Yellow Cab Pizza: Get straight to the Good Stuff!

Who doesn’t love pizza? Stuffed crust, thin and thick all shapes and forms no doubt who doesn’t love pizza. Yellow cab has already established a name to the Filipino go to place to eat quality served pizza. I got the chance to actually step in the actual kitchen and personally make my own new York style  pizza and know the qualities of making a delicious and sumptuous crust heaven made pizza straight from the oven of Yellow Cab. I was invited to the re-opening of Yellow Cab Mega Mall branch, located at Building A Second Floor. (Coming from the main back of Mega Mall, take the escalator going up as you turn to your Right, at the left side – spot on) Hope my directions could help because as a blogger, I feel obligated to actually lessen your ease to ask Manong guard haha.


Entering the kitchen of Yellow Cab made me realize the dynamics of creating a masterpiece also has science, art, math and ofcourse culinary. You just don’t dump toppings here and there! The thing that I could recall from my experience making “New York’s Finest”, every ingredient has a specific weight/ amount (Sorry, I forgot to take note of it), I learned that when you spread Parmesan cheese, don’t pour a mouthful, I am so guilty sprinkling tons of parmesan cheese on pasta, it has to be spread in minimally. As you grasped the parmesan, have your hand  like a crab’s pincer , spread evenly at the entire crust but don’t overdue it- it would make the pizza very salty. Then when you place the toppings, there is an art and science to it, those near the end part should be place at the edge since the pizza gets flattened and expands in the oven.

I deserve a pat on the back, not bad for my first time. My friends said what a made was “masarap naman and flavorful” 🙂

pizza2 pizza3



Yellow cab as a pioneer pizza company provides fine and fresh ingredients, I would personally recommend the New York style pizza, not jut its loaded with cheese and generous topping, it has that savory palette. Something different from the usual classic for you to try when you visit.

Everytime I go to Baguio, the family orders the classic Pepperoni from Yellow cab and my bestfriend let me tried the “Darla”, you have to wrapped the leafy veggie(forgot what you call it), into a roll and you eat it. I heard only Yellow cab does this. So from the ordinary pizza place, yellow cab has a very interesting menus and innovations- , very New York and kinda Pinoy.


Letting the Pinoys have a taste of New York, based from the company’s mission:  to share a slice of New York to the Filipino people.Hoping to visit New York anytime soon to have that experience of what it is like (Add that to my bucketlist). As said on their website what makes Yellow Cab different, which I agree- New York-style pizza is crisp and slightly charred in the bottom, dense and chewy in the middle, and slightly gooey on top. And that’s just the crust. Top it off with a generous serving of the freshest, highest-quality ingredients, and you get—simply put—great New York-style pizza.-Yellow Cab



As I explore their menu, the price is just right (   and its not purely pizza they also have chicken wings! For promos, combos, price rates and know what’s hot visit their webpage Instagram: @yellowcabpizza

Photos by: Mark Carlo Lamor | Krizia Catapang

Cool Summer colors by Caronia Nail Polish

Hey girls! Its almost summer, and I know  us girls, are planning  our summer itinerary and outfits too! Add some pop of color to your outfit and  don’t forget to paint your nails (Dapat complete!) because I have something to share.

Caronia Nail Polish launches their “Popsicle collection”, These are 4 cool summer colors ( 2 of them are in matte!) and yes, they are budget friendly and you can buy them in any local store or grocery near you.

Caronia has improved and they do follow and update themselves with the trends. Adding hues and shades that fit every season and matches the young and hip vibe taste. Quality has improved also, now it is easy to apply and full coverage.


Tickle your senses with colors inspired by the most loved happy food, ICE CREAM!.

My two faves are Peach perfect and brain freeze in matte. (It really depends on your personality and what matches your skin tone and outfit too – well its all about how you present yourself! Summer you have to look good with your OOTDs)

Peach Perfect
Peach Perfect

If you opt for a sophisticated look going out and you’re into neutrals/nude shades like me go for PEACH PERFECT – its a shade of nude with a slight hint of pink for a rosy look.





If you like a sunny, bright and vibrant  yellow shade go for LEMON COOL “happy yellow”.

Lemon Cool
Lemon Cool


Sunrise Tequila
Tequila Sunrise
Brain Freeze
Brain Freeze

And yes, you’ve heard it in MATTE, Go bold and wild with TEQUILA SUNRISE – It is a subdued red orange in matte finish. And something subtle. mysterious and yet alluring BRAIN FREEZE – plain blue shade in matte finish.

Tip: For loud social and beach parties, I advice the lemon cool, tequila sunrise and brain freeze. 

I tried all the colors and here is a video clip on my fb page

The Popsicle collection is just LIMITED and it comes with a free sticky note pad – the price is  budget friendly. So don’t miss it and get yours!

Feel free to comment  below  and I would like to hear which is your fave and tips too!



Fun and Burn Calories at Trampoline Park – Zero gravity Zone

In the midst of the hustle and bustle of city life, there are times you just want to let loose and be a kid for a day.


Try to find a fun way and getting your adrenaline on the high, well Trampoline Park Zero Gravity Zone can be part of your fun bucketlist to check out in the city. You can bring your family and friends to enjoy and get some exercise too. They say for an hour you can already burn a lot of calories. For an hour atleast, I already sweat a lot.


Trampoline Park Zero Gravity – The first indoor trampoline park in the Philippines. Located at The Portal Mayflower Street Greenfield District, Mandaluyong City. (Near Starbucks and Gold’s gym). Greenfield district – is across Shangrila Mall.


The indoor trampoline park hold different areas for you to try. There is like a mosh pit like area     ( My fave – and you can take cool instagram shots with the yellow and purple soft cubes – I have no idea what you call them haha), a basketball ring to try (I am really good and shoot hoops and somehow parkour like area. Don’t worry the place is perfectly safe, strong-hold and there are trained personnel who can assist you.








Before going to the venue, I would like you to know some ground rules. First, they have a special kind of socks that you have to purchase – if you don’t have yet and you could use it again when you com back. It’s only PHP 80.00. It has a a special kind of rubber material at the bottom so you won’t slip off – available at the registration counter. After paying they give you a color coded wristband – the color defines what batch are you and how many hours you’ve availed.


There are lockers available for PHP 20.00 (I’m not sure if its per hour). There is a lounge area – before entering they orient you with the rules, they give tips on how to jump properly and they let you watch an instructional video. They are strict when it comes to time – they give a heads up on the mike before your hour ends. So every hour there is a new batch that goes in all together.


There is a food stall available, with drinks and snacks – in case you want to rehydrate and munch after . Then there is also an overview area where you can chill and dine while watching the jumpers. DSC_2984

Here is another question frequently asked, What to wear? I suggest active wear  that is comfortable and light weight. If you own anything air-dry that’s fine and bring extra clothes if you want to change after too.



Another one how much, Here is the price list:

For general session

 Non-peak hours (Mon-Friday till 5PM) 

30 minutes – PHP 180.00

1 hour – PHP 320.00

2 hours – PHP 600.00

Peak hours (Monday- Friday 5pm-10pm / Saturday and Sunday)

30 minutes – PHP 200.00

1 hour – PHP 350.00

2 hours – PHP 650.00

Companion fee (valid for parent/guardian of young jumper below 12 years old) – PHP 50.00

Friday DJ Beats Nights goof for 2 hours – PHP 800.00

For Multipass

Non-peak hours (Mon-Friday till 5PM) 

5 hours – PHP 1500.00

10 hours – PHP 2800.00


Peak hours (Monday- Friday 5pm-10pm / Saturday and Sunday)

5 hours – PHP 1600.00

10 hours – PHP 3000.00

Rental for DodgeBall/VolleyBall

Per hour – PHP 1800.00

Group Rent Pay Entrance fee + PHP 1800.00

Opening hours:

Monday- Friday       9:00 AM- 10:00 PM

Friday                         9:00 AM- 11:00 PM

Saturday                     8:00 AM- 11:00 PM

Sunday                        9:00 AM- 9:00 PM




Healthy Skin Magazine x Skin Perfection: Guide to Beauty Beyond Skin Deep

November 21, 2015 | Stacy’s Rizal Drive BGC |




The magazine covers everything that we millennials opt to look for in a go to read magazine. It is not just about beauty, but up to date articles on wellness and skincare, also includes fitness, nutrition, makeup and pop culture. All articles presented are really hand-picked issues that we millenials tackle on our daily lifestyle, guaranteed and research thoroughly. Informative tackles on health provided by the top of their field doctors.

Cover girls, Saab Magalona and Max Collins



The event was gathered by bloggers and media personnel from different fields to hear out what the magazine can offer to the general public. Well the magazine as of now is available at Buqo and Magzter for grabs at P120. (Healthy skin magazine – print edition is not yet available for sale). I did start reading the magazine and it is informative and the topics are real dealt issues that we usually cross upon. It covers everything you need to know- beauty hacks, workouts, diets, fashion, lifestyle, beauty home remedies, over-the-counter items for anything beauty-related products, doctor’s advices, and  real personal testimonials.

Jenny Banto, Associate Publisher – Healthy Skin Magazine

The event was welcomed by Ms. Jenny Banto, Associate Publisher  of  Healthy skin magazine. Then a talk by Doctor Claudia Samonte who discussed skin issues and presented testimonials of the patients she handled under her care. She emphasize the importance of consulting a doctor before undergoing any procedure and what proper treatments that suits the problem area. She handed tips during the  Q & A portion about common body issues that we women have to face  and some facts that are informative and worth-sharing.

Doctor Claudia Samonte, Dermatology Section Head, Aesthetic Concepts Samonte Clinic
Grace Garcia-Cruzat, Training Consultant- Skin Perfection


Partnering with the event, top of the line medical solutions, Skin Perfection (Originally from the US). The Skin perfection clinical solutions have a basic and intensive program, It offers effective and sustainable solutions to correct various skin problems, including acne inflammation, hyper pigmentation and aging skin associated with loss of elasticity. Well their products is what we call “hiyang” to the Asian skin and ofcourse the asian climate, It is water-base and light weight. Wide range of products that cover whitening, acne and anti-aging (home care – skin need & professional treatments – skin perfection & skin expert). Well they do have treatments with the use of nano peptide particles technology,- small particles that penetrates deep into the layers of the skin. Peptide chemistry- amino acids regulates cellular mechanisms that controls oil production, reduces melanin production (hyperpigmentation) and modulates muscular contractions.

They’ve presented one of their known treatments, the oxygen facial – makes the skin look refreshing and young-looking (recommended to be done every week- if possible) Usually cost about P1800 (Additional for musk- your choice, it may reach to about P2500) and it is worth investing for – if you have the means. There are 3 types (ACNE, WHITENING and ANTI-AGING)

I tried their oxygen facial at “Forever Beautiful” at MegaMall. (Skin Perfection has partnered with clinics – “Face and Facets”-Quezon City(Don Antonio) and Selected clinics in Makati). So they cleanse your face first, applied glycolic acid to lessen pimples and black/white heads – needed to be absorbed for minutes, then steam for 10-15 minutes, the ultimate “tiis-ganda” EXTRACTION, The use of the so-called “Rejuvenation machine” (The air that comes up helps dry pimples),  The facialist applied one soothing cream that I forgot to note the name. Lastly,  the antibacterial ointment.


12312100_10208219367230769_1600918795_n 12346809_10208219366990763_22696381_n

In all honesty, when my friend saw me after, she said my face brightened & lightened up and it seems I haven’t gone through a painful facial. (She’s seen me go through my other facials from other clinics – my face is so swollen after every procedure). We’ve took selfies and I agree, My skin looks great! “Forever Beautiful nga!”









My Foodgasm2015 experience as a blogger-judge at Maginhawa #KrishgeekEats

October 17, 2015

12079422_10207969261058271_9149509130772884284_n 12191549_1264287553588828_1813737814896647983_n

A day of ultimate food tasting experience “Foodgasm invades Maginhawa” #Foodgasm2015. I was really honored and flattered to be chosen as one of the blogger-judges of the event.  Well Nov 17, 2015 was the week Lando decided to invade the area of responsibility.Judging that day was a definite challenge, I wasn’t able to use my DSLR, the fear of getting my cam to get soaked under the rain so I used my iphone instead. Well I was able to get a few shots and some were not of good quality. Imagine me, foodtasting under the pouring rain (well it drizzled most of the time) and scoring/judging the same time (hassle but challenge accepted). Kudos, also to my fellow bloggers for this “buwis-health” moment, for the giving justice to food. Im just glad I have my pals, Jacky and Jovi with me to assist me.

12115548_10207964427857444_1721980861090433674_n 12226524_10208084655263054_485761967_n (1)

with Jovi and Jacky!

The best part is the eating part! Yes. Before anything else, I really aimed before the event to reach my fitness target goal of 79 kgs, and luckily I did. Deep down inside, I know the event would be my ultimate cheat day. I would be tasting 40 different food stalls (Set A and Set B). To be fair I would not be revealing my faves, because as a judge I have to be fair. Actually I had a hard time on deciding which – would it be the savouries or the sweets (I’m guilty of having a sweet tooth).




Not bad for P200 (pre-selling) / P250 (door price) to purchase tickets, I was able to ask some people who I met along the way and said it was “sulit”. For just one time payment, you get to taste a lot of foodstalls. There was also a bazaar, eating contest, programs & festivities prepared and I heard the concert was a hit, based on the posts I saw on instagram and twitter. The were also other concessionaires who rented a space, The main participants of the events were not charged for their tents. A back story of how they were able to gather participants – some of them registered and others were invited via emails and they did door-to-door. The proceeds of the event will be collected and used to support their college, high school scholars and partnered communities.



11217511_10207964436817668_6028251484389132232_n 12118830_10207969022812315_6153505544755820518_n







I congratulate UP Economics Society along with the sponsors and partnered organizations for being able to pull off the event even though it rained and there was a delay in following the allotted time frame. Foodgasm is an outlet to promote new up-and-coming food businesses in hand with the bloggers and social media partners in promoting the event.  Congrats also to the winners!

CHAMPION: (Voted by the attendees, blogger-judges and guest chefs)
Set A: Hangovurger by Big B
Set B: Blueberry Cheesecake by Chewy Treats by Claire
Set A: Double Bagnet by Bagnet Rice Patong
Set B: Beef Kebab by Mandi Persian Grill

EXPERTS’ CHOICE: (Voted by blogger-judges and guest chefs)
Set A: Silly Chocolate Cupcake by The Fahrenheit
Set B: Lechon Bagnet by CrazyChef

Set A: Hangovurger by Big B
Set B: Blueberry Cheesecake by Chewy Treats by Claire

Here are the list of participants, and please do check them out! and check out FOODGASM page on facebook to know more


Food Participants:
Egg-it Asian Street Food | F.A.T. Cupcake | Keyks by Kai | Big B Burgers | Empire Cakes | Stoners Soul Food To Go | Saj’s Cakes and Pastries | Meal Point Burger House | Mister Miswa | Only The Best Cafe and Dining | DonDay’s Korean Buffet | Bagnet Rice Patong | Food Vine Cafe and Restaurant | Brazo | CJSS Griddle Steak and Chicken House | Food Clinique | Dorissimo Cakes | MasterBakers | Maniego’s Plate | Lola Seseng | Bugle Boy | Mandi Persian Grill | Branda’s Canteen |Crazy Chef | The Fahrenheit | Chalkolate Ph | Sancho Churreria Manila | Cookie ng Ina Mo | Chewy Treats by Claire | Beeth’s Oven | Teritopps | Sugarmommy

Photos: @krishgeekness and Foodgasm2015


Herbalife, a better life.



The goal of Herbalife, is to live a long and healthy life. The Generation Y is more of getting results in an instant meaning chemicals or processed, not naturally produced where all the legit nutrients come from. Its not what you eat or what goes to your system, basically but also your lifestyle and environment. Compare yourself to the past generations they have a way longer life because of what they eat all natural. Since resources as of before are not that accessible and say people don’t have time, Together with Herbalife, you invest,  you’ll achieve a better you.

Herbalife provides product solutions from Weight management, Energy&Fitness, Targeted Nutrition and Personal Care. They got everything covered that involves Health, putting health first is a priority ofcourse. A wide selection to choose from that fits you and what you aim for.  You could see from a bunch of testimonials and success stories on the site. Here is a link for reference

As I got older, as a girl who didn’t really cared what she looks like while I was young, then I realized its not just the outside but also the inside, the importance of having a strong and healthy system. You are what you eat and with proper diet, active lifestyle and supplements as support, it gives you that boost of confidence that you achieve greater heights.

My focus is on weight loss, I’ve been hitting the gym for 5 years, my weight has been playing because I was a student (so I eat, when Im stressed and have no time to go to the gym – well for others). Now I’m on track to achieve my dream body again, its difficult, YES. Im not depriving myself to eat and killing myself in the gym, okay. Its all about balance, think of yourself as a cell, you need nutrients for it to work and metabolize, you get the point? So just keep in mind having to take care yourself is an investment that is worth it. TRUST ME.10170690_10207990710394491_1676434078363912913_n




Countdown to a Tummy-Filling Experience: Get to know more of Foodgasm goes to Maginhawa


I’ll be one of the food blogger-judges for this upcoming “Foodgasm goes to Maginhawa” event. Very honored and humbled to be chosen, first of all.  Hope to see you guys there! Please don’t feel shy to approach me.

I’ve been getting all the workout I can do before the event since I’m considering this my ultimate cheat day haha!- approved by my Trainer and Nutritionist (The past few months have been challenging to lose weight, eating a balanced meal  and working damn hard, sweating your ass of in the gym can be exhausting)

Please do keep posted on my blog and on my instagram @krishgeekness (You can tag me, if you want – no worries and I’m sure to press LIKE and COMMENT hopefully)

Please do like their FB page and stay tune for the official HASHTAG.


Hungry and Stoked? Nuff said. A Tummy-Filling experience brought to you by the UP Economics Society, Foodgasm goes to Maginhawa

In partnership with

The Body Shop | Fight Factory Manila | Bacardi‪#‎ItsNotAPartyWithoutBacardi‬


Powered by


Get ready for the yummiest event of the season!

Make sure to get a Foodgasm ticket now and get a chance to taste and rate all the bite-sized versions of these dishes with no additional cost! There will also be freebies together with your ticket and a chance to win free prizes!

Please be reminded: Each ticket would automatically entitle you 1 set during the day. There will be Set A and Set B where the specific set that you would get would be determined through a first-come first served basis during the day itself. If you want to taste all the entries, you can buy two tickets, but be early to make sure there would still would be slots for both sets.

Reserve you tickets here:
*Tickets also available at the School of Economics and AS Walkway in UP Diliman and the Bgy Hall of Teachers Village East

Ticket prices Pre-selling P200 and Door Price P250


Meet the Participants

Crazy Chef | Food Clinique | Big B Burgers | Bagnet Rice Patong | Food Vine | Brazo | CJSS Griddle Steak and Chicken House | Dorissimo Cakes | FAT Cupcake | Saj’s Cakes and Pastries | The Fahrenheit | Chalkolate PH | Cookie ng Ina Mo | Blush Pastries by H&S | Pat’s Foodcart Enterprise | Maniego’s Plate | Teritopps | Egg-it Asian Street Food | Bugle Boy | Mandi’s Persian Grill | Meal Point Burger House | Mister Miswa | Only The Best Cafe and Dining | DonDay | Branda’s Canteen | Master Bakers | Lola Seseng | FAT Cupcake | Keyks by Kai | Empire Cakes | Sancho Churreria Manila | Chewy Treats by Claire | Chef’s Hub Enterprise | Beeth’s Oven


Foodgasm Goes to Maginhawa
October 17, 2015
Maginhawa St., Brgy Teachers Village East, QC


Get to know the media partners for the event!

media partners

Radio Jam 88.3 | Buhay Kolehiyo | Rappler | Click the City | When In Manila | Philippine Daily Inquirer | Tara Let’s

Get to know the partner organizations for the event!


Grip UP Sports Climbing Association | UP Society of Students for Korean Popular Culture | Ateneo Management Engineering Association | Ateneo Management Economics Ogranization | The Polaris Project | United Architects of the Philippines Student Auxiliary | UP Association of Civil Engineering Students | UP Association of Chemistry Majors and Enthusiasts | UP Assocation of Clothing Technology Students | UP Aniban ng mga Kabitenyo | UP Geology Majors’ Society | UP School of Economics Student Council | UP Theta Epsilon Sorority | UP Variates | UP Mathematics Majors Circle | Youth for Christ – Ateneo

Get to know the other  food blogger-judges for the event! (Please do check their sites too)


SwitiRoh Says | Foodamn PH | Gastronomy by Joy | Krish Geek | What Neil Writes About | Sarois Trip | Geoffreview | ForkSpoonManila | The Mind’s Worth | Lavishly Parsimonious | Be Carol | The Kitchen Goddess | Chuck Bravante | 365 Stories to Tell | What’s to Love PH | The Food Scout | I am a dekaphobic | Appetizing Adventure

Come in groups of 4 and battle it out with fellow foodies to win our cash prize and gifts from our sponsors.
Before Oct 17: P100/person
Day itself: P120/person
Contact: Gel Clemente 0917 804 0924

Get to hear some of the most promising acts and performers.
8PM onwards
Admission is free!
*Alcoholic beverages will be available

Shop with the various online shops and stores we have for you.
9AM til 12MN

Your favorite foodie event is back and tastier than ever, bring your taste-buds and we’ll see you there!

Also brought to you by

Curves | P&P Tattoo | Lydia’s Lechon

Media Sponsors

JAM 88.3 | | | Taralets! | | Philippine Daily Inquirer

With Our Major Organization Partners:
UP Association of Chemistry Majors and Enthusiasts, UP Society of Students for Korean Popular Cultur,e Grip Up Sport Climbing Association, UP Theta Epsilon Sorority, Youth For Christ Ateneo, The Polaris Project

Minor Organization Partners:
UP Geology Majors Society, UP Aniban ng Mga Kabitenyo, UP Association of Clothing Technology Students, UP VARIATES, UP Association of Civil Engineering Students, UP Mathematics Majors Circle, United Architects of the Philippines Student Auxiliary

See all of you foodies there on October 17! For what you need to know you can click on this link:…

For inquiries and questions, kindly email us at or contact Miguel Ramos, 09273138714.