Pinoy Guide: Touristy Tips while in Toronto, Canada

Technically my 9-days trip to Canada doesn’t guarantee I am an expert of getting around to places there and with the limited time we had, there are still more places to see (maybe when we come back to visit) – These are the basic what to do, what to know or what I can suggest If you guys are tourist like me visiting Toronto.


  1. The weather

Lovely summer weather when we visited “The best season to visit Canada”  ( around June- August)

If you lived your entire life in Asia (For me in the middle east) or a tropical country like the Philippines, the summer at Toronto is like our winter in the Middle East. Sunny + cold breeze, maybe I’m not just used to It since I’ve been living in the Philippines for 6 years.

2. OOTDs/Outfits


My OOTDs that I’ve packed are cute shorts, leggings and comfy shoes (lot’s of walking) – I brought doll shoes, rubber shoes and chunky sandals. I had cute tops plus good thing I was able to bring a robe(cover ups), kimono cardigans and bomber jacket in case it gets cold- wished I packed more and I wished I brought my leather jackets. I brought my favorite rompers since they are so comfy and stylish to wear and 1 or 2 dresses in case of any occasion (better to be prepared).

The weather sometimes can be warm then suddenly it’ll be cold(interchanges). Summer is the best time to go around Toronto as the locals say- Summer last for 3 months. Another thing days are longer than nights- you may wonder at 8pm it feels like 2pm.

3. Travel Essentials on the GO


    • Gadgets, like your phone and good thing I brought my mirrorless camera- it’s so lighter compare to my DSLR. Ofcourse we Pinoys do “Selfie Time” and those instagram worthy moments/places.Don’t forget to charge your powerbanks too!
    • Sunblock / BB Cream with SPF for the face (Good thing, I brought Belo BB Cream and Sunexpert)
    • Sunglasses/ Shades and Cap/Hat
    • Make-up (for girls), I brought my primer, powder and lippie – natural look.
  • Light Snacks and Water
  • Perfume pod- portable perfume holder
  • Handy Hand Lotion, moisturizer and facial mist
  • Tissue/Wipes/Hand Sanitizer
  • Body Glide – Lifesaver for girls with thick thighs. To prevent friction between the legs after a long day of walking/activities. Discovered this genius hack from my cousin’s girlfriend.
  • Map

Money tip: We traded our pesos to dollars in the Philippines then bought Canadian dollars when we were in Canada.

4. Mode of Transportation


Bus and Underground Trains (I remembered paying tokens but you can buy tickets) – very accessible and affordable. I still need getting use too with the transfers. During rush hour it can be jam-packed but not like the situation of the MRT/LRT in the Philippines #mammogram #sardinas

There are times that it can be traffic especially rush hour but it’s tolerable and its moving guys. The patience I developed in the Philippines was handy during times like these.


Trivia: In a CAR- When driving around everybody should wear a SEATBELT- It is the RULE.

5. WI-FI

There is wifi available ANYWHERE. <3

6. Food

There are lots of food establishments around Toronto, you just really have to do your research. They have everything in Toronto- If you’re lucky there maybe a food festival close by. For us we were practical and to be on the healthy side we didn’t go for fast food much before going out we eat at home. We would cook Filipino dishes, grilled burgers, bake French fries and my Tita is an excellent cook.


When I got there, people were recommending that I try the “Poutine”. My friends brought me to St. Louis bar and grill (Legit poutine at Scarborough). First thing , BIG servings cost like around 12-14 Canadian dollars- definitely  worth it. Poutine , big chucky fries drenched in gravy and cheese curds- not the healthiest but it’s worth trying since you are in Canada.


Tim Hortons are almost everywhere! – Famous Canadian coffee, good to pair with their yummy selection of donuts. I usually order Iced Coffee and my friend suggested I add extra base for it to be sweet. Don’t worry Pinoys, may starbucks din naman but it is not as massive as Tim Hortons. A lot of Milk Tea places too, haven’t tried one while I was there. I was more into coffee since a friend said that Canadian coffee is the best.

Breakfast, usually Canadians are into bread (missed eating bagels ) / toast/waffles/ pancakes and cereals.


My cousins brought me to Five Guys, my friend told me it originated at Louisiana known for using peanut oil in cooking their burgers and fries. You can customize your burger with the toppings and sauce and they also have a veggie burgers. Noticed a lot of pizza parlors – and they are cheesy soulful.

Trivia: In restaurants after dining when you decide to take home your leftovers – “Do it yourself ” (they hand you  boxes so you pack your own food) and clean as you go.

Cafe Dimitri
Cafe Dimitri

For dessert, my cousins brought me to Café Dimitri so heavenly ice cream desserts- good for sharing.

Since I love chocolates, In Canada their famous chocolatier is Purdy’s – known for their hedgehog chocolates. (Pasalubong idea)

7. Shopping

    • You get good deals in outlet rather in malls.

Tip: You can check the clearance section for better deals and also coupons 🙂

    • Wholesale prices at COSTCO that you buy in bulks and free food samples! They also serve food, so HUGE servings.
    • IKEA , unleashing your inner Tita – furniture shopping! They also serve food at IKEA, everything 1 Canadian Dollar ish, the servings are just alright J
  • For Beauty junkees, at Sephora – the premium brands are cheaper compare to PH.

TRIVIA: Kiosk make-up brands here in the Philippines can be purchased at the grocery/over the counter.

  • Pasalubongs

There are lot of souvie shops around

    • Tip: To save you can go to DOLLARAMA (1 Dollar store)

Buy chocolates other treats at Walmart or get bulk deals at COSTCO




Most of the known tourist spots are at DOWNTOWN- it’s like Time Square, New York City. (We took a train ride and got off at Dundas station because it is hard to get parking space at DownTown). Once we reached at DownTown we road a Toronto CITY PASS double decker bus that has drop off points to the places we planned to see.


Tip: We booked our tour via online at “Toronto City Pass” and it can be claimed in any place affiliated to City Pass. Perks of It we don’t have to stay in line to buy tickets. Our tour comprises of:


    • Toronto Zoo– You get to see all types of animals (First time seeing a giraffe, zebra, cheetah, hippo, kangaroo etc.), the place is huge (lot’s of walking) and our favorite is the Giant Panda Experience.I love pandas so much and when I researched about Toronto Zoo that they have pandas (addition to the Pandas they have are the first set of twin pandas in Canada), It is a MUST.
Toronto Zoo- Giant Panda Experience


  • The legendary and iconic, CN Tower which is 1815. 4 feet – tallest tower in Canada. 
CN Tower


Tip: Come early! In the afternoon you’ll endure the long line because we came like after lunch and spent like less than an hour waiting then when we were on top since we were just like there for like 30 minutes or so just take selfies and pictures. Don’t forget to take a picture of the famous glass floor.



  • Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada – just beside CN Tower


It so awesome and finally I got to see SHARKS IRL!



  • Casa Loma
  • Royal Ontario Museum – You’ll spot a poster of the famous and oldest tattoo artist in the Philippines #PinoyPride (They say she’s a distant relative of ours because she is a DULAY)
Royal Ontario Museum
  • Boat ride to see the Toronto Skyline <3


Tip: Wear sunblock and bring a hat


A car ride to Niagara from Toronto would take less than 2 hours, ofcourse don’t forget to visit the Majestic Niagara Falls. I don’t know it was somehow magical for me to see the falls. At night the falls turn into color and scheduled fire works display at night (M-W-F-S, I think).

To be up-close the falls try the “MAID OF THE MIST” boat ride, it is a MUST. At the Other side of the falls, you can see America.


Tip: Plastic raincoats will be provided and wear SLIPPERS (Get ready to be wet). You can bring a small bag too and take care of your phones and cameras.

My dad used his waterproof Samsung phone. I don’t want to risk my Iphone since I’ve got a record of getting my phone wet in the swimming pool like 2 times. I got out my mirrorless camera when we were like a bit far from the falls- the aftermath.




While at Niagara, we stayed at the TRAVEL LODGE (like an apartment type with a actual kitchen) beside Sheraton Hotel along Clifton Hill- there are so many places to see and everything was walking distance like the Hard Rock café, Hershey’s chocolate factory, Hollywood Planet, The Ferris wheel and Fun Houses.

Hershey's Chocolate Factory
Hershey’s Chocolate Factory


9. Events

Since I love attending events and concerts, wished I did some research before coming like I didn’t know Beyonce performed at Rogers stadium days before we toured at Downtown. The tour guide just announced that trivia while we passed by Roger’s stadium.


Just in time for Canada day, DNCE had a performance- wished I knew but we had to go visit Muskoka that day- Muskoka is so pretty, recommended for those who love nature and love to go camping( which I notice the locals like to do during summer).

Night life: Unfortunately I’ve grown into that- I’m more of a chill type now. It was kinda my bucketlist to check Drake’s restaurant- which I heard on TMZ (maybe next time). I tried entering a casino with the adults, I was hold because I don’t look older than 18 years old- Good thing I brought my PRC ID.  

Trivia: They have a scanner/machine that checks if the ID is legit and they have a manual of all acceptable IDs in the world.

BOYS?: “Mga teh, maraming gwapo huwag po kayo mag-alala” HAHA  

10. Bathroom Situation.

They don’t have TABO or hose/bidet haha, that’s why Canada will never run out of tissue in their bathrooms. Remember to always wash your hands.

11. Canadians

The Canadians are so kind, honest, approachable and courteous (They greet you with a smile and they say “sorry”/”excuse me”).


Definitely coming back, maybe visit the other side of Canada, perhaps 🙂 Thank you to everyone for the Canadian Hospitality!


Cool Summer colors by Caronia Nail Polish

Hey girls! Its almost summer, and I know  us girls, are planning  our summer itinerary and outfits too! Add some pop of color to your outfit and  don’t forget to paint your nails (Dapat complete!) because I have something to share.

Caronia Nail Polish launches their “Popsicle collection”, These are 4 cool summer colors ( 2 of them are in matte!) and yes, they are budget friendly and you can buy them in any local store or grocery near you.

Caronia has improved and they do follow and update themselves with the trends. Adding hues and shades that fit every season and matches the young and hip vibe taste. Quality has improved also, now it is easy to apply and full coverage.


Tickle your senses with colors inspired by the most loved happy food, ICE CREAM!.

My two faves are Peach perfect and brain freeze in matte. (It really depends on your personality and what matches your skin tone and outfit too – well its all about how you present yourself! Summer you have to look good with your OOTDs)

Peach Perfect
Peach Perfect

If you opt for a sophisticated look going out and you’re into neutrals/nude shades like me go for PEACH PERFECT – its a shade of nude with a slight hint of pink for a rosy look.





If you like a sunny, bright and vibrant  yellow shade go for LEMON COOL “happy yellow”.

Lemon Cool
Lemon Cool


Sunrise Tequila
Tequila Sunrise
Brain Freeze
Brain Freeze

And yes, you’ve heard it in MATTE, Go bold and wild with TEQUILA SUNRISE – It is a subdued red orange in matte finish. And something subtle. mysterious and yet alluring BRAIN FREEZE – plain blue shade in matte finish.

Tip: For loud social and beach parties, I advice the lemon cool, tequila sunrise and brain freeze. 

I tried all the colors and here is a video clip on my fb page

The Popsicle collection is just LIMITED and it comes with a free sticky note pad – the price is  budget friendly. So don’t miss it and get yours!

Feel free to comment  below  and I would like to hear which is your fave and tips too!



Kitchenails Trinoma: SCRUB AND SALON

Kitchenails Trinoma – SCRUB AND SALON




At Kitchenails, its all about pampering you like a real princess – since they address their customers as “PRINCESS” and you might feel the urge to grab some bite to eat during your sesh because everything is all gourmet inspired, from the interiors and the equipment they used. But for me right after, I just felt so relax with the treatments I got and just wanted to go home and chill on my cozy bed.


Fusion of love for culinary, business and wellness, Kitchenails is the brainchild of Ms. Jean Uvero. Kitchenails have also a branch at Alabang Town Center that had just opened recently as well. And Kitchenails is familiar around Katipunan area as well.


Now this time, Kitchenails brings color and feeds our senses at the North. Located at the 3rd floor of Trinoma (Wing near Powermac center and Garden area). Glad to be attending the opening last January 28, 2016 and Thanks to #TEAMALDOUSPR for the invite! (Hi Aldous!)

First impression is how well put together the concept is and it is definitely a unique SCRUB AND SALON place. They do not label themselves as nailspa and massage place but they do offer mani /pedi and massage as well – that’s  how they differentiate themselves with the different wellness and beauty spots popping up in the metro. The ambiance and vibe of the place is very relaxing and cozy because of their comfortable couches (they have single and wide couches for group of 3) and the place is spacey.




The rates still fall under “affordable” category, The most common Best entree:  Manicure -PHP 350 , Pedicure -PHP 450 and both PHP 750.  They have SINGLE SERVE (Design for 1 serving at a time, for you) and ENTREE (SELECT), A flavorful total experience designed to soothe and relax you – You choose your scrub, mask, oil and aperitif.

click for the FULL MENU
click for the FULL MENU

Their best sellers are under the CHEF SPECIALS (A unique and delectable experience for luxurious pampering). Manicure -PHP 500, Pedicure -PHP 600 and both PHP 950.

Before the treatment, they asked for your order with what service(s) you choose and how you prefer it. It’s like how you order in a restaurant.


I chose the KEY LIME PIE (best seller under CHEF SPECIAL and I really like Lime/Citrus scent) – Citrus blend of clean lime, lime blossom and lemon grass in ultra fresh, and modern scent. Great as an all around spa treatment!



Like I said they used baking and kitchen tools as equipment for their treatments – They started  to soak my hands on this baking tray, then they used a whisk for mixing and applied the scrub and mask as you were being iced like a cake (you could really smell the scrub and mask while being applied). And then they wrapped my arms like I was a human gourmet haha – for the musk to be absorbed and waited on it (They used a timer also like in baking). Same as for my feet, but they used a frying pan instead. After that you choose your kind massage (aperitif): Acupressure, Swedish, Detox and Signature). I chose DETOX – to help burn my fats. And then proceeded with my mani and pedi. The treatments took like less than an hour. The ingredients they use for their treatments are all organic.





Other treatments under CHEF SPECIAL:

LEMON SQUARES– A dash of spicy ginger and soothing lemongrass, provides a perfect escape.

CANDIED ORANGES – Unique and incredible blend of mandarin honey citrus and spices that will surely tingle and tickle your senses.

SPICED PLUM PANNACOTTA – Delightful and delectable fusion of sweet vanilla and wild plum, this scent is a big hit for life’s sweet moments.

VERY BERRY MUFFIN – Rejuvenating blend of berries, citrus and sugarcane, popular for both men and women. This treatment is a winner!

So I highly recommend Kitchenails,  if you are looking for a unique place to get pampered, chill with your friends and take instagram worthy shots and selfies with your besties. It’s all worth it! You deserve to be treated like a ROYALTY 🙂

Follow kitchenails on Instagram @kitchenails  #Kitchenails #ColortheNorth #Feedyoursenses and on their like facebook page for updates




(C) Hong Kong Disney Land

To SM goers, grab the chance to win 3-day-2night hotel accommodation at the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel and 2-day Hong Kong Disneyland park tickets — all for an entire family of four (4) persons. Isn’t that amazing? The so called “happiest place” on earth.

From February 12 to March 13, SM will be giving 30 lucky SM patrons a unique and memorable Disney experience joining Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse and other Disney friends for Hong Kong Disneyland 10th anniversary celebration!

(C) Hong Kong Disney Land
(C) Hong Kong Disney Land

Shoppers are invited to visit SM Mall of Asia, SM Megamall, SM North Edsa and SM Seaside City Cebu beginning February 4 to get a glimpse of the resort’s magical 10th anniversary celebration. Patrons are welcomed to shop at any SM Mall to get a chance at winning a holiday trip to Hong Kong Disneyland, creating magical and memorable moments for their family. Winners will receive round-trip airfare (economy class), 3-day-2night hotel accommodation at the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel and 2-day Hong Kong Disneyland park tickets — all for an entire family of four (4) persons.

(C) Alice Mate
(c) Alice Mate

“For over 30 years, SM has been known to be the Filipino’s home away from home—a close escape and quick getaway for the Filipino to create unforgettable bonding memories with the family,” Says Edgar Tejerero, President of SM Lifestyle Entertainment, Inc. “To enlarge the families’ notion of true cherished moments, SM joined forces with the world’s most iconic family brand: The Walt Disney Company.  Further to the partnership with Disney, this year, SM broadens the Filipino’s label of family bonding by working closely with the most magical place on earth to bring together an experience families will never forget.”

“Hong Kong Disneyland Resort is honored to join SM to create countless magical moments for all the Filipino guests. As we celebrate the park’s 10th anniversary this year, we cannot wait to introduce our latest shows and attractions to the Philippines, which is one of our key markets in South East Asia. We invite all Filipino guests to drop by designated SM Malls for a sneak peak of the year-long Happily Ever After celebrations,” said Frederick Chan, Director, Marketing, Hong Kong Disneyland Resort.

At the above mentioned SM Malls, guests will be able to get a glimpse of the brand new offerings of Hong Kong Disneyland 10th anniversary celebration. The headline act is the all-new Broadway-style live show ‘Mickey and the Wondrous Book’ which brings to life seven of the greatest Disney stories of all time through the magical journey of Mickey Mouse, Goofy and Olaf. At the enchanting Fairy Tale Forest – Presented by PANDORA, the music-box scenes comes to life and recreates the miniature iconic scenes of the most cherished Disney Princess stories. As night falls, the “Disney in the Stars” Fireworks show with all new projection shining ever more brilliantly on the Sleeping Beauty Castle. Guests could also get to know the wide array of sumptuous, anniversary themed food and beverage offerings in addition to the exciting range of more than 200 new gift assortments to bring home! This spectacular line-up will surely add a new dimension to the 100 magical shows and attractions available at the park.

“We hope SM’s shoppers will enjoy exploring the glimpse of Hong Kong Disneyland’s 10th anniversary celebration. We have extended a red carpet, and are ready to celebrate this momentous year with all Filipino guests and their families!” Chan added.

(C) Hong Kong Disney Land

Every PHP 1,000 single receipt purchase at any SM mall tenant from February 12 to March 13, 2016 will entitle consumers to one (1) raffle coupon and a chance to experience the magic of well-loved Hong Kong Disneyland attractions and its latest anniversary offerings. Any Disney merchandise worth PHP 500 and purchased at an SM mall entitles the customer to one (1) raffle coupon as well. ePLUS card members will automatically receive two (2) raffle stubs with every minimum purchase of PHP 1,000. The 30 lucky winners will be drawn in March 2016.

Treat your family to a summer with Mickey and the gang for free! Shop at SM now to win an unforgettable, magical trip to Hong Kong Disneyland. For further information, like /smsupermalls and /ePLUStaptopay on facebook.

For more information about Hong Kong Disneyland Resort, please visit or



LUSH COSMETICS Muscat City Center Seeb  – I’ve heard about Lush while I was in the Philippines and glad to be blogging about something outside Manila. I’m glad people took notice of my blog in Oman, especially my friends back home (very supportive!). Opportunities like this, not something to miss out on.


1915466_10208428277253389_5068514819507268392_nLush provides an array of fresh handmade products, from bathbombs, bubble baths, soaps, soaps that can be used as shampoo too, shampoos, face masks, hand & body lotions, hair treatments, makeup cosmetics and skin care. Every Lush boutique I visited you’ll be greeted by an aromatic smell and the vibe is youthful and vibrant. The price range may not be your typical over the counter items, its worth it (Invest to impress) and all natural/organic.





Their best selling bath bombs are the bomb!, literally. On how to use it, If you have a bath tub (glad we have in Oman) so prep time – you have to fill in the tub (up to you how much), it has to be atleast warm or lukewarm for the bathbomb to explode, as instructed by my friend. I’ve tried, the EXPERIMENTER, INTERGALACTIC and TWILIGHT. My fave was the experimenter, it was colourful compared to the two. INTERGALACTIC, filled my tub with blue hues which was cute and TWILIGHT, sparkled the water.



Experimenter Bathbomb
12626111_10208626813656675_141990850_n (1)
Intergalactic Bathbomb

As you soaked yourself, you could feel your skin getting smoother and softer. When I got out my mom said, my mom said I got whiter. She said the bathroom smells good and thank goodness the bathtub got cleaned up HAHA.  Well it does have brightening effects and it is only for ONE USE. Note: A tip I got,  If you don’t have a bathtub and you want to get a footspa at home , pour warm water into the pail, cut the bathbomb into half (so good use for 2), drop the half of the bathbomb and soak your feet to your heart’s content.12650741_10208626810696601_1347214674_n

The ENZYMION moisturizer is a life saver, applied all my leftover ones before my flight and when I arrived back to Manila, my skin was still smooth. Applicationshould be day and night. I put it on after applying my toner and antiseptic solution. Then cover it up with sunblock in the morning. Enzymion facial moisturizer, keeps oily skin looking at its best, thanks to all the enzymic fresh fruit ingredients: avocado and aloe vera.


Known also for their soaps, you purchase it by grams, minimum is 100 grams. You’ll see layers of soap displayed in the boutique. The soaps I’ve tried is “Honey I washed kids”, for sensitive type and for moisturizing, could also help with my backne issues according to my friend. They have soaps with antiseptic content if you wish to prevent and lessen breakouts/pimples and backne. Just feel free to ask while you drop at LUSH 🙂

Honey washed kids
Miranda- moisturizing soap


Krishgeek x Shopaholic Therapy Online Shop

I am not really a fashion or  style blogger though I love dressing up, posing & taking OOTDs, shopping ofcourse! and I love fashion (wanted to take up a fashion course when I was younger- but ended up with another path, that’s another story to tell and I grew up with brands because of my mom and the influence of her work place) I still have a lot of room to improve and yes, I do feel insecure to be around fashion bloggers who have their A game when it comes to fashion and style. Fit bloggers get to dress anything they  want,  look their best and dress way better, compare to me I have to be certain because if it looks good for my body type (I am a BIG girl kasi). But I do admire fashion & style bloggers, YES I do. I have a lot of friends who are and I get to meet, love the wisdom they share and nice to keep up with them when it comes to trends, so much good and trendy fashion & style bloggers today also forgot to mention beauty & fitness bloggers too J

But it’s okay, I love my body but like I said I have to improve. I’m back to my what you call balik alindog program after gaining much during my board exam, it has been a struggle and Im glad to lose atleast 15 kilos, aiming to lose more and I prefer to take it slowly because its already a LIFESTYLE. Well at the end of the day its all about how you carry yourself. That’s why I decided to fit in the category lifestyle because you can blog anything under the sun.

This year, got out of my comfort zone and collab with my Ms. Gaile, her shop called “Shopaholic Therapy”. FB PAGE: Shopaholic Therapy Online Shop and Intsagram: @shopaholictherapy_osph. The shop sells everything from clothes, bags, shoes and makeups. Affordable and trendy! For inquries please Viber  #09154336325.

Nude and Brown shade lippies are back! Very 90s and I do recall my make-up artist during my 20th birthday saying that brown shade lippies suits me. Dark brown lippies for me when I go to events and light nude shade for everyday use,


MAC Lustre Matte Rouge Alevres shade lippie number 12.

12647718_10208626406966508_193047474_n 12647843_10208626402686401_1795816682_n 12665877_10208626402766403_1290037639_n 12625719_10208626403086411_681276304_n

And the CROP TOP, especially when its black goes with anything from casual – pair it with a high waist pants, shorts and midi skirt (mostly trending  nowadays) to “Athleisure”(If its like air dry quality), you’ve seen Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner rock them- pair it with fitted and hugging track pants (the air dry ones) and leggings for as long its high waist. If you can rock them in Palazo pants and high waist pants whether ripped or not, go for it . Covered or not  it’s  still how you present yourself!


12674552_10208626410846605_1469126169_n 12626035_1088982297831993_1098600450_n 12674259_10208626411446620_1311083746_n12650162_10208626411326617_190247343_n

aceecd2297774d8164f5214eab60c2ce 2B4A577E00000578-0-image-m-21_1439351086298

Countdown to a Tummy-Filling Experience: Get to know more of Foodgasm goes to Maginhawa


I’ll be one of the food blogger-judges for this upcoming “Foodgasm goes to Maginhawa” event. Very honored and humbled to be chosen, first of all.  Hope to see you guys there! Please don’t feel shy to approach me.

I’ve been getting all the workout I can do before the event since I’m considering this my ultimate cheat day haha!- approved by my Trainer and Nutritionist (The past few months have been challenging to lose weight, eating a balanced meal  and working damn hard, sweating your ass of in the gym can be exhausting)

Please do keep posted on my blog and on my instagram @krishgeekness (You can tag me, if you want – no worries and I’m sure to press LIKE and COMMENT hopefully)

Please do like their FB page and stay tune for the official HASHTAG.


Hungry and Stoked? Nuff said. A Tummy-Filling experience brought to you by the UP Economics Society, Foodgasm goes to Maginhawa

In partnership with

The Body Shop | Fight Factory Manila | Bacardi‪#‎ItsNotAPartyWithoutBacardi‬


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Get ready for the yummiest event of the season!

Make sure to get a Foodgasm ticket now and get a chance to taste and rate all the bite-sized versions of these dishes with no additional cost! There will also be freebies together with your ticket and a chance to win free prizes!

Please be reminded: Each ticket would automatically entitle you 1 set during the day. There will be Set A and Set B where the specific set that you would get would be determined through a first-come first served basis during the day itself. If you want to taste all the entries, you can buy two tickets, but be early to make sure there would still would be slots for both sets.

Reserve you tickets here:
*Tickets also available at the School of Economics and AS Walkway in UP Diliman and the Bgy Hall of Teachers Village East

Ticket prices Pre-selling P200 and Door Price P250


Meet the Participants

Crazy Chef | Food Clinique | Big B Burgers | Bagnet Rice Patong | Food Vine | Brazo | CJSS Griddle Steak and Chicken House | Dorissimo Cakes | FAT Cupcake | Saj’s Cakes and Pastries | The Fahrenheit | Chalkolate PH | Cookie ng Ina Mo | Blush Pastries by H&S | Pat’s Foodcart Enterprise | Maniego’s Plate | Teritopps | Egg-it Asian Street Food | Bugle Boy | Mandi’s Persian Grill | Meal Point Burger House | Mister Miswa | Only The Best Cafe and Dining | DonDay | Branda’s Canteen | Master Bakers | Lola Seseng | FAT Cupcake | Keyks by Kai | Empire Cakes | Sancho Churreria Manila | Chewy Treats by Claire | Chef’s Hub Enterprise | Beeth’s Oven


Foodgasm Goes to Maginhawa
October 17, 2015
Maginhawa St., Brgy Teachers Village East, QC


Get to know the media partners for the event!

media partners

Radio Jam 88.3 | Buhay Kolehiyo | Rappler | Click the City | When In Manila | Philippine Daily Inquirer | Tara Let’s

Get to know the partner organizations for the event!


Grip UP Sports Climbing Association | UP Society of Students for Korean Popular Culture | Ateneo Management Engineering Association | Ateneo Management Economics Ogranization | The Polaris Project | United Architects of the Philippines Student Auxiliary | UP Association of Civil Engineering Students | UP Association of Chemistry Majors and Enthusiasts | UP Assocation of Clothing Technology Students | UP Aniban ng mga Kabitenyo | UP Geology Majors’ Society | UP School of Economics Student Council | UP Theta Epsilon Sorority | UP Variates | UP Mathematics Majors Circle | Youth for Christ – Ateneo

Get to know the other  food blogger-judges for the event! (Please do check their sites too)


SwitiRoh Says | Foodamn PH | Gastronomy by Joy | Krish Geek | What Neil Writes About | Sarois Trip | Geoffreview | ForkSpoonManila | The Mind’s Worth | Lavishly Parsimonious | Be Carol | The Kitchen Goddess | Chuck Bravante | 365 Stories to Tell | What’s to Love PH | The Food Scout | I am a dekaphobic | Appetizing Adventure

Come in groups of 4 and battle it out with fellow foodies to win our cash prize and gifts from our sponsors.
Before Oct 17: P100/person
Day itself: P120/person
Contact: Gel Clemente 0917 804 0924

Get to hear some of the most promising acts and performers.
8PM onwards
Admission is free!
*Alcoholic beverages will be available

Shop with the various online shops and stores we have for you.
9AM til 12MN

Your favorite foodie event is back and tastier than ever, bring your taste-buds and we’ll see you there!

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Wisdom : “The Intern” Movie


“Starting a new job can be a difficult challenge, especially if you’re already retired. Looking to get back into the game, 70-year-old widower Ben Whittaker (Robert De Niro) seizes the opportunity to become a senior intern at an online fashion site. Ben soon becomes popular with his younger co-workers, including Jules Ostin (Anne Hathaway), the boss and founder of the company. Whittaker’s charm, wisdom and sense of humor help him develop a special bond and growing friendship with Jules” – IMDB 

To be honest, the reason why I got interested with the movie, it involves the world about fashion, and so I thought – It was more than that. I’ve watched Anne Hathaway from the “Devil’s wears Prada” and in this movie she never failed to give a great performance. The movie was Hilarious! (Especially the scene where they have to crash into somebody’s house – You better watch the movie and you’ll crack up with that scene)  and yet heartwarming. I give it a 4/5.

I’ve listed things what I learn from the movie (Nothing beats writing a blog post with pizza paired with a Stella Artois beer  – I agree with Jules)

1.The movie tag line – Experience Never gets old.

With the life lessons you’ve earned thru the years, it definitely comes in handy 🙂

2. Not the exact line from the movie, According “Ben Whittaker” played by Robert De Niro. The reason why men carry a hanky, its because to wipe off women’s tears when we cry – Awwe.

We need to bring back Chivalry, ladies. and this is a good tip for my guy friends (Alam niyo na).

Well my dad carries a hanky all the time,  all the while I thought, it was just for hygienic purposes and yet there is a reason behind it.

3. Age doesn’t matter.

Look at Jules played by Anne Hathaway, a year and half ago , she started the business at  home, it boomed into a company then now she has 220 employees that work for her. Then there comes a trouble for the company, where they’ve questioned Jules as the CEO and needed someone with way more experience. Despite that, she decided that she will continue with what she started and she will be running the company as the CEO.

Ben despite his age who should  just  be relaxing and enjoying life. Yet he retired, then he just had that feeling that he wanted to be needed. Keep his brain and body on the go. The effort for him to keep up with the technology and yet he reminds us of the ropes of the good old days. It is  refreshing since technology took over. Very admiring, and his character was well loved by everyone in this film- effortless.

Ben is a widower , yet he was able to meet someone in the character of Fiona. (My grandmother who is a widow, has a boyfriend and I don’t mind at all, actually talo niya pa ako eh) – I understand that people have needs and to go on life with someone. People deserve the love they need 🙂

The scene when Jules helped Ben on how Facebook goes, is so cute to watch 🙂

I for one, see myself as I get old when my future kids have a life na! , doing the same thing, maybe be a doctor or lawyer or get finally get into the Fashion Industry,  just to keep me busy. 

4. Major #GirlBoss goals

From the clothes to Anne’s sassy and cool attitude as a boss, how she runs her company and the value of her employees. I love the interior of her office 😀

5. #MommyGoals

Meet Jules’  little “clone”, Paige. You’ll love her. and her sweet stay at home hubby, Matt, who gave up his career to give way to Jules.

In a Filipino Traditional Society it has always been the Paternal or the father, who earns and works for the family. Nowadays, Stay at home dads’ is becoming a trend and women dominating the professional field. I don’t see anything bad with it. It depends on how it works for a family.

I’m not referring to Jules’ life as perfect yet she goes thru things.  Okay, Jules’ sweet husband, Matt, cheated on her with a mommy from Paige’ s school. Jules knew for 18 days when she got a sneak peek on her husband’s phone.

What I learn from my Mom as a wife, Its not an easy job because at the end of the day, You’re main reason is always your children. As a wife you have obligations, My mom would say “Kailangan magpa ganda para sa asawa, and mag provide ng needs sa husband mo kasi obligasyon mo iyon, kasi ang love pwede mawala”. My mom would add “If gusto i-save ang marriage gawa pa ng isa pang anak” HAHA. My mom.

Jules forgave Matt and they decided to work on it. Jules thought of hiring a CEO in place of her in order to save her family.

Now I questioned the concept of faith fullness and loyalty, today.

5. Nowadays, we we rely too much on technology.

Does anybody forgot the concept of Talking to someone personally? Thanks Ben- The scene where Adam DeVine, asked Ben for dating tips.

6. New doesn’t always mean BETTER.

Sometimes the classic – still the best. Yet technology today is accessible and easy, It is sometimes good to relive the past from dating traditions to life hacks, nothing beats the classic. How did people survive before? People just tend to forget because nowadays people get to step out from the norm which is also a good thing. I am grateful that I was born on the 1900s, I had a fun and weird childhood before technology took over.

Ben carries a briefcase to work, Its refreshing!  where do you see people carry classic leather briefcase nowadays. My dad still owns a lot (all still in good shape, because of the good quality brand)  and he handed one to me to keep STUFF hihi #LifeHacks






HairX: Hair Free, Care Free!

HAIR X: Making IPL hair removal accessible, affordable, and available to Filipinos

Glend Gao, CEO and Ruby Chavez Branch Manager. Explaining how HairX started and future plans. Also how IPL works on the hair.

Let’s admit it, we girls get conscious everytime we see a bunch of hair growing, especially at our arms and legs. Well having hair is normal for crying out loud but that habit of shaving and plucking, leaves trauma to our precious skin. We all aim for that flawless and Hair-Less skin.

We are in luck that HairX, Auricle wellness SPA , introduces an affordable and comfortable innovation -IPL, stands for  Intense Pulsed Light – A  dual pulse tech that is virtually painless and safe.As explained,  the energy splits into 2 and hits the hair when its on its Anagen stage. That’s why we have to follow the interval of sessions for better results because we shouldn’t miss the Anagen phase ( Your hair grows around half an inch a month, the growth phase, or anagen phase, lasts an average of 3-5 years, so a full-length hair averages 18 to 30 inches – . Well first of all it doesn’t guarantee that 100% no hair but from a course texture, as you go further with the sessions the hair becomes “finer”, gets off easily and unnoticeable.

Well I haven’t started my sessions with HairX yet, (I’ll make a documentation and review on that with their different services, SOON ). But as of now we are promoting the place and the hype that it is affordable and comfy -painless!

They are still trying to branch out all around metro manila(They plan to have 25 branches in 5 years ) , If by chance you are by BGC Forbes Town Center try to visit and check out their services. You’ll love the peaceful aura and vibe of the place. The staff are friendly and accommodating. Tip: Book in advance for your sessions.

They have Aqua facials (machine infusion with vitamin C), Aqua light (under arms and inguinal area) and waxing services (light con precision wax – it is PAINLESS ).

For the price rates just scroll down 🙂


IPL (intense pulsed light) hair removal is not new in the cosmetic industry. But compared with other common procedures like plucking, shaving, waxing, and DIY depilatory creams, IPL hair removal have always been an expensive alternative. Not anymore. Hair X, the latest neighborhood hair removal clinic in the country, aims to make IPL hair removal (and laser-based skin and facial care) accessible, affordable, and available to more Filipinos.

Such a stunner and she uses IPL too, Ms. Glenda Gao, CEO
Such a stunner and she uses IPL too, Ms. Glenda Gao, CEO


While other temporary hair removal procedures are cheaper, they still leave the skin with unnecessary trauma and negative side effects such as ingrown hair, darkening of underarms, inflammation, and, at worst, infection. IPL renders less damage to parts of the skin not included the treatment, which means faster healing. It uses intense pulsating beams of light to remove unwanted hair after regular sessions, effectively slows hair growth, and lessens the negative side effects caused by other short-term procedures.


Hair X makes available a range of affordable programs and payment options for value-seeking Filipino men and women who want to permanently remove hair easily, painlessly, and professionally. It is run by a highly trained medical team using the latest in first world equipment, techniques, and procedures, and is housed in an antiseptically clean and relaxed environment. One of Hair X’s brand new, cutting edge pulsed light technology is called Forma IPL System.

#HairX launch Event with affordable, safe and comfortable IPL Hair Removal treatments. They also offer wax treatments, facials and threading. Here at 2F Forbes Town Center 🌿 on the blog soon (📷: @mariaisquixotic)

Forma IPL System features a dual pulsing technology, making the hair removal procedure very comfortable.  It emits a unique flash, characterized by a very short pulse duration and high energy at the same time. These standards optimize the way energy hits the hair root and renders the treatment efficient, safe and painless.



With Hair X’s advanced IPL equipment administered by professionals at best value packages, more Filipinos can now afford to have hair-free smooth and blemish-free skin all over.

Aside from hair removal, Hair X also offers facial services in the form of its signature facial and the Aqua Peel treatment, which cleanses, exfoliates, extracts, and hydrates the skin using an especially designed machine that removes impurities and infuses treatments.

Staying true to its passion of making hair removal affordable, accessible, and available, IPL hair removal starts at P300 per session.

HairX is located at 2/F  Eight Forbes Town Road, Forbes Town Center, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig, and is open from Monday to Sunday, from 11am to 9pm.

Hair X Map

Price rates:




Bioessence: Fat Breakdown Treatment

Bye Bye Baby Fats 👊 Thank youuu @bioessence_ph 💙 letting me try your Fat Breakdown Treatment on the blog



Bioessence Fat Breakdown treatment, starts first with a series of BREAKDOWN OF FAT then another set of procedures called DETOX.

I actually got a 15 minutes free for the Fat Breakdown Treatment then I added P900 for full body. Original price is P1500.

They have a package deal promo (for slimming) worth 7k if you plan to avail for a number of sessions. Good for 3 months. 

Promo compose of: 

2  G5 sessions for breaking of cellulite

2  LT sessions lipo detox treatment

2 sexy tone – firming and toning

2 RF toning and Firming

It starts off with a 15 minute sauna and shower afterwards. Tip: Bring extra underwear for the sauna

With the use of a machine as a form of massage. The whole procedure would take an hour and a half.

4 areas areas are to be targeted,  The back (upper and lower), Both sides, and the Front (upper and lower).

So 3 rounds per area, because they have to change the head part of the thing they have to roll to your body.One that’s is like a Roller-like type,spiky type and Flat type -its like a polish finish. 

Well The treatment went well, I was actually ticklish the entire time – Poor me HAHA. 

After the treatment, they served ice Hot lemon tea, love it <3

Check out their other branches and social media accounts for great deals!