HairX: Hair Free, Care Free!

HAIR X: Making IPL hair removal accessible, affordable, and available to Filipinos

Glend Gao, CEO and Ruby Chavez Branch Manager. Explaining how HairX started and future plans. Also how IPL works on the hair.

Let’s admit it, we girls get conscious everytime we see a bunch of hair growing, especially at our arms and legs. Well having hair is normal for crying out loud but that habit of shaving and plucking, leaves trauma to our precious skin. We all aim for that flawless and Hair-Less skin.

We are in luck that HairX, Auricle wellness SPA , introduces an affordable and comfortable innovation -IPL, stands for  Intense Pulsed Light – A  dual pulse tech that is virtually painless and safe.As explained,  the energy splits into 2 and hits the hair when its on its Anagen stage. That’s why we have to follow the interval of sessions for better results because we shouldn’t miss the Anagen phase ( Your hair grows around half an inch a month, the growth phase, or anagen phase, lasts an average of 3-5 years, so a full-length hair averages 18 to 30 inches – . Well first of all it doesn’t guarantee that 100% no hair but from a course texture, as you go further with the sessions the hair becomes “finer”, gets off easily and unnoticeable.

Well I haven’t started my sessions with HairX yet, (I’ll make a documentation and review on that with their different services, SOON ). But as of now we are promoting the place and the hype that it is affordable and comfy -painless!

They are still trying to branch out all around metro manila(They plan to have 25 branches in 5 years ) , If by chance you are by BGC Forbes Town Center try to visit and check out their services. You’ll love the peaceful aura and vibe of the place. The staff are friendly and accommodating. Tip: Book in advance for your sessions.

They have Aqua facials (machine infusion with vitamin C), Aqua light (under arms and inguinal area) and waxing services (light con precision wax – it is PAINLESS ).

For the price rates just scroll down 🙂


IPL (intense pulsed light) hair removal is not new in the cosmetic industry. But compared with other common procedures like plucking, shaving, waxing, and DIY depilatory creams, IPL hair removal have always been an expensive alternative. Not anymore. Hair X, the latest neighborhood hair removal clinic in the country, aims to make IPL hair removal (and laser-based skin and facial care) accessible, affordable, and available to more Filipinos.

Such a stunner and she uses IPL too, Ms. Glenda Gao, CEO
Such a stunner and she uses IPL too, Ms. Glenda Gao, CEO


While other temporary hair removal procedures are cheaper, they still leave the skin with unnecessary trauma and negative side effects such as ingrown hair, darkening of underarms, inflammation, and, at worst, infection. IPL renders less damage to parts of the skin not included the treatment, which means faster healing. It uses intense pulsating beams of light to remove unwanted hair after regular sessions, effectively slows hair growth, and lessens the negative side effects caused by other short-term procedures.


Hair X makes available a range of affordable programs and payment options for value-seeking Filipino men and women who want to permanently remove hair easily, painlessly, and professionally. It is run by a highly trained medical team using the latest in first world equipment, techniques, and procedures, and is housed in an antiseptically clean and relaxed environment. One of Hair X’s brand new, cutting edge pulsed light technology is called Forma IPL System.

#HairX launch Event with affordable, safe and comfortable IPL Hair Removal treatments. They also offer wax treatments, facials and threading. Here at 2F Forbes Town Center 🌿 on the blog soon (📷: @mariaisquixotic)

Forma IPL System features a dual pulsing technology, making the hair removal procedure very comfortable.  It emits a unique flash, characterized by a very short pulse duration and high energy at the same time. These standards optimize the way energy hits the hair root and renders the treatment efficient, safe and painless.



With Hair X’s advanced IPL equipment administered by professionals at best value packages, more Filipinos can now afford to have hair-free smooth and blemish-free skin all over.

Aside from hair removal, Hair X also offers facial services in the form of its signature facial and the Aqua Peel treatment, which cleanses, exfoliates, extracts, and hydrates the skin using an especially designed machine that removes impurities and infuses treatments.

Staying true to its passion of making hair removal affordable, accessible, and available, IPL hair removal starts at P300 per session.

HairX is located at 2/F  Eight Forbes Town Road, Forbes Town Center, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig, and is open from Monday to Sunday, from 11am to 9pm.

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Price rates:




Bioessence: Fat Breakdown Treatment

Bye Bye Baby Fats 👊 Thank youuu @bioessence_ph 💙 letting me try your Fat Breakdown Treatment on the blog



Bioessence Fat Breakdown treatment, starts first with a series of BREAKDOWN OF FAT then another set of procedures called DETOX.

I actually got a 15 minutes free for the Fat Breakdown Treatment then I added P900 for full body. Original price is P1500.

They have a package deal promo (for slimming) worth 7k if you plan to avail for a number of sessions. Good for 3 months. 

Promo compose of: 

2  G5 sessions for breaking of cellulite

2  LT sessions lipo detox treatment

2 sexy tone – firming and toning

2 RF toning and Firming

It starts off with a 15 minute sauna and shower afterwards. Tip: Bring extra underwear for the sauna

With the use of a machine as a form of massage. The whole procedure would take an hour and a half.

4 areas areas are to be targeted,  The back (upper and lower), Both sides, and the Front (upper and lower).

So 3 rounds per area, because they have to change the head part of the thing they have to roll to your body.One that’s is like a Roller-like type,spiky type and Flat type -its like a polish finish. 

Well The treatment went well, I was actually ticklish the entire time – Poor me HAHA. 

After the treatment, they served ice Hot lemon tea, love it <3

Check out their other branches and social media accounts for great deals!

Blue Water Day Spa Celebrates 5th year Anniversary



Blue Water Spa Day Spa Tomas Morato celebrated their 5th year anniversary,  owned by  Mars and Dick Balajadia, The couple treated this business venture of theirs as their baby. So for their Fifth year anniversary here they come and offer services in discounts and promos for their loyal and valued customers.

Promos: 5 Body Scub, 5 foot spa, 5 Revita Firm Face –  P9500 and 5 deep cleansing facial, 5 diamond peel for P7500





In line to their celebration, they announced their upcoming promos and gave a talk and tips on how to live a longer and healthy life. People who attended the event, got a 15 minute body massage at their home theater area – my fave place.

DSC_0733 DSC_0745

We were given a tour of the spa and you’ll definitely feel that calming and relaxing vibe. Per room can accommodate whether for a  group or a couple. And each room has a unique name. Also there are separate  locker rooms for men and women  , lockers and robes were provided . Good news they have also a Sauna room, take some time to have some steam and get some good sweat.


The services for  massages come from a range of P650-P1000. I personally got the cellulite melter massage worth P800, yes it does burn cellulite, the oil contains cellulite burning properties but what makes it different it is deep tissue massage – more pressure. Their best seller is the Traditional Filipino (120 minutes) for P1050.

I brought my mom and my ate because we girls deserve R&R and they wanted to have a massage before they fly back to Muscat. They got the Swedish massage which is more on relaxation. They got the Pure serenity package (Swedish Massage plus Foot smoother scrub) P1,080

I enjoyed my foot reflexology (60 minutes) P550  at the home theatre, You’re lucky if you get dibs or shotgun, you get to choose the movie from their selection of films. We definitely enjoyed that day and to release some stress.

Getting to their branch is easy if you are coming from the rotonda of Tomas Morato,  go thru the road heading to ABS-CBN, A little bit after I’ll Terazzo and across TGIF. Address: 238 Sct. Bayoran Tomas Morato Ext. Quezon City



Open daily From 1 pm to 12 Midnight

Contact numbers 794-5036/ 486-5584/ 09178688104 / 09237187101

Photos by: Krizia Catapang