Wisdom : “The Intern” Movie


“Starting a new job can be a difficult challenge, especially if you’re already retired. Looking to get back into the game, 70-year-old widower Ben Whittaker (Robert De Niro) seizes the opportunity to become a senior intern at an online fashion site. Ben soon becomes popular with his younger co-workers, including Jules Ostin (Anne Hathaway), the boss and founder of the company. Whittaker’s charm, wisdom and sense of humor help him develop a special bond and growing friendship with Jules” – IMDB 

To be honest, the reason why I got interested with the movie, it involves the world about fashion, and so I thought – It was more than that. I’ve watched Anne Hathaway from the “Devil’s wears Prada” and in this movie she never failed to give a great performance. The movie was Hilarious! (Especially the scene where they have to crash into somebody’s house – You better watch the movie and you’ll crack up with that scene)  and yet heartwarming. I give it a 4/5.

I’ve listed things what I learn from the movie (Nothing beats writing a blog post with pizza paired with a Stella Artois beer  – I agree with Jules)

1.The movie tag line – Experience Never gets old.

With the life lessons you’ve earned thru the years, it definitely comes in handy 🙂

2. Not the exact line from the movie, According “Ben Whittaker” played by Robert De Niro. The reason why men carry a hanky, its because to wipe off women’s tears when we cry – Awwe.

We need to bring back Chivalry, ladies. and this is a good tip for my guy friends (Alam niyo na).

Well my dad carries a hanky all the time,  all the while I thought, it was just for hygienic purposes and yet there is a reason behind it.

3. Age doesn’t matter.

Look at Jules played by Anne Hathaway, a year and half ago , she started the business at  home, it boomed into a company then now she has 220 employees that work for her. Then there comes a trouble for the company, where they’ve questioned Jules as the CEO and needed someone with way more experience. Despite that, she decided that she will continue with what she started and she will be running the company as the CEO.

Ben despite his age who should  just  be relaxing and enjoying life. Yet he retired, then he just had that feeling that he wanted to be needed. Keep his brain and body on the go. The effort for him to keep up with the technology and yet he reminds us of the ropes of the good old days. It is  refreshing since technology took over. Very admiring, and his character was well loved by everyone in this film- effortless.

Ben is a widower , yet he was able to meet someone in the character of Fiona. (My grandmother who is a widow, has a boyfriend and I don’t mind at all, actually talo niya pa ako eh) – I understand that people have needs and to go on life with someone. People deserve the love they need 🙂

The scene when Jules helped Ben on how Facebook goes, is so cute to watch 🙂

I for one, see myself as I get old when my future kids have a life na! , doing the same thing, maybe be a doctor or lawyer or get finally get into the Fashion Industry,  just to keep me busy. 

4. Major #GirlBoss goals

From the clothes to Anne’s sassy and cool attitude as a boss, how she runs her company and the value of her employees. I love the interior of her office 😀

5. #MommyGoals

Meet Jules’  little “clone”, Paige. You’ll love her. and her sweet stay at home hubby, Matt, who gave up his career to give way to Jules.

In a Filipino Traditional Society it has always been the Paternal or the father, who earns and works for the family. Nowadays, Stay at home dads’ is becoming a trend and women dominating the professional field. I don’t see anything bad with it. It depends on how it works for a family.

I’m not referring to Jules’ life as perfect yet she goes thru things.  Okay, Jules’ sweet husband, Matt, cheated on her with a mommy from Paige’ s school. Jules knew for 18 days when she got a sneak peek on her husband’s phone.

What I learn from my Mom as a wife, Its not an easy job because at the end of the day, You’re main reason is always your children. As a wife you have obligations, My mom would say “Kailangan magpa ganda para sa asawa, and mag provide ng needs sa husband mo kasi obligasyon mo iyon, kasi ang love pwede mawala”. My mom would add “If gusto i-save ang marriage gawa pa ng isa pang anak” HAHA. My mom.

Jules forgave Matt and they decided to work on it. Jules thought of hiring a CEO in place of her in order to save her family.

Now I questioned the concept of faith fullness and loyalty, today.

5. Nowadays, we we rely too much on technology.

Does anybody forgot the concept of Talking to someone personally? Thanks Ben- The scene where Adam DeVine, asked Ben for dating tips.

6. New doesn’t always mean BETTER.

Sometimes the classic – still the best. Yet technology today is accessible and easy, It is sometimes good to relive the past from dating traditions to life hacks, nothing beats the classic. How did people survive before? People just tend to forget because nowadays people get to step out from the norm which is also a good thing. I am grateful that I was born on the 1900s, I had a fun and weird childhood before technology took over.

Ben carries a briefcase to work, Its refreshing!  where do you see people carry classic leather briefcase nowadays. My dad still owns a lot (all still in good shape, because of the good quality brand)  and he handed one to me to keep STUFF hihi #LifeHacks







How do you teach an Amazon tribe, who has no idea what a movie is to act like angry savage cannibals?


Eli Roth’s solution: Make them watch Cannibal Holocaust.

TGI_CHILE_054_-_Ariel_Levy_Ignacia_Allamand_Pilot TGI_peru 035 - ariel levy, activists

 From director Eli Roth, the horror mastermind behind some of the scariest movies of all time such as Cabin Fever and the blockbuster Hostel franchise, comes GREEN INFERNO, a terrifying new film about a group of college students who take their humanitarian protest to the Amazon jungle, only to be taken prisoner by the indigenous tribe they came to save.

 Filmed entirely on location in Chile, the Peruvian Amazon and New York City, Green Inferno is Roth’s first feature film in six years and is the third installment of the horror-auteur’s “travel trilogy.”

 In the horror genre, says Roth, “the scare is the star.” Rather than A-list names, a horror film requires “good actors, a good script and a director who understands how to shoot and edit it.”

 For the central role of Justine, Roth cast Chilean-born model-turned-actress Lorenza Izzo (Aftershock,  Sex Ed, Hemlock Grove). Playing Justine’s roommate Kaycee is singer-songwriter Sky Ferreira. Other members of the ensemble include Daryl Sabara (Spy Kids), Kirby Bliss Blanton (Project X), Magda Apanowicz (“Caprica”) and newcomer Aaron Burns. Rounding out the cast are Ariel Levy, Nicolás Martínez and Ignacia Allamand.

 But to really give Green Inferno that authentic feel of fear, Roth decided to cast the Callanayacu tribe from Peru as the main “stars” who provide the scares.

 Nearly every person (besides the American crew) you will see in the movie is an actual member of the tribe that Roth discovered in the Amazon. While scouting a remote part of the treacherous Huallaga River, Roth saw a grass hut on the bank that looked exactly like the village he had pictured while writing The Green Inferno. As they pulled their boat to the shore, a few people cautiously came out of their houses to greet them. A remote, self-sustaining farm community with no electricity or running water, the Callanayacu has little contact with the outside world beyond the occasional supply boat.

 While Roth had found the perfect cast, he also found a couple of problems—It wasn’t just that the villagers had zero acting experience, most of them also had no concept of what a movie was and had never seen one.

 So to give them an idea of what they would be doing and imitating, Roth and crew brought a generator, a TV and perhaps the craziest choice to introduce the tribe to “the magical world of movies”—he made them watch the 1980 grindhouse film, Cannibal Holocaust.

 “We had to explain to them conceptually what a movie was, and showed them Cannibal Holocaust—and they thought it was the funniest thing that they had ever seen—but we had to know whether they were down with it to let us in their village,” Roth said in an interview.

 The filmmakers did their best to work around the jungle’s unpredictable weather conditions, which could fluctuate from clear blue skies to torrential downpours in a matter of minutes.  “I was petrified, mostly for the rest of the crew,” says Roth. “We knew it would be dangerous and there would be risks, but we were all in that boat on a rushing river filled with trees, branches and debris. The motorboats could only fight the current so much, and had to weave through uprooted trees and washed-away houses. We all just sat there in the boat, quietly gripping the metal seats, silently praying we’d make it back,” Roth recalled.

 Despite the challenges, Roth says the decision to film in the Peruvian jungle paid off. “The footage looks so spectacular. It’s something you couldn’t get anywhere else in the world. We went farther than any cameras had ever gone before. They call the river gorge ‘Pongo de Aguirre’ because Werner Herzog’s Aguirre, The Wrath of God was the last film to shoot there. But we went deeper, to a point where there was nothing but river and jungle. It was an incredible experience.”

 The perils of the river, to say nothing of the heat, stinging insects and other unfamiliar creatures, made The Green Inferno shoot a rite of passage for many of the young cast and crew members.  “No one made it out unscathed,” adds Roth, “All the actors were cut, bruised and bitten. They all signed up for an adventure, but were thrilled when we made it back to the city.”


Check out the trailers:





UP Circle of Administrators brings to you PITCH PERFECT 2

May 13, 2015 – SM North Edsa The Block Cinema 2

(C) @krishgeekness
(C) @krishgeekness

UP Circle of Administrators (UP Circa) , a duly recognized  socio-academic organization established in 1992 in the National College of Public Administration and Governance in UP Diliman,  brings to you the most awaited and highly anticipated screening of Pitch Perfect 2 which was held on May 13 at the  SM North The Block Cinema 2. The screening is a fund-raising event or an income generating project for the organization.


(c) Krizia Catapang
(c) Krizia Catapang

Early before 7pm people were already in line at the event, stoked for the movie. Perks of falling in line early, you get a free Krispy Kreme glazed donut, only to be given to the first 100 people. KK (Krispy Kreme)  also handed these cute paper hats with the official KK logo. When you purchase a ticket, it is inclusive of snacks and drink from the sponsors handed in paper goodie bags.







(c) Nichole Ruiz
(c) Nichole Ruiz

The cinema was jam-packed, before the screening UP Circa held games and ice breakers with amazing prizes in store. The first game, you have to guess how many XO candies are in a plastic sealed bag. Then second game, is like ,who sang it way better to the song  of “When Im Gone (Cup Song) by Anna Kendrick” with the use of the Krispy Kreme cup. The winner was decided who has the loudest applause. The third game, a group of 6 friends should participate and give movie titles to a corresponding letter of a given word. The hosts and other members of the organization were able to pull it off and handed out prizes coming from their major sponsors.

I don’t want to give out everything and be a spoiler about the movie, all I can say, If you loved the first movie, you might go LSS for the second, especially the last song. The movie’s gist focuses on the Bella’s Senior year at Barden University and then an unfortunate event happened during a production number at Kennedy Center. The only way for the Bellas to gain the respect of all again is to win  the world championship. It is not gonna be an easy road for the Bellas, rivalry with another acapella group from Germany called the DAS SOUND MACHINE and journey for the Bellas to rediscover their sound again.

(c) Krizia Catapang
(c) Krizia Catapang

The Barden Bellas slayed it again with their up to beat covers and tracks joined by a new Bella sister EMILY JUNK, a Barden Bella legacy.  Definitely  the movie was way funnier than the first and had bigger production numbers .If you expect more of “FAT AMY”, Definitely yes,  prepare yourselves (HAHA) not only her, also the other funny Barden Bella characters and Charming treble makers.

Congratulations! To UP Circa for a successful event and Thank you for the warm accommodation for me and my friends. All the best and more projects and events to come. Thank you also to Wazzup Pilipinas for the invitation.

(c) Nichole Ruiz
(c) Nichole Ruiz
(c) Nichole Ruiz
(c) Nichole Ruiz

The event wouldn’t be possible with the help of the following sponsors Universal Robina Corporation,  Jack ‘n Jill Chippy, Nissin Cup Noodles, Jack ‘n Jill X.O. Candy, Krispy Kreme and Kalibrr.  Partner organizations with UP Geological Society and UP Enkindle And Wazzup Pilipinas as the official medial partner of the event.

@krishgeekness Pitch perfect goodies from last night's screening brought to you by @upcirca and the following sponsors Krispy Kreme, Nissin Cup Noodles, Chippy, Sun Glo- zesto and XO candies with #WazzupPilipinas as media partner
@krishgeekness Pitch perfect goodies from last night’s screening brought to you by @upcirca and the following sponsors Krispy Kreme, Nissin Cup Noodles, Chippy, Sun Glo- zesto and XO candies with #WazzupPilipinas as media partner