Healthy Skin Magazine x Skin Perfection: Guide to Beauty Beyond Skin Deep

November 21, 2015 | Stacy’s Rizal Drive BGC |




The magazine covers everything that we millennials opt to look for in a go to read magazine. It is not just about beauty, but up to date articles on wellness and skincare, also includes fitness, nutrition, makeup and pop culture. All articles presented are really hand-picked issues that we millenials tackle on our daily lifestyle, guaranteed and research thoroughly. Informative tackles on health provided by the top of their field doctors.

Cover girls, Saab Magalona and Max Collins



The event was gathered by bloggers and media personnel from different fields to hear out what the magazine can offer to the general public. Well the magazine as of now is available at Buqo and Magzter for grabs at P120. (Healthy skin magazine – print edition is not yet available for sale). I did start reading the magazine and it is informative and the topics are real dealt issues that we usually cross upon. It covers everything you need to know- beauty hacks, workouts, diets, fashion, lifestyle, beauty home remedies, over-the-counter items for anything beauty-related products, doctor’s advices, and  real personal testimonials.

Jenny Banto, Associate Publisher – Healthy Skin Magazine

The event was welcomed by Ms. Jenny Banto, Associate Publisher  of  Healthy skin magazine. Then a talk by Doctor Claudia Samonte who discussed skin issues and presented testimonials of the patients she handled under her care. She emphasize the importance of consulting a doctor before undergoing any procedure and what proper treatments that suits the problem area. She handed tips during the  Q & A portion about common body issues that we women have to face  and some facts that are informative and worth-sharing.

Doctor Claudia Samonte, Dermatology Section Head, Aesthetic Concepts Samonte Clinic
Grace Garcia-Cruzat, Training Consultant- Skin Perfection


Partnering with the event, top of the line medical solutions, Skin Perfection (Originally from the US). The Skin perfection clinical solutions have a basic and intensive program, It offers effective and sustainable solutions to correct various skin problems, including acne inflammation, hyper pigmentation and aging skin associated with loss of elasticity. Well their products is what we call “hiyang” to the Asian skin and ofcourse the asian climate, It is water-base and light weight. Wide range of products that cover whitening, acne and anti-aging (home care – skin need & professional treatments – skin perfection & skin expert). Well they do have treatments with the use of nano peptide particles technology,- small particles that penetrates deep into the layers of the skin. Peptide chemistry- amino acids regulates cellular mechanisms that controls oil production, reduces melanin production (hyperpigmentation) and modulates muscular contractions.

They’ve presented one of their known treatments, the oxygen facial – makes the skin look refreshing and young-looking (recommended to be done every week- if possible) Usually cost about P1800 (Additional for musk- your choice, it may reach to about P2500) and it is worth investing for – if you have the means. There are 3 types (ACNE, WHITENING and ANTI-AGING)

I tried their oxygen facial at “Forever Beautiful” at MegaMall. (Skin Perfection has partnered with clinics – “Face and Facets”-Quezon City(Don Antonio) and Selected clinics in Makati). So they cleanse your face first, applied glycolic acid to lessen pimples and black/white heads – needed to be absorbed for minutes, then steam for 10-15 minutes, the ultimate “tiis-ganda” EXTRACTION, The use of the so-called “Rejuvenation machine” (The air that comes up helps dry pimples),  The facialist applied one soothing cream that I forgot to note the name. Lastly,  the antibacterial ointment.


12312100_10208219367230769_1600918795_n 12346809_10208219366990763_22696381_n

In all honesty, when my friend saw me after, she said my face brightened & lightened up and it seems I haven’t gone through a painful facial. (She’s seen me go through my other facials from other clinics – my face is so swollen after every procedure). We’ve took selfies and I agree, My skin looks great! “Forever Beautiful nga!”









Countdown to a Tummy-Filling Experience: Get to know more of Foodgasm goes to Maginhawa


I’ll be one of the food blogger-judges for this upcoming “Foodgasm goes to Maginhawa” event. Very honored and humbled to be chosen, first of all.  Hope to see you guys there! Please don’t feel shy to approach me.

I’ve been getting all the workout I can do before the event since I’m considering this my ultimate cheat day haha!- approved by my Trainer and Nutritionist (The past few months have been challenging to lose weight, eating a balanced meal  and working damn hard, sweating your ass of in the gym can be exhausting)

Please do keep posted on my blog and on my instagram @krishgeekness (You can tag me, if you want – no worries and I’m sure to press LIKE and COMMENT hopefully)

Please do like their FB page and stay tune for the official HASHTAG.


Hungry and Stoked? Nuff said. A Tummy-Filling experience brought to you by the UP Economics Society, Foodgasm goes to Maginhawa

In partnership with

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Get ready for the yummiest event of the season!

Make sure to get a Foodgasm ticket now and get a chance to taste and rate all the bite-sized versions of these dishes with no additional cost! There will also be freebies together with your ticket and a chance to win free prizes!

Please be reminded: Each ticket would automatically entitle you 1 set during the day. There will be Set A and Set B where the specific set that you would get would be determined through a first-come first served basis during the day itself. If you want to taste all the entries, you can buy two tickets, but be early to make sure there would still would be slots for both sets.

Reserve you tickets here:
*Tickets also available at the School of Economics and AS Walkway in UP Diliman and the Bgy Hall of Teachers Village East

Ticket prices Pre-selling P200 and Door Price P250


Meet the Participants

Crazy Chef | Food Clinique | Big B Burgers | Bagnet Rice Patong | Food Vine | Brazo | CJSS Griddle Steak and Chicken House | Dorissimo Cakes | FAT Cupcake | Saj’s Cakes and Pastries | The Fahrenheit | Chalkolate PH | Cookie ng Ina Mo | Blush Pastries by H&S | Pat’s Foodcart Enterprise | Maniego’s Plate | Teritopps | Egg-it Asian Street Food | Bugle Boy | Mandi’s Persian Grill | Meal Point Burger House | Mister Miswa | Only The Best Cafe and Dining | DonDay | Branda’s Canteen | Master Bakers | Lola Seseng | FAT Cupcake | Keyks by Kai | Empire Cakes | Sancho Churreria Manila | Chewy Treats by Claire | Chef’s Hub Enterprise | Beeth’s Oven


Foodgasm Goes to Maginhawa
October 17, 2015
Maginhawa St., Brgy Teachers Village East, QC


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Come in groups of 4 and battle it out with fellow foodies to win our cash prize and gifts from our sponsors.
Before Oct 17: P100/person
Day itself: P120/person
Contact: Gel Clemente 0917 804 0924

Get to hear some of the most promising acts and performers.
8PM onwards
Admission is free!
*Alcoholic beverages will be available

Shop with the various online shops and stores we have for you.
9AM til 12MN

Your favorite foodie event is back and tastier than ever, bring your taste-buds and we’ll see you there!

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See all of you foodies there on October 17! For what you need to know you can click on this link:…

For inquiries and questions, kindly email us at or contact Miguel Ramos, 09273138714.


Nothing But Real Chocolate :)

 Delighting Filipinos with Nothing but Great Taste

Photo by Charlene Ajose

A good combination of sugar, milk and cocoa to create Nothing but great taste Cocio. Last September 3, 2015 at Whitespace Manila was the launch of the Iconic Danish chocolate milk drink. Cocio is now set to delight Asia for the very first time, starting in the Philippines, with the launch of Cocio classic and the global launch of Cocio Dark.

Photo by Charlene Ajose
Photo by Charlene Ajose

The Cocio Dark, which is my fave among the two, (since I love dark chocolate ever – its healthier!) was first introduced here, we are ahead of Denmark BTW! My take on the classic is ofcourse lighter compare to the bitter-sweet taste of Dark Cocio, but I love the flavor! The sweetness is just right, just how I love my chocolate milk drink.

Photo by Charlene Ajose
Photo by Charlene Ajose





Here are some photos during the launch, the media had a taste of both, the classic and dark cocio. During the event they explained the contents of the drink, The history and future plans for the brand. I sincerely feel that the brand will be embraced here in the Philippines, Well Filipinos love sweets especially chocolate!

Photo by Charlene Ajose
Photo by Charlene Ajose

The event was lively, there was band that played, good food was served, they served red wine that goes with the entree of cheese!  I love the ambiance of the venue and they have great spots to take photos if you are going for a minimalist white backdrop. Honestly I arrived late but I was able to enjoy and meet people from the media 🙂

Photo by Charlene Ajose
Photo by Charlene Ajose
Photo by Charlene Ajose

Cute story,  I was carrying a bunch of Cocio drinks, in the elevator of my friends’ condo I just got home from the event,  a kind citizen helped me out with pressing what floor I am going to because I have my hands full. And she noticed the drinks and I told her you’ll be seeing them soon in the market, so watch out 🙂 – I think its already available?

Photo by Charlene Ajose
Hosted by the charming, Laura Lehmann Photo by Charlene Ajose

Cocio Models


PH Launch of Cocio Marks the Brand’s First Launch in Asia

After winning over the hearts of Europeans worldwide, Iconic Danish chocolate milk drink Cocio is now set to delight Asia for the very first time, starting in the Philippines, with the launch of Cocio classic and the global launch of Cocio Dark.

 Jens Krog and Jun Cochanco
Jens Krog and Jun Cochanco

Laura, Jens, Jun

Models with Principals

Local Cocio distributor FlyAce, a company that endeavors to bring the best of the world closer to the Philippines, finds Cocio remarkable in that the brand embodies FlyAce’s commitment to great taste and responsible ethical production.

“I was impressed with Cocio’s meticulous processes when I visited their office in Copenhagen. Every step involved – from choosing ingredient suppliers to advertising the product – stayed true to their core values,” said Fly Ace President Jun Cochanco. “Cocio is undoubtedly the best chocolate drink in the market, and we think it’s about time we share it with the country.”

This marks the first time that Cocio classic will be sold in the Asia Pacific region, and the first time Cocio Dark, which features more cocoa in each bottle, is to be launched ever.

Unlike other brands, Cocio advertises nothing except its great taste. It does not believe in overly hyping or in doling out claim after claim of benefits a consumer can get. Cocio instead uses their trademark wit and dry humor to focus on letting consumers know they can only guarantee one thing: that each bottle contains Nothing but Great Taste.

Not only is Cocio known for their distinct approach to their beverage and their marketing, the brand is a staple in the lives of Danes. Commonly paired with hotdogs, Cocio’s versatility invites consumers to think up of even more Cocio pairings.

A Tradition of Great Taste, Preserved

 Developed in the home kitchen of Danish couple Anker and Ella Pallesen in 1951, Cocio is the result of much trial and error over the course of 2-3 years. In the pursuit of the greatest chocolate drink, they discovered that they didn’t need much. What was important was the quality of the ingredients and the science behind the process.

The recipe they created uses only 3 ingredients: milk, cocoa, and a little sugar, all of which are sourced from premiere suppliers around the globe. The milk is from Arla Foods, the world’s largest multi-national dairy cooperative owned by over 14,000 farmers; the plain sugar is from established sugar suppliers; and the cocoa are UTZ-certified from West Africa.

The fact that the brand uses beans that are UTZ-certified means that they are supporting the farmers. It means that Cocio supports sustainable farming and better living conditions for the impoverished.

Free from preservatives, Cocio has no artificial taste. Cocio is the only chocolate drink free from stabilizers in the market. Bottling the beverage and cooking them for a specific amount of time gives Cocio that rich and silky smooth feel. This is where the ingredients mix together to create a unique flavor. To this day, Cocio still uses the same recipe from 1951 and still upholds the same ideals.

A European Staple Coming to Asia

 Following the immense success of Cocio in their native Denmark, the brand was then introduced to their Scandinavian neighbors Sweden and Norway. In more recent years, Cocio has also branched out to other European countries, and to the USA. Cocio continues to make waves as the beverage of choice for anyone looking for a straightforward cocoa drink.

This year marks the time the brand finally reaches Asia, through the Philippine shores. “We know that Filipinos will love Cocio because not only is it delicious, it’s also made from natural ingredients, ingredients that are perfect for those trying to adapt a healthier more wholesome diet,” explains Jens Christian Krog, Senior General Manager of Arla Philippines.

“Cocio satisfies the sweet tooth without any additives or false promises. It’s the kind of beverage that Filipinos will surely love.” Krog ends.

Folow them on IG @cocioPH #NothingBut      Photo by Charlene Ajose


Photo by Charlene Ajose
Photo by Charlene Ajose

Power Mac Center’s 21st anniversary and Introducing the Power Mac Center Spotlight

(c) Charlene Ajose


Greenbelt 5 Fashion Hall – Power Mac Center, the premier Apple partner in the Philippines celebrates its 21st year in the Apple business. The event was hosted by the charming,  Mari Jasmine, host of ETC channel and brand ambassador.  Performances from Manila Symphony Orchestra and excerpts from Chuva Choo Choo Musicale featuring Vehnee Saturnosongs, the celebration will also highlight live performances by Urbandub and Franco using Apple devices to kick off the Power Mac Center Sync Sessions Music Campaign. #SyncSessions. Spotted at the event, Gorgeous Brand Ambassadors, Vanessa Matsunaga and Chienna Filomeno

Manila Symphony Orchestra (c)Charlene Ajose


The stylish host, Mari Jasmine (Brand Ambassador)
The stylish host, Mari Jasmine (Brand Ambassador) (c)Charlene Ajose


Franco (c)Charlene Ajose
Franco (c)Charlene Ajose


(c)Charlene Ajose
URBANDUB (c)Charlene Ajose
(c)Charlene Ajose

Introducing the Power Mac Center Spotlight ,  a 300-seater performance venue that offers flexible seating set-up and lights and sounds equipment designed to provide a venue for interactive, dynamic, fresh, and innovative performances for theater, music, dance shows, acting workshops, as well as seminars, corporate launches and private functions at Circuit Makati. In partnership with the prestigious Ayala Land Company.

(c)Charlene Ajose
(c)Charlene Ajose
(c)Charlene Ajose 

Have a preview of what’s next for Power Mac Center and have glimpse of its new intimate space and experience a theater scene in a night of live entertainment!

2GO Travel, MMPI Launch New Travel Show, Tr!pinas on GMA News TV


We know Solenn Heusaff as the adventurous “It Girl”, well you could see it on the her instagram page and the places she’s been too (ENVY!), For me She’s the best choice for Tripinas or a travel show because of her outgoing personality. As she said at the presscon, she loves to travel and she really want to brag what the Philippines can offer and having the show would be a great boost for the Philippine tourism. Stephen Tagud will be hosting with Solenn and he is stoked to show us the never seen before place in the philippines, the best foodtrips and the best selfie spots in the country.

Solenn and Stephen  make a good combination or team up to be hosting tripinas because both of them are adventurous, outgoing and willing to take risks. They both show love for the country, truly proud of their pinoy roots. Can’t wait to tune in to their show and check out great travel spots here in the Philippines. I for one would love to travel alone and be able to start a travel blog next year -hopefully!

Catch them at Tripinas on GMA NEWSTV, Airing on September 5th, Every Saturday at 11am  🙂


“Loving the islands, feeling the fun; these are the islands of our dreams… Philippines…”

So says the chorus of the theme song to the latest travel show to hit Philippine television, tr!pinas.

DSC_1468 DSC_1460

The show is the brainchild of 2GO Travel Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Stephen Tagud and Marnie Manicad, Executive Producer and Director of Marnie Manicad Productions International (MMPI).

Mr. Tagud says “The idea came about when we wanted to feature different destinations in the Philippines, especially little-known locations easily overshadowed by Boracay, Palawan, and Cebu. It came up in a conversation with Director Marnie Manicad, and now, we’re finally launching tr!pinas.”

Ms. Manicad on the other hand says, “This show is a synergy of our strengths and expertise. Stephen being an expert on the travel industry, and myself on TV production.”

tr!pinas, a weekly travel show, will premier on September 5, Saturday, at 11am on GMA News TV. As the name suggests, each episode features a trip around the Philippines, with a specific focus on overlooked but equally beautiful locations, such as Cambugahay Falls in Siquijor, the setting of the pilot episode.

Joining Stephen on his adventures is Solenn Heussaff, the multi-faceted artist, model, fashion designer, and painter.

Both Stephen and Solenn, who are music lovers themselves, sang the theme song for tr!pinas.

Solenn says, “This was an opportunity not just to travel around the Philippines, but to show Filipinos and the rest of the world how much more beautiful this country is – it’s really the island of our dreams. And to sing the theme song alongside my co-host? What a treat!”

The show is brought to life by 2GO Travel in partnership with MMPI.



2GO Travel is the country’s largest and premier land/sea travel providers in the Philippines. Seamlessly bridging people whenever, wherever, 2GO Travel was born out of established brands such as Negros Navigation, Superferry, Cebu Ferries, and Supercat. Leveraging on the 2GO Group network, 2GO Travel offers corporate and leisure travel, package tours, and special events, as well as maritime and hotel and food services training. With tr!pinas, it aims to redefine travel by showcasing the hidden gems in the Philippines.

My ultimate fitspiration and host, Solenn Heussaff
My ultimate fitspiration and host, Solenn Heussaff
Stephen Tagud, HOST

On the other hand, MMPI is a Philippine-based production company with internationally released productions, among them, the Emmy-nominated series “INSIDE” by the National Geographic Channel (NGC). It is the team behind the globally released Inside: Malacañang, a full-length documentary on the Philippine presidential palace, its “secrets,” the presidential food taster/tester, and the very secretive Presidential Security Group. In 2013, MMPI produced Asian Innovations: Knoxout, a 15-minute documentary as part of the NGC series “InnovAsians.” In the same year, MMPI, in partnership with GMA Films and Portfolio Films International, released the film Dance of the Steel Bars, which starred Hollywood actor Patrick Bergin, and GMA Network’s primetime king Dingdong Dantes. It featured the lives of Cebu’s dancing inmates.

MMPI’s current shows on GMA News TV’s Saturday morning block are: Turbo Zone (, the leading motoring show in the Philippines; Home Base (; the no. 1 property, development, home, architecture, design and lifestyle show in the country, and Weddings TV (, the first wedding magazine TV show, showcasing the best in the weddings industry.


Popped Culture MAIS CON YELO FLAVOR :)

For more information, like trip!nas and 2GO Travel on Facebook, and follow @tripinastv and @2go_travel on Twitter and Instagram.

AXN Tops English GE Q1 2015 Ratings CSI:Cyber, The Blacklist and Asia’s Got Talent Take the Primetime Spotlight in SE Asia and Taiwan

PHILIPPINES (April 9, 2015) – AXN continued its thrilling streak in Q1 2015, claiming top spot in English general entertainment primetime ratings collectively in Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines and Taiwan.

As the dominant English GE channel across the region, AXN held 37 percent of the primetime viewing share among 20 competing channels, with ratings that were more than 60 percent higher than the next best rated English GE channel.

“Pilot” -- CSI: CYBER stars Emmy Award winner Patricia Arquette in a drama inspired by the advanced technological work of real-life CyberPsychologist Mary Aiken. Special Agent Avery Ryan (Arquette) heads the Cyber Crime Division of the FBI, a unit at the forefront of solving illegal activities that start in the mind, live online, and play out in the real world. While other agents search for criminals in dark homes and alleys, Ryan searches the “dark net,” a place deep in the bowels of the web where criminals are anonymous, money is untraceable and everything is for sale with just a keystroke. CSI: CYBER will premiere Spring 2015, Sundays (10:00-11:00 PM ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.  Pictured: Patricia Arquette.  Photo: Monty Brinton/CBS  ©2014 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved
“Pilot” — CSI: CYBER stars Emmy Award winner Patricia Arquette in a drama inspired by the advanced technological work of real-life CyberPsychologist Mary Aiken. Special Agent Avery Ryan (Arquette) heads the Cyber Crime Division of the FBI, a unit at the forefront of solving illegal activities that start in the mind, live online, and play out in the real world. While other agents search for criminals in dark homes and alleys, Ryan searches the “dark net,” a place deep in the bowels of the web where criminals are anonymous, money is untraceable and everything is for sale with just a keystroke. CSI: CYBER will premiere Spring 2015, Sundays (10:00-11:00 PM ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Pictured: Patricia Arquette. Photo: Monty Brinton/CBS ©2014 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Asia’s home of thrilling entertainment posted strong ratings gains on the back of the premieres of popular new and returning scripted series including “CSI: Cyber” and “The Blacklist” Season 2, along with AXN raymond_reddington_-_the_blacklist_-_cast

Asia’s latest original series “Asia’s Got Talent”. Quarter one primetime ratings grew in all four markets vs 2014. In particular, AXN enjoyed 50 per cent growth quarter-on-quarter in Singapore, 20 percent in the

Philippines, 15 percent in Taiwan, while in Malaysia the channel enjoyed more than double the rating of its closest competitor.

Hui Keng Ang, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Sony Pictures Television Networks, Asia said, “Quality, buzzworthy drama and reality series airing day and date with the U.S remain integral to

AXN’s success. Adding to this is our focus on producing exciting localized original productions, and engaging viewers for a truly social television experience. ‘Asia’s Got Talent’, while a ratings success on linear TV, has also inspired an active and colorful fan base across several social platforms.”

After a strong launch in March, “Asia’s Got Talent” has continued to deliver top ratings in Southeast Asia and Taiwan a month into the series.

Billed as the biggest talent competition in the world, “Asia’s Got Talent” features some of the region’s most amazing performing artists competing for the coveted title. The first four episodes showcased many breathtaking performances and incredible characters, and at times hilarious and cringeworthy acts which kept viewers thoroughly entertained each week.

In its first four episodes, Asia’s Got Talent cumulatively delivered 5.7 million viewers across Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines and Taiwan. AXN dominated the Thursday night premiere timeslot with more than 16 times the rating of the next best English GE program.

ROB_0020 copy

“Asia’s Got Talent” will enter the semi-finals phase from April 16, with the sixth to eighth episodes featuring the best 24 acts selected by the judges from the first five episodes. The 24 performances will then be voted upon by the AXN audience via SMS, Facebook, and the “Asia’s Got Talent” mobile application, to determine the nine finalists. The show is proudly presented by Marina Bay Sands, Big Cola, Pantene, Caltex, Jetstar and GrabTaxi.

“Asia’s Got Talent” airs Thursdays at 8.30pm (SG, MY, PH, HK) / 7.30pm (JKT, BKK) and from April 16 from 8.05pm (SG, MY, PH, HK) / 7.05pm (JKT, BKK) – First on AXN


Source: Kantar Media Singapore & Philippines, Nielsen Media Research Malaysia & Taiwan. Primetime is 6.00pm – 1.00am. Target is total pay TV audience. Ratings in Malaysia are based on combined rating of SD and HD for channels with same programming on both services.