Wisdom : “The Intern” Movie


“Starting a new job can be a difficult challenge, especially if you’re already retired. Looking to get back into the game, 70-year-old widower Ben Whittaker (Robert De Niro) seizes the opportunity to become a senior intern at an online fashion site. Ben soon becomes popular with his younger co-workers, including Jules Ostin (Anne Hathaway), the boss and founder of the company. Whittaker’s charm, wisdom and sense of humor help him develop a special bond and growing friendship with Jules” – IMDB 

To be honest, the reason why I got interested with the movie, it involves the world about fashion, and so I thought – It was more than that. I’ve watched Anne Hathaway from the “Devil’s wears Prada” and in this movie she never failed to give a great performance. The movie was Hilarious! (Especially the scene where they have to crash into somebody’s house – You better watch the movie and you’ll crack up with that scene)  and yet heartwarming. I give it a 4/5.

I’ve listed things what I learn from the movie (Nothing beats writing a blog post with pizza paired with a Stella Artois beer  – I agree with Jules)

1.The movie tag line – Experience Never gets old.

With the life lessons you’ve earned thru the years, it definitely comes in handy 🙂

2. Not the exact line from the movie, According “Ben Whittaker” played by Robert De Niro. The reason why men carry a hanky, its because to wipe off women’s tears when we cry – Awwe.

We need to bring back Chivalry, ladies. and this is a good tip for my guy friends (Alam niyo na).

Well my dad carries a hanky all the time,  all the while I thought, it was just for hygienic purposes and yet there is a reason behind it.

3. Age doesn’t matter.

Look at Jules played by Anne Hathaway, a year and half ago , she started the business at  home, it boomed into a company then now she has 220 employees that work for her. Then there comes a trouble for the company, where they’ve questioned Jules as the CEO and needed someone with way more experience. Despite that, she decided that she will continue with what she started and she will be running the company as the CEO.

Ben despite his age who should  just  be relaxing and enjoying life. Yet he retired, then he just had that feeling that he wanted to be needed. Keep his brain and body on the go. The effort for him to keep up with the technology and yet he reminds us of the ropes of the good old days. It is  refreshing since technology took over. Very admiring, and his character was well loved by everyone in this film- effortless.

Ben is a widower , yet he was able to meet someone in the character of Fiona. (My grandmother who is a widow, has a boyfriend and I don’t mind at all, actually talo niya pa ako eh) – I understand that people have needs and to go on life with someone. People deserve the love they need 🙂

The scene when Jules helped Ben on how Facebook goes, is so cute to watch 🙂

I for one, see myself as I get old when my future kids have a life na! , doing the same thing, maybe be a doctor or lawyer or get finally get into the Fashion Industry,  just to keep me busy. 

4. Major #GirlBoss goals

From the clothes to Anne’s sassy and cool attitude as a boss, how she runs her company and the value of her employees. I love the interior of her office 😀

5. #MommyGoals

Meet Jules’  little “clone”, Paige. You’ll love her. and her sweet stay at home hubby, Matt, who gave up his career to give way to Jules.

In a Filipino Traditional Society it has always been the Paternal or the father, who earns and works for the family. Nowadays, Stay at home dads’ is becoming a trend and women dominating the professional field. I don’t see anything bad with it. It depends on how it works for a family.

I’m not referring to Jules’ life as perfect yet she goes thru things.  Okay, Jules’ sweet husband, Matt, cheated on her with a mommy from Paige’ s school. Jules knew for 18 days when she got a sneak peek on her husband’s phone.

What I learn from my Mom as a wife, Its not an easy job because at the end of the day, You’re main reason is always your children. As a wife you have obligations, My mom would say “Kailangan magpa ganda para sa asawa, and mag provide ng needs sa husband mo kasi obligasyon mo iyon, kasi ang love pwede mawala”. My mom would add “If gusto i-save ang marriage gawa pa ng isa pang anak” HAHA. My mom.

Jules forgave Matt and they decided to work on it. Jules thought of hiring a CEO in place of her in order to save her family.

Now I questioned the concept of faith fullness and loyalty, today.

5. Nowadays, we we rely too much on technology.

Does anybody forgot the concept of Talking to someone personally? Thanks Ben- The scene where Adam DeVine, asked Ben for dating tips.

6. New doesn’t always mean BETTER.

Sometimes the classic – still the best. Yet technology today is accessible and easy, It is sometimes good to relive the past from dating traditions to life hacks, nothing beats the classic. How did people survive before? People just tend to forget because nowadays people get to step out from the norm which is also a good thing. I am grateful that I was born on the 1900s, I had a fun and weird childhood before technology took over.

Ben carries a briefcase to work, Its refreshing!  where do you see people carry classic leather briefcase nowadays. My dad still owns a lot (all still in good shape, because of the good quality brand)  and he handed one to me to keep STUFF hihi #LifeHacks






WisdomWednesday: Experience is the best teacher but never ever let experience teach you

Does it come to a point in your life that you’ve wished I’ve done this sana and I’ve got to put myself out there.

Yes, I am not that experienced. (I don’t want to openly write up my personal life on my blog – I still value my privacy and protecting the people that I keep close)

Its more of sharing my wisdom and how I’ve taken into actions about the situations I’ve encountered. As of before my younger years, I do things spur of the moment.

Yes, I admit. I am not the easy girl (If you know what I mean), I can be your buddy/pal when you need someone to talk to, have a beer with, play billiards, go to the gym, dine with – for as long its my cheat day and probably cry with.

Today, I had an enlightening convo with a close family friend from Australia and  we had a talk about life and stuff. Then she said pray, “Something/Someone WORTH for you”. I’m 22 and I feel that talo ako ni ganito at si ganyan. Why  are there things not happening for me agad.

But yeah, and SO – Buhay nila yun. You shouldn’t compare yourself kasi alam mo naman, mali yun pero give that respect and try to understand other people’s side – Don’t judge. May sarili kang buhay at meron sila, matuto din sila.

If you read Shawn Mckenzie’s blog on waiting for God’s best. There’s a part, when you try to force something in your life, you tend to LOWER your standards- eh in the first place, for God’s best, you shouldn’t lower your standards and you deserve the best. I hope you get my point.

“Experience is the best teacher but never ever let experience teach you- Toni Gonzaga” – My friend reacted ANSAVEH! and its TRUE. In order to prevent further pain.

Like I tell my gal friends, Nag-iipon ako ng wisdom and the point of why we have a brain on top. Im not trying to pin point on love life to every bit of situation, wala akong hugot ah but about what life really is TALAGA.

Use your BRAIN and think, Don’t let emotions take over you – unless you’ve master the art of dealing certain situations in life. Before, I wanted things to be just a snap of a finger but that never ends well, it just messes up things. I wish sometimes, na care free ako, “Like I don’t care what other people think” (You’ll realize not to care what people think of you in your 20s)

When an opportunity comes grab it! Have always a list of pros and cons when making a decision. And another wisdom I learned “Don’t ever make decisions when you are mad” – TRUE. It’s not bad to ask people around you because they might have a bright and right perspective. The least people you don’t expect give the best advice.

Sa lovelife naman,  yes I am still waiting. Na realize ko at this age, Its more of “companionship”, people have needs, I understand. Just know your limits and enjoy. Its nice to have some inspiration along the way,. (Just be careful). Before you get into something know what are your intentions, can you commit and would it be a hindrance for your future career? Not all gets to have it kasi. Kaya ako gusto ko sana Stable na ako.

Well my mom would say, “After 25 years old, ang true love”, well she has a point. May right time ang lahat. Mr. Wrong will compromise you and your purity but Mr. Right will protect your purity and change your last name. Ayoko kasi magsalita ng tapos okay?, You never know din kasi, But its good that I have  wisdom and when the time comes,I know what to do. Yet pain is Normal, In order to get over it you have to endure it and makes you stronger. That’s what I would like to share. And waiting for God’s best, is worth it, because YOU ARE.


Krish (Mag paGANDA ka muna, girl) <3




Wisdom: Personally Inspire others

Sept 20, 2015


Today, since I have time on a snoozy Sunday and my official rest day from working out. So its the time of day, I update my blog with the shenanigans happening in my life. While waiting for real work, I probably make myself busy and useful. This is the thing about being currently unemployed – is that, ikaw lagi inaaya haha and never miss an opportunity!  – but weigh things that are important :))

Yes, but I am enjoying it. I am in no rush. I believe in God’s perfect timing. –pero may PRESSURE haha. 

I was a volunteer school nurse for 6 months (I promised to give back after passing the board exams, and I did! Thank God! -Nursing school wasn’t easy, seriously.), then ended my volunteer work when my sister arrived from Muscat, giving the priority that I should guide her. She is gonna start her freshie year at TUA as a pharma student.

 Well, I lived independently for 4 years, but I had my share of experiences – immature situations that I wished someone guided me that time. I was glad that I managed to put myself together and graduated without getting pregnant – my mother’s worries haha!. That’s why I decided to guide my sister for a while – I have some fears, yet I realize, my sister is different and I always pray she had the time of her life in college. Being a pre-med student wasn’t a roller coaster of all fun. Seriously I know, late nights reviewing, a lot of things of do but so little time feeling.

I’m a so called third culture brat, All my life was in OMAN- its a country beside Dubai okay? haha though raised very traditionally Filipino, life in Oman was different. ( I might be writing my personal wisdom on the perspective of OFW kids – Im still trying to put up a good write up about it)

Well going back, I have a thing of collecting wisdom from anybody – yeah ANYBODY, whether a stranger or my driving instructor HAHA.

What made me decide to put up a personal blog? maybe I got inspired from my friends and readers/followers.

This week I was able to receive a personal letter from a follower/reader. and I was so touch.


I don’t get to hear what my readers/followers have to say about me – Some do message me and compliment but personally writing you a letter, is one thing. Very Touching (This is just a part of the letter)

People don’t know how much insecurities, I have. (The truth: I am not the pretty girl – with a nice body too, And it’s okay – I am more than that. I’ve had my series of mistakes, immature moments – NORMAL thing to go thru. I am not the most favored person – You can’t please everybody, there are times I don’t feel appreciated, kaya don’t invest too much emotions kasi haha! -Basta Just be KIND and be yourself ) That is a thing called LIFE. But it’s OKAY- looking forward to learn pa more haha. There are a lot of things going on my mind kasi HAHA

Thank youuu, You know who you are, made me think about how much I shouldn’t downgrade myself #Wisdom
Early this week too , I got an email from a group of Marketing Management students from Miriam college, one of them saw my post from Instagram and that’s how they found me. They invited me to be their thought leader. Seriously, ANO KAYA WISDOM mabibigay ko sa kanila? HAHA. 
They have a project on their Pinoy flavored truffles. They presented to me,  dark chocolate with peanut butter. Sayang, they had mikmik and chocnut flavors.
 Not bad for homemade it was neatly done and I love dark chocolate and peanut butter – taste almost like REESE. I gave them a 4/5. They asked me questions about the product and then asked me about blogging.
So I gave them tips.
1. How I started blogging and what made me decide to – I thank my college bestfriend, Charlene Ajose, Blogger. Who got me into this.
How I got “Krishgeek”- my bestfriend, Noof came up with the name during high school and I embraced it since then.
2. What are your social media sites?  I started with tumblr, then I bought a domain and put up my own site – A friend of mine suggested that I should have my own URL. Then Instagram was a good platform since i love to take pictures and make flatlays.
3. How to get invites to events – having connections and building a network. Then others would just email you.
Just keep on blogging.
4. How do you do Flatlays?
I’m not the best at it, there are others who take this game way seriously than I am HAHA!
Always have an eye for it and be prepared. – Kaya lagi ako may dalang powerbank for in case of rare moments and I always use my phone. my phone gets easily drained because I have net on my phone, 
Maybe because I used to do photography with my SLR  during my college days – so it might be an edge. But now I use my iPhone and its all about using the right app. My fave is AFTERLIGHT – you can download it on the appstore. I like to play with natural light and colors as well. Just experiment until you get the perf shot. Then comes the brainstorming for the perfect caption URGH! – I’ll be honest I am more of a public speaker than a writer. 
Those so far the things I could remember and I shared some of my personal wisdom.
I received an email from them yesterday,  that they got a 4.5 grade, So I was very happy for them!
So It has been a good experience, and I love be of great influence to others and my advocacy is just be yourself and like my mom’s says LOVE YOURSELF.