Cool Summer colors by Caronia Nail Polish

Hey girls! Its almost summer, and I know  us girls, are planning  our summer itinerary and outfits too! Add some pop of color to your outfit and  don’t forget to paint your nails (Dapat complete!) because I have something to share.

Caronia Nail Polish launches their “Popsicle collection”, These are 4 cool summer colors ( 2 of them are in matte!) and yes, they are budget friendly and you can buy them in any local store or grocery near you.

Caronia has improved and they do follow and update themselves with the trends. Adding hues and shades that fit every season and matches the young and hip vibe taste. Quality has improved also, now it is easy to apply and full coverage.


Tickle your senses with colors inspired by the most loved happy food, ICE CREAM!.

My two faves are Peach perfect and brain freeze in matte. (It really depends on your personality and what matches your skin tone and outfit too – well its all about how you present yourself! Summer you have to look good with your OOTDs)

Peach Perfect
Peach Perfect

If you opt for a sophisticated look going out and you’re into neutrals/nude shades like me go for PEACH PERFECT – its a shade of nude with a slight hint of pink for a rosy look.





If you like a sunny, bright and vibrant  yellow shade go for LEMON COOL “happy yellow”.

Lemon Cool
Lemon Cool


Sunrise Tequila
Tequila Sunrise
Brain Freeze
Brain Freeze

And yes, you’ve heard it in MATTE, Go bold and wild with TEQUILA SUNRISE – It is a subdued red orange in matte finish. And something subtle. mysterious and yet alluring BRAIN FREEZE – plain blue shade in matte finish.

Tip: For loud social and beach parties, I advice the lemon cool, tequila sunrise and brain freeze. 

I tried all the colors and here is a video clip on my fb page

The Popsicle collection is just LIMITED and it comes with a free sticky note pad – the price is  budget friendly. So don’t miss it and get yours!

Feel free to comment  below  and I would like to hear which is your fave and tips too!



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