Fun and Burn Calories at Trampoline Park – Zero gravity Zone

In the midst of the hustle and bustle of city life, there are times you just want to let loose and be a kid for a day.


Try to find a fun way and getting your adrenaline on the high, well Trampoline Park Zero Gravity Zone can be part of your fun bucketlist to check out in the city. You can bring your family and friends to enjoy and get some exercise too. They say for an hour you can already burn a lot of calories. For an hour atleast, I already sweat a lot.


Trampoline Park Zero Gravity – The first indoor trampoline park in the Philippines. Located at The Portal Mayflower Street Greenfield District, Mandaluyong City. (Near Starbucks and Gold’s gym). Greenfield district – is across Shangrila Mall.


The indoor trampoline park hold different areas for you to try. There is like a mosh pit like area     ( My fave – and you can take cool instagram shots with the yellow and purple soft cubes – I have no idea what you call them haha), a basketball ring to try (I am really good and shoot hoops and somehow parkour like area. Don’t worry the place is perfectly safe, strong-hold and there are trained personnel who can assist you.








Before going to the venue, I would like you to know some ground rules. First, they have a special kind of socks that you have to purchase – if you don’t have yet and you could use it again when you com back. It’s only PHP 80.00. It has a a special kind of rubber material at the bottom so you won’t slip off – available at the registration counter. After paying they give you a color coded wristband – the color defines what batch are you and how many hours you’ve availed.


There are lockers available for PHP 20.00 (I’m not sure if its per hour). There is a lounge area – before entering they orient you with the rules, they give tips on how to jump properly and they let you watch an instructional video. They are strict when it comes to time – they give a heads up on the mike before your hour ends. So every hour there is a new batch that goes in all together.


There is a food stall available, with drinks and snacks – in case you want to rehydrate and munch after . Then there is also an overview area where you can chill and dine while watching the jumpers. DSC_2984

Here is another question frequently asked, What to wear? I suggest active wear  that is comfortable and light weight. If you own anything air-dry that’s fine and bring extra clothes if you want to change after too.



Another one how much, Here is the price list:

For general session

 Non-peak hours (Mon-Friday till 5PM) 

30 minutes – PHP 180.00

1 hour – PHP 320.00

2 hours – PHP 600.00

Peak hours (Monday- Friday 5pm-10pm / Saturday and Sunday)

30 minutes – PHP 200.00

1 hour – PHP 350.00

2 hours – PHP 650.00

Companion fee (valid for parent/guardian of young jumper below 12 years old) – PHP 50.00

Friday DJ Beats Nights goof for 2 hours – PHP 800.00

For Multipass

Non-peak hours (Mon-Friday till 5PM) 

5 hours – PHP 1500.00

10 hours – PHP 2800.00


Peak hours (Monday- Friday 5pm-10pm / Saturday and Sunday)

5 hours – PHP 1600.00

10 hours – PHP 3000.00

Rental for DodgeBall/VolleyBall

Per hour – PHP 1800.00

Group Rent Pay Entrance fee + PHP 1800.00

Opening hours:

Monday- Friday       9:00 AM- 10:00 PM

Friday                         9:00 AM- 11:00 PM

Saturday                     8:00 AM- 11:00 PM

Sunday                        9:00 AM- 9:00 PM