Herbalife, a better life.



The goal of Herbalife, is to live a long and healthy life. The Generation Y is more of getting results in an instant meaning chemicals or processed, not naturally produced where all the legit nutrients come from. Its not what you eat or what goes to your system, basically but also your lifestyle and environment. Compare yourself to the past generations they have a way longer life because of what they eat all natural. Since resources as of before are not that accessible and say people don’t have time, Together with Herbalife, you invest,  you’ll achieve a better you.

Herbalife provides product solutions from Weight management, Energy&Fitness, Targeted Nutrition and Personal Care. They got everything covered that involves Health, putting health first is a priority ofcourse. A wide selection to choose from that fits you and what you aim for.  You could see from a bunch of testimonials and success stories on the site. Here is a link for reference http://products.herbalife.com.ph/

As I got older, as a girl who didn’t really cared what she looks like while I was young, then I realized its not just the outside but also the inside, the importance of having a strong and healthy system. You are what you eat and with proper diet, active lifestyle and supplements as support, it gives you that boost of confidence that you achieve greater heights.

My focus is on weight loss, I’ve been hitting the gym for 5 years, my weight has been playing because I was a student (so I eat, when Im stressed and have no time to go to the gym – well for others). Now I’m on track to achieve my dream body again, its difficult, YES. Im not depriving myself to eat and killing myself in the gym, okay. Its all about balance, think of yourself as a cell, you need nutrients for it to work and metabolize, you get the point? So just keep in mind having to take care yourself is an investment that is worth it. TRUST ME.10170690_10207990710394491_1676434078363912913_n