LUSH COSMETICS Muscat City Center Seeb  – I’ve heard about Lush while I was in the Philippines and glad to be blogging about something outside Manila. I’m glad people took notice of my blog in Oman, especially my friends back home (very supportive!). Opportunities like this, not something to miss out on.


1915466_10208428277253389_5068514819507268392_nLush provides an array of fresh handmade products, from bathbombs, bubble baths, soaps, soaps that can be used as shampoo too, shampoos, face masks, hand & body lotions, hair treatments, makeup cosmetics and skin care. Every Lush boutique I visited you’ll be greeted by an aromatic smell and the vibe is youthful and vibrant. The price range may not be your typical over the counter items, its worth it (Invest to impress) and all natural/organic.





Their best selling bath bombs are the bomb!, literally. On how to use it, If you have a bath tub (glad we have in Oman) so prep time – you have to fill in the tub (up to you how much), it has to be atleast warm or lukewarm for the bathbomb to explode, as instructed by my friend. I’ve tried, the EXPERIMENTER, INTERGALACTIC and TWILIGHT. My fave was the experimenter, it was colourful compared to the two. INTERGALACTIC, filled my tub with blue hues which was cute and TWILIGHT, sparkled the water.



Experimenter Bathbomb
12626111_10208626813656675_141990850_n (1)
Intergalactic Bathbomb

As you soaked yourself, you could feel your skin getting smoother and softer. When I got out my mom said, my mom said I got whiter. She said the bathroom smells good and thank goodness the bathtub got cleaned up HAHA.  Well it does have brightening effects and it is only for ONE USE. Note: A tip I got,  If you don’t have a bathtub and you want to get a footspa at home , pour warm water into the pail, cut the bathbomb into half (so good use for 2), drop the half of the bathbomb and soak your feet to your heart’s content.12650741_10208626810696601_1347214674_n

The ENZYMION moisturizer is a life saver, applied all my leftover ones before my flight and when I arrived back to Manila, my skin was still smooth. Applicationshould be day and night. I put it on after applying my toner and antiseptic solution. Then cover it up with sunblock in the morning. Enzymion facial moisturizer, keeps oily skin looking at its best, thanks to all the enzymic fresh fruit ingredients: avocado and aloe vera.


Known also for their soaps, you purchase it by grams, minimum is 100 grams. You’ll see layers of soap displayed in the boutique. The soaps I’ve tried is “Honey I washed kids”, for sensitive type and for moisturizing, could also help with my backne issues according to my friend. They have soaps with antiseptic content if you wish to prevent and lessen breakouts/pimples and backne. Just feel free to ask while you drop at LUSH 🙂

Honey washed kids
Miranda- moisturizing soap


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