target my backne and see the difference as the days gone by. I actually have a picture of my back when I started using it but unfortunately I lost all my files from my memory card HUHU. I was able to save the after photo after few weeks using the soap. So I’ve seen the difference and yeah, my backne lessened. I was unable to try in on the face because I was currently in collaboration with a facial product and that time there were some issues on my face – being safe instead of risking it. Going back, do you remember the first time using anti bacterial soap or anti acne bar soap, that feeling of itchiness and redness for the first time, that was how I felt -It means the antibacterial properties are working (It was just only for a few seconds or maybe I used the soap too much). The next day, I decided to not use too much then no effects. Then the following days after it didn’t had that stingy feeling anymore.  For the second time using new bar soap (They sent me 2 bars) no redness or itchiness. My skin was smooth as well for the following days.


Benefits of Carrot soap written at the back of the package 🙂