BEAUTYMNL Beauty Haul x Krishgeek

‘Finally a beauty destination for you” – a package greeting everytime you receive a fresh crisp sealed bag right in front of your doorstep. Before teaming up with BeautyMNL I have personally shopped for a contour kit and it got delivered in less than 3 days  in perfect condition. What I love about BeautyMNL it is a one stop shop of everything beauty related. I love how most of the products are affordable and  budge- friendly! Also the promotion of innovative local beauty products and availability of some international brands as well like INNIS FREE and more! Also how flexible the options on the terms of payment – from Credit card, to bank deposit and cash payment upon delivery. Instructions are easy and the site is manageable.

Lately I barely use makeup because I sweat easily especially during summer and maybe sometimes I admit “katamaran”. Since Alicia Keys started to promote NO MAKE UP and natural beauty I got inspired too, but I admit I don’t have the best bare skin around. In all fainess I managed to still pull off that college student vibe.

So this beauty haul I got is entirely dedicated to skin care

  1. Acne Pimple Master Patch (24 patches)

This product is so effective! You start first by cleansing the zit/pimple then choose a suitable size of patch and let it stay while I did mine while I was sleeping and the next day poof! The patch absorb the pus and oil.

  • I got this on a special promo that came with a FREE voucher from ORIGINS andSKIN GENIE LIP & CHEEK TINT in tulip red. Another thing in BeautyMNL you can find great deals, packages and discounts time to time!
  1. Apple Cider Vinegar Toner and Soap

The rave about the benefits of Apple cider vinegar is beyond amazing ! When I saw SKIN GENIE and all their APPLE CIDER VINEGAR PRODUCTS, no hesitation, instant click and MUST HAVE! We know the tons of benefits of apple cider vinegar when it comes to health (My mom would drink teaspoons in a day because it serves as detox and decreases appetite – we are talking about the legit ACV)

What I like of SKIN GENIE on their apple cider vinegar , It doesn’t smell like APPLE CIDER VINEGAR and it comes in affordable prices.

APPLE CIDER VINEGAR TONER  with vodka and witch hazel comes in a spray bottle (100 ml) – after cleasning, spray on a cotton pad and then apply on your face. It contains minerals and potassium that help regenerate the skin helping in PH balance and removes dead cells plus excess oil.

The SOAP on the other hand contains antibacterial properties to help prevent acne and skin infections – Good for all ages. I saw a review about it, that it helps get rid of BACKNE which is my main concern now. Can’t wait to see more of the results in the coming days so far I get less backne nowadays

TIPID TIP: Slice into pieces in order to conserve the soap. In applying damp skin and massagr a light foaming lather for 1-2 mins to get the maximum whitening effect then rinse.


Another SKIN GENIE innovation ! Natural bleaching mist which helps lightens complexion and claims to clear blemishes. You use it by spritzing over face and body after shower.  Plus it is a good moisturizer and mood booster.I struggle with so  called beauty marks and scars all over  my face and body – can’t wait to see the difference in the coming weeks. It has no bleach in the ingredients but it contains ALKALINE WATER, CALAMANSI EXTRACT,RIND OIL, ACV, Coconut cider vinegar, pink grapefruit extract  (the scent in a very good acid way that smells good), MINT, ALPHA HYDROXY ACID, FULVIC ACID, SODIUM ASCORBATE, SODIUM BICARB & BENZOATE


I have “umbok” eyelashes, It got trimmed when I was young and it never grew any longer. I get really jealous with people with natural long and thick eyelashes. Apparently FTL contains castor oil which helps hair grow longer and I love how good it smells. Just apply to lashes ad eyebrow twice a day. Leave it overnight/whole day.While applying you get this tingly minty feeling.


Since I got back from HK, whenever I travel my skin always gets dry now I am back time for my skin to recoup and I really love Olay body washes ever since, it makes my skin soft, refreshing, long-lasting and gives me that confidence for the entire day.


Blog Review: Belo SunExpert Sunscreen


For the past summer, I’ve been using these protective essentials during my travels (Local and International). It is proven that Belo SunExpert deserves  to be part of SpotPH leading and recommended sunscreen here in the Philippines also with my blessing. The thing what I love from the variety of SunExpert sunscreen, you can use and bring it anywhere. The packaging/bottle easy to grip and lightweight. All our hypoallergenic, dermatologist tested and Paraben free. Keeps you Beautifully protected and prevents pre-mature skin aging.

Belo SunExpert Tinted Sunscreen P449.75

Photo taken by Vincent Abarico @vinceabarico

I personally use this product also as a base for my makeup, good condition for 8 office hours. My face kinda starts to oil after work hours. Sometimes I go bare face and just apply this as my go-to-make up, re-apply it every 50 minutes since its SPF 50 (whenever I remember). Good for an entire day doing activities indoor and outdoor. Easy to do just tap some small amount on your face, then blend.

When I visited my place back home in the middle east, this is the only thing I apply in the day when I go out because when I came it was Ramadan, the sun was blazing hot. You can carry this product in your bag and bring it anywhere 🙂

Score 3.5/5 (Score compared to Belo BB Cream)


Belo SunExpert Ultra Gentle Sheer Spray P539.75

Photo taken by Almira Capiral @miraycapiral


I personally use this when I go do my laps during midday at our condominium pool in the city because it evenly applies and when I am on the water it gives me that “light feeling”. I kinda prefer using sheer spray when I go swimming by the pool because its not greasy and evens out when I apply it also spray hard to reach areas. I don’t use sheer spray on the face though. It’s simple shake it before use then apply on the skin before sun exposure. Re-apply every 50 minutes or as needed, after toweling, perspiring, vigorous activities and prolonged sun exposure.

Score:  4/5

Belo SunExpert SPF 40 Face P329.50 and SPF 60 Body p459.77


These two are good partners of course, face and body. I prefer using this in the beach because of the extreme rays and the heat is different. Then you easily get darker in the beach so I make sure I re-apply accordingly. So far it doesn’t guarantee the same skin tone as before you have just preventing your skin to go way darker. It depends on the person skin. I just don’t want to go back to my “nognog”/dark sin days. It’s thicker in consistency compered to others but it is lightweight and not too heavy on the skin- It was just right and it wasn’t greasy.



SPF 40 Face 4/5

SPF 60 Body 4/5

I brought the BELO SPF 60 BODY when I visited Canada, there are times that the sun is blazing hot while we were on tour so good thing I packed it in my bag and used it incase the weather gets hot and I could feel the sun on my face. I admit I kinda got that Canadian tan while I was there, there are time I forget to use and bring it.

Belo SunExpert SPF 50 MIST P479.75


I use this product alternately with Ultra Gentle Sheer, It is lighter to carry and doesn’t add much space if you put it in the bag. Oil based but not sticky and lightweight on the skin. This is more hefty when you are travelling since it ain’t bulky but I prefer the coverage of the Ultra Sheer.

Score: 3.5/5

Belo SunExpert Sunscreen(s) can be bought at any Mercury and Watsons branches and also available at @sampleroomph

Follow Belo SunExpert on Instagram : @belosunexpert



Forever Beautiful SM North Launch: Glow Facial

Forever Beautiful has launched their second branch here at the North! (LG /F SM North Annex), For me who has been trying out their treatments it is more convenient for me now since I live here at Quezon city instead of me going to their branch at SM Mega Mall- where most of their clients are.


Since they just opened this July, their SM North branch is not yet in full interior- in the coming days it would be as chic like their SM Mega Mall Branches.

I’ve tried their GLOW FACIAL (P499.00) with gold mask (additional P200). It starts off  by applying cleanser and scrub (applied like two times). The scrub would be applied and massaged then after with the use of the 2 kinds of electrical brushes (thin one for the nose and another one which is bigger for the entire face) This treatment gives additional glow to your skin and also has exfoliating properties. This is an option for those who doesn’t want to go for extraction. The procedure would take 15-20 minutes. For it was kind of “bitin(short time)” because maybe I was used to having extraction facials and the oxygen facial they have (would usually take an hour). Definitely if this is the kind of facial you are up for- I did feel a difference on my skin. Well if you are up for extraction they have a basic facial that cost (P350), you can actually add that to your glow facial. I availed the gold mask to give additional exfoliation to my skin.

IMG_1387 IMG_1394


Gold Mask (15 minutes)


Note: If you have sensitive skin, you opt to seek advice first.

For reservations:

SM North Edsa: Unit 11 Lower Ground Annex 1

Contact numbers: (+632) 966 0000,  (+63) 917 819 8000, (+63) 917 654 2300

Like and follow:

Twitter: FBeautifulPH

Facebook: foreverbeautifulspa

Instagram: foreverbeautiful_PH

For their other facials and treatments (Click the photos below for full view)




Blog review: Carrot Health Soap


I’ve heard about carrot soaps before – the good effects it has on the skin and recently I’ve been trying different organic products too so I’ll be able to compare.

I received a package from @katrinasclothing to try and review on their carrot soap which is their bestseller. It is manufactured by Prudent trading. Upon receiving it, I noticed how info-ready the package is, it has the indications and directions on how to use it. It is for the cost of P69 for all those beauty junkees who are into natural herb beauty  products, something for you to try. You could visit their site at , Instagram @katrinasclothing and LIKE their FB page.

NET WT. 120 grams as packed, Registered Industrial Design Intellectual Property Office (IPO) Formulation. DTI Certificate No. 0737R-2002 Butuan City, Philippines. Formulation each 100g C40 H56 = 0.4, Organic additives =0.3 Soap base =q.s.


So I’ve been using the product from May to June, The first time I used it, It was like an antibacterial soap – I wanted to target my backne and see the difference as the days gone by. I actually have a picture of my back when I started using it but unfortunately I lost all my files from my memory card HUHU. I was able to save the after photo after few weeks using the soap. So I’ve seen the difference and yeah, my backne lessened. I was unable to try in on the face because I was currently in collaboration with a facial product and that time there were some issues on my face – being safe instead of risking it. Going back, do you remember the first time using anti bacterial soap or anti acne bar soap, that feeling of itchiness and redness for the first time, that was how I felt -It means the antibacterial properties are working (It was just only for a few seconds or maybe I used the soap too much). The next day, I decided to not use too much then no effects. Then the following days after it didn’t had that stingy feeling anymore.  For the second time using new bar soap (They sent me 2 bars) no redness or itchiness. My skin was smooth as well for the following days.


Benefits of Carrot soap written at the back of the package 🙂






Sunscreen Blog Review: Belo Sunexpert Tinted Sunscreen

So I’ve been using the Belo Tinted Sunscreen for a while been trying it INDOORS and OUTDOORS plus I tried to make it as a primer as the base for my  makeup. I wear makeup literally from Mondays-Saturdays when I am on hospital duty (It’s like required apparently).

On weekdays when I see my friends, I just go out with no-make up look because its like ample time for my skin to rest. They say you have to always look your best when you go out, you may never know that you may meet “the one”, I’m like too lazy and If he is the one, he’ll accept and love me for who I am. Beauty is skin-deep. But yeah, physical does come first- atleast be presentable. Lately I’ve been going out with a bare face and using either Belo Tinted Suncreen or Belo BB Cream.

So what caught my eye to try this product it’s because mainly 2 things, I really need sunblock or sunscreen- it has been my essential go to beauty product because I really need to protect my skin to prevent the spots on my face to go way darker and ayoko umitim (I used to be so dark- I am not against being dark, I love being morena but the tone that I have achieved today was all hard work. Maybe I am more hiyang here in the Philippines.Growing up in the middle east bilad sa araw really made me look so dark- looking at my old photos plus I used to take swimming lessons so that adds it up).Then it is endorsed by no other than Anne Curtis herself.- I am like a fan and see how influential she is.

I’ve been to Mercury at Trinoma – SOLD OUT. Then crossed over at SM North the first 2 branches were sold out also and luckily there were few stocks left at the block so I was able to purchase one before Belo SunExpert sent me their products for review.

k2 k3 k4 k1

So Belo Tinted suncreen has, tone adapt technology for medium t0 deep tone (evens out skin tone, conceals fine wrinkles, lines and other imperfections) with SPF 50 PA ++++ (protection from harmful UV rays), Cell protect (defense against premature skin aging). It’s Paraben-free, Non comedogenic, hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested. 

How do you use the product:

  1. I prefer to shake it first.
  2. Then apply small amounts with the use of your fingertips, different areas on your face.
  3. Then spread evenly. So like 15 seconds atleast.

Upon applying this, doesn’t really make your face look so white (since its color brown)-  just fine, smooth and it is light on the skin. My friend said it just made my face lighter and has that vibrant glow. Though I’ve noticed throughout the day like after 3-4 hours after application it kinda has a sticky and oily feeling. Obviously it’s SPF 50, so it has to be reapplied like every hour if you’re exposed under extreme heat. If it stays long and no reapplication, it becomes oily- that’s what I mean.

One time, while I was at the outdoors – I’ve reapplied the sunscreen a number of times, at the end of the day, I kinda had pimples maybe because of the outdoor dirt perhaps. I profusely sweat a lot, so one time while patting my face with a facial tissue to removed the sweat, obviously there would be traces of the sunscreen.

Indoors, I tried it as a base or primer for my makeup, it was all good for an 8 hour lecture then after that it became sticky and oily. Good timing because that’s my dismissal time so expect to look really haggard. No reapplication since its under layers of makeup. The sunscreen can be used as an instant perfecting coverage for your foundation and powder. For me I apply the sunscreen first, then concealer then foundation and to top it with sunpowder.

For P495, It is available at the beauty section of Mercury and Watsons.  I would rate this product 3.5/5 –good for indoors and outdoors plus very multi functional not only as a sunscreen, it can be as a primer too. Very effortless for an everyday habit and you why not have both, a product that covers beauty and protection! Remember to stay #BeautifullyProtected girls !


Catch up on my next Belo product review, a  blogpost about BELO BB CREAM (with Kojic acid and tranexamic acid) then I’ll be comparing the two.


Kitchenails Trinoma: Premium Polishes

If you read my previous blogpost about Kitchenails, It is a brainchild of the owner who’s love for business and culinary emerged into this unique spa and salon concept. They recently opened 2 branches at the South (Alabang Town Center) and here at the North (Trinoma).


I find the place really an interesting spot to relax and you’ll be welcomed with the soothing scent that can really tickle your senses.

So this is a review for the Manicure and Pedicure with imported polish & Footspa Entree

MANICURE (P350), PEDICURE (P450), M&P (P750) inclusive of polishes from L.A. Colors.

Premium polishes from Kitchenails consist of your familiar brands such as ORLY, ZOYA, RUBY WING and ESSIE. (additional P60 for M/P and additional P100 M&P) 



12966644_10209257097253371_688684394_n (1)12969188_10209257097293372_587595342_n

The hardest part of being a girl is choosing what color to be painted on our nails. Well it highly depends on your personality.



MORGAN TAYLOR- Beach Babe & Water Baby

For the Footspa Entree ONLY (P400), with MANICURE (P350), PEDICURE (P450), M&P (P750). Consist of your SEASONING SCRUB, TREAT (MASK), OIL and APERITIF. You get to choose your preference for each category. They start off soaking your feet in this frying pan and then applied your scrub, oil and mask. Then after wrapped your foot including lower legs in a plastic wrap and wait on for 10 minutes then the massage (aperitif), you choose either soft or hard. Start pedi sesh right after 🙂

12932803_10209209501903517_362473339652860511_n 12523968_10209209501263501_3555959664991840307_n 12931087_10209209508063671_2783830258756624467_n 12417577_10209209511263751_4515649331202805016_n

Seasoning scrub:

  1. Cucumber: tightens open pores and rejuvenates complexion
  2. Peppermint: makes skin clearer (my choice)
  3. Pumpkin: prevents skin aging and promotes skin rejuvenation
  4. Coffee: one of the best exfoliator! Bye bye dead skin cells
  5. Strawberry: excellent skin cleanser.

Treat (Mask):

  1. Coffee: Tightens your loose skin. (my choice)
  2. Orange: natural treatment for dark spots and blemishes.
  3. Milk: skin fairer and radiant
  4. Peppermint: Good skin moisturizer and reduce infection.
  5. Lemongrass: restores your skin to its original lightness.


  1. Mint: Relaxes your senses and alleviates stress.
  2. Grapefruit: Stimulates production of collagen
  3. Lavender: antispetic properties.
  4. Green tea: Enhanced by sun protection by eliminating radicals
  5. Mineral: Extra dry and sensitive skin


  1. Acupressure: Relieve yourself from tight pressure points.
  2. Swedish: To relax and soothe you with penetrating strokes.
  3. Detox: Drain unwanted substances.
  4. Signature: Mix of different senses that waken your senses.


Cool Summer colors by Caronia Nail Polish

Hey girls! Its almost summer, and I know  us girls, are planning  our summer itinerary and outfits too! Add some pop of color to your outfit and  don’t forget to paint your nails (Dapat complete!) because I have something to share.

Caronia Nail Polish launches their “Popsicle collection”, These are 4 cool summer colors ( 2 of them are in matte!) and yes, they are budget friendly and you can buy them in any local store or grocery near you.

Caronia has improved and they do follow and update themselves with the trends. Adding hues and shades that fit every season and matches the young and hip vibe taste. Quality has improved also, now it is easy to apply and full coverage.


Tickle your senses with colors inspired by the most loved happy food, ICE CREAM!.

My two faves are Peach perfect and brain freeze in matte. (It really depends on your personality and what matches your skin tone and outfit too – well its all about how you present yourself! Summer you have to look good with your OOTDs)

Peach Perfect
Peach Perfect

If you opt for a sophisticated look going out and you’re into neutrals/nude shades like me go for PEACH PERFECT – its a shade of nude with a slight hint of pink for a rosy look.





If you like a sunny, bright and vibrant  yellow shade go for LEMON COOL “happy yellow”.

Lemon Cool
Lemon Cool


Sunrise Tequila
Tequila Sunrise
Brain Freeze
Brain Freeze

And yes, you’ve heard it in MATTE, Go bold and wild with TEQUILA SUNRISE – It is a subdued red orange in matte finish. And something subtle. mysterious and yet alluring BRAIN FREEZE – plain blue shade in matte finish.

Tip: For loud social and beach parties, I advice the lemon cool, tequila sunrise and brain freeze. 

I tried all the colors and here is a video clip on my fb page

The Popsicle collection is just LIMITED and it comes with a free sticky note pad – the price is  budget friendly. So don’t miss it and get yours!

Feel free to comment  below  and I would like to hear which is your fave and tips too!



Kitchenails Trinoma: SCRUB AND SALON

Kitchenails Trinoma – SCRUB AND SALON




At Kitchenails, its all about pampering you like a real princess – since they address their customers as “PRINCESS” and you might feel the urge to grab some bite to eat during your sesh because everything is all gourmet inspired, from the interiors and the equipment they used. But for me right after, I just felt so relax with the treatments I got and just wanted to go home and chill on my cozy bed.


Fusion of love for culinary, business and wellness, Kitchenails is the brainchild of Ms. Jean Uvero. Kitchenails have also a branch at Alabang Town Center that had just opened recently as well. And Kitchenails is familiar around Katipunan area as well.


Now this time, Kitchenails brings color and feeds our senses at the North. Located at the 3rd floor of Trinoma (Wing near Powermac center and Garden area). Glad to be attending the opening last January 28, 2016 and Thanks to #TEAMALDOUSPR for the invite! (Hi Aldous!)

First impression is how well put together the concept is and it is definitely a unique SCRUB AND SALON place. They do not label themselves as nailspa and massage place but they do offer mani /pedi and massage as well – that’s  how they differentiate themselves with the different wellness and beauty spots popping up in the metro. The ambiance and vibe of the place is very relaxing and cozy because of their comfortable couches (they have single and wide couches for group of 3) and the place is spacey.




The rates still fall under “affordable” category, The most common Best entree:  Manicure -PHP 350 , Pedicure -PHP 450 and both PHP 750.  They have SINGLE SERVE (Design for 1 serving at a time, for you) and ENTREE (SELECT), A flavorful total experience designed to soothe and relax you – You choose your scrub, mask, oil and aperitif.

click for the FULL MENU
click for the FULL MENU

Their best sellers are under the CHEF SPECIALS (A unique and delectable experience for luxurious pampering). Manicure -PHP 500, Pedicure -PHP 600 and both PHP 950.

Before the treatment, they asked for your order with what service(s) you choose and how you prefer it. It’s like how you order in a restaurant.


I chose the KEY LIME PIE (best seller under CHEF SPECIAL and I really like Lime/Citrus scent) – Citrus blend of clean lime, lime blossom and lemon grass in ultra fresh, and modern scent. Great as an all around spa treatment!



Like I said they used baking and kitchen tools as equipment for their treatments – They started  to soak my hands on this baking tray, then they used a whisk for mixing and applied the scrub and mask as you were being iced like a cake (you could really smell the scrub and mask while being applied). And then they wrapped my arms like I was a human gourmet haha – for the musk to be absorbed and waited on it (They used a timer also like in baking). Same as for my feet, but they used a frying pan instead. After that you choose your kind massage (aperitif): Acupressure, Swedish, Detox and Signature). I chose DETOX – to help burn my fats. And then proceeded with my mani and pedi. The treatments took like less than an hour. The ingredients they use for their treatments are all organic.





Other treatments under CHEF SPECIAL:

LEMON SQUARES– A dash of spicy ginger and soothing lemongrass, provides a perfect escape.

CANDIED ORANGES – Unique and incredible blend of mandarin honey citrus and spices that will surely tingle and tickle your senses.

SPICED PLUM PANNACOTTA – Delightful and delectable fusion of sweet vanilla and wild plum, this scent is a big hit for life’s sweet moments.

VERY BERRY MUFFIN – Rejuvenating blend of berries, citrus and sugarcane, popular for both men and women. This treatment is a winner!

So I highly recommend Kitchenails,  if you are looking for a unique place to get pampered, chill with your friends and take instagram worthy shots and selfies with your besties. It’s all worth it! You deserve to be treated like a ROYALTY 🙂

Follow kitchenails on Instagram @kitchenails  #Kitchenails #ColortheNorth #Feedyoursenses and on their like facebook page for updates



Get LULU-fied: Lulu Nail Spa and Massage



Lulu came from the Greek word meaning, “Clean”. You may wonder how the place got its name? (Maybe all the while you thought the owner name is “Lulu”)


Lulu Nail Spa and Massage is located at Victoria Avenue, New Manila. Victoria Avenue – is the road across St. Luke’s Medical Center Quezon City, between Max’s restaurant and 7/11 E. Rodriguez. Just go straight ahead, it is beside Metropole laundry shop. Opening hours from 12NN to 9PM and they are close on Mondays. The place is very convenient for me because I live around E.Rodriguez Quezon City (So I am calling all my E.rod friends to come and drop by the place).

You’ll be greeted by the friendly staff and they attend to your inquiries as well. Jeanne (blogger friend) and I really appreciated to  that they stayed  a bit  longer even their working hours were over but they still continued to finish the services we selected. We arrived around 8pm that’s why.



The first thing, I really liked and noticed is their lazy boy couches, which is a plus for me.  The ambiance is relaxing – dim lighting and yes, coming from what LULU means, it was clean. The place kinda brings this Japanese or Asian vibe because of the lamps , the design on the walls and some of their displays as well.

(c) Jeanne Khe
(c) Jeanne Khe




I tried their Manicure PHP 180 : with polish  and Pedicure PHP 250 with polish (filed, buffed and round shape).They have a wide selection of nail polishes of different colors and they have known nail polish brands such as Chanel, YSL, Dior, Orly, Opi, Seche Vite  – I think there is an additional charge for the branded ones. A Package of both mani and pedi cost PHP 400. I really liked how the nail specialist did my nails both on my hands and feet- gentle and neatly done.


The Footspa PHP 350, was very relaxing and the ingredients used such as Scrub, Musk, Butter, Cleanser and Oil smelled SOOO good. After applying everything they wrapped my lower leg with plastic wrap and waited on it for a few minutes so everything could be absorbed. Then after came with a relaxing massage (always preferred mine – SOFT PRESSURE)

Hand Paraffin (c) Jeanne Khe
Hand Paraffin (c) Jeanne Khe

The Hand Paraffin therapy PHP 300, the thing that I could comment on, is that the pre-temp of the wax was really hot at first – I had previous hand paraffin therapy sessions before with other spas but I wasn’t able to tolerate it that time. They staff were so kind, they offered to fan it while the wax was being poured on my left hand. When it came to the other hand, the temperature of the wax was just right – hot in a good way that I wanted it. Paraffin therapy is not recommended with those with very sensitive and very thin/fragile skin. The reason why I go for paraffin therapy is that is prevents and lessen “pasma” (sweating of hands) and it moisturizes my hands as well. I mostly do it on my hands. After the wax gets hard, they wrapped my hands with plastic wrap and placed on mittens (like a baby) then wait on it for a few minutes.


Lulu also offers massages. The second floor is primarily for body massages and they have 3 divisions upstairs.






View Price list



Krishgeek x Shopaholic Therapy Online Shop

I am not really a fashion or  style blogger though I love dressing up, posing & taking OOTDs, shopping ofcourse! and I love fashion (wanted to take up a fashion course when I was younger- but ended up with another path, that’s another story to tell and I grew up with brands because of my mom and the influence of her work place) I still have a lot of room to improve and yes, I do feel insecure to be around fashion bloggers who have their A game when it comes to fashion and style. Fit bloggers get to dress anything they  want,  look their best and dress way better, compare to me I have to be certain because if it looks good for my body type (I am a BIG girl kasi). But I do admire fashion & style bloggers, YES I do. I have a lot of friends who are and I get to meet, love the wisdom they share and nice to keep up with them when it comes to trends, so much good and trendy fashion & style bloggers today also forgot to mention beauty & fitness bloggers too J

But it’s okay, I love my body but like I said I have to improve. I’m back to my what you call balik alindog program after gaining much during my board exam, it has been a struggle and Im glad to lose atleast 15 kilos, aiming to lose more and I prefer to take it slowly because its already a LIFESTYLE. Well at the end of the day its all about how you carry yourself. That’s why I decided to fit in the category lifestyle because you can blog anything under the sun.

This year, got out of my comfort zone and collab with my Ms. Gaile, her shop called “Shopaholic Therapy”. FB PAGE: Shopaholic Therapy Online Shop and Intsagram: @shopaholictherapy_osph. The shop sells everything from clothes, bags, shoes and makeups. Affordable and trendy! For inquries please Viber  #09154336325.

Nude and Brown shade lippies are back! Very 90s and I do recall my make-up artist during my 20th birthday saying that brown shade lippies suits me. Dark brown lippies for me when I go to events and light nude shade for everyday use,


MAC Lustre Matte Rouge Alevres shade lippie number 12.

12647718_10208626406966508_193047474_n 12647843_10208626402686401_1795816682_n 12665877_10208626402766403_1290037639_n 12625719_10208626403086411_681276304_n

And the CROP TOP, especially when its black goes with anything from casual – pair it with a high waist pants, shorts and midi skirt (mostly trending  nowadays) to “Athleisure”(If its like air dry quality), you’ve seen Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner rock them- pair it with fitted and hugging track pants (the air dry ones) and leggings for as long its high waist. If you can rock them in Palazo pants and high waist pants whether ripped or not, go for it . Covered or not  it’s  still how you present yourself!


12674552_10208626410846605_1469126169_n 12626035_1088982297831993_1098600450_n 12674259_10208626411446620_1311083746_n12650162_10208626411326617_190247343_n

aceecd2297774d8164f5214eab60c2ce 2B4A577E00000578-0-image-m-21_1439351086298